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  1. When talking about gloves more often than not people will use a CCM break as the comparison (580, 590, 600). So they may say something like "the 1S is more of a 590 break style" meaning more of a fingers to base of the thumb type of closure. There's some good videos on youtube talking about it.
  2. totally off topic but we were also talking about the recent acquisition of GRAF and there's talks of a new two piece goal skate.
  3. No particular reason really just ended up buying a new set of Genetiks and figured I'd give a Brian's glove a shot but will most likely end up going back to a Vaughn. Brian's gloves just don't sit well on my hand for some reason. A Vaughn rep popped by the shop I work at the other week and we had a long talk about gloves, long story short probably looking at getting a velocity XF glove, he said they're really popular with guys with smaller hands where something like a 9500 might not feel so natural on a smaller hand. Lots to consider...too much in fact.
  4. Yeah makes sense. I was just wondering if I was out of the loop on something. I've always loved Vaughn but haven't worn one of their gloves since the V3
  5. I've noticed when I see a lot of Vaughn setups these days it'll be pads, blocker, and then a glove of a different brand (usually CCMeflex ) Any insight on why people seem to be going for a CCM 600 or (maybe they're a 590) instead of say the Vaughn 5500 or new Ventus?
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