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  1. That is a really stupid way to determine a champion.
  2. I'm curious to know how much better my McDavid knee pads would be kept in place when compared to the Under Armor compression pants I wear now.
  3. SaveByRichter35

    Warrior G5

    Ahh my mistake. I stand corrected. Good eye Peter and Puckstopper.
  4. Why not just get a new Brown since you know you're used to them and wouldn't need to see it in store?
  5. Congratulations to your son!
  6. I miss those days. Won our semifinal game last night, 4-1. Game one of the final is tomorrow night, game two Sunday night. If we're tied after two this league plays a 15 minute period immediately after game 2 to decide game 3. Kinda weird but kinda cool, I think.
  7. SaveByRichter35

    Warrior G5

    It literally shows the blade options to be Quick, Rask, Bishop, and Mrazek.
  8. If the biggest problem is the length and the floaters being to big why don't you send it to someone to have them reduced? At least then you get to keep the unit and its protection.
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