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  1. How much does this help? I feel I am great down low but get beat a lot glove and blocker high or lower
  2. This is my setup. Still breaking in my optik 2 pads or I would have those on they are sick. Gnetik 3 pads and optik mitts.
  3. USUALLY both parties agreed to the fight. Holtby clearly said no and got threw on the ice and punched in the head over and over and no one helped him. In fights they break it up when they fall over and they didnt break up the fight after holtby was on the ice getting beat up
  4. 100% agree. And why didn’t anyone help holtby including his teammates? He was being assaulted
  5. Jonathon v

    Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

    It wouldn’t be “too stiff” you would just have to get used to it. I personally went from gnetik 3 pads which have a 5 at the boot and ankle and 2 at thigh and used for over a year and it was basically a 5:5:5 at that point the thigh was so flimsy. And I just switched to damn optik 2 max core 1000X stiffer. Only used once cause I’m right by playoffs, BUT I can tell u I’m confident I’ll be good in them once I break them in. At first it’s pretty hard to play in them though.
  6. Jonathon v

    Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

    If you want stiff pads with a soft boot get optik 2 MAX core or even FLY. Boot is pretty soft
  7. It will be a while until I use the pads again, as I was just trying them out but went back to my old pads for now as playoffs are just starting. Coming from gnetik 3 pads edit: I think the reason the knees stacks don’t touch is because the thigh is stuffed so my butterfly is a bit more wide. If you’ve been using stiff pads I doubt it will be as much an issue for you
  8. Used the optik 2 max core yesterday for 2 stick and pucks. So about 2.5 hours on the ice here’s what I noticed so far. They are stiff! A big change from my old pads, harder to move in and tire me out much faster, but that’s part of breaking things in. I don’t know if it is the calf pillow, which I had on my gnetik 3 pads too, but my leg feels SNUG to the pad/ice when I am in my butterfly . Strapping is amazing also. Primo is weird. The ice wasn’t great, and it felt like when I perform a butterfly slide at first when the pad hits the ice it seems like it takes more effort to slide, but the pads definitely overslide a bit, meaning they slide really well. I think they will be amazing once broken in. My only complaint is the 5 hole. It’s seal is perfect but I feel some shots just went through, my old pads my knees stacks were touching in my butterfly so we pucks that went through the thigh got trapped in there. Not the case with these
  9. On a side note, I think the stock knee block is a medium stiffness. Should I just leave this since it’s laced in? I use a stiff knee block
  10. Alrighty thanks. Only worried because I’m coming from incredibly soft pads
  11. If you want fast rebounds don’t get these I promise they soften up too fast and rebounds will come out pretty slow. Sliding is pretty good, besides the binging on the sliding surface.
  12. Been using gnetik 3 for like a year or so pretty heavy use and the rebounds are pretty damn soft. I may have been flexing my pads more than I should though, they are stock 2-5-5 flex and they are easily one of the softest pads I’ve ever flexed
  13. So I been using gnetik 3 which has fairly loose strapping and it is very used and broken in and soft. My old pads were Bauer reactor 5000 int pads, which were the same vertical stiffness but surprisingly much stiffer torsionally when I flexed them at home yesterday. I want brains optik 2 just because I love the new strapping and the air pillow at the calf. (I am NOT going custom, just stock from store) I have flexed the optik 2 in store and it doesn’t feel too terribly stiff. Could I move around just as well as my gnetik 3 once broken in?
  14. Jonathon v

    Optik 2 vs Gnetik IV

    Does it really feel like a box that much? I am getting new pads and I have heard so much good about the optik 2 but I play a more hybrid/fast moving style. Surely I can still move around well in them once broken in correct?
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