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  1. Leaning towards this guy. https://hockeygeeks-com.myshopify.com/collections/goalie-chest-senior/products/vaughn-velocity-ve8-carbon-pro-custom
  2. Hey everyone, I visited Pro Hockey Life earlier today in hopes to buy a new chesty. I narrowed my decision down to the Vaughn VE8 Pro Carbon NHL Spec, Bauer Vapor 2X Pro, and the CCM Extreme Flex Shield II. After trying each one one over and over again I started to get annoyed as I started to feel like they all felt the same. They all had enough mobility, although the Vaughn was by far the lightest and most mobile (although because it was so light it felt like it would be the least protective).. Does anyone have experience with these units and want to throw in their two cents? Mobility is great but I need the best protection I can get. Thanks.
  3. The wrist strap has caused no issue nor has it been any kind of inconvenience. I find the grip liner in the glove does a fantastic job at keeping my hand from slipping around in there. I too like to wear my glove tight. I was in a Bauer 1X prior to this and that was one of my biggest issues with that glove. I could never get the fit I wanted out of it where my hand kept feeling like it was slipping inside that thing. TRUST ME here, this glove is awesome. It's only been getting better with time too, the more I use it and break it in, the better it feels. You're going to love it!
  4. DO IT! I just got this glove and have never used anything Vaughn EVER. I bought this glove totally based on how it felt in store and it has been the BEST feeling glove I've ever used by far. I dont see how I could ever use anything else!
  5. Glove is in great shape, purchased in February 2019. Last Vapor glove to be Made in Canada. https://imgur.com/a/UEqxKYk $300 CAD, $250USD Can ship or deliver in the Greater Toronto Area.
  6. For as much as I want to sell you this, dont make the same mistake I did. I just kept telling myself "ah its an inch, big deal".. You need to be 1000% okay with the looks AND sizing of what you're buying at this pricepoint.
  7. I loosely wear my boot strap through my lundy loop.
  8. I'll gladly speak for myself here in saying I know how to close my five hole and that my novelty sized thighs require more than a +1..
  9. I impulsively bought the set because I LOVE the color combo and told myself that I could get away with the +1 thigh rise. I simply cant use these pads with that thigh rise.. I need at least a +2 (preferably +3).
  10. ******* SOLD Still has price tags, all made in Canada. Can ship anywhere in Canada or US. LOCAL PICK UP AVAILABLE - LOCATED IN THE GTA $2300 CAD/ $1800 ** Buyer pays shipping ($30 CAD to ship within Canada, $120USD to ship to USA) https://imgur.com/a/k0IvpHi
  11. Hey everyone, I'm currently wearing Vaughn SLR's in a 33" and my knee lands exactly where I want it to. Found a great deal on a set of Ventus LT98's and was wondering if they would size up to be the exact same..? Unfortunately this deal is online only, therefore I can't try them on in person.. I've heard so many people say that older Vaughn models settle and shrink over time, is that true with the LT98's..? Can anyone shed some more light on this?
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