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  1. Great work... really like the extra detail w/ the goal stick profiled support brackets. Would have been easy to overlook something like that.
  2. I'm not sure. I'll be sure to update this thread when the time comes.
  3. I can attest to the soonish to be released Aegis Interceptor Pro... they did a great job w/ layering D30 on the face along with a D30 lite material on the backing. Took one to the neck and it performed as well as my Maltese.
  4. I second all of what @cwarnar said. Passau actually used to build the Maltese units... so saying the Roughneck they now make is a Maltese clone is damn near spot on. In fact I've noticed a couple wear spots on the corners of my Maltese and have considered contacting Passau/Roughneck to reskin it for me. That said, I've also had the pleasure of demoing the Aegis Interceptor Pro and can say that having recently taken one off the neck when wearing it... the Aegis performed equal to what I have come to expect from my Maltese unit. I have also demo'd the EcoFoam Pro unit and it had a VERY similar fit and feel to Maltese. No first hand experience with the neck guards PAW or Kova put out... but have no doubt they're tanks as well.
  5. I had the same feeling on the volume front as you did from my S190s to my 2X Pros... as well as where I felt like I was sitting on the runner in the 2X Pro (more in the middle.) To give me more of that pitch forward I just has the steels profiled... gave me the best of both worlds with a great locked in heal fit and a little pitch.
  6. I had No Icing Sports out in NH put a profile on my steels this summer... nothing crazy... Combination Radius: 20/32' Goalie Pitch: Medium Forward Hollows: 7/16" Sharpening Options: Blade Matching It's not a drastic change but the smaller radius up front combined with the medium pitch forward does feel like it has given me more agility... either that or simply a strong placebo effect. Either way I'm happy with it. When pivoting I no longer sensed that I was fighting the front half of my steel... far less resistance on those quick turns. What I found most surprising though was how... given the pitch and combo radius... I felt I had significantly better hinge control when in RVH. The outer leg seemed to glide in a nice arc almost effortlessly... like it wanted to do exactly that. I sent off my LS5G steels first to get them dialed in... then once I was happy with the profile I sent both sets of my Tydans in for the same treatment. Between the new profile and the ice conditions I typically play on I ended up going with a deeper hollow than I had been using before (1/2" to 7/16" now) so a minor tweak there as well.
  7. BadAngle41

    2xpro sizing

    Overall height aside... could you tell everyone your At The Knee measurement? Knee landing will be the most important piece... and you could be all shins or short shins. FWIW... I'm 5/10' and have an ATK measure of just under 19". That's in between Small & Medium... and I felt size Small (33") fit me best.
  8. Still waiting on my True Design set. Order finalized w/ the shop on July 1st... Bauer had it logged in SAP on July 8th... and anticipated delivery to the shop is Oct 21st...hoping they arrive before the end of next week though. 14-15 weeks in all. I do have Pro Custom options and obviously the True Design aspect as well... but it's longer than I anticipated.
  9. Saying pigs are now taking flight as a result would be an exaggeration... but only slightly.
  10. Potentially a related question... are those specimen cups?? Are you... Making donations as a side hustle to help pay for new gear? 😲 Helping out a dozen people who have a drug test coming up? 🤥
  11. Love that the Texas flag is just barely lower than the American... and almost certainly higher than the Canadian. Good patients... not sure if you actually trusted your d man to do his job and take that back door guy... but you held your position and stayed on your feet until the shot was released.
  12. Agreed... it's the short pass one timer or redirect that usually catches you on a knee. Don't get me wrong... when I was younger I didn't wear knee pads... but we also not only had straps on the top of our pads... but we kept them tight and they wrapped around the knee. (I'm sure most anyone could find a better picture to illustrate this than the one I posted below.)
  13. Simply for the sake of clarity on this thread... the image I originally posted of the Bauer Elite Knee Pads has the sleeves reversed... so this version does have inner knee padding and does not have outer knee padding... CORRECT: ✔️ WRONG: ❌
  14. While I certainly don't disagree with InGoalMag on the comfort of the closure and matching up well to gripping the stick (and perhaps this next part is in part due to me being a terrible puck handler in the first place) but I found (and I think this is where CCM's mind is as well) that the lack of a pronounced "notch" at the base of a CCM 580 doesn't give you a good place to lock the stick shaft into the palm of the glove.. which you do find on a 590 or 600. But the break angle isn't the only factor in play... it's also the angle of cuff integration. Shown below... 580 is nearly straight across the bottom while the 590 and 600 (to an even larger degree) have a defined drop where the catching surface meets the cuff. That's where most guys who utilize a Turco grip rest the shaft of the stick. Thoughts...
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