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  1. Great looking sweater... real beauty of a color pallet.
  2. No kidding... the boys give me hell for wearing a regular jock and double cup over it... he's got Quad Cup+ going on there. It's also the most interesting look for those pads I've seen thus far.
  3. Copper cage is a nice touch. Still so weird to think he’s playing for Chicago.
  4. Completely agree on the chin… the 3D effect works really well. The Tre Kroner on the backplate is great too.
  5. Ha... something something Lefevre. I think we should have fun with some of these names... like the old FORD joke... Fix Or Repair Daily.
  6. I do recall the mold pictures... but this looks like a GFL Pro to me...
  7. I think what resonates with me the most about this thread is the the simple title… “So, you didn’t make the save?” More than anything I find myself getting frustrated when I know I’ve “made that save before.” True as it may be… something was different this time. Attacking player positioning… defenseman positioning… or as simple as I’m older and can’t quite do everything I used to be able to do. Whatever the case… I do find that having a little something to refocus has helped. A little message on glove & blocker… and quick figure 8 between the dots to let me think about what happened… understand what could have been done differently… and move on. I’ve found too that the higher skill level you play with… the more the guys around you recognize what was and wasn’t on you per se. In those nice breakaway saves like @SaveByRichter35 mentions… the fellas know that generally speaking the first one is you the rest it on them to help cleanup. Lastly when stuck in a real rut… and as much as I’m someone who likes to see lots of pucks… taking a week off can make all the difference. Not from league games… but from the in between skates. Gives me a chance to rid myself of reinforcing bad habits… and I find when I come back I have a much clearer mindset of keeping things simple. It’s just me staying in front of the puck. Worry less about how… and more about do. Lead with eyes and hands… And let things flow from there.
  8. I don't recall what Vince charged... it was pretty marginal (it was also 2 years ago.) Below is a general overview of the exchanges between myself & Vince... then between me and Bauer's design team. It's worth noting that certain things like the size and position of the Bauer logo were pretty strict, as were the nylon color options. Previous to my set there were images floating around of a set Bauer did that was very vintage and they used brown nylon on as well as custom printed graphic on things like the back of gloves and blocker which weren't available to retail customers. Arnone Progression... Bauer Progression (3 iterations was the cap with Bauer at the time)... More on the design and actual pad linked here...
  9. I'd say it's from Boy Scouts... always be prepared etc... but I was never a Boy Scout. It's really just paranoia that no one else will ever have anything I need. Well that and being the team's defacto EQM doesn't hurt either on days when you get a nice sun burn on the back of your neck. At least you brought something to the table that day.
  10. Not to pump the tires on 14As too hard... but I've had both 13A and 14A and I love the mobility of these NHL spec pants. The hip protection has much more natural breaks compared to retail IMO and the padding has been great. Gonna side w/ @RichMan here on the color though... looks more Leafs.
  11. Thanks for all the replies... in lieu of having a fancy league like @coopaloop1234 or going the bar soap route like @SaveByRichter35... I went with the CCM. @ZeroGravitas is right... damn thing is nice. My wife was actually pretty impressed too... thought it was too good to just throw n the hockey bag. Fit everything and then some... Got all my shampoos, soaps, and moisturizers in the top along with extra contacts in the mesh pouch. Yes Coop... between being in my gloves all game and then a hot shower... my hands get dry. 🧴🙌 I threw some One Wipe Charlies in the pocket of the upper rollout piece that has the hook at the end for hanging. Just nice to have if you're like me and prefer to play home games... but 💩 time makes a late pre-game appearance... Underneath are some multi-tools, extras mask parts, etc. All the stuff that no one else in the locker room will have...
  12. As I noted before I'm not one to worry too much about the staining... but could you post a couple pics of the stubborn stains you're talking about? Options to rid stains also depend on the material they're on... airmesh vs. nylon etc.
  13. I can't add much custom spec orders than what has already been dolled out... but I can some insight on working with a graphic designer. For my 2X Pro gear I enlisted the help of Vince Arnone. What was important to me is knowing he had done a number of one off designs with Bauer (and now CCM as well) already. He is someone who already knew what will and won't pass the manufacturer's unwritten rules for things like logo size and placement, as well as color pallet, etc. I reached out to Vince over IG DM, and he was quick to reply. From there communication was done via email. I already had somewhat of an idea of what I wanted to do, but of course had reference images in hand to pass off and let Vince do his thing. Probably went through 5 or 6 iterations of the theme before I greenlighted what was submitted to Bauer's True Design department. Of course GoalieCustomizer is a great option as well, as is Visual_Merc who has done some great sets for Dell & Lehner with Brian's. Let me know if you want more details on the process like each of my replies to Vince w/ notes etc.
  14. Damn... all we get in my league are ever changing game schedules and marshmallow soft ice.
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