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  1. Don't be a sheep. You can still talk to people.
  2. I have a new in for Tree House. My buddy a few houses down has a cousin that goes up there once a month. I get one or two 4 packs here and there. I wish I could ship you a pack but I am afraid they'd be ruined during shipping. They'd probably be shaken to shit. Those pictures were obviously mostly old as you saw pictures from around both Halloween and Thanksgiving. I have another stash that I have to post now too lol. The clearing space for the kids comment was just a joke aimed at Coop.
  3. Whoops...I must've clicked that picture while I was clicking beer pics. Didn't mean to post that Halloween picture.
  4. Need to post these so I can delete them from my phone so I have more room for my kids. Not sure if some are duplicates.
  5. Do you know when these were made? They look very similar to my 90s-00s Bauer Reactor 5 shorts
  6. Man. What a fucking let down that was. I enjoyed reading that original post, your writing was entertaining. Pads came out decently well. Sucks it didn't hold up for you.
  7. Good thing I don't use the same username on any other websites. Wait...
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