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WTT: your black (or whatever colour) 32 or 33" pads for my white 34+2 Bauer One9 pads

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34+2", I bought these in September. These are all white. I Monsterised and ProLaced these guys, but the only permanent changes were cutting off the boot strap. Otherwise, they are in nearly new condition. I only played these once per week until early this year and I got my PAWs. They are doing nothing at the moment. I will NOT do eBay and would rather donate them to charity than be insulted by a $50 offer at PIAS. 

What do I want? Top end Senior (not pro, not econo)  of similar age and use for a straight up trade; all others would be considered on a case by case basis. I am not interested in a wrecked set.  I'd love some NetZeros in black, but they are too low-end for many people. Show me yours, and we'll talk. 

I am shooting in the dark here, but my colourway preferences are as follows:

1) all black

2) black with white graphics

3) shoot me pix and see what I say about your trade; you may be surprised. Remember that I am a neutral colourway bloke, but you may have some metallic gold set that will knock my socks off. I would entertain an old Northstars set, as well. Try me; the worst I will say is "not interested". 

I will shoot a pic or two on here in a bit, but would rather show pix to interested parties.

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