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  1. I am forever and always a chin cup guy. I need that security.
  2. I was actually thinking that a carbon fibre/kevlar shell over a small Camelback would be just the ticket. They used to make a small bladder for runners and hikers and am certain they still do. And one could still hit their face with water if you bend the bite valve with your fingers. Great idea; may have to figure this out for myself...
  3. My alterations woman made a near seamless alteration on Beaupre. Yes- wrong era sweater; should been Caesere or Gump, but it is perfect for Don!!!!
  4. bunnyman666


    Beer is beer, and there is a beer for every season and reason from low brow to high society.
  5. Sand it past paint and into the resin with 50 grit paper and you will have that patch on there good.
  6. You can, and most likely it would outlast your stick.
  7. bunnyman666


    Never played that game, but cracked plenty of 40’s with my homies.
  8. bunnyman666


    I think I will take you up on it! I want this venture to net me drinkable stuff!!!! Thank you!
  9. bunnyman666


    It will be my first time. This machine is supposed to take the guesswork and difficulty out of it. We’ll see. I am always up for a challenge.
  10. bunnyman666


    Yes. You can also brew coffee and Kombucha.
  11. bunnyman666


    I finally got a good price on a Pico beer brewing machine. I am hoping I can brew myself some nice beer. Report to come.
  12. Literally the sequence in which they were removed:
  13. LOL- literally how I pulled them from the packing materials!!! They are not usable in the least, so I didn’t think roll placement was going to matter. AND- they were given to me for research. 😛
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