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  1. You coming out of Annapolis/college or are you gonna be a Mustang? edit - Actually my memory is fuzzy, is it college ->TBS ->OCS? Or college -> OCS -> TBS?
  2. I was told directly from Graf that their stock toecaps can take a puck without issues, even the skates that came with cowlings. You're good to go!
  3. First of all, this site is already setup for double spacing when you press the enter button. PLEASE stop hitting enter so many times and causing so much unnecessary space between your sentences. Its so fucking annoying to look at. Secondly, for the second time, the topic being discussed is the TOE OF THE BLADE NOT THE HEEL.
  4. @BadAngle41 How did the inside toe of the skate fair in regards to contact with ice? Any noticeable wear in the area we spoke about via text?
  5. Or you're not understanding that the TOE of the blade is being discussed here, not the HEEL.
  6. When he did my wrap a yearish+(maybe a year and a half?) ago he was unable to do metallic. He did mess around with my design a little bit to make it appear metallic, from a distance, but up close it looks anything but. That said, it was over a year ago so maybe he can do metallic now. @conn6r, whoever the company was that did the mask for @TheGoalNet can do metallic. Their name escapes me at this time though.
  7. Ugh I am so jealous. I'd complain that I cannot wait to use my skates but I cannibalized them for inline hockey. I'm going to keep an eye on these skates on SLS and see if I can get a seller to drop their price on them a little bit more.
  8. Igor Shesterkin and Alexandar Georgiev both wear the one piece. Is there some kind of data you're looking to compile?
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