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  1. On a side note, I think the stock knee block is a medium stiffness. Should I just leave this since it’s laced in? I use a stiff knee block
  2. Alrighty thanks. Only worried because I’m coming from incredibly soft pads
  3. If you want fast rebounds don’t get these I promise they soften up too fast and rebounds will come out pretty slow. Sliding is pretty good, besides the binging on the sliding surface.
  4. Been using gnetik 3 for like a year or so pretty heavy use and the rebounds are pretty damn soft. I may have been flexing my pads more than I should though, they are stock 2-5-5 flex and they are easily one of the softest pads I’ve ever flexed
  5. So I been using gnetik 3 which has fairly loose strapping and it is very used and broken in and soft. My old pads were Bauer reactor 5000 int pads, which were the same vertical stiffness but surprisingly much stiffer torsionally when I flexed them at home yesterday. I want brains optik 2 just because I love the new strapping and the air pillow at the calf. (I am NOT going custom, just stock from store) I have flexed the optik 2 in store and it doesn’t feel too terribly stiff. Could I move around just as well as my gnetik 3 once broken in?
  6. Jonathon v

    Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

    Does it really feel like a box that much? I am getting new pads and I have heard so much good about the optik 2 but I play a more hybrid/fast moving style. Surely I can still move around well in them once broken in correct?
  7. Thanks, do you think going to 84 will feel a lot different?
  8. Sorry fellas for asking but does anyone know the degree of the toe? I think it might be 78 which is why I’m worried about going to an 84 degree with the optik 2
  9. Jonathon v

    Optik 2 max core

    I was testing the flex torsionally and vertically on the optik 2 max core and gnetik 4 side by side in store. I personally think any hybrid goalies would be fine using these. They barely feel stiffer At all torsionally and a bit stiffer by the thigh. Does Anyone disagree with this?
  10. This is kind of why I don’t like the reduced outer roll. Even though it is rare a regular outer roll would make a save a reduced one wouldn’t, it just concerns me. I play a hands out style in close sometimes leave a tiny gap above my pads, but never room up top. A shot could flip over a reduced outer roll just slightly where it wouldn’t with a regular one. Same thing with only being 10.5 inches. Playing goalie is literally a game of inches and I wouldn’t make my pads smaller just for like 2 ounces of weight saving it is dumb
  11. So I’m looking for a glove with good grip that’s not too big or beefy. I wear no glove under my glove and I feel I connected to my glove when it’s wet, even though I make both boa straps as tight as I can. Also, I wash my hands like 6 times Because they still will have some of that nasty hockey smell to them. padding isn’t a huge issue really. I tried golf gloves and baseball gloves, they seem to me like they are too big and make it way harder to close. My main thing is good grip for a good feel
  12. Brians gloves are insanely broken in at pro level. Game ready gnetik 4 closes so easily it’s insane. I had the gnetik 8 glove too and it was definitely a stiff and beefy glove, but I think it’s good. You could test the gnetik 4
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