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  1. Sorry to hear about the hips. Oddly my issue is the opposite... I can do internal rotation all day... butterfly etc is fine... it's external that is awful. So opening up for a good t-push is less than textbook. But is what it is. I've had to adjust a bit to accommodate the issues (even post surgery)... more patient on my feet... more shuffles. But it works. Totally understand what you're feeling though. Not cringing pain all the time... but never really goes away. I have about 10 years on you... but also with a set of twins that keep my wife and I running around. At some point the pain will win... I'll have to get replacements... and probably hang them up for something less stressful on all the joints from the waist down. Father time remains undefeated.
  2. NIce set! I opted to for extra lower calf elastic and boot strap as well (although mine is below heel) and found that this setup works well for those of us who are on the back 9 of their playing days. Gives the tight to leg feel we grew up with (similar to EFlex line) but the performance of a modern pad.
  3. To further @bildeer... and simply for the sake of offering my own experience as it's already summed up well... I've tried other break angles but 580 just feels right on my hand AND the pocket placement it part of my muscle memory. Certainly something that could be relearned given enough reps, but playing beer league now there's no hope of ever getting that much practice time in. My 2X Pro glove (590ish break) just had the pocket push outward and down from where I was used to. So silly as this may sound I actually had complete misses because my pocket wasn't where I expected it to be given my hand positioning; up higher and closer to my body. Again this could be changed up with hand positioning and enough reps to get 580 out of my mind (which at my age would be 10,000+.) Certainly worth trying as everything old becomes new again.
  4. @raidersgoalie I can't speak from first hand experience with their whole product line... but I LOVE my c/a unit. The thing is a tank and has held up really well. The attention to detail that others mention holds true on my piece. They have the right materials in the right place to keep it from wearing prematurely, and foams that haven't broken down either. Sure it's not the lightest on the market... but I'm happy to sacrifice a few ounces for a unit that lasts. I can't imagine that the rest of their catalog would be any different.
  5. I only ever dabbled in Vaughn gear... had a quick stint with V3s... entirely stock. Oddly I found the blocker the only piece that I actually liked all that much. At the time I recall it wasn't overly light or anything... but I think like you mentioned that balance of it just worked. So often people get wrapped around the axle about weight... but as you described in your leg pad summary... it's more about where that weight is placed.
  6. They look fantastic... will always wish I picked up an L87 set when branded Lefevbre just to have the "L" on the thigh... still think they should with these anyway... hell maybe even "T". Specs are damn near spot on too. 580 would make them perfect. Anxious to hear more about them once you have them. How far are is their lead time? Last I head it was the longest of anyone right now.
  7. Good deal. By all means share whatever the reply from the Bauer Rep is. It's my understanding that they don't change thigh rise... just is what it is (likely improves efficiency in production.)
  8. Do you mean hard to close as in you have a narrow butterfly and the 2X Pro was too firm and straight at the top? If so... check out Hyperlite. Much more of an S shape than 2X Pro. (Probably something you can blur lines with in a ProCustom set if you want other facets of US construction.)
  9. I can confirm the same as @ZeroGravitas... 5'10"... 19.5" FTK and I wore 2X Pro in size Small. They were damn near perfect fit at the knee.
  10. Short answer is that it holds up as well as well as you can avoid shots to the bucket. I recently painted my mask and cage... but got a couple chips on it last night. Worst part is that it wasn't even a shot... it was a stick. Paint adhesion was pretty darn good and clear was an automotive 2 part... still chipped. Originally painted... Chips...
  11. I've been pretty fortunate lately when flipping gear... albeit unintentional. The 2X Pro as a complete set just didn't work as well for me as I'd hoped and I was able to sell on Sideline Swap literally right before COVID hit. They were pretty lightly used and full custom... so I ended up not losing much on them. Enough in fact to pay for a full Axis set (2 gloves) and a new pair of HPG14A. That however is NOT the norm... especially in our current situation with so many guys (and kids) not on the ice as much as they would usually be. @Chenner29 has seen his first Lefevre set bounce around since they left his house... not sure if he can comment on pricing. Also not sure what you'd be planning on adding to a set to make any money off them. If it's just magic eraser personally I don't think it's worth your time.
  12. 100%. Just like when Tremblay left Roy in for longer than usual. HA
  13. I don't know about you... but I never liked getting pulled. Some days it was me and I was hurting the team... other nights it was a complete lack of help. Either way I was always anxious to get that next shot and stop it. A coach sometimes leaves a guy in because he knows his compete level is there and what's going in isn't on him... or he has confidence in him to pull himself out. But in a shortened season like this... every game matters. Also... on Gibson... and I can't say I've seen too many of his games... but it's a fine line to walk sometimes. You have to be mentally strong enough to shake off a goal (even a bad one)... stay even keeled. Process the play... think about what you could maybe have done differently... then move on. But when you do the same thing and your team just isn't winning... you get some people saying that it looks like you don't care. Maybe he's missing a bit of the spring in his step that he has when he's on fire... and you may be 100% right that he was just battling through some sort of strain that has now landed him on DTD status. Just not sure it's fair to say he looks like he doesn't care.
  14. Jut reading through this topic and while I'm going well past 1980 here... look at that boot flex... how wrenched down those pads are to Guy's skate... and the puck foils. I truly feel for anyone who didn't get to experience Heaton Pro 90z.
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