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    Don Simmons 586
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    Soft and with torsional flex. Works well for me.
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    Don Simmons Matrix
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    Asked for a baseball-style glove. This achieves that.
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    Don Simmons Matrix
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    Bindingless thin board with solid, unobstructive finger protection
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    John Brown 2100
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    Solid protection, relatively mobile. Heavier and hotter than modern C/As
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    Solid protection and mobile.
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    Solid protection. Refurbished once.
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    CCM 26” Price
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    Deflects and shoots just fine.
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    Graf 750 Goaler Pro
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    I like Graf skates. Comfortable.
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    Graf Cobra
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    I prefer traditional protection. I had the inside toe area shaved down for improved attack angle.
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    It’s embedded in the cowling. I like the feel of Graf blades.
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    They stay in place, cushion the knees for dropping and protect well from shots.
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    Integrated with the Brown
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    Mostly ornamental. I would advise a separate throat and clavicle protector.
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    Eagle double cup
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    The gray one. Protects fine.

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    John Brown 2100/287

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  1. These types of topics are all so subjective. Personal tastes, biases and color preferences heavily influence how people feel. Also most design for pro teams nowadays is done at large graphic design firms that have large teams working on the project. Sometimes I think that group method and the influence of previous projects leads to a watered down piece. There are many freelance graphic designers out there who on their own, come up with great recreations of current uniforms. Sadly they can only do it for fun because teams always choose the big, expensive firms.
  2. WillyGrips13

    3 on 0

    It’s official. The NHL is now shinny hockey. No hitting, minimal defending, mouth guards sticking halfway out their mouths being chewed on. What are we doing?
  3. How does this work? Ever since you posted this link, I clicked and have been attempting to browse, but it seems limited. I can’t sign in and I can’t search. It seems to be stuck in 2012. Or is it limited for me since I’m viewing on a phone?
  4. Ever since they switched away from the Patrick Division and Adams Division in the Wales Conference and the Norris Division and the Smythe Division in the Campbell Conference, I haven’t been able to retain any of the bland, nondescript names of Divisions and Conferences. At least they were doing one through eight in the conference for playoffs for a while afterwards. Of course, they did away with that and now have an overly-confusing, convoluted system that no one either understands or cares about.
  5. How about split the difference? Pinkeyes
  6. I’ve never measured his pads, but I’d imagine the widest point was at the boot break. You can see in the picture that the pad narrows as you get to the knee. I think this shape suited his stance and stand-up tendencies. And now since I was partly responsible for derailing the thread, here’s Grant wearing a set I surely don’t remember.
  7. Boy your team sucks in their own end.
  8. So I’m wondering if the people on here are opposed to this type of goal mainly because you feel it’s a rules violation, you’re concerned about safety.... or you think it’s a douche move. It makes me think about the goal Peter Forsberg scored in the shootout in the Olympics all those years ago. Everyone tried that goal and continues to to this day. I wouldn’t be surprised if every single member on this board has been scored on this way, if not in a game at least in a practice or drop in. That move conjures up feelings if douchey-ness. But it’s a way to use deception to score, so it’s considered fair. I maintain as long as there’s no safety issue it should be allowed. Honestly, I long for a day when players actually play defense instead of sweeping at the puck and dropping to a knee to block a shot. FOR GOD’S SAKE, hit someone! No one uses body contact in scoring areas or anywhere near their goal. The reason “The Michigan” hasn’t worked for so many years is because players actually used to hit attackers when they were near the goal with the puck. Now the only hitting that occurs is along the boards.
  9. Don’t forget Mike Richter who, according to legend, wore pads that were 15” wide at the widest point. But Brown in particular was producing leg pads wider and wider in the ‘90s.
  10. Well this is the era that pads got super wiiiiide.
  11. No a beer league bragger is more likely a Danny Dangles, especially if he was bragging about his own exploits.
  12. Realistically, I don’t think anyone either inside the hockey world or outside the hockey world wants to hear goalie’s complaints about anything. The only complaint I can see being fair is the danger to the goalie’s head and eyes. The puck hitting the head isn’t the problem, that can happen from any shot. It’s more about the stick slamming against the head or the stick blade going into the eye openings. That has to be the main topic presented if this is to be banned. As far as defending against it, it’s just another form of attack that a goalie needs to be aware of and would need to adapt to.
  13. This thread has the distinctive aroma of, “Get off my lawn!”
  14. After much difficulty I did get the multiple posts to quote. I do access threads via unread content. However, even selecting the star or dot doesn’t bring me to the most recent unread comment, just the top of the most recent page in the thread. I think this site isn’t designed for mobile and that’s why it seems glitchy. Also iOS has been updated recently multiple times and perhaps that is affecting the site’s performance. Shouldn’t you be working at work? I got to get one of these jobs many of you have where you can be surfing theGoalnet all day! 😂
  15. Not trying to bash Warrior, but if they can’t get an NHL goalie in their gear, will Warrior bail on the goalie equipment market? I don’t know what the company’s business model looks like, but I wonder if eventually they decide it’s not worth the investment. That visibility of an NHL goalie wearing your gear is likely a boost for sales. Even more so if multiple goalies are wearing it. If no one is wearing it, I’d imagine demand for it decreases greatly. I wonder if Warrior is even paying the rights fee for goalie equipment. What do you think?
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