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  1. And as soon as I post that Detroit is the only one left.
  2. All but two picks made now. Detroit and Chicago. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nhl/news/seattle-kraken-draft-roster-nhl-expansion-picks/1cmaxh0u08qzu1p95xaugxzuwc
  3. I'm pretty happy with my Graf 9035 and XSG holder with Graf fat blades. And you know how fucking crazy I am/was about skates, eh Bunny lol. I wouldn't mind trying the coated steel but I don't care to spend the money on that.
  4. There is going to be a lot of talent at all positions for Seattle to pick from. Should be very interesting!
  5. Glad it worked out then. That could be pretty ballsy for a salesman to go against what Bauer's programming is suggesting.
  6. I mean, she is a fucking smoke show 🍻. I'm more of a fan of Jackie Redmond and Lauren Gardner myself.
  7. Did he suggest this due to the size difference in your feet?
  8. An acre I do not have lol. I am in the eastern NYC suburbs. I have just under 7k sqft
  9. I wish. My yard isn't big enough to warrant one of those.
  10. Toro Super Recycler with Honda motor.
  11. Yea definitely, god bless
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