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  1. bunnyman666

    CCM EF4

    Is she related to Ted DiBiase?
  2. I have seen this particular fellow doing modern versions of the retro stuff. We may be thinking of two different people.
  3. Yep- I did it again! This time, the victim is a pair of Vaughn goalie pads. Since my cause is ulcerative colitis, these pads tune right into my disease. I went with a simple outer roll branding, as I did not have great luck with branding the face. Call this “pro” branding... I will show steps from Vaughn branded to Pooper branded.
  4. It is foam made from Unicorn pubic hair, Mr. Hammer!
  5. That guy did a few of those sets. Can’t remember his name.
  6. Didn’t you know that was Passy’s last set when he played for the Moose Piss Snow Flakes?!? Passmore fans should see that right away!!!! You must NOT be a Passmore fan if you couldn’t figure that out!! Sheesh kabob!
  7. bunnyman666

    JRZ gear

    Knee rolls would cost $150 CAD last time I checked. Not terrible. I am good on pads for awhile. Between my Pooper by Brian’s, my soon to be modded black Vaughns and my Richter-esque Vaughns, I do NOT need any pads. That’s what I keep telling myself...
  8. bunnyman666

    R GT/2

    I don’t disagree, i just wish the silly graphics weren’t there.
  9. bunnyman666

    R GT/2

    Retro tan is a hard sell on modern designed pads. I like retro tan on something with knee rolls and vertical stitching, but it looks like wearing cardboard on anything without those design cues. That us why I end up chucking every customiser that uses retro tan- it just never looks right for me.
  10. I have done a few conversions on 396/366 (mainly Selanne) and each one, despite the condition on the outside, were in similar shape! It is uncanny how well those foams wear inside a Jofa helmet (with the exception of the VM, LOL). They never die!!!! SK600 helmets have interiors actually are somewhat similar, but they are more torn up in general. Hope someone who will cherish this helmet buys it!
  11. Sharp spots in the foam is a highly likely culprit. It happens a lot, and I have made that repair.
  12. He has the ”Chinglish” down. I am meaning absolutely no disrespect when I use that word. I had a discussion with my Japanese brother-in-law about the butchered English by both Chinese and Japanese in product brochures and instructions once. Due to both the reverence in speech with regards to people you do business with and the literal translation from the languages, that is how instructions can be a laugh riot and not instructional AT ALL. My brother-in-law makes his daily bread by translating legal documents so that parties are taken seriously in the USA and are respectful enough for the Japanese. We native English speakers tend to speak and write in a very informal means.
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