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  1. I've never worn Warriors... but I had 33+1 CCM EFlex with about a 19" ftk as well and Bauer's senior Small fit me very well. I'm not sure of specs on the S29 but if you felt you were hitting the bottom of the knee landing you could always slap on a heel strap to keep the pad rising too much while still letting the tune-fit stay loose.
  2. While I have seen today's GGN video of his UltraSonic glove closure (stock as a 600ish 75 degree break but looks to be overlapping more like a 580 90 degree) I'd rather just use what I know will be perfect... no substitute for the real deal 580. The sad fact is that while the 2X 60 degree (590ish break) is/was a great glove... i just couldn't catch well with it. Used it more like an extra blocker that happened to catch something. I actually had times early on where I'd go to catch the puck and have it fly right by the pocket because a 580's pocket is positioned differently. Well... that's what I blamed it on anyway.
  3. You're both very right in that I'm leaving A LOT on the table with my proposed use of color zones compared to what CCM's graphic is capable of... but keep in mind... my wish would be for the Axis pad in the Retroflex skin. So for me... not having tan or brown is a pretty big step outside my box. I mean I haven't intentionally matched a team's jerseys in probably almost 10 years, I did play around with the use of those lower stripes to mimic the jersey like you pointed out... but... and i know this sounds crazy... it was just busier than I'd like. I do appreciate some of the schemes I've seen on social media that really maximize what CCM has offered up... but I think I'm just a simple man when it comes to my own gear.
  4. I actually toyed with a number of 90% Pure Gold setups... figuring it's no different than an all tan set in that it doesn't go with anything so it goes w/ everything... but wife's response of "Did you win some Olympic medal I don't know about or something? Because to wear gold pads you'd better have won something." absolutely took any and all wind out of that sail.
  5. I think you're on to something there with the pocket being laced tightly at the factories. And not tight as in the pocket doesn't shape well... more like the tension at the bottom of the T where so many lacings come together just needs to be relaxed to allow for a more effortless closure. Mine was just a single T but I ordered it with skate lace pocket and I honestly can't complain about it all. Break in wasn't much different than any other glove I used in terms of process or time... the issue I had was getting accustomed to the break angle... so nothing I could revise on it.
  6. 100% agree. It's also why I sorta liked the retro tan EFs and printed leather 2X Pro with them... was something different from the black and white. As I continue to obsess (and as @Chenner29 pointed out to me) the black backing with red strap on the leg pad compliments the front of the pad well too. Something like these...and maybe use white on the landing surface... i dunno... at some point i'm just overthinking it...
  7. As some of you may know, I have a thing for retro looking gear. BUT, I sold my 2X Pro setup and while I can go the route of another Bauer Digi-Print set, I think Axis will be a better fit for me. While CCM has done a fantastic job of giving consumers an enormous number of options with all of the color zones, I prefer a minimalist approach to their latest graphic, and the devil is in the details for me. Thus I'm offering up a number of combinations for your feedback... My rationale for obsessing... 1. my team wears white so all white might just be meh... 2. adding some black to the glove (not all pieces have to matching color zones though)... 3. prefer the wear of black bindings to white (a little OCD) These combinations are somewhat subtle variations on a theme for sure and the main zones I'm paying around with are more-less accents... Zone A - Leg Pad Outer Gusset, Glove Back Cuff, Blocker Back Nose Zone H - Leg Pad Landing (mainly), Glove T and Back Finger Tips, Blocker Side Board & Fingers Binding Leg Pad Backing Leg Strap In no particular order...
  8. I would argue that what is perceived as a "reputation" is like yelp reviews... only those with a gripe post anything. I've used them for a long time and as I've posted before... never had a closure issue. I think it's entirely a feel thing. For one I'm a 580 break user... and a 580 is its own animal. Between the break angle and ten construction... you just get used to it and while it may have flaws (as all things do) you tend to accept them and eventually don't see them as flaws. I'd probably feel the same way about your glove as you do the CCM... whether it be the break... the back of hand strapping... wrist mobility etc. It's actually the reason I sold my 2X Pro set... couldn't get used to the glove... couldn't sell it on its own... so I sold the whole set.
  9. Great looking set @Yzueblin... similar boat with you in having sold 2XPro (different reasons) and oddly enough looking at potentially the same color scheme on my next set as well... just not sure what that next one will be. Anxious to hear more about JRZ as I hadn't considered them much at all.
  10. Similar boat color scheme wise... also a much bigger fan of GM's customizer over CCM's... although it would also be great to see a whole set at once. CCM's is just sorta sad.
  11. I'm sorta with you... i sold my 2X Pro and am on the hunt for my next set of gear. Lots of options out there for sure. I think if I go with UltraSonic I'd choose the flatter 2X boot. If you're a deep croucher at times like myself... and liked the Vapor boot I'd stick with it IMO. In terms of thigh... from what I know on the Pro Custom Order Sheet... Supreme Stock flex is 3 and Vapor Stock flex is 2 on the scales shown in the catalog...
  12. Doesn't help your blocker compare question... but check out the My Bauer catalog that is posed on the right hand side of the Forums tab (linked it below as well.) It does a great job of walking through the options and comparing the blurred lines between stock Vapor spec and Stock Supreme spec...
  13. Version 1.0.0


    2020 - My Bauer Custom Goal Gear Catalog (UltraSonic & 2X) 1.0.0 Leg Pads ....................................... pg 4-6 Catch Glove .................................. pg 7 Blocker .......................................... pg 8 Goalie Sticks ................................. pg 10-12 Skates ........................................... pg 14-15 Chest & Arm ................................. pg 17-19 Digi-Print ...................................... pg 21-23 Supreme Sketch Sheet ............... pg 24 Vapor Sketch Sheet .................... pg 25
  14. I've had the cracked cuff issue on a couple... but perhaps it's also the fact tat I have used them for so long I've become accustomed to some of what you see as shortcomings. It's my normal if you will. The tech argument is sorta weak IMO... I mean there is D30... but at the end of the day you don't need it to slide well or produce bigger rebounds... you just need it to catch the puck. My 2X Pro glove was actually slightly heavier than my previous EF glove... so weight piece to me is sorta negligible. I think the biggest reason I am even writing on this is because of the 580 break... no one else produces a glove that feels the same.
  15. I'd say that baking it a dozen times hasn't helped either... has likely just made the issue worse. The glove break in fix that @dualshowman linked might help... can't make it worse anyway. Perhaps just my experience... but I've used Lefevbre/Koho/Reebok/CCM gloves for about as long as I can remember and never once had an issue w/ glove break or much of anything else for that matter. So when you say CCM gloves aren't that great to begin with I scratch my head trying to figure out why you'd say that they aren't that great to begin with. Mind elaborating?
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