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  1. I wouldn't even wanna bother shipping to Canada to be honest lol Cool I will check it out
  2. I spec'd both my V4 and my V6 with all nylon leg channels for more durability and better rotation. I always figured that a slick nylon channel 'should' rotate better than the channel with the m2h4(or whatever that material was called back then). This was before they started using the air mesh stuff. What are you talking about when you mention the aerospacer? It will forever bug the shit out of me that Vaughn still insists on making the glove logo upside down
  3. Mine is pretty old, maybe 2010-2011ish timeframe, 2012 max. Whatever the first year was that Phil moved to the foamy gel. Was Passau behind the scenes that far back?
  4. Yo @mr_shifty1982 has anyone ever told you that you kiiiinda look like Flea?
  5. My go to off the bat would have been Terio but now that he is with Simmons it would most likely be a conflict of interest.
  6. I don't think this is something PAW would do to be honest. I think anyone that makes their own gear would probably tell me to buy their gear or kick rocks. lol
  7. Spend your game days drinking lots of water lol
  8. After looking through most of his gear mod threads I don't doubt it. I'd rather not ship these things internationally though lol.
  9. Oh wow I didn't even notice that lol. And the chick next to him is in flip flops lololololololol. Not gonna lie, I wouldn't mind seeing what she looks like now.(DAMMIT!!! I never added the pedobear emoji!!)
  10. Actually, in all honesty, 75% of the thing is in mint condition. It has literally never touched ice or sport court. Since day 1 it has always been inside of a cover. Its just the mesh lining on the inside that has a few wear spots from my cup. I could probably get by with just a few wear patches in key spots. It would be pretty friggin cool to get these things remade with some up to date lighter materials though.
  11. Ehhh, this is kind of different. I am not talking about Scott Battram copying a graphic from everywhere under the sun. Maybe I should have been more to the point in my OP. I have a set of old Bauer Reactor 5 pants. The original Reactor series from the 90s-00s. I want to have someone take these and dissect them and make an exact copy of them.
  12. WTF is with those 3 kneeling on the ice in front of the goalies?? No one sits in front of the goalies!!!
  13. I am curious if anyone knows of a company that would take an existing piece of gear and make an exact copy of it but maybe with some updated/modern materials?
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