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  1. I lost track of time. Haven’t liked popular music for years.
  2. I suppose now the guys who listened to those failed bakers of ten plus years back are now dads, so technically they’re now “Dad Rock”. I listen to grandpa rock, btw.
  3. Not going to apologize for the thread title LOL yes, today is the day I am back in goal! It’s been a long, long, long road back, but I’m back and I’m going for the title!
  4. Had to add aging to the control knobs:
  5. LOL I just added a set of Warrior GT Classic Pro legpads. I liked the ones I modded for my friend and former employee so much that I had to get my own. I probably won’t mod mine quite as radically, but you will NOT mistake them for a stock set. Yep- I love white gear, what can I say?
  6. Mental and physical health are hand-in-hand. What ended up destroying my colon nearly made me cash in my chips. And every day with no colon can be a different challenge. I have yet to have it interrupt a game, even when I had an ostomy bag. But it has interrupted workouts, shortened bike rides, and made permanent changes where I simply can’t do what I used to do. Taking charge of my physical fitness has been helping, but I still face challenges on a daily basis and sometimes it can get me down. In essence, I had to get my meds right, then reinforce what I was doing by doing more physical activity and changing my eating. I remember a kid I used to play with. He was struggling mightily in goal, getting shelled in 10-4 games in college and worse in drop in. I confronted him. I asked him what was keeping his head out of the game. It turned out he was soon to be an accidental dad. I congratulated him, then I told him to try and figure out his happy place on ice. The next time I saw him play, he looked better. His (now) wife had the little baby in tow. He was over the moon! We often forget that this is a game. Hockey should be your happy place.
  7. At the rate the Hawks are playing in front of him, MAF could end up retiring. Those games look like my drop in games!
  8. Not enough fights, particularly goalie fights.
  9. I overslept this morning. Instead of getting up at 3:30, I woke right around 4:45. I just got my tasks done this morning, and as we speak right now, I’m on the treadmill. There are always going to be these type of days. This is when you try to figure out how to turn into a positive.
  10. Getting ready for wet sand on polish on this conversion. Making this into a fictitious repair took the pressure off making it perfect. In all, I am pretty happy with how it’s turning out. I added yellowed lacquer to the head stock, and it makes the pearl logo pop nicely. Also installed a rare tailpiece with fine tuners.
  11. Weirdly, in my odyssey of attaining better mental health, I am trying to live more like the rabbit in goal than in real life. When I let in a goal, my reaction is anywhere from nothing to even laughter. My mind is there and nowhere else. Hockey is my happy place, after all. Self talk can either hurt you or help you. When I let in a goal, I will even say aloud “At least I won’t get shipped to the third tier farm team 200 miles away from a major airport.” Do I want to play well? Of course, but I am not obsessed with it. I have never slammed my stick in frustration. It’s just a game. Now that I am attaining better mental health, I am much easier to get along with. Self-compassion is what most of us need. We can say things to ourselves that we’d never say to another human being unless we wanted them out of our lives! Be compassionate towards yourself.
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