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  1. bunnyman666

    2X Pro

    Those marks may turn it into a wallet!!!
  2. I am a cheap slut!!!! LOL glad you got that fixed on the cheap!!!! so many want to screw us or turn our stuff into wallets!!!!
  3. I always said “premium pricing for a premium product”; I NEVER said “too much for what it is”... Dennis is MORE than FAIR in his pricing.
  4. But certain tossers want to turn good gear into FUCKIN WALLETS!!!!!!
  5. @TheGoalNet wasn’t Joe supposed to post this in one thread for his goal mask company?
  6. We’ve heard the argument “It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian” for years and years. I have countered with “what if the arrow is severely crooked?” However- if your pads are malfunctioning or don’t fit, with all other factors being equal with other goalies, the ill-equipped goalie will work harder, work against their equipment and even be distracted by the parts malfunctioning. A worn out glove or chest protector will make a goalie perform not to their best as they are having to play with a stinger. Take out the Ed Belfours, Arturs Irbes and Marty Brodeurs who possess something so different than any of us who aren’t in the show. Yes- they used old pads, old chest protectors and goal pads that you could feel shots in, but these tendies were also beyond unique. Ordinary people do not stand out, nor is anyone in the show an ordinary person. Extraordinary people sometimes thrive on fighting their equipment. A deficient helmet could easily get you out of the game with one good shot to the head. And if your skates can’t be sharpened any longer, you will have troubles. I still argue that your skates and helmet compete for being the most important equipment. @seagoal posted a video in the Vintage Gear thread that showed a modern goalie playing in older gear. I would argue that he could have changed his technique to play in stand up pads. However- older pads are not optimised for modern play. You will not slide across the crease in pads designed NOT to rotate. Bottom line: it does not have to be the best equipment, it just has to fit and be in good, working order. Equipment CAN work against you if it is not right. I will, however, concede to the concept of buying equipment thinking it will improve your game being a silly pursuit unless what you’re replacing is dilapidated or doesn’t fit.
  7. Certainly. Dennis doesn’t believe in hard rebounds, and from the last conversation we’ve had awhile back when I was mulling over pads, that isn’t going to change. I believe that slide enhancing jenpro-ish material will make it to retail in the not too distant future. I recognise you’re not saying one over the other. I like the 3-5th generation of new technology as it’s got all of the wrinkles ironed out. I will be the first to admit that the newish Bauer stuff IS groundbreaking. I even own a 1S glove, after all...
  8. I used to receive American newspapers in Ol’ Blighty, I would read about my St.Louis Blues and cut out the pictures. Had thousands of clippings. They did not even make it to the car boot sale when we moved back to America, let alone with us on the trip back. Wish I had that stuff back!
  9. @Max27 nailed it- they don’t need an outer break ‘cos they will be PLENTY flexible. Factory is on the opposite end of the spectrum and their pads flex a fair bit. That outer roll would have needed the outer break; since it is not there, no break needed. The outer roll makes quite the stiffness due to the extra material. That outer break actually makes an asymmetrical bend; the lack of outer roll most likely changes how the pad would play. It’s the opposite of the trends of late with blockers on the legs. I have been thinking more and more about possibly saving the dosh for Factory pads. I am actually pretty happy with what I have at the moment, as both have been chopped, diced and julienned to where I like them at the moment. For both sets I own, I STILL don’t have the money into them like it would cost for one pair of Factory. Not saying they are over-priced; just stating the fact they cost what they do! One man, small shoppe, no regular production pieces equals expensive, and it’s TOTALLY justifiable! Just don’t know that I’d spend that type of money if I would end up modding them further!
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