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  1. Ah... Wisconsin’s summer playground. What they lack in population during non-tourist season they make up for in cold temps. All Wisconsin jokes aside... it’ll be a great experience. Billet family and all. Good luck.
  2. Congrats on the signing! Where is the team based out of? I lived in Oshkosh for a brief period of time and played in the GLHL out of Appleton. Got to see many of the great Wisconsin cities on those Fri/Sat nights.
  3. You’ll be fine. I’m 32 waist and while I do wear a Fit1... I don’t think I’d be swimming in Fit2. Worth noting is that I do not tuck either.
  4. Nothing fancy... just plain red. The black they had was good... but I wanted something different to match my new set of Axis. Thighs are rounded... but my 13A were as well. Actually prefer them to blocky pants. More mobile.
  5. Just picked up a new pair from the goalie crease myself (to match the new gear which should be arriving shortly) and while I never had a bad pair of Vaughn pants... my Hershey Bears HPG13A have held up really well... and I'm expecting the same from the just ordered HPG14A. To @Quadzilla32's point the price is right too over looking at Axis IMO.
  6. 100% agree... Stephen Trottier was super responsive as I tried to coax L20.1 with L87 skin and/or at least FRS in L87. Nothing came from either... but he was great about responding. They know that at their price point the customer service has to be on point.
  7. CCM is running about 10 weeks on Axis. My order went in on 6/1 and should have them shipping from the shop to me next week.
  8. It's just a boot strap tab that he's running through the skate Lundy loop. The strap itself is a mushroom style so the sport gold tab you see is just where it inserts though.
  9. Has it done at 40 on my left hip... right will be done in the relative near future... but it's far better than replacement in terms of buying time before what is likely inevitable. For me... the toughest part is the constant stretching to take advantage of the removal of the structural impingement. Hip flexor etc now is my limiting factor... not to mention the arthritis due to the complete lack of labrum and cartilage in the joint. But it functions and I can still play.
  10. Agree with @goalieThreeOne that you should expect some overlap and it will be more fingers to palm... not as much as you'd have in a 580 but certainly more than you'd have in a 590.
  11. Only thing I'd add to what I bolded is that not only is the boot softer, but it's an EF boot break angle. While it may seem like something trivial it's actually one of the reasons I went back to CCM. I love the combination of soft boot break at a 90 degree (give or take), and to your point that's what many manufacturers have gone to. My 2X Pro were great in that regard, and now I can get a similar offering from CCM, along with the all important matching glove in a glorious 580 break. If I didn't have a matchy concern and CCM only offered Axis is a steep boot then I may have gone back to Bauer with a CCM glove. Truth be told, we're in an age now where once you decide to go custom with a pad... specs are pretty much like building with Lego. Take what you want from one and slap it onto what you like from another. Bauer has probably blurred those lines the most from an online customizer perspective (Brians of course has been like that for quite some time but less online etc.) and it's nice for me to finally have a CCM pad that provides big rebounds with the rest of the pad that way I like to go along with my 580 disability.
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