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  1. How much does this help? I feel I am great down low but get beat a lot glove and blocker high or lower
  2. In my opinion standard gets the job done as it should
  3. I have one piece true goalie skates with standard tongue and they feel great. I believe they are a bit shorter than the 2 piece and player tongues but that’s based off looks. I don’t think there’s too big a difference, and standard is fine
  4. What’s with the “triple foam or thicker soft foam inside GNetik IV knee landing “ just curious if that has any downsides and why you feel the need for it
  5. He told me I can send them to wherever they are in Winnipeg and he can fix them for free in 8 or less days. I can’t do that though because I play every week so I don’t really know what to do lol. Don’t have any other skates
  6. Ok I sent them an email I’ll try to go in to their store Wednesday or Thursday thank you
  7. So what should I do I’ve only had these for like a month or two
  8. Looks like a scratch from that picture but little pieces of the fibers I could pull out before when I looked at them
  9. Chipping right at the holder of these 1 piece trues on the carbon fiber ( I think ) is this going to be concerning
  10. I love the game retro design. Would be even more awesome if it had outer breaks I hope that set brings you much joy
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