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  1. I've used both 2X Pro and Axis... and while my experience is that they both throw pucks off quite well... the 2X Pro had the more convincing sound. That said... the Axis is lighter (by 3.9oz (112g)) and if you go a custom route you can get a tight fit. Axis Blocker: One Piece Cuff, Senior-Intermediate Size Palm, Straight Finger Protection, Tight Hand Fit 1lb 14.1oz 852g 2X Pro Blocker: Senior-Intermediate Palm Size 2lbs 2oz 964g
  2. Did very rudimentary measurement from tip to tip on and is of course subject to sharpenings etc. etc. etc... I think what's important to note as well is that it appears that the added length (5mm) is almost entirely at the toe.
  3. HA. The important part is you got there... unfortunately it's taking longer for you to do the same with your gear... but I'm confident you'll realize it one day. That reminds me though... I haven't done sh*t with my review of Axis thus far. I'll have to remedy that tonight or tomorrow. Sneak peak... there are aspects I do love... some frustrations... and a couple things I miss from 2X. Back to the True Crafted by Lefevre discussion though...
  4. Very well put. I too quickly fell into the cowlingless at all cost camp due to a number of the benefits... but noticing that most every joint from the waist down was consistently more and more sore after each skate (granted I'm no spring chicken) and the foot discomfort on top of it... the choice to go back to what I wore for decades in a Graf boot made sense. The XSG holder with its shorter height and neutral pitch have only added to the comfort and balance.
  5. Kinda like me when I try to think of a reason to buy Warriors. Really just poking the bear about Warrior gear in general.
  6. I noticed the CCM steel being longer as well... actually works out well in that with the reduced height the additional steel gives you more material to use when toe pushing. Super happy with the change.
  7. What you describe in the factors that led you to make the change from 1X to the Peak Speeds are nearly identical to the reasons I went from 2X to 9035 w/ XSG Cowling. Not only did I have the similar fit issues in the Bauers but the heel lock and wrap in the Graf are super effective and comfortable.
  8. I'd argue they're missing more than that... 😉
  9. I’m in the final round of auditions for Christian Bale’s body double in The Machinist 2... gotta stay slimmed down. It is an awful picture... I’d like to say I was veining out after an intense bike ride... or that my knuckles have calcified from all my fights over the years... but really I just have bony hands. On the upside... really liking this grip. Still need to find tune the it... round out the top of the notch... a little shallower... finding it’s holding onto my finger a bit more than I’d like. As in it makes the ability to poke check or play the puck a little challenging. Wrist m
  10. I saw in his "What's In The Bag" video where he has a trigger along with a cut to the inside shoulder as well. While the trigger itself is pretty similar to what I've cut... he puts his index finger in the trigger whereas the InGoal article highlights the middle finger going there instead. It definitely presents the blocker differently and changes my hand/wrist/elbow positioning as well. Only 2 skates with it thus far but I feel so much more freedom on my blocker side... albeit at the expense of my ability to poke check without what feels like some decent forethought. While I understa
  11. Custom graphics are one thing... custom specs like that are another. Perhaps in time you'll get to a level where it's on the menu... until then just find what works for you however you can.
  12. Anxious to hear about your take on Bauer's version of the 580. Not gonna lie... probably would have opted for another set of Bauers if they offered a 580-ish break like this. While the I do like the Axis gear... the 2X Pro were nice.
  13. Great point on keeping a bag of tricks @RichMan. Over use of any one technique won’t take long to figure out. That said... while not a giant in the net what I think is lost a lot of times when people talk about Quick’s flexibility is that he is 6’1”. So by no means is he small. What is also brought to mind, and I haven’t looked up a clip, but Vasy made a huge save in the playoffs this year with an incredible push while fully extended. That’s real freak stuff. Generating power at full extension. The technique being described here seems more theatrics and less like something you’d use all
  14. Sure. Similar to you I wore Graf Goaler Pros a while back. Then transitioned towards cowlingless skates through Vertexx Holders on the Graf Boot... then straight up cowlingless with my first pair of Bauers (S190.) Looking to upgrade, I picked up 2X Pros. Both used the Vertexx Edge holder so the transition from one to the other was easy. Worth noting is that I do suffer from Femoroacetabular Impingement with the left side having been "cleaned up" but leaving little to no labrum/cartilage and the right side likely needing it in the next couple of years. So I'm already in the hurt box there.
  15. If it aint broke, don't fix it. That has been my mindset when it comes to sticks. I'd play around with paddle height, lie, makeup of course... but never stepped into the realm of paddle modification. Seemed weird and pointless to me. Shaved down for some whole hand grip... trigger for more control... always seemed like modding for the sake of modding. InGoal's recent article on Lundqvist's paddle... and more specifically Sean Murray's deep dive on the why had me curious though. For those of you who don't have a membership... it essentially goes into how the repositioning the hand/w
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