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  1. Can’t speak for the board members, but I think you see this option springing up at pro because of RVH. When you lock the post and wait for pucks, vs reacting to make a glove save, pucks can hit weird places
  2. Amazing colorway 😉😉 I’ll post some of the side by side pics, well done comparison
  3. I like how clean it looks, but I find it too tight in the tight setting.
  4. Believe it’s coming with the launch now, could see be a moving target
  5. TheGoalNet

    CCM EF4

    Yes, the P2 glove matches more naturally than the EF4 glove does. However, the glove matches the right pad instead of the left. It’s basically a duplicate of the blocker.
  6. @wox33 haven’t played with the strap yet. But I do know what you mean, I will completely open this 1 piece cuff like I did with P2 Yes on the sliding surface. Sorry I didn’t take a pic. Obvious omission there
  7. 2 reasons... I’ve personally found Warrior sizing to be smaller than Bauer and CCM. I use a small paddle to begin with, so the Warrior 25 is just too small The Price stock aka Price 2018 curve is sorta a hybrid of the Mrazek and Quick. Trying the Quick this time
  8. For reference, on 10G heavier than my 2X Pro
  9. I agree. I think that it’s a very intuitive little option, but I do not know if it makes a world of difference or not
  10. One other note if you’re too lazy to scroll back... this is 10g heavier than my 2SPro thats pretty crazy
  11. The boot flex, book break angle, and shape with be very similar to the Vaughn. The rest of the pad will be stiffer. If that sounds like it would work for you, you should be in good shape. If you are concerned Bauer is too stiff, I would go with EF4. You should be able to dial something in with the CCM customizer.
  12. I struggled a bit with rotation back to center with the stock Monster laces. It felt better with the Pro Laces. I have changed my strapping basically every time I have used these pads, so it's hard to have a definitive answer here. There might be a good strapping to make this work.
  13. TheGoalNet

    2X Pro

    Update!!! The knee block is as as expected. The larger knee block is a bigger knee block with leveler The thick shin is literally just a thick shin. The boot will still be the flat 100 deg boot @maxtm30 @BadAngle41
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