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  1. I don’t know much about rollerhockey but those pads aren’t top of the line Is the knee block so squishy you can’t get a firm slide?
  2. Awesome! Where do you get these I am needing a backup for my 2s pro and this should be very similar. Out of stock where I look please sned a link
  3. could i ask my local jerrys to help me with profiling I wouldn't know what to do
  4. ok i dont know what profiled means but im assuming sharpneed. Thanks everyone so much for the help
  5. could you send a link of any blacksteel that will
  6. what does that mean sorry im dumb
  7. https://www.goaliemonkey.com/catalog/product/view/id/219887 also I think this is the steel, it doesn't say it fits with 1 piece true skates But I will take your word on it. Does the sizes 6.0, 7.0 and 11.0 mean it only works with skates in those sizes?
  8. Im 15 and 5 foot 8, 145 pounds so I don't think I would need to make it stiffer lol. only reason I want to do that is for the even better energy transfer. Would the additional protection remove a bit of the energy transfer of this skate? Also If my feet are still growing the guy told me I can ask them to make room to grow but heres another big question of mine: If I have them make room to grow on the skate will the energy transfer be less good? My thinking is that I can't decide if the skate has great energy transfer because of the almost perfect fit or is it because it is 1 piece... Your thoughts? Also is there any benefits to a custom tongue or should I stick with stock
  9. ok so is the blacksteel on goalie monkey? Also I was wondering about if I get custom if I can do anything to make the skate stiffer for even better energy transfer?
  10. The link you send me does not have any black steel options maybe I am stupid and it’s another link? Also because you seem to know a lot about true could I dm you some questions I have about the 1 piece skates
  11. So that will work with the 1 piece skates for sure?
  12. Is there anywhere I could get more of this steel without having to buy it with the true skates for an extra 140 dollars per set of steel? Also I have heard they don’t get sharpened like normal steel is this true too? Also if I say sharpen my skates at half an inch once every week or two how long do you think the blades will last
  13. This looks good do they have it with long sleeves though that’s a deal breaker if not
  14. Brian’s optik about 4-5 months old at most
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