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  1. I think most coach's use them because of the bigger screen. It's so when they review the drills it's easier to see what's happening.
  2. @Lucky Pucker thanks for that! A few testers have been concerned with the mesh and durability. Aegis is owned by an apparel company, so it seems like their material knowledge paid off with their mesh
  3. I’ve never liked that’d logo, but the rest of it is great. No Vancouver is better though or maybe just Vancouver with no C could work too and when you posted, was hoping that skate retro would be it! That must just be a third or a retro?
  4. @BadAngle41 Great post This has touched on a couple of the other key features. All the padding is removable. -This makes the skin fully washable between skates without ruining the integrity of the foams -The neck is tall by design, but it's a "Trim to Fit" design. This is supposed to be most bullet proof product on the market. However, each goalie has a different height and has a different opinion on how tall the neck should come up. So with the removable padding and grid structure, it's very easy to tailor the neck insert to your desired height. @thebigm took 1 row of padding out and created a drop neck with his Other note? Am finding that goalies over 6' like the tall neck and how well it covers. Goalies under 6' have been trimming it. This highlights the beauty of this design. One product can fit both markets without a custom order. I am personally 6'2" and felt the traditional stock retail neck guards always left me a bit exposed.
  5. The sizing has not changed and this will be a standard retail product. I am sorry if this sizing does not work for you. Maybe custom could be an additional product in the future? The retail version needs to launch first
  6. Think @ruckus007 and @pfra make good points about each glove feel individual to the goalie wearing them. You just like a given glove model or break from a given company and who cares what it's supposed to be. I felt okay using a Bauer 1S and I have never been comfortable in a 600 or T5500 However, when you talk to the manufactures, your lists above are NOT inline with how they are designed. Supreme (1S & 2S) = 600 = Vaughn T5500 / SLR family = Baseball glove Vapor (2X and 1X) = 590 - Bauer even uses 60 deg in their product literature = VE8 1 Piece Brian's does their own thing with 35 and 45 deg breaks. I think that GNetik is between 580 and 590 and that Optik / SZ is between 590 and 600. Brian's probably the most matter of opinion of any brand
  7. Thanks for sharing this! Was this part of the GGSU raffle?
  8. Release date is hopefully early 2020. Still finalizing a few things around production to build them in bulk. At the current time, this will be a standard retail product.
  9. TheGoalNet

    Wilcox to Kenesky

    I think @WGD was involved then, but I believe Ice Cap was mainly a Heaton design? We'd need a pretty good timeline to solve this one. All those lines overlapped in a pretty tight window.
  10. The NEW Aegis Interceptor HD Pro is coming in 2020. I’ve been fortunate enough to assist Aegis over the last year and provide feedback on trying to design the perfect neck guard. The realized design is the lightweight and flexibility of a gel collar with the impact protection of a tradition bib. This was achieved by utilizing 2 different types of D30 foam and performance fabric skin. This neck guard will also feature a BNQ certification for protection against skate cuts, full machine washability, and available via retail at a reasonable price... @SaveByRichter35 + @BadAngle41 + @thebigm have 1 coming in the mail and will be testing it
  11. I have used the older Warrior model and the Bauer S18. Both models are comfortable and protective and you can't go wrong with either. I personally prefer the Bauer because I tuck my chesty into my pants and it's thinner. It gives me space for the tuck. Again, either model will probably suit you well.
  12. I can see this being super frustrating and can kind of picturing this happening Any chance you pants might be qualified as long?
  13. Same, don't think their available anywhere
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