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Warrior Ritual G4 Youth Set


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talk to me about the Warrior Ritual G4 Youth Set

looking to upgrade my 9 year old's setup. He's been playing about a year and made am minor travel team. 

Currently wearing, reebok Y7s and TotalHockey glove and blocker

IDK if his leg pads are roatating properly for him, just learning to butterfly correctly. also, either he is not strong enough or we didn't break it in well, but he is not opening and closing his glove well. So need a nice soft glove that a little guy can open well. 

I know a lot of you guys swear by Warrior. This set doesn't have an break in the leg pads. I recently tried a set of pads with no break and hated it. So i'm concerned about moving from what he is use to over to a no-break set. 


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