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  1. @SaveByRichter35 Is this topic meant to be locked?
  2. Agree: 100%. I don’t think ever had a pop out or a bad catch, so it’s amazing in that regard. Just does not have a snug feel.
  3. Exactly, I don’t know the Atlantic division was a thing 😂😂😂 Maybe the metro could become the mid states division then
  4. New paint for Freddy Not a DaveArt guy, but the concept of LEGO Batman works for him... the masked man from Denmark
  5. He does have a glove made for him. From what I heard, he’s fanatical about feel and wants something very broken in. That’s why he’s using all these well used demo gloves
  6. I would watch calling this 3S 😉
  7. It’s such a fucking the shame the NHL won’t give them Metropolitans. No one gives AF what the division names are. Call it the “Atlantic” division and move on.
  8. Yup, that... DONT DO IT
  9. I use Bauer Speed Plates 2.0. I have never had any bottom of foot pain. I use them to lock my foot in better because I have incredibly high arches. Google “Aetrex 3D printed insoles” and check those out. They 3D print a unique cushioning system specific to your foots pressure points. They’re currently designed for running shoes, but I’m sure with a little trim to fit, you can make them work in skates
  10. TheGoalNet

    Optik 2

    I honestly can’t remember much before P2 😂 Id guess it’s between 2S and Optik
  11. I don’t usually why the green light is given, just happy when it comes... but I suspect this is exactly it
  12. I’ve been sitting on stuff like all summer, it’s no fun holding back... but it enables me to get way more info about new products playing ball and then sharing it with everyone
  13. TheGoalNet

    Optik 2

    For anyone wanting fast pads
  14. TheGoalNet

    Optik 2

    Yes, but I can say if people are expecting the overall thigh rise stiffness of Bauer, this is not it. thats not bad, I just have a feeling a lot of people though that Here’s 2X vs 2S for reference.
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