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  1. BadAngle41

    CCM EF4

    Sonya Di Biase needs to get her glove color zone sh*t together... or maybe I'll just avoid her madness with an all Camel Retroflex set. Take that EF4 Color Zones.
  2. BadAngle41

    CCM EF4

    Interestingly... P2 does the opposite color zoning on the glove from what CCM decided to do on the EF4. Again, the CCM Customizer allows you to play with colors zones per piece (unlike the GoalieMonkey version) but interesting none the less.
  3. BadAngle41

    2X Pro

    Thanks for the info... with regard to the thick shin... would the expected result be a firmer shin for harder rebounds? Similar to the difference in performance between the Dynamic Flex to Powerlite? Also wondering if the result of a thick shin to flat 100 deg boot will end up looking like that guy at gym who lifts upper body... and ONLY upper body...
  4. BadAngle41

    CCM EF4

    Yeah... it works well on your setup. Also nice touch w/ the sport gold lacing... would have been easy to just do black but the sport gold looks nice.
  5. BadAngle41

    CCM EF4

    Setup inspired by @Moose75's post... note the glove difference. Truly does make me wonder. 2X has a funny thing happen on their customizer where the Bauer logo is outside the matching color zone on the glove... interesting CCM did the opposite. I guess I get the colors being pushed to the outside (or inside depending on selection) but still just think the latter setup looks much better... Standard Color Zones... Custom Color Zones used on the glove to ACTUALLY match pads... Details of the second set...
  6. BadAngle41

    CCM EF4

    Great example of detail. I like the use of anti-matching color zone on the glove... standard color zones with this combination would look terrible. Seeing this set now makes me wonder why the color zones are setup they way they are on the glove... Standard Color Zones to match pads... Custom Color Zones used to ACTUALLY match pads...
  7. @TresPasser I as able to get a hold of Petri who did confirm he would sell me a die cut Six12 replacement kit for my W6. I know you had the fitment done at the factory, but based on your images it's hard to discern how they placed the fitment pieces used (if any.) What I mean is that I'd anticipate buying not only the Replacement Kit but also Fit Kit... and I'm wondering if at the factory they put the fitment pieces in below or on top of the replacement foam. Replacement Foam Kit Fitting Pieces Yes they will... although I'm not sure they would do so as "universal kits." Petri was leery of selling me a kit for a mask that was not actually made in Finland (given I'm in the States and there was the whole dispute between Wall.Fi and Wall.USA) and I had to send a few pics to him of my mask to reassure him it was indeed made in Finland.
  8. Well to maintain a level of douche equal to that of 5v5... the 3 have to pick up the douche slack created by the missing 2 (assumed to be at least partial douches)... its simple math. They couldn't change it even if they want to... and chances are they don't want to anyway.
  9. Most games will be low scoring affairs... 2-1 or 3-2... with the slightest mistake being the difference between a win and a loss. Most guys will be complete a-holes and not talk to you (but will definitely stare in your direction) if you let in more than 2. Clearly I'm joking... but 3-on-3 will be quicker... like a normal beer league guys in their 20s... but with literally no back checking at all... ever. There honestly just isn't the time for it... transitions happen too quickly. But if you feel physically up for it... it will certainly help you work on edges, angels, positioning, and reading plays (there will always be a guy open either back door or in the slot... or both.) I'd bet you surprise yourself once you play. The occasional beach ball will go in... but you'll also windmill the hell out of a few too... it's still a beer league after all.
  10. Confidence is great... but it leaves a person far faster than it builds itself back up. Best to let others say those things about you than to say them yourself IMO.
  11. Yeah... definitely have had that. Personal stats don't usually matter much when your team doesn't win... no matter how good those personal stats are. No different than a good pitcher who doesn't have run support. Sometimes I can't decide which is worse... what the team does at the other end (for however briefly the puck is down there) or what they do in our own end. More often than not I find that in such situations I have to remind myself that my job is simply to keep pucks out of the net... regardless of how many I see... and how they ended up at my doorstep. All you can end up doing is your best to keep them in it... keep it close... give them a chance. SUPER frustrating at times though.
  12. None. To my well trained eye the 2X and R/G4 are identical in every way.
  13. Interesting. Is it through the C/A's rib protection or in that odd place under the armpit at the top of the rib cage you're hurting? I ask because all of the ones mentioned in the other threads were goalie specific and have varying levels of additional padding elsewhere. All will have more heat build up than a plain compression shirt alone... but the more padding the more build up. If your problem area is ribs alone and it's middle of the ribs... maybe more like a quarterback's shirt... https://www.evoshield.com/en-us/protective-gear/rib-shirt/adult-performance-rib-shirt?gclid=CjwKCAjwqLblBRBYEiwAV3pCJqNbi0Gj9Lj9CGcgin6_vAgm3LffA0Fw1rqFWbwESbTVtkzrMI353hoCYuIQAvD_BwE&ef_id=CjwKCAjwqLblBRBYEiwAV3pCJqNbi0Gj9Lj9CGcgin6_vAgm3LffA0Fw1rqFWbwESbTVtkzrMI353hoCYuIQAvD_BwE:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!8492!3!190590951810!!!s!296574813749!&CMPID=Google-evoshield_sn_shopping-beta---c-190590951810-
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