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  1. But they required repair... how long did he own them before repair?
  2. This is why I’m reluctant to talk about True skates. Pretty sure they have a major durability issue, but I haven’t used the gear and need to be fair about it.
  3. Had Lefevre Won or if they won in future battles... It would make Lefevre extremely valuable if they wanted to partner with someone else in the future... another "By Lefevre".
  4. Or Optik or JRZ There is clearly a new trend coming, like when Velo came out... No upper binding Stiff upper Flexible boot Soft boot Close to leg fit Hard rebounds
  5. To my understanding... Xtra Stiff is what many of the NHL EFlex guys have used. I believe Rinne uses this. Make sense as he came from Premiere. This is not available at retail to make sure there is a clear distinction between EFlex and Premier.
  6. To the best of my knowledge... Axis was designed by CCM. I don't believe Lefevre had any involvement with design. Had CCM and Lefevre came to agreement on a new production contract , I would imagine that pad would have been built in Canada by Lefevre.
  7. There are 2 sides to this story and it cannot get lost. Did Lefevre actually design the EFLex or did they act more as a contract manufacturer for a pad conceptualized by CCM? If scenario 2 is the case, that would be a pretty frivolous case.
  8. It's a different material though. I believe he means it's a fast sliding material, like saying Speed Skin and OptiSlide are a similar concept.
  9. Fast glide is what they are using like Speed Skin or Opti-Slide. I have not seen the material, so I cannot comment it. It if it's like Speed Skin, I don't think that would shock anyone.
  10. You are correct. to my knowledge, it was CCM's push towards offering customization is what opened up the custom options. Without that, we still might see Premier pads with leather straps. I do believe though the "new" Lefevre understands the new markets and won't shy away from evolution moving forward. they have teased the 20 line will have rebounds than the 4 line and there were will be their take a speed sliding material (which is sorta ironic). And yes, you concept of EFlex is correct. CCM concept to offer a softer pad at retail and work better with Price. As I have heard the story, it took a lot of saying "no" by CCM to get the EFlex to where it is and not just being a 580 with a solid core. The reality is that it's almost impossible to protect IP in hockey. Think about many Velocity cones hit the market 15 years ago and there was never any lawsuits. If both companies want to make an EFlex style pad, I would imagine that is happens.
  11. The Goalie Crease in Richmond Hill, ON will absolutely be able to fit you over the the phone. The exchange rate is your friend too
  12. CCM is owned by a PE company
  13. Translated article about an upcoming legal battle: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=https://www.lapresse.ca/affaires/entreprises/202001/10/01-5256414-guerre-de-jambieres-lefebvre-veut-bloquer-ccm.php&prev=search I have some opinion on this... To everything I know, CCM and Lefevre was a true partnership. Even in the early days, Karhu / The Hockey Company shared some of their materials knowledge obtained via Heaton products with the Koho by Lefevre. As time as evolved and the consumers demand from a goalie product required materials PhDs, University research data, and a true and R&D test lab the "contribution dial" moved again. The reality is that it's something only true full line hockey company with player gear has and access too. This is NOT to take anything away from Lefevre. I have contacts that are more friends at this point on both side of the fence here and I wish everyone well. It just feels like there is a perception out there that CCM had no hand in the equipment's design. To my knowledge, that is miles from the truth. I think there is a place for both Lefevre and CCM moving forward and I hope they both thrive going forward.
  14. I don't think anything will be held back from consumers anymore.
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