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  1. My biggest issue is the color? Couldn't that at least do the PPG logo in team color palette?
  2. I think with the Bauer pads you either need to embrace a loose toe, traditional skate lace slack or Pro Laces Hyrbrid, or you need to mod the pad to stiffen the toe bridge
  3. Ever consider a brand like Kenesky or Passau? You can get the full custom treatment in your price range?
  4. Cool to see him using a local painter.
  5. Can't keep up with re-posting each pic here during camp. Appreciate everyone posting here and keep the website strong! I'll get back on when it slows down, haha https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/goalnetgeartracker/ Here's a way to follow
  6. I think the Bauer Bungies don't work well either. Maybe try a skate lace?
  7. That's what @BadAngle41 did What toe ties are you using with 3S?
  8. My question back... would you go through the energy of taking them off?
  9. I would second this. On my 2X, I glued down the Toe bridge, because I would it too flexible. With US, I have my TGN Spec pro laces set up loose like the Hybrid style. I would wear the pads a tad looser and and play with the toe ties and toe bridge. You'd be shocked what a difference the toe makes.
  10. RPM Designs should be able to do it. They did my Chrome. They are on Instagram
  11. Look for CCM to continue to iterate on closure improvement at least through 2022
  12. paraphrasing from memory... but printing reduces the assembly time from like 1 day to 4 hours sort of thing. Once it's fully accepted, which we are close to now, I don't think people can be competitive without. People still doing cut and sew could be a cute botique thing like Graf moving forward PS... I will be the guy asking for a Potvin!!!
  13. I mean EF5. My Axis is 580. My EF5 is the new 600
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