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  1. I have as3 total customs on order and have made a video teaser. I am really excited, but nervous at the same time. I am super used to not having stuff fit me...
  2. True uses 4mm steel while CCM is using 3mm. They have lest bite.
  3. I am used to nothing fitting me. I am autistic so I worry anyway more than normal.
  4. No way in hell would a stock skate fit me anyway. I am just hoping to god that they can make a skate fit my foot without pain. All I want. Plus 3mm width steel with a SAM profile cause I hate the bite of 4mm due to being almost 300lbs and I just dig in during movements.
  5. CCM seems to have dropped the custom molded option recently when I talked with Goalie Skate Center here in Calgary about it.
  6. Just for reference. This is the footbed of the x900 which is 9.5ee. My foot is an 8. My toe hangs off a full 1" without even standing. I have the tape measure on the edge of the bed and my baby toe is on top of the measurer. So I have a bit of an iusse 😅
  7. I am just flustered. The way ccm has your feet up on clear plexiglass so you get a full 360 render and using a ture one peice boot that has the outsole be heat moldable would be bloody fantastic I think vs True. I just want to skate pain free in my feet at least for the frist time in like 7 years? What? 14-15 and now 22. I cannot math, experiencing Insomnia.
  8. Everything. Legit. Greens, yellow, thicker foam insoles cause too much pressure and my feet really hurt then. Stock is been best. Technical 3 boots for goalie. Um, I did get my money back for x900. I mean, if they didn't hurt me I would have stuck with em as I enjoyed the skating feeling.
  9. Hey guys, frist post. Background on me is that I quit hockey at 15 due to mental health (autistic) and unbeknownst to me since nobody told me my feet had grown to EEE width and nothing stock fit me as a player. About 2 years ago I got the hare-brained idea to return to hockey via goaltending. I figured out I was too wide for stock skates through trying out the Bauer custom molder system and the width bar going off the end. Plus after trying a 9.5ee x900 for craps and giggles hoping them might work. I love this skating field they just hurt like a son of a bitch. So I walked into Pro Hockey Life and got scan for Trues. My experience with them has not been actually at all Pleasant and I'm actually flustrated to the point after 2 years that I want to try something different. First pair they made me I couldn't stay in for longer than 10 to 15 minutes. Second pair I've been tolerating pain iusses I still have with them for the past two years and trying to Soldier on with them. Plus I dont enjoy the bite of 4mm width steel as I am 6'3" 290lbs over 3mm I tired with x900. I've seen people not happy with True like me make the swap to the FT2 total custom. (I've been looking at the new AS3 though. I think I'll like the lower boot cut I think.). So I few months ago I said screw it, I need to maybe save up to try it. I have been chatting with a goalie coach I did a camp with and want to work with more about my iusses. He works at a local store and right now it's looking like next Tuesday I'll be getting scanned with him. I just wanted to have a sober second thought of doing it before I throw out $1,300 😅
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