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    Memphis, Tennessee
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    Huntington, NY

Current Equipment

  • Leg Pads
    Don Simmons 586
  • Review:
    Soft and with torsional flex. Works well for me.
  • Glove
    Don Simmons Matrix
  • Review:
    Asked for a baseball-style glove. This achieves that.
  • Blocker
    Don Simmons Matrix
  • Review:
    Bindingless thin board with solid, unobstructive finger protection
  • Chest & Arm Protector
    Vaughn Epic 8800/John Brown 2100
  • Review:
    Vaughn: Mobile and light with decent protection. Brown: Solid protection, relatively mobile. Heavier and hotter than modern C/As
  • Pants
    John Brown 2000
  • Review:
    Solid protection and mobile.
  • Mask
  • Review:
    Solid protection. Refurbished once.
  • Stick
    CCM 26” Price
  • Review:
    Deflects and shoots just fine.
  • Skates - Boot
    Graf 750 Goaler Pro
  • Review:
    I like Graf skates. Comfortable.
  • Skate - Cowling
    Graf Cobra
  • Review:
    I prefer traditional protection. I had the inside toe area shaved down for improved attack angle.
  • Skates - Blades
  • Review:
    It’s embedded in the cowling. I like the feel of Graf blades.
  • Knee Pads
  • Review:
    They stay in place, cushion the knees for dropping and protect well from shots.
  • Neck Guard
    Maltese used with Vaughn. Integrated with the Brown
  • Review:
    Maltese: Solid and protective. Don’t notice it while wearing. Brown: Mostly ornamental. I would advise a separate throat and clavicle protector.
  • Jock
    Eagle double cup
  • Review:
    The gray one. Protects fine.

Wish List

  • Leg Pads
    John Brown 2100/287

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  1. The veteran move to hide the unfortunate hairline is to tilt the mask up in the team photo. See my pics above. 😎
  2. Yeah, from the stories I just looked at (I had no idea about any of this before), it seems as though he’s irked them over time. If this is all a big misunderstanding, Griess would be best served getting out in front of it and making clear he is not a Nazi sympathizer. And if he is a Nazi sympathizer, well he can go F himself.
  3. He had mask art that appeared to include the Nazi SS insignia. Might be an unfortunate visual coincidence. But paired with the other stuff, not a good look. People are entitled to believe whatever ideology they want, but entities such as employers can act accordingly in response.
  4. Legend has it Richter had his pads made with a 15” wide boot break tapering to a 9” wide top. Looks like McLean is pushing 13” wide at his boot break. It was the era of fat-bottomed pads.
  5. So for all the Brown users, are the newer generation models (jb2200 & jb2400) any lighter or cooler than the pre-lockout (2005 year) versions? I have a 2100 which would be illegal in the NHL now. I go back and forth between that and a Vaughn 8800. I just finished a season with the Brown and I wore the Vaughn today and felt like I was wearing a sweatshirt. I felt like I looked small. Still adequate for protection, I just feel smaller. I wanted to use the Vaughn for the summer session because it’ll be cooler, but now I’m concerned I may be showing too much net. I wonder if I sho
  6. If you decide not to get new pants, you could order these to replace the suspender buttons. I’ve used them on my 2007 Brown pants and they work great.
  7. Is that guy wearing a Columbia soccer jersey? James Rodriguez?
  8. I've been coaching the goalies in the local youth and high school program. Although, I live in Memphis, Tennessee, the rink these programs are based out of is in Mississippi. It's the only rink in the region. To coach them during USA Hockey practices, I needed to get a background check, be a USA Hockey member, take a SafeSport course and go through a level one USA Hockey Coaches course. But to coach a goalie separately, it would be at a stick & puck where I'd carve out a piece of the ice for me and the goalie. But since that isn't part of a USA Hockey practice, I've been told by other priv
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