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    Memphis, Tennessee
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    Huntington, NY

Current Equipment

  • Leg Pads
    Don Simmons 586
  • Review:
    Soft and with torsional flex. Works well for me.
  • Glove
    Don Simmons Matrix
  • Review:
    Asked for a baseball-style glove. This achieves that.
  • Blocker
    Don Simmons Matrix
  • Review:
    Bindingless thin board with solid, unobstructive finger protection
  • Chest & Arm Protector
    Vaughn Epic 8800/John Brown 2100
  • Review:
    Vaughn: Mobile and light with decent protection. Brown: Solid protection, relatively mobile. Heavier and hotter than modern C/As
  • Pants
    John Brown 2000
  • Review:
    Solid protection and mobile.
  • Mask
  • Review:
    Solid protection. Refurbished once.
  • Stick
    CCM 26” Price
  • Review:
    Deflects and shoots just fine.
  • Skates - Boot
    Graf 750 Goaler Pro
  • Review:
    I like Graf skates. Comfortable.
  • Skate - Cowling
    Graf Cobra
  • Review:
    I prefer traditional protection. I had the inside toe area shaved down for improved attack angle.
  • Skates - Blades
  • Review:
    It’s embedded in the cowling. I like the feel of Graf blades.
  • Knee Pads
  • Review:
    They stay in place, cushion the knees for dropping and protect well from shots.
  • Neck Guard
    Maltese used with Vaughn. Integrated with the Brown
  • Review:
    Maltese: Solid and protective. Don’t notice it while wearing. Brown: Mostly ornamental. I would advise a separate throat and clavicle protector.
  • Jock
    Eagle double cup
  • Review:
    The gray one. Protects fine.

Wish List

  • Leg Pads
    John Brown 2100/287

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  1. Yeah, a guy in my league got new leg pads from Brown. I saw them in person and wondered why they weren’t posted on Facebook or Instagram. It must’ve been two months later they finally posted them. Their pictures are often blurry, too.
  2. They’re really slow to update their site. I think their newest line, the 2500 (Pads and gloves), is like five years old and still not up on their site. It seems they focus more on social media, posting all products that go out each week. They have plenty of new features available that are not reflected on their website. Sorry about your experience. However, the integrated collar isn’t much in terms of protection. A separate one would be more protective.
  3. I just looked over the Brown website and noticed they no longer offer the built-in neck guards. They were really the only brand that had that feature that I can remember. I wonder if it had to do with the gap in protection between the ring of foam of the throat area and the chest protector itself. It was only connected by a piece of fabric with no padding in it. A separate throat guard would have padding in that area. The main advantage of the attached neck protector was not having to carry an additional piece of equipment around. I ordered my 2100 with the neck guard included. I did get dinged a few times in that gap over the years. I removed it last year and wear my Maltese throat guard with the 2100 now.
  4. What he said wasn’t as bad as I expected. Bruce just has an “everyman” style of talking. However, the larger point is valid. How ignorant most people, even within the hockey world are about anything goaltending.
  5. Trying to get to the next achievement level. Currently, I’m an apprentice. Not sure what the next level is. Mid-level management? 🤔
  6. If the NHL puts former goons in charge of player safety, shouldn’t they put former gear-size inflators in charge of equipment size monitoring?
  7. WillyGrips13

    2021 Playoffs

    Ugh, is this going to be series over just as soon as it starts? I’m sure Tampa fans are loving it, but if it’s not competitive, the neutrals lose out. I didn’t see game two, where Montreal outshot Tampa, but mostly it just appears as teams in two different classes. This championship will definitely have a tainted feel to it for the majority of people, due to Tampa’s salary cap situation. They’re basically $18 million over, right? They’re already a tremendous team, seems like everyone else is at a huge disadvantage due to the cap situation. It’s annoying when analysts play the goalie battle game. One guy outplaying the other guy. Different people are shooting on each goalie. Different people are defending for each goalie. Vasilevskiy is great, but so is Price. Tampa thrashes every team and goalie. To me it’s unintelligent analysis to say it’s because Vasilevskiy is playing better than Price.
  8. It’s funny this thread came up. I just played at a drop-in on Wednesday. It was an irritating experience. Most of the drop-ins are. Teams are almost never even. There’s always someone who wants to play with their friend and is unwilling to switch teams even if they are too potent of a tandem. Or there’s someone who claims they don’t have a different jersey to switch sides. Little to no defense is played. Everyone saves their energy to play offense. The drop-ins are an hour and a half here. They’re barely tolerable for the first twenty minutes. Perhaps, it’s an age thing. Maybe if you’re young, have boundless energy, and are super flexible it can be a good experience. I am none of these things. I wish I could enjoy them, but history has shown that I cannot. I’ll probably stick to league play and organized rental groups when I can.
  9. WillyGrips13

    2021 Playoffs

    Basically, the sport is dirty, at least the NHL playoffs anyway. Pretty much every team is behaving this way and the refs are allowing most of it. If you remove your own bias and emotion, you realize the dirtiness is widespread through all the teams during the playoffs. For example, I’m an Islanders fan and when looking at it analytically, Mayfield’s crosscheck on Kucherov was brutal. As a biased, emotional fan, I’d say fuck Kucherov 😎.
  10. WillyGrips13

    2021 Playoffs

    Honestly, what is the deal with the officiating in the NHL? I’m an Islanders fan and I thought that was a penalty against Mayfield on Kucherov. Brutal crosscheck into the unpadded portion of the lower back, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REFEREE! Someone must’ve put out a directive to call as little as possible. Either the league, the head of referees or the referees on their own have decided to call nothing if at all possible. It’s “Let ‘em play” to the max. Player safety? Yeah right. Thoughts?
  11. WillyGrips13

    2021 Playoffs

    I would just point out that Pittsburgh has won ONE playoff series since Fleury was taken by Vegas in the expansion draft. The cups Murray won, Fleury was integral in either carrying the load during the season or bringing the team into the later rounds until Murray took over (one of each.) I’m not trying to fanboy MAF or demean Matt Murray, I just think Fleury’s contributions to the Penguins success shouldn’t be overlooked. However, you might be right that putting him back in may be a mistake here. Most of Deboer’s goalie decisions have made me scratch my head. Of course, to this point, they have worked out.
  12. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the Weiner Mobile. So I got another Honda CR-V.
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