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  1. They are replacing it for free đź‘Ť
  2. Wel the thing is your right but I think my feet are at their final stages of growing. My shoes fit a tiny bit big on me and have stayed that same amount too big on me for months, same with my skates. The distance from my toes to end of my skate hasn’t changed like at all in a few months. I feel my feet are basically done growing. Ya I know they will grow a tiny bit more over time, that’s why I think the extra half size is good.
  3. I got cramping for over a year and a half with my current Bauer vapor x900 skates and I had them baked too
  4. Just a little biased my warrior stick broke after a month and a half
  5. Warrior is dusty get brians!
  6. Hey guys my foot isn't done growing yet. I am thinking of getting an extra 1/2 size room to grow, just in case my foot rapidly grows a bit. This is what the true rep told me his words exactly : The arch will be placed exactly where it is shown in the photo, the end of the boot will have size added. If the end is just getting extra room, will i still get insane energy transfer if its a bit big on the boot? the ankle and heel should fit perfect i believe
  7. If someone has pro laces and make them very tight, and removes the boot strap should that help solve the problem on the gnetik 4 pads
  8. Wow! I ordered just an optik glove and it took 14 weeks
  9. I’ve noticed on pads of goalies that are younger, the thigh has pull on the gnetik 4 pads which are said to have amazing seal, and I know it’s true. Is this because nhl goalies get extra custom specs and they probably put more quality into pads they build for nhl goalies, or is it because nhl goalies are done growing, so they don’t have pads a little big on them? Btw that’s not me with the sick solid red/black pads, I could only dream. But if you zoom in on those, there is a kind of noticeable thigh pull like with my gnetik 3 pads
  10. That’s true, I just think if he wants a stable and stiff pad ccm would be good, Bauer also tends to break down fast
  11. ive never used either pad besides the ccm ones at a demo. You're probably knowing more than me, this is just how I feel they bend torsionally when I try to twist the thigh into a V shape
  12. Vertically they are stiff, but torsionally they are nothing compared to ccm
  13. Ok yes vertical flex it is stiff, but ccm has the most torsionally stiff pads I’ve ever seen
  14. If you want a very sturdy pad, I would recommend the ccm premier 2 or Eflex 4. Premier 2 is the most stable pad on the market, Bauer and Brian’s have extremely thin and more of a flimsy thigh
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