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Looking for feedback on Warrior RG/T Pro Chest Protector


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Hi guys, 

Im relatively new to this site, had a brief absence in hockey after my younger competitive hockey days and now getting back into things. A little out of touch when it comes to technology released in the past 3 years. Right now playing 3-on-3 with pretty high level players and in need of a new chest protector (seeing too many stingers in the arms and stomach with my Reebok P2 Pro model).

The Warrior RG/T Pro sticks out to me because of its lightweight and adjustability, I feel the lightweight will help with the 3-on-3 style of play.

Just looking for feedback with regards to the durability and strength of the chesty, anyone had positive or negative results with this model? Just want to make sure the lightweight won't compensate for cushioning in the stomach and arms, where I tend to be feeling them the most lately.

Thanks in advance!

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