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  1. WTP camp!! Saw these on the FB group haha
  2. I'd probably get a wallet too if they were big enough. I have too much shit in my wallet to use one of these though.
  3. You joined 2 weeks ago and your only post is to ask to have your account deleted?
  4. Ouch. Being its nylon and its easily frayed I would suggest some kind of adhesive patch. Oddly enough I was in the break room at work a little while ago and a commercial for the flex seal tape stuff was on. I don't know that I would specifically use that item but maybe something along those lines?
  5. You're going to cover a hole in jenpro with another hole in jenpro. Unless you plan on the washer being smaller than the hole in the tab. That makes sense.
  6. Do you think that would even be necessary?
  7. Seems to be a definite overlook in the design. The eyelet is probably entirely unnecessary to begin with.
  8. My ideal harness would be Pro's Choice elastic with Outsider's jenpro slip through tip design. Dom's harness is far and away better than any other harness I have ever worn. The elastic is very firm. Holds the mask in place very nicely. The Cubberly harness that I used with my old Eddy mask prior to my Pro's Choice was nice too. I dislike the snap buttons that Dom uses, mine is sewn, which is also annoying to have to do. The harness that came with my Protechsport is garbage. It was way too soft/flexible. The elastic used for the Outsider straps, which I am using on my Protechsport right now, is a slight improvement but still nowhere near as good as the Pro's Choice stuff.
  9. File a claim with your credit card company, you're not getting your shit. We've been posting for over a year to stop buying from this company.
  10. Wasn't going to sell it lol. Just to give it a try for an ice time or two. Looking forward to the new one!
  11. Shit thank you for reminding me I need to have my skates sharpened for my playoff game tomorrow night and possible championship game Saturday.
  12. 10+ years in a cateye never had a scare.
  13. Closest rink to him is Superior. Never gotten my skates done there so I cannot comment on their abilities
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