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  1. Hopefully I'm writing to the correct person!  I noticed you had posted a mask made by Michel, Protechsport, I believe it said the mask had a vinyl wrap.  I'm just wondering if you remember the mold type it was if you remember.  I love the length of the chin and the side profile of the mask.  I'm ordering one from Michel.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. SaveByRichter35


      I have the Potvin mold

  2. SaveByRichter35

    Goalie Camps

    Ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🤫
  3. Terrio doesn't do the Sham sweatbands if that is what you were referring to. That is someone else that is also from that area. He was the GSBB user "Jim" and can also be found on Facebook as Jim Andela.
  4. So it may differentiate it for one or two ice sessions and then its worn off and the same. I wouldn't think much into it.
  5. I had a really good Other Half IPA the other night. My wife even enjoyed it. I have a picture on my phone but never posted it. edit - added picture
  6. @dstew29 I see there are obviously some replies in here but I am seeing a prompt that tells me this is now a poll-only topic but I can post a reply because I am a moderator. Is this what you want or did you still want the thread open for discussion as well? PM me if you can't post on here either.
  7. Watch The Puck is a great camp to get into if you're in the area. I'm dying to go to another. Bob Janosz is another good one out of the Amherst, NY area(Buffalo suburb).
  8. SaveByRichter35

    Goalie Camps

    Registration for this camp is currently open and there are still a few spots left. I don't know the actual dates off the top of my head but if you're interested don't hesitate to contact one(or both) of the listed email addresses. I haven't been to the Canadian camp but I have been to the Rochester camp and it is a great time.
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