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  1. There is only one reason why I will order custom versus waiting for gear to go on sale: to get the colours and specs I want. Otherwise, I will wait for all white to go on sale! Rarely do the colours I want go on sale, but will snap it up if they do! I will pay for what I really want. I am in the queue for a kelly green Factory Mad catch glove with extra backhand protection. That is something I will pay full freight and wait over three months to get. I will not buy first run Brian’s Optik37 (or whatever it is) pads in all white for full price. There will be ten sets at three different retailers at 30% off if I wait a year.
  2. Could be the silliest thing ever, having a nearly as strong as my dominant hand left hand, but something tells me that I could actually be quite effective with a left hand blocker. I am almost perfectly ambidextrous. I would make it more like a practise palm than a functional catch and executed a bit differently than how Blackburn’s was done. Not that I am one to give one shit what others think, but I am looking for the enough push to do this. The donor blocker can be had CHEAPLY. For those unfamiliar, here is the Vaughn Blackburn left hand block/catch. G’d help me that I would never need this for the reason why Dan Blackburn needed this:
  3. @Max27 You are on the right track. Make them regret that you were cut.
  4. I use matching HTV over the graphics.
  5. Was he proactive on notifying you about delays or did you have to prod him? That is the difference between me being okay with delays or getting irate. As long as I am kept in the loop and don’t get the proverbial “it’s on it’s way” when it wasn’t, I am generally chill. I think of one place I had a custom order with. Mistakes were happening in his shoppe on my order, and it would push my order to the back of the queue. Then the pro orders would start showing on FaceCrack (one of many reasons why I stopped that nonsense), and he was NEVER upfront about it. And he had 100% of the money upfront. 3 month wait time; 5 and a half months and I finally had my fill!!!! This is the CHIEF reason why I will NEVER give more than 50% up front for a custom order over $100 to ANYONE. If they need more than 50%, I will NOT do business with them. At least you did not have any money up front.
  6. My JAMM kelly green pant cover is, unfortunately a Whalers style shell. I may be altering them to get rid of the the navy blue stripes so that it matches more stuff. @SaveByRichter35 just steering this back on course!
  7. Too small for my fat ass 😔 Thanks for thinking of me.
  8. So you’re saying that I possibly would have been trying to get paypal involved, eh?
  9. How long was the wait? Were you given regular updates on the wait or were you twisting in the wind? Were you given reasons for the wait? I know that Howie does deliver and this would not be a Dave Agatone situation, but did deadlines pass and you had to bug them to find out or were you sent a proactive email in the vein of “hey- sorry that a deadline is going to pass, but (this) happened and I will happily give you your deposit back if the indefinite nature of the wait is unacceptable” or after the fourth email you sent with no replies you FINALLY get a “Sorry, buddy boy- you will have to pull on your big boy trousers and slog it out. I got yo moneys and you will have to kindly naff yourself whilst I leisurely build this at my own pace”? I would have kittens if it were the latter, and would be closer to it with the former if it was more than twice the quoted wait time, I admit.
  10. All of that good tech that Easton had was suppressed by that purchase. It is bitterly disappointing that great stick, player helmet and skate tech is now lost and gone forever.
  11. A little testing in the crease (public skate session) confirmed that an inch off the thigh rise is exactly what the doctor ordered. A figure skater told me that those were “nice Cooper pads”. I told her to look a bit harder...
  12. Now there are only 6!
  13. I’d love to, as I do collect things from back in the day, but at $1800 USD, there are a LOT of other things that would come first. I feel I have two affordable relics from another legendary former NHL mask maker: Michel Doganieri. I thought I had read that Greg Harrison was collaborating with Sportmask last year or the year before. Some naysayers will be doubtful and downright cynical that Harrison will finish these given his reputation (search the internet for what I speak about as I am not going regurgitate the stories) late into his run before retiring, but being this is a limited run and most likely backed by OTNY and Sportmask, these will likely be delivered. It is different working for someone than for yourself. So many talented crafts people are fantastic fabricators, but terrible business people; they do better when getting paid is dependent upon completion from their boss. The unfortunate reality is that individuals and not large entities building masks for the NHL are going the way of the dodo, and the opportunities for owning a piece of hockey history are dwindling. This is one of those fleeting opportunities.The old me would have thrown caution and fiscal responsibility to the wind; new me is opposite. I won’t miss what I don’t buy... But if anyone here gets one, I think I could speak for ALL of us in saying that we want EVERY single detail INCLUDING ANY build pix!!!!
  14. I still have won the day more than you:
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