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  • Leg Pads
    Don Simmons 586
  • Review:
    Soft and with torsional flex. Works well for me.
  • Glove
    Don Simmons Matrix
  • Review:
    Asked for a baseball-style glove. This achieves that.
  • Blocker
    Don Simmons Matrix
  • Review:
    Bindingless thin board with solid, unobstructive finger protection
  • Chest & Arm Protector
    John Brown 2100
  • Review:
    Solid protection, relatively mobile. Heavier and hotter than modern C/As
  • Pants
    John Brown 2000
  • Review:
    Solid protection and mobile.
  • Mask
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    Solid protection. Refurbished once.
  • Stick
    CCM 26” Price
  • Review:
    Deflects and shoots just fine.
  • Skates - Boot
    Graf 750 Goaler Pro
  • Review:
    I like Graf skates. Comfortable.
  • Skate - Cowling
    Graf Cobra
  • Review:
    I prefer traditional protection. I had the inside toe area shaved down for improved attack angle.
  • Skates - Blades
  • Review:
    It’s embedded in the cowling. I like the feel of Graf blades.
  • Knee Pads
  • Review:
    They stay in place, cushion the knees for dropping and protect well from shots.
  • Neck Guard
    Integrated with the Brown
  • Review:
    Mostly ornamental. I would advise a separate throat and clavicle protector.
  • Jock
    Eagle double cup
  • Review:
    The gray one. Protects fine.

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  • Leg Pads
    John Brown 2100/287

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  1. And here I thought the Canadian education system was better than our education system here in ‘Merica.
  2. Weren’t they the same people who mocked the older goalies who were upset about the vintage gear being used as source material? Looks like the shoe is on the other foot now - or more accurately, the pad is on the other leg now.
  3. True @bunnyman666 And I think the set he used in the video would work better for someone who plays a traditional stand up method better than modern pads. The width especially at the boot break helps take up more room while standing. I also think he would have gotten better use of them with different technique. We have grown accustomed to pushing our ankles toward the ice in a modern pro-fly butterfly. Doing that in these pads causes full rotation which these pads aren’t designed for.
  4. When I last lived on Long Island, in 2004, I would drive all the way into Queens to get my girlfriend’s and my skates sharpened. I can’t remember the place’s name. I think we were having issues everywhere else and someone recommended this place. However, when I wanted to change the hollow I was using, the guy there claimed that 1/2” wasn’t a measurement for skate sharpening. And he was adamant. I’ve had a lot of issues with skate sharpening over the years. It’s amazing how many places that offer it don’t know anything about it. I lived in Huntington also. But that was 15 years ago.
  5. Not sure if I should put this here. I play in the summer league at Bowling Green State University. They have all the team photos through the years lining the hallway. I love the lineup of gear from this particular year pictured.
  6. I was just trying to update my profile and was unable to. The ad bar on the bottom of the screen was blocking the save button. Couldn’t get ad bar to go away even when reporting ad to google. I view this site on my phone. iPhone 7S Plus. Occasionally ad traffic is problematic with viewing on a phone.
  7. Great news. Hope to see more pics of you playing and your gear. Are you still wearing the John Brown gear?
  8. I have no issue with the cost because a niche business generally has higher prices. I think the idea is a cool one. However, it disappoints me that equipment that is still usable or at least presentable for display purposes is being dismantled for source material. I’m a believer that if it’s still usable or can be a nice display piece, it should be saved from the knife. I wish they used only unsalvageable equipment to build from. Or even scraps from when an old piece is refurbished.
  9. Why in the world did Carolina start Mrazek in this series? McElhinney played well to get them past the Islanders. Mrazek is athletic and gifted but he’s unpolished. Way too aggressive and has to make unreal saves because of that aggressiveness. McElhinney is more conservative and in position more often. Unless, of course Carolina realizes the Islanders were god awful at scoring last series and McElhinney’s performance was due to that.
  10. I feel like the Stars v Blues series is the battle of the sloppiest goalies remaining. I’m wondering if Binnington gets figured out next year. It seems like he’s too sloppy to have continued success.
  11. Seems like Ben Bishop has had issues with goals going under him and through him. Amazingly he sometimes seems small in net.
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