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  1. When did you become such a shit stirrer?
  2. Honestly dude I was not poking fun at you at all. More poking fun at myself.
  3. Your writing is fine. I would have never known English was not your primary language. You're very well spoken, I was not poking fun at you. Was just being funny towards the subject matter.
  4. Are all of the floaters also the NHL "new spec" sizes as well?
  5. That's a great price!! Don't think this one will last long
  6. You said you paid $750 for it but what are you asking for it? Where is the item located? Are you covering shipping or does the buyer have to pay?
  7. Always liked Ray's masks. He does amazing restoration work on masks as well. What's the layup on these?
  8. The end of this thread just rules
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