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  1. Great question... I hadn't even looked at the EFlex line customizer for comparison. Seeing it now I'd say no. Not looking for a tighter leg channel or the additional buckled calf straps... more just the elastic itself on the QMSS doubled up. Ironically... more like the QMSS close up in the EFlex Super Tight Fit QMSS... fixed length elastic sewn in to a Y strap. Although I'd question that that is what is actually provided if that spec were selected given the standard EFlex QMSS shows the same thing but is actually more like the Axis difference being where the slider is located. Granted that alo
  2. Agreed... and it almost made me question if I was doing something wrong or not at first. Sometimes less is more... and when you have more... it's just more to go wrong. Hope the trial with tighter QMSS goes well tonight!
  3. When you say it's moving too much do you mean that the pad comes off the ice and you lose seal when making movements? Or do you mean moves too much like rotationally? To me the key is dialing in QMSS. The excessive amount of adjustability (and I know that sounds crazy) makes it more difficult to dial in than if it was simply a doubled up short elastic (which would be my preference if it was offered.) I get that you need some flex there to allow your leg to apply pressure to the calf plate sliding surface... and maybe doubling up the elastic would act more like a suspender... I dunno. Pers
  4. I ordered mine with a centered toe bridge to begin with... but to remove some of the play in the toe bridge itself with some HD foam. I do recall what you mean about not seeing where or how to undo the original toe bridge lacing to the pad. I'm guessing you'd have to cut it out and when you lace it in centered used a knitting needle or something to get a new lace in... also have your hold knots on the outside instead of internal.
  5. Meh. Reverse engineering a pant or c/a is rocket surgery. In fact I thought Lefevre already has a c/a that simply hasn't been released yet.
  6. Never wore P2... couldn't get into a stiff boot with steep angle. But I do find it interesting that you find seal to be better on P2. Do you think it was the rounded landing surface that acted like a seal on door? Or do you think it has more to do with strapping etc?
  7. Not to derail this conversation on the equipment itself... but when you talk seal of a pad it also has a lot to do with how you play. Seal on Ultrasonic looks to be amazing bc it's the closest to a solid piece as there is right now. The whole purpose is a sold seal.. if the knee stack hits the ice... the whole pad seals the ice. Axis also seals well but (like every other pad on the market) has the knee stack independent of the pad core. I do find Axis to seal well... but to be honest I never really had a problem with seal all that often and that's because I play a more technical style. My
  8. To follow up... albeit tardy... yes... thin raised lines. Speedskin (like any material) does slide better on fresh ice. I noticed a decent drop off in performance of Speedskin later in a skate when snow built up for the first month or two. But honestly since then I can't say I notice it as much. Doubtful there is a break in period that wears down some of the raised edges... but it does seem to slide better late in a game now than it did initially. Could also be the fact I haven't been skipping leg day as much.
  9. ^^^^^^ Very much echo @Chenner29 on this too. Playing in beer league you see a lot of variation in not just age range but style employed... and inherently in both you have differing amounts of coaching that built those styles up. Whether that be because older guys just didn't get the coaching goalies do now... they started playing as an adult... or they are younger and have a certain amount of technique to fall back on... how each of them they play and the equipment that works best for them is across the spectrum (and in some cases a head scratchers for me.) That said I did have a fair am
  10. So I'm looking to slap on a pretty basic design onto my own mask after having plain white for a number of years now... and I'll be honest... seeing what you did on your own makes me feel like I could do much more than what I have planned. Fantastic job on the execution!! The color gradients and shadowing look awesome. Any other pictures you could share during process? Like masking etc.
  11. Agreed with @Puckstopper on the stiffer pads (even though I too am older.) Soft boot break but stiffer in the thigh. 2X Pro actually worked quite nice... as do my current set of Axis. Both sets have to be worn somewhat loose... compared to my EF1 RetroFlexes... but you get used to it pretty quickly. I also wear a boot strap on Axis along with a lower elastic. I think either Axis or 2X Pro would be a nice transition... a quasi midway point to something as stiff as say stock Ultra Sonic. At the end of the day though it's what works for you.
  12. Been batting around the idea of picking one up as my Maltese is getting some good sized wear spots in the fabric covering. I have no doubt it's stiffer than Maltese... but can you expand on your specs and how it feels if you've been able to hit the ice with it? Did you opt for gel foam (pretty sure they use Zoom Bang)? Standard width on the clavicle?
  13. Interesting thought about BHR. I'm more-less in a similar boat after having had my FAI back in 2018. The join itself has that throbbing you describe as well as what feel like some tears even though it was also cleaned up like yours was. I went in to see my ortho again a little over a month ago... his comment was that he had cleaned out so much... the only thing worth doing surgery again for me would be replacement. There are options however for simply trying to reduce inflammation... cortisone and biologics. The biologics being PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) or Stem Cell injections. Per my gu
  14. Can't say what is in bold about too many manufacturers nowadays. Only thing that would make that ride better would be the coveted "LL Bean Edition" badging. As for the turbo and head gasket issue... I've had 4 with turbos and never once had a head gasket issue. Sounds like its more a of Texas than a Turbo problem.
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