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  1. Whats the difference between pro stock CCM and stock premier or shield lines? Never looked into pro stock pants before tbh and where might be the best place to look for pro stock pants? I already checked out prostockhockey.com but no luck. Sideline swap?
  2. Looking to get some new pants in a bit but not sure exactly what to get. Currently in some CCM premier pros that have been through war. Looking for something lighter and more mobile. Loved the protection of my ccms but they started to slow me down as they got older and more worn down. I tuck my chesty and use suspenders. Bauer has caught my eye for their lack of weight but unsure of protection. Any input/thoughts/experiences would be great
  3. a_miller01

    Bauer Gear

    2s or 1s doesn't specifically matter, just wanna hear some thoughts on different curves and other people's experience with their curves.
  4. a_miller01

    Bauer Gear

    Hey, need some help finding a curve for a Bauer stick. Looking to improve my stick handling and the Justin peters pro returns I have aren't cutting it. The pattern is close to a wedge/rask. Looking for a Bauer curve that can help me elevate the puck or just improve stickplay. If anyone can help me out that would be great
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