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  1. Sadly, due to Goalie Monkey’s horrible customer service on an unrelated matter, I have returned my GT Pro glove. This return had nothing to do with the quality of the product; had Monkey treated me right on an unrelated matter, I would have kept the glove. Admittedly I was a bit on the fence; the difference was that I would have used the glove had Monkey been a better retailer. I will give Warrior gloves another chance from another retailer as I was impressed by the weight and how well it closed out of the box. Warrior truly makes nice gear.
  2. bunnyman666

    barehanded save

    Bigger ones than what I have...
  3. I wear a law enforcement rated Nut Shellz to prevent that. You are lucky you did not get another shot to that region!
  4. Trying these bad boys out finally. I was going to have Dennis rework a set of pads when he offered me the opportunity to try his Ultralights. Thus far, my main impressions are that you better have your breezer inseam spot on as he uses every available square inch of area legally usable with the ILP area. An adjustment of my braces was needed to make certain the inseam did not catch. Conversely, my Vaughn and Brian’s (GP#2 mk 1 and 2) have a narrower ILP. They don’t quite get caught in my breezers. Rebounds are a lot deader. You can still get a lively rebound in some places. Solid core pads always bounce rebounds more than shredded foam or foam worm stuffed pads. But definitely softer rebounds. Workmanship is top notch. This demo set has seen a lot of action, but has not squatted down. They are not only light, but feel light on the legs. I am going to exhaustively test these for a bit. Dennis’ generous demo programme allows you to live with them (within reason) to see how you like them. Here is the Insta photo of these new (they have a bit more wear now):
  5. As far as build quality goes, you have to be pretty good, if not great to beat Sara. She is in that elusive club of great fabricators.
  6. bunnyman666

    Warrior G5

    With Warrior’s hands-on approach with their contract factories, I would rock a Warrior mask. Of course I am saving my scheckles for a clear poly mask by Victory. But still- I am a fan of Warrior’s stuff. It would be awesome if someone who was in the industry were to oversee their masks, much like the Pete Smith connection with the gear.
  7. My main beef is that I had to look in my account to see the order was cancelled. Had I been contacted about being out of stock, I would have been bummed, but not pissed off.
  8. I have definitely lost faith. It’s great that Monkey can give the great deals, but in the end- the bloom is off the rose. Because I got to only speak with the robot on line, all I was left with was the feeling that it only matters when they can ship something and charge my card. This robot did not even research my order history. I spent real money with these jokers. The one positive? No more boxes on my porch I am explaining away to my wife when I would buy a deal of the day.
  9. I think I am going to start going where I know I will be treated right, rather than just getting great deals.
  10. Pure Hockey doesn’t have the great deals that Monkey has, but always did let me know if something I had ordered was not available in a decently quick fashion. I never found myself wanting to spit fire after dealing with them; not once, not ever. I used to get decent customer service from Monkey. The first ambiguous description of a stick that was a deal of the day started my distrust of Monkey; then again- that was on me, in the end. I ended up with a wood handled True stick. I thought it was the composite. It was only $50, but not smoking deal I thought it was. That’s on me for not reading descriptions thoroughly. I get that supplies run out, and their pre Black Friday sale obviously did one thing: get rid of old stock so they are not trying to sell eight year old pads at below cost. I would have been okay with it had they offered a different style or similar deal. Nope. I had to find out on my own that this was not going to be shipped. The near hour on hold and being hung up on and the limp apology has led me to try alternatives. Thanks for listing your alternatives.
  11. After being on hold for nearly an hour, I was hung up on. The “chat” person offered little except for a limp apology. I am now returning my Ritual glove. Monkey customer service sucks!!! All they offered for my inconvenience was free ground shipping. Whoop dee doo. Never going back to Monkey again!
  12. I have been on hold for over 41 minutes! @motowngoalie if what you say is the case, I am in a long queue with fellow angered goalies. I am more angry with them not notifying me about this. Inventory runs out; not letting people what is going on is pretty shitty!
  13. I ordered a Bauer X900 stick during the so-called “Black Friday” sale this past Friday. Certainly, I would have been given a tracking order by now. I was trying to see why my order had not shipped and I get to the order dashboard, and it said “order cancelled”. There is no issue with the card I had used. Needless to say, I am baffled. The worst part is that nobody bothered to tell me it was cancelled. That is terrible policy, and deplorable customer service. I am taking to a public forum on this as there was no notification. I had to go into my account and find out on my own. I also think possibly the too good to be true price for a Bauer X900 stick was, well, too good to be true. Bauer may have put the kibosh on the sale, but nobody bothered to let me know about it. I am waiting for their response. I am considering returning my unused Warrior glove because of this. I was on the fence, anyhow, but in light of this unexplained cancellation of my order, I don’t want them to have my money any longer. The future of my custom with Monkey is in doubt at this point. This feels like bait and switch. Has anyone else encountered this?
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