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  1. 2 sets ordered so far? anyone else jumping?
  2. That's a very good eye
  3. @coopaloop1234 @netminder - Last warning. Lay off each other or we are going to have to do some 2 weeks bans. It's embarrassing that we just had write that... let's not make it happen
  4. Probably the most key feature to the Premier line was the inner roll. If you remove the inner roll, the whole pad changes. How you can say it's not that different? Feels like click bait kids. I've used both P3, EF4, and Axis. Axis fall between EF4 and Premier to me. It's more like the EF4's tougher older brother than the Premier's softer younger brother. I think the whole equipment industry suffers from an "OD1N effect". OD1N was probably the most different looking gear in the history of equipment. Everyone expects every new to line to be as dramatically different as that was. It's only possible to be that level of different so often. If that's anyone's barometer for being completely new, then you are going to be disappointment for the next decade. Lastly, CCM probably better than other brand, is in tune with exactly the type of people the mass market needs. As they already had the top lines of gear, their releases will be apologetically less over the top than some of their competitors. When they are the top dog, the challenge is to come up with a better formula, without destroying the existing winning recipe. It's a significantly different challenge than other brands. Sometimes understanding the why a product is designed the way helps clarify what we are seeing and why
  5. The part that gets overlooked with GMC is the pro goalies endorse him. As long as Felix and Marty sign his shells, it gives what he does credibility.
  6. I generally agree with that. That is why I usually get white logos. However, when you're ripping off 9 graphics, have to mix it up! I only personally would wear 2-3 of the ones I created.
  7. The boot flex to me is very similar. The shape and stiffness of the thigh rise is different. The shape of the boot is also different. Here's the blocker:
  8. Glove is very stock. When I place my Bauer orders, it's well before the customerizer is live. So there's some options I don't know about and my graphic is always a guess.
  9. Going to be doing a series of teams in Axis. Here is MTL
  10. Those look amazing. Second String Leather Co would be drooling to have them!
  11. Don't have the ability to go side by side right now, but I expect EFlex sizing is closer. This is a Flat boot.
  12. They are doing the same thing as Brian's. They are NOT related companies
  13. This was somewhere near the end. I know of a now EU pro that had it his glove.
  14. Covid derailed the 2020 one!
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