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  1. Been searching for awhile now to find skates that have the fit and computability of the Bauer Supreme 7000's. I have 2 sets of cowlings left and will need to find something similar. Any help would be great. Tried the 1S and 2S from Bauer and didn't like the feel. Vapor 2X felt too thin for my EE flinstone feet. Only one that looks similar would be the CCM Super Tacks AS1 (although they do have a longer blade and remind me a bit of the old KOHO 590's).
  2. I've been a Sher-Wood guy ever since Koho got rid of the Potvin pattern (Yes even during their odd SWD phase). The BPM 150 is the best stick they have made in my opinion. Love riffling puck to the far blue with some mustard on it now.
  3. Thanks but I'll just stick with the 6000's for now...Appreciate it though.
  4. Does JRZ make the clone? Last I ask he said no. This would sold all my problems. I mean I have 3 new 6000's laying around so there is no urgency.
  5. Thanks to everyone for the help :). Think I'll get a 5500 or just keep buying all the bauer 6000's out there. I just feel a little imbalanced due to the fact I have the 1X blocker which is 1/3 the weight of the 6000 or 5500.
  6. Looking for a similar glove to the Reactor 6000 from Bauer or the Vaughn 5500 (basically clones of each other). Does anyone know? the 2X Pro feels more like the Bauer 9000, which I didn't like. Any help would be great.
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