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  1. Sorry for being concerned about my health? That’s a joke
  2. Woke up with terrible shoulder pain. Thought I slept on my shoulder weird so I took Tylenol and it stopped hurting. Few hours later now it’s hurting pretty damn bad again very uncomfortable on and off every few seconds. I don’t think it would still be hurting if it was caused by sleeping awkwardly. I remember a fairly awkward shot to my shoulder at tryouts yesterday but it didn’t hurt, and it wasn’t a very fast shot. Could it be that? Please someone respond I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts this pain is very uncomfortable
  3. 100000% Preference. I find the gnetik 4 has a smaller pocket because of the way it closes so well. Both good gloves
  4. This is kinda a multi thread. Had a True A6.0 HT Senior Goalie Stick 26 inch M.C paddle there were no curve options available. This thing is kinda insane with deflecting pucks. ANY decently fast shot on the ice if my stick was ramped the puck would go Flying into the netting not even kidding. Flying. It sucks at shooting though. My Bauer 2s pro stick I could shoot the puck really high and pretty far like to the center ice line while still in the air and with my 2s regular I could keep in the air like past my blue line. This stick I am not even kidding I can’t shoot with it at all. I cannot elevate the puck and I’m confused why because it was pretty flexible like right around the 2s pro. But my shot could not go off the ice and would barely go anywhere. also rn I’m getting a eflex 4 price curve stick wondering if I’ll be able to rocket the puck. Rn I’m using a 2s stick and idk the curve but I can rip it pretty well. My 2s has a pretty open blade and no curve at the toe basically
  5. Only used these pads like less than 20 times. I do not have socks to put over my knee guards, never done it either and wouldn’t know how to or if I would hate the feel.
  6. Im GUESSING your Gonna have to pay abt 2k for the pillows
  7. How much does this help? I feel I am great down low but get beat a lot glove and blocker high or lower
  8. USUALLY both parties agreed to the fight. Holtby clearly said no and got threw on the ice and punched in the head over and over and no one helped him. In fights they break it up when they fall over and they didnt break up the fight after holtby was on the ice getting beat up
  9. 100% agree. And why didn’t anyone help holtby including his teammates? He was being assaulted
  10. It wouldn’t be “too stiff” you would just have to get used to it. I personally went from gnetik 3 pads which have a 5 at the boot and ankle and 2 at thigh and used for over a year and it was basically a 5:5:5 at that point the thigh was so flimsy. And I just switched to damn optik 2 max core 1000X stiffer. Only used once cause I’m right by playoffs, BUT I can tell u I’m confident I’ll be good in them once I break them in. At first it’s pretty hard to play in them though.
  11. If you want stiff pads with a soft boot get optik 2 MAX core or even FLY. Boot is pretty soft
  12. It will be a while until I use the pads again, as I was just trying them out but went back to my old pads for now as playoffs are just starting. Coming from gnetik 3 pads edit: I think the reason the knees stacks don’t touch is because the thigh is stuffed so my butterfly is a bit more wide. If you’ve been using stiff pads I doubt it will be as much an issue for you
  13. Used the optik 2 max core yesterday for 2 stick and pucks. So about 2.5 hours on the ice here’s what I noticed so far. They are stiff! A big change from my old pads, harder to move in and tire me out much faster, but that’s part of breaking things in. I don’t know if it is the calf pillow, which I had on my gnetik 3 pads too, but my leg feels SNUG to the pad/ice when I am in my butterfly . Strapping is amazing also. Primo is weird. The ice wasn’t great, and it felt like when I perform a butterfly slide at first when the pad hits the ice it seems like it takes more effort to slide, but the pads definitely overslide a bit, meaning they slide really well. I think they will be amazing once broken in. My only complaint is the 5 hole. It’s seal is perfect but I feel some shots just went through, my old pads my knees stacks were touching in my butterfly so we pucks that went through the thigh got trapped in there. Not the case with these
  14. On a side note, I think the stock knee block is a medium stiffness. Should I just leave this since it’s laced in? I use a stiff knee block
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