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  1. Yes we're very aware of goalies' varying preferences in terms of blade height, pitch, etc. One thing you could consider is going with a boot-only option with us and then putting on whichever holder/cowling you prefer. Saves you about $150 upfront.
  2. To be clear - the 2 piece is taller than the 1 piece. So I'm not sure why goalies would want us to emulate the height of the one piece.
  3. In the world of social media and media attention around goalies - you would hear about it.
  4. It depends upon the country they're in and the pricing set by the retailer.
  5. Please email me and I can provide you with that info - Tim.McCarthy@TrueTemper.com
  6. You would need to provide us with the cowling so we can install it or have your local shop do it when you get the skates molded.
  7. The holders actually are different between the player and goalie versions of our skates.
  8. Tan you for the message. Several notes: I've worn the 1 piece for about a year and a half and while I would say it's marginally heavier than my previous set of non-VH skates, it was not something that I ever noticed on the ice. The performance gain from having skates that fit my foot exactly (I have extremely normal feet) was massive though. I typically equate it driving in a car with electronic braking vs. hydraulic. With the latter, there is a subtle delay between when you compress the pedal and the car responds. You're typically unaware of that delay until you drive in a car with electronic breaking and there is zero delay. Same holds true (no pun intended) when wearing a custom made skate - every subtle movement is translated fully and instantly to the skate. I've recently switched to the 2 piece version of our skate and can say that I was comfortable within minutes. The pitch is considerably more forward but beyond that it felt very similar to my 1 piece just with an even better attack angle. Unlike when I've worn taller blades in previous skates, I didn't feel like I was skating on stilts.
  9. To answer your 2nd question first: the 2 piece does have a taller attack angle. But the decision of which skate you should get comes down to personal preference. Some very tall goalies like the 2 piece because of the forward pitch. I am a short goalie and currently wear the 1 piece and love it. So it's really about which skate has the majority of the product features that align to your interest and preferences.
  10. We would like our pro reps to focus on supporting pros, store reps to focus on our retail partners but at the same make sure that we are available to the public to answer questions and provide insight into products. That's my role and I'm excited to get to give you all glimpses inside the exciting work we're doing at TRUE.
  11. Thank you for the question. I reached out to one of our Pro reps who handles a large portion of our NHL goalie clients. Here was his response: ...I think there are 2 things at play here, first and foremost the 1 Piece was totally new and different and certainly a welcome advancement in a goaltending position where we have not seen anything game changing in some time. This past week I can confirm to you that (several NHLers) have switched from a cowling to our 2 Piece with the TRUE holder and Step Steel, and (another NHLer) has also to the 2 piece from a cowling as well, so it seems the pendulum is starting to swing a bit. One of the most common statements I do get from the 2 piece guys is that in some situations they feel there is more of a “disconnect” from the ice, understand this has nothing to do with the skate (Bauer 1S guys say the same thing) but rather with the height of the holder compared to that of a cowling or in our case the 1 Piece skate. It seems the taller guys felt the 1 piece brought them back down lower to the ice and somehow gave them in their words “more control” again. I find the physically smaller (shorter) guys are drawn to the 2 piece as the added height for those guys actually gives them the ability to take away more space between their shoulders and the crossbar, helping them to take away more net, which obviously would be a welcome addition to any goalies “toolbox”
  12. Very sorry, and surprised, to hear that given how many NHLs have worn the 1 piece w/o issue. Please shoot me a message or email so we can discuss.
  13. 1 Piece vs. 2 Piece TRUE by VH Goalie Skates One of the most common questions we receive is “what are the differences between the 1 piece and 2 piece goalie skates?” Both skates are pro-level and custom made to the measurements of the client’s foot. And both are built with our patented carbon fiber, monocoque design giving more direct power transfers. In terms of differences: 1 Piece: · Design results in zero loss of energy when moving · Neutral pitch · Lower attack angle 2 Piece: · Slightly lighter · Slight forward pitch · Taller attack profile It also bears mentioning that the 2 Piece is typically cheaper than the 1 Piece (check your local fit center for exact pricing). Check out TRUE-Hockey.com for more details and feel free to reach out to me directly with questions. Tim McCarthy Tim.McCarthy@TrueTemper.com
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