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Bauer 2sPro Stick Review | I DIDN'T WANT TO LIKE IT


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On 9/28/2019 at 9:52 PM, Trav4oilers said:

I agree with @Trav4oilers... something I don't say all that often. One of the most overlooked features and what I love about Bauer composite sticks is what he touches on at the very beginning of the video.. the paddle shape. With rebounds coming off as hot as they do on composites... using a convex paddle just doesn't work well for me so I've stuck with Bauer sticks. Rebounds are far more manageable/predictable for me... and due to the sticks weight I actually am much more active with it than something only 40g heavier.

Long story short... I had (3) 2S Pros and I'm down to (1) now... and as those broke I picked up a few pro stock NXGs... which are fantastic... but having finally broken one of the NXGs over the summer I started to use my last remaining 2S Pro and it's just an amazing stick. Yes they are less durable than other sticks out there... but certainly not to the degree some portray. I had one break on the paddle and the other on the blade. It's all part of that trade off between performance and durability. 

I'll probably end up getting more of them once the final 2S Pro calls it quits... and I'm forced to start using the NXGs again. Well... that and my hockey slush fund gets some much needed replenishment after an expensive gear summer.

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