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  1. Love the expansion draft, such a cool process Disappointing the NHL wasn't able to keep the insiders silent for 24 hours Also, disappointed by their goalie selection
  2. Love the Marty and Potvin vibes, without being a shameless copy
  3. Hyperlite comparison with 2X Pro
  4. I have Hyperlite’s I have noticed they play small compared to the Ultra Sonic. Both are L (35+1) I attributed it to the boot, but maybe they are shorter I’ll take some comparison pics
  5. Call a goalie specialty shop like @TGC Devin / @TGC Devin - They do custom Bauer C&As and will know your options
  6. Spring 22 is what I have been told And yes, don't be surprised if looks similar to the CCM pro stock Premier
  7. Wait... you're a 75?
  8. TF9 is 5.21 launch, is bake in store (not full custom), $600~, and made off shore Based on price, will complete with 2nd price point skates. Might be the lightest on the market...
  9. Agree with this
  10. I don't know if this is down for Covid, but this used to be a great resource too... https://www.meetup.com/chicagorathockey/
  11. Heard there’s a new chest protector coming?
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