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My Strap Adventure (Bauer 1s Leg Pads)


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so after a long wait i finally got my hands on my bauer 1s leg pads all is finally good in the world. i start looking at them and lo and behold there are only TWO STRAPS ON EACH LEG PAD!!!! so luckily i have a bag set to the side with all the extra parts i pulled off old pads and thank fully it was enough to have 4 in total on each leg pad. so i started my modding session by trying to add a scrivens style strap. what i tried  was using a clip that would attach to the inner lacing of the pad and from there let me install a buckle strap. so i started doing that and then i was hit with a problem...the clip was too small to attach to the end of the inner lacing (NOOOOOOOO) so i was pretty bummed out that i couldnt do it and then it hit me, Why not use skate lace? and so i did. boom one strap down(pic down below). i now have a second problem the knee block doesnt have any strap attached to it (it wont stay in place while i play). so this one was simple i took and old leather boot strap from my warrior swaggers ( i cant play with boot straps anymore its just not comfortable for my ankles) and attached it from the knee block down to the calf area. here are the before and after. 

so now i want to install a shifting toe bridge( i think that is what its called) but i had a problem if i just simple attach what i had to the toe bridge of the 1s pads it would be too long and wouldnt fit well so i got creative and laced it in on the boot see pics below.








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