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  1. @Chenner29 How are you running the shock cord through your skate? My set that I've skated all of 2 times seems to get hung up on the top of my skate after a couple of butterflys both ways I've ran it. So far I've tried looping it through the front of the holder and the 2nd time just straight through the front. Just curious since I only get to skate 1 to 2 times a week if you had the same issue. Still working through fine tuning the strapping on the legs since I'm new to the professor strap as well.
  2. @southpawtendy48 I believe it is similar to the Vaughn 5500 break angle @SaveByRichter35 I grew up in Massapequa, but now I live in Cedar Falls, Iowa. LI on the blocker was for where I've been and Iowa on the trapper for where I am
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