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Tour Thor G1 inline skate review.


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So here's a little bit of background.

I've been playing competitive inline/roller hockey for about 4 years now. I've been using these skates for 3 out of those 4 years. I play in Israel so it's hard to say what level my team is at but some players on my team left Israel to play AAA in Canada/America. So i can assume we aren't a terrible team(we are both an inline/roller team and in ice team).

So lets start on comfort.

In the beginning like most skates they did hurt my feet a bit but after getting them baked and breaking them in they are pretty comfortable.i  am experiencing a small problem now when i switch from my ice skates to inline skates. I personally thinks its bcs the footbeds are different. So it's not a problem with the skate itself more of a problem of me having to different footbeds and my foot getting used to one only to be put in the second.


I haven't felt any pain when getting hit with a puck or ball. I think maybe it's bcs of my playstyle and where the puck/ball hits my skate. Since I wear my pads very high when i play roller(my pads are a 31+1 when i should be wearing a 33/34 +1) the puck normally hits the thickest part of the cowling so i don't really feel anything and for when the puck/ball does hit me anywhere on the skate else i dont feel any pain.


God damn these things lasted a REALLY long time. My only problem with them was that they were a bit inconsistent on certain surfaces. That's really it. The wheels that they came with were really good.


I've been using them for three years straight 2-3 practices a week for about 1;30-3hrs and on very very very rare occasions 4hrs. With the way i play the skate gets dragged across the smooth concrete surface but never the less the cowlings and skate only has some major scratching no cracks.

2 wheels broke last week. They lasted 3 years. The durability is amazing on those.

BUT the axles tend to fall out if you don't tighten them. I tightened them 1 every 3 practices.

I lost one of the axle heads and thus lost a wheel for a bit.

When i was replacing my wheels i was missing a floater which was really weird. It could either be bcs of me or it can be a mistake from the company. 




-wheels are great and durable.



-axle falls out if you don't pay attention to it.

overall this skate was not bad.

Note: the green wheels are the wheels i just added. Also forgive me on my grammar, my english has gotten significantly worse since i moved from NY

Another note: these are the skates i use in my youtube vids.









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