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  1. I get a lot of pimples on my face and I feel it’s because I sweat a lot on the ice and am on the ice a lot. I will say though I wash my sweatband after EVERY single use. Any tips?
  2. I am just a nerd for pads and like thegoalnet I also just want custom-ish pads so I can find what I like in pads and help others when Im older enough to get a job. Also just saying I extremely rarely get beat 5 hole, but that one shot every other practice that squeaks 5 hole
  3. 1) I didn’t like Brian’s until the optiks came out. I love the primo it’s looks so good and is supposed to be so good. Also they can do almost any mod or unreal graphic for you. I was most excited because I heard at first you slide way too much with opti slide that’s how good it slides. Also I have an optik blocker and it’s super light and amazing and the glove closes really well and the gnetik 4 is even better. 2) I love the feel and texture (a very dumb reason) but the round part might make it slide better. Also because it is round and sticks out of the pad they have no way of not sealing amazingly. 3) I got the gnetik 3 pads. I like how comfortable I am in them, they are flexible and they slide wel and don’t over rotate. I don’t like the seal, it’s not bad but it could be a bit better at 5 hole. I also think they slide well, but I’m sure the optiks or speedskin would slide better once broken in. I also don’t like how I feel the rebounds go in corners a lot, but because the pad is so soft it breaks down quickly. I do want a stiffer pad because it’ll slide a bit better but I think my rebounds Will be fast and go straight to their sticks
  4. Could I get the rounded sliding surface on Brian’s as a custom order? Would that make it a bit better even
  5. Well I saw someone in optiks and they had bad seal a lot of pull in the thigh rise. Also I’m beginning to fall for the round sliding surface on the premiers😂 they don’t do that in other brands
  6. Do you think if I ever got P2’s would I have this issue. I want my pars to seal and slide like the P2’s but I’m loyal to Brian’s. Honestly didn’t know what slid best between P2’s and gnetik 4
  7. Did his premiers have a tight fit maybe a tight fit doesn’t move because the Eflex 4 has stock tight fit
  8. I didn’t pay attention to the boot flex on any pads they all felt good to me. It the entire Eflex 4 pad, most noticeable probably from the knee up ( so ya the thigh)
  9. So if I wanna make nice sauce passes that don’t go way to high what curve is good? If I try to sauce it to my teammates who are on the red line or blue line I will either sauce it just right or wayyyyyy too high. I have a 2s pro stock curve
  10. Also I’m not sure if the P2’s or gnetik 4 slid better, but I was curious as to if there’s a way to get a more connected feel in them. They felt sloppy compared to the gnetik 4 and I think they had the tight fit strap I’m not sure about that though
  11. I just did a goalie demo day thing and I tried 3 pads. The premier 2 pads, the gnetik 4 and the Eflex 4 in that order. Ice was pretty fresh I got on about 15 minutes into it and the premier 2 pads slid very well. They also had an incredible seal. I did however feel they were sloppy on my leg and I had everything as tight as it goes. Then after like 20 minutes oh the ice I went off, took them off and put on the gnetik 4 pads and I was super hyped for these pads. They felt good on my leg and were tight to my leg. The seal was good, but I think still left a little tiny gap for 5 hole. These also slid very well. Both of these pads slid differently, however. I honestly don’t know how they slid differently but I felt like they did. I really can’t tell which one slid better, also as the ice was a bit more chopped up because this was about 30 minutes after I got off the ice. They did feel more comfortable though because of the fit and they were not practically falling off my leg. Next I wore the Eflex 4 which I thought would be amazing because it has speedskin and ccm seal, combined with being a softer pad with a bit tighter fit. Oh boy was I wrong. These pads were disgustingly stiffer than the premiers , and slid like shit. Worse than a plain jenpro with binding would slide on an couple years older pad I would dare to say. I don’t know what was up with that but I hated those lol. Just wanted to get thoughts on why I couldn’t tell which one slid better and why the Eflex 4 sucks😂. Oh and also I used the gnetik 4 mitts and let me say this. My optik glove closes better than that gnetik glove when not strapped on. But when I strap my glove (I make it as humanly tight as possible for max control) I can’t even fully close my optik. I make the gnetik 4 as tight as possible And I am still fully closing it with relative ease, and it is definitely more padded than my optik. I didn’t like the gnetik 4 blocker, it felt very weird and uncomfortable and my optik blocker gets better pop in my opinion
  12. I would but I don’t think I can get the Crawford curve on the Eflex 4 in full right I think it’s just price
  13. Unfortunately I am a full right weirdo goalie so literally they have zero Bishop it mrazek curves that I can find right now. That’s why I was wondering if the price curve is kinda similar cause I was gonna maybe try that ccm Eflex stick
  14. Does anyone know what would be most similar to the stock 2s pro curve. I believe its pp31 or p31
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