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  1. Having chewed on that food for thought... I'll disagree with the statement which is bolded red above. A manufacturer cannot simply add weight to a mask, rather it is done through additional layering (in the case of laminated masks) or thicknesses (in the case of poly masks.) This alters not only the weight of the mask but is also its construction, which removes many of the assumed constants. Certainly the theory holds true, my only point is that outside the vacuum of this theory (and it's a great discussion) it is impossible to hold weight as the only variable. I do 100% agree with your note on lighter materials, you said it far better and more succinctly than I'm capable of.
  2. No issues w/ the calc... but rather with the "all other things equal" piece. As you acknowledged, it's just unrealistic to ignore shell construction and padding.
  3. 1/2" for me too... was at 5/8" on 4mm steel. I could probably go a hair sharper... 7/16" like @southpawtendy48 but typical ice conditions around me are too soft this time of year to use that much of edge and shuffle the way i like. I will say too that after 3 skates in the 2X Pros with the LS5G steel it's definitely much better than first gen LS3G stuff. Not just the coating either (although it has helped edge retention ) but the steel quality itself feels better. That said, the TIN and DLC coated Tydans I had on my S190s are kept in my bag just in case.
  4. Great set of skates w/ extra steels and Superfeet included... I heard the guy who is selling them is super cool too... 😎 https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/goalie/goalie-skates/909148-bauer-supreme-s190-goalie-skates-size-7-5-w-supefeet-ls3g-and-ls2g-steel
  5. Agreed on the USC spray... used it myself and it holds up very well to pucks. In my experience... the more toxic the clear... the better it performs.
  6. Because Quickie does it...
  7. Agreed... but unless both of those bends happened on a single shot (which I don't believe is possible) those bends could have been putting additional stress on the welds... so I think you'd be hard pressed to see anything out of a warranty claim. The fact is @Hockey1234 a bent cage should be replaced just like a cracked shell should be.
  8. I don't have one... but I'm pretty sure that's the whole point. Restrictive vision so that you have to turn your head and track the puck in the center of your vision instead of relying on any peripheral etc. Head trajectory etc.
  9. On the way to a skate/game or during your own warm up routine... what music do you listen to? Something to pump you up Something to calm you down? Reply with a song or your playlist and why...
  10. BadAngle41

    2X Pro

    Just as a follow up to this... Below is the option taken from the MyBauer book. I went this route on my set not only for the aesthetics to better match my graphic... but for the stain reason as well.
  11. I'll pick up minor pieces of equipment on a decently regular basis... try stuff that is new etc. But when it comes to a set (leg pads, glove, blocker) I really don't buy that often. My current set is EF1 Retroflex and has just gotten to a point where I want some thing new... so 4 years after I bought them... I've ordered a new set. No where that train sorta went off the tracks recently... is when I went to a LHS when traveling for work to get a good feel for specs I want on my new set... and I made the mistake of trying on the latest skates. Of course I ended up buying a pair... so now having bought new equipment that I wanted I start tinkering on what I have and repadded my mask only to find a hairline crack in the shell... so now I actually need something.
  12. BadAngle41

    2X Pro

    Worth noting is that on the custom order form it has data validation for dropdown selections and if you do select Intermediate... be sure to over communicate to your dealer than you're asking for the Senior Intermediate... not that actual Intermediate. You'd think most would have brushed up on the book to know that but it can be overlooked. UPDATE: As I'm pretty sure the Full Custom is only available on the Senior line.. the palm sizing selections should be those circled. I'm still a little paranoid and will remain that way until my hands are in them... but when you're spending +$3,000 USD... paranoia isn't completely unwarranted.
  13. I think it's more likely he reads both criticism and praise... but is choosing to respond only to the latter. Nothing wrong with that. Certainly doesn't mean he isn't taking those thoughts into consideration moving forward. Perhaps he just doesn't feel the need to get into a back and forth with those who clearly have philosophical differences that will likely never come to an agreement. Generally speaking... throwing your opinions out there for the world to read doesn't mean that the person they're directed at has to respond. Maybe just time to not click on this topic anymore?
  14. BadAngle41

    2X Pro

    To start, I’m certainly not going to recommend you go out of your budget. The Vapor line does fit differently than the Supreme, so I’d say try both lines in the same category on. For me, the Vapor just felt better. I don’t have any excessive foot issues like flat feet or super high arches... or even super wide feet. Vapor just gave me the feeling I was looking for. As for the price difference, I don’t have the side by side comps at the moment... but newer usually means some relative upgrades from previous generations, even if they’re different product lines. The important part is you get skates that feel good and work within your budget. I play a style that requires a deeper stance at times... so that locked in feeling at the heel with some forward flex on the tongue was super important. Not to say you can’t get the same out of Supreme, but for me the Vapor just worked.
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