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  1. Have to disagree with you here. All my v1 pro plus sticks broke insanely easy to my teammates slapshot
  2. I have to say I disagree. 2 Bauer 2s pro sticks both lasted 4-5 months, barely any cracks at all just chips and I flexed both too hard at different ice slots whd broke them both stupid me. My teammate broke about 3-4 warrior v1 pro + sticks in like 1-2 months their warranty stopped covering it because how fast it broke his slapshot probably abt 80
  3. Is doing some thing with my Gatorade bottle but with milk while I play video games a good way to speed up the process 😂 whenever I make a good or bad play I think positive and take sip? Or do I clear my mind and take sip
  4. Alright I will try I have 3 game this week thank you
  5. I know how the experiment works kind of. But may I ask how does it build up to resetting my brain? If I let in a goal and take a sip after every one couldn’t I build my way up to having a bad mental state after every sip
  6. I do the dressing all the same and mostly packing. I felt good at my game yesterday when I was just joking around with my teammates and trying to have fun. Should I do that along with trying the water bottle tactics too? Those seem like they go against each other, as the water trick seems to make you try and focus and the joking around is to try and make me feel loose and not overthink
  7. I read some of this book before was very confusing to me
  8. Ok Thank you I did good at my game yesterday 2-0 win the team wasn’t that good though
  9. Lol ok thank you. Sometimes I go against bad players and do just fine tho like my 2-0 shutout last night
  10. So I should wiggle my toes while I’m playing?
  11. Ok I will try at my game tomorrow thank you for the advice
  12. Ok thank you. So maybe I should not warm up as much before my game? I throw tennis ball a lot
  13. I agree with you I overthink things but that might be my angles and movements during games. I don't blame my equiptment for any of the goals I let in
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