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  1. 🖕 I said I wanted to try one a while back so suck it lol
  2. I edited the first few posts to make it a bit easier to follow. I feel the way you typed it out seemed a little harder. Pictures and text all over the place. I think its a little more structured now. I'll edit one or two more but if you could please do the rest and stick to that format I think it would be much more enjoyable to read going forward. Great idea though!!!
  3. Perfect. I have a Warrior foam core that I have been using for warmups for as long as I can remember. Its gotta be at least a year and a half, maybe more. Its falling apart. Half of the blade is delaminated. The shaft is all chewed up. The friggin thing just won't break.
  4. I wonder if that was the set Glenn Green had made and has since been sold I think.
  5. That would be pretty awesome if that was something they could do. My old Maltese could use some TLC.
  6. Yea I was pretty fortunate to find him because all of the rinks around me are awful at sharpening skates.
  7. For several years I used whatever the stock profile is for Step. I think it was 30'? Sometime last year my sharpener finally succeeded in convincing me to let him profile my skates. I wish I would have listened to him sooner. He gave me a 26' radius and man was it such an improvement. He does everything by hand. He was the Islander's EQM through their 80s dynasty so he is pretty awesome at what he does.
  8. I actually make quite a few saves off the toe of my right skate. Its usually because I am off my angle to my left and I am reaching back to my right and catch it off the toe with a kick save. I don't recall taking much off my left though.🤷‍♂️
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