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Bauer Mach Supreme Stick Breakage


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Hello all.  I haven't posted here in sometime but thought this might interest some of you and hopefully have you some cash...  My small attempt to repay some of the advice I've gotten over the years...

Be warry of spending your money on the Bauer Mach Supreme line of sticks.  While my son says the performance is excellent , they don't hold up at all.  We purchased 3 sticks and Bauer comp'ed us a fourth due to our experience.  All three original sticks have now broken.  2 broke (in the exact same spot) on the paddle right above the curve after maybe 5 hours of use.  These sticks still still are okay to practice with.  The third stick had its spine broken Saturday night after a whopping 5 games.

I know sticks can break at any time, but in the same league last year, my son would expect to get 15 games out of his Warriror V2 pro+ sticks.  My son has spoken to a few of his friends that use the stick and they are all seeing the same break.  Right above where the blade starts.  Its starts with a crack.  You tape it up, the crack expands...  Eventually its looks like something you could cut wheat with in a field... The sticks are still very solid in this state.  Still performs the same...

I sent all this info into Bauer and told them I thought they had a design issue or a production flaw.  They disagreed...

just be warry.  My kid says its a great performer.  If you team is paying don't worry stick with it I guess...





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