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True stick sucks at puckhandling?/ 2s stick to eflex 4 stick

Jonathon v

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This is kinda a multi thread. Had a True A6.0 HT Senior Goalie Stick 26 inch M.C paddle there were no curve options available. This thing is kinda insane with deflecting pucks.  ANY decently fast shot on the ice if my stick was ramped the puck would go Flying into the netting not even kidding. Flying. It sucks at shooting though. My Bauer 2s pro stick I could shoot the puck really high and pretty far  like to the center ice line while still in the air and with my 2s regular I could keep in the air like past my blue line. This stick I am not even kidding I can’t shoot with it at all. I cannot elevate the puck and I’m confused why because it was pretty flexible like right around the 2s pro. But my shot could not go off the ice and would barely go anywhere. 

also rn I’m getting a eflex 4 price curve stick wondering if I’ll be able to rocket the puck. Rn I’m using a 2s stick and idk the curve but I can rip it pretty well. My 2s has a pretty open blade and no curve at the toe basically 

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