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  1. Do they still have pools for schools that don't have enough players to fill a team? I'm pretty sure back in my day that existed. Maybe you can jump on with another school?
  2. I wish I had the cash to pony up for one set of custom sticks, let alone two!
  3. Sorry to hear that, Max. Was this for JV or Varsity?
  4. It has happened both on my phone and on my computer. Yes I do remember it happening recently. Something @TheGoalNet will have to take a look at again I guess.
  5. Is anyone else only seeing themselves on the "who's online" box at the bottom of the page?
  6. SaveByRichter35

    New Pads

    You guys realize this thread is two years old?
  7. If you look at my mask posted back in this thread, it was supposed to give a metallic silver effect. From far away I think it kind of looks like it is metallic but when you look at it up close you can see its definitely not.
  8. Dammit I wish I saw this before it sold. Oh well.
  9. Can she watch my wife and kids so I can come play with you guys?
  10. And that is the important part.
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