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  1. Negative. Untucked and suspenders over the c/a.
  2. Shit after seeing this again I am wondering if I should have went with a fit 1 instead of 2. I wear a 33 waist in jeans, sometimes 34. Meh, I am sure I'll be fine.
  3. So I picked up a pair of the fit 2 HPG14C pants that The Goalie Crease is currently selling. The 14C annotates a made in Canada whereas the 14A is overseas. This thread was created 2.5 years ago and i finally just said fuck it I'll give it a shot...during a time when I have no clue when I will be on the ice again nonetheless hahahaha.
  4. Would these new HPG14 pants be ideal for not tucking?
  5. @MTH I don't know what kind of bike you're looking for but my wife and I will be selling our extra bike once I get mine back from repair. It's a Mongoose mountain bike, not sure of the model off the top of my head. Frame is a nice royal blue color, handle grips are red rubber. Tires are about 22" and about a month old give or take. We just ride around the neighborhood with the kids, never took it off road. I can send pictures if interested.
  6. Ah, that makes more sense haha
  7. OMG ITS GASMAN!!!!!!
  8. Try calling GM and see if they'll accept an offer. I'm sure they'd rather get something for them rather than sitting on them.
  9. The guy literally finds exactly what you're looking for and you "may" check them out?
  10. No need to apologize it was a legitimate question. It has happened before where pictures didn't show up so I was just confirming.
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