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Passau Medium Pro Pack Chest Protector *SOLD*


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Passau Medium Pro pack chest protector for sale.  Medium arms, medium body.  2 years old so still the current build.  It's in good shape, no rips or tears anywhere, but there are some scuff marks on the nylon shoulder floaters (pictured).  I'd give it a 6 out of 10, I guess.  Maybe a 7?  

The item was a custom build so it does have my last name on the back.  It comes with the eyelets to extend the chest piece if you are taller.  The belly extensions are sold on the Passau website for $40 USD.  The only modification I made was to put a stitch in the elastic straps from the back part to make them an inch shorter.  The straps, from the factory, were long and a bit looser to wear than preferred.  Pics attached of the sew line.  You can pull the stitch if you like.  It's being sold as is and the "shortened" strap is still fully adjustable.

Passau's sizing chart can be found here: https://passauhockey.com/en/boutique/equipements/plastron-elite-noir/

Selling for $275 USD via PayPal goods and services.  I pay the paypal fees and shipping to the Con US.  Add $15 for shipping to my friends in CA.








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