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    Toledo, OH
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    Huntington, NY

Current Equipment

  • Leg Pads
    Don Simmons 586
  • Review:
    Soft and with torsional flex. Works well for me.
  • Glove
    Don Simmons Matrix
  • Review:
    Asked for a baseball-style glove. This achieves that.
  • Blocker
    Don Simmons Matrix
  • Review:
    Bindingless thin board with solid, unobstructive finger protection
  • Chest & Arm Protector
    Vaughn Epic 8800/John Brown 2100
  • Review:
    Vaughn: Mobile and light with decent protection. Brown: Solid protection, relatively mobile. Heavier and hotter than modern C/As
  • Pants
    John Brown 2000
  • Review:
    Solid protection and mobile.
  • Mask
  • Review:
    Solid protection. Refurbished once.
  • Stick
    CCM 26” Price
  • Review:
    Deflects and shoots just fine.
  • Skates - Boot
    Graf 750 Goaler Pro
  • Review:
    I like Graf skates. Comfortable.
  • Skate - Cowling
    Graf Cobra
  • Review:
    I prefer traditional protection. I had the inside toe area shaved down for improved attack angle.
  • Skates - Blades
  • Review:
    It’s embedded in the cowling. I like the feel of Graf blades.
  • Knee Pads
  • Review:
    They stay in place, cushion the knees for dropping and protect well from shots.
  • Neck Guard
    Maltese used with Vaughn. Integrated with the Brown
  • Review:
    Maltese: Solid and protective. Don’t notice it while wearing. Brown: Mostly ornamental. I would advise a separate throat and clavicle protector.
  • Jock
    Eagle double cup
  • Review:
    The gray one. Protects fine.

Wish List

  • Leg Pads
    John Brown 2100/287

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  1. Okay, I’ll start small. What could be used to treat the wear spots, if anything?
  2. So I got these Heaton Pro90Z leg pads years back (2013?) from someone on the GSBB, Northstar35 (?). The goal was to see if I could play more stand-up style with them. When I was younger I played in pads similar to these and was comfortable. However, over the years my game has changed and these pads are just too awkward for me to play in as they are constructed. Specifically the lack of landing gear to allow some rotation. I’m wondering if I should have the pads modernized by adding landing gear with a jenpro knee-wing. I would also be interested in having a jenpro covered calf protector with a wedge similar to what later Heaton models had. Perhaps the current knee wing and calf wrap could be moved to the outside of the pad since there is no protection there. But would having these adjustments be blasphemous since pads like these are scarce now? Would it be too costly? Who would be willing to do the work? Is there too much wear to the pads to justify this work? Should I just get John Brown or Kenesky to build a model similar to these? I’m not having this done anytime soon if at all. What are your opinions? Modernize the pads, keep them to use once a year, sell them to someone who would use them or display them? Thanks
  3. Here are the foam bars I removed from the inseam of my Brown pants.
  4. I had a similar issue with my Brown pants. Removing a vertical foam bar from each inseam allowed me to get my knees together. It’s possible I had to cut open the fabric to get to it. Not sure why manufacturers are putting a piece of padding in an area that clearly hinders performance🤔.
  5. This is the integrated throat guard from a John Brown C/A (2100). It’s been attached to the unit from when I got it in 2006 until a month ago. Now I’m using my Maltese with the C/A and this was not needed. This throat guard is just a foam ring, no plastic. The piece that hangs down has no padding and is just there to attach to the C/A and to allow for flex. Decent amount of wear including a hole in the strap and an area that has been patched. Strap’s elastic is a bit stretched. $10 USD + shipping from Toledo, Ohio 43612.
  6. I reorganized the basement. I’ve been drumming (poorly)... set up the old Wii... Painting... and here are our children...
  7. I think in this case your best option would be contacting Kenesky. They seem to be willing to do fully customized set-ups including structural customizations not just aesthetic ones. Check out their Facebook page.
  8. Well Simmons is still making gear. They moved their operation to Buffalo. So all you haters got to keep on hatin’. Website is simmonshockey.com click on it to hate on it.
  9. To counter the Simmons quality comment, I’ve had a set of their leg pads and gloves in use since 2012 and they’re humming along nicely. That includes a period where I was playing 5-6 times a week for multiple years. I have had the gloves spruced up by Sara at PAW and I’ve put Shoogoo on the wear spots on all the gear. For reference I have worn pro gear from Vaughn, Brown, Bauer, TPS and don’t feel any drop off in the Simmons gear. But the OP’s point is valid. More and more people have less and less disposable income and something non-essential like hockey will not be prioritized by a family who doesn’t have the means. Granted, if you’re a phenom you will likely find your fees paid for by organizations and it will be easier for you financially. But most kids are NOT phenoms, despite what many parents think.
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