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  1. Oh wow. I thought it was possibly a play off of Bauer's Reactor line since JRZ built those pads I believe.
  2. I wouldn't say I enjoy doing it so much as I am not bothered by it. It's always been part of the process. I sure wouldn't be opposed to not having to deal with it though that's for sure. As such, I voted for take it or leave it.
  3. Man that is an awfully tempting idea.
  4. What I bolded is an excellent point, I had not thought of that.
  5. Honestly I think its kinda dumb. It makes what those teams did in the regular season almost irrelevant(obviously aside from getting a bye from the play in round). Looking at the Eastern Conference, Boston finished 1st with 100 points and Philadelphia 4th with 89 points. If Philly does better than Boston in the round robin they'll get seeded ahead of Boston. That just doesn't make sense to me. Seed them 1-4 and let them play exhibition games to get their feet wet. if they don't wanna air "exhibition" games then don't put them on tv. Leave the play in round for tv.
  6. Will they honor that when shipping to the states?
  7. The top 4 teams in each conference play each other round robin to decide their seeding for the next round against the play-in winners.
  8. SaveByRichter35

    JRZ gear

    Thaaaaaaat's more like it!!!
  9. Dammit, you got me. How'd you find that picture??!!?!?!???!!!!!!???!!!!?!?
  10. SaveByRichter35

    JRZ gear

    Doesn't need to be on ice pictures. Just show us more of the pad. Different angles, etc.
  11. If you crisscross the bungee at the toe before you run them down the side of your skate you should be fine. I have never had the bungee slip off my skate but I could definitely see it happening if I didn't crisscross them.
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