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  1. Good deal... I was wondering the same as i made sure to throw the BraceLayers in my bag. I will say that my UAs hold rthe Bauer GForm sleeves in place just fine... but these will certainly be tighter. I actually have a skate this evening and if they feel ok when getting dressed I'll wear them... otherwise I will wait until tomorrow for on ice.
  2. Ha... I actually haven't worn them much. There was some bunching behind the knee that was sort of annoying... but I'll try and remember to throw them on for my Tuesday evening skate this week.
  3. Backside isn't necessarily flat... just the face. Really just an extreme of a steep boot angle I'd guess. Something like this...
  4. @Ken35 & @seagoal I've dealt with the same thing for as long as I can remember... exact same spot with almost ever blocker I've owned. I think it's entirely due to the finger protection elastic pulling on the palm of the pinky outward... so i actually end up gripping with the airknit gusset. Two ways I have addressed it in the past although truth be told neither actually address the culprit... Cut out the airknit gusset and sew the palm of the finger directly to the back. Pros: Easy fix only needing scissors, needle, and thread. Cons: Smaller finger stall, and may cause the feeling of some tension on the finger by pulling everything inward. Cut out the airknit gusset and replace w/ leather or some other palm material Pros: Also pretty simple fix if you have some palm material laying around. Cons: Won't breathe quite as well
  5. Ha... I saw that yesterday and the only thing I could think of was that is Vaughn his exclusive equipment provider? No. He wears a CCM C/A... but whatever... great looking set... and a great cause.
  6. Hey @wox33... I stumbled on this thread and had to laugh. You were 100% right. I ended up ordering 2X Proand found the strapping really easy to dial in. I love the rebounds... and how they're a stiff core but with a soft boot break.
  7. Yes... the higher numbers or more rigid shells out of layered materials. I was also speaking specifically to Wall Finland's product line when I said all of the W6(W7) are actually clear... some just have a coat of paint.
  8. Yeah... and all of Wall’s are actually clear... just a matter of whether they paint the exterior or not.
  9. @bunnyman666 links are below but really the whole Polycarbonate thread... Initial post... Flex comparison...
  10. It didn’t. Just the thud. If you order one from Finland I’d suggest asking for full SIX12 padding and a double bar cat eye. The W6 (now W7) is dramatically thicker in impact areas like the forehead and chin. I posted somewhere about the comparison in flex etc. between it, a WJD, and a Hackva I have laying around. I’ll see if I can find it and post the link here.
  11. I own a W6H and had it for 5 years of solid shots. Purchased it through Wall Finland. It finally cracked a couple months ago so I have moved on to another mask, but have nothing but good things to say about both the Poly shell and their customer service. Petri Karvinen always had quick reaponeses to my inquiries on replacement parts, and I thoroughly loved the it SIX12 padding as he die cut me a kit for my W6. Shipping costs etc were high to the states, but there was always a level of comfort I had with going right to the manufacturer.
  12. From an ease of install standpoint might be best to slide in some mushroom straps like you have at the thigh rise and boot of the Reactor 6000. CCM examples below but you get the idea... Buckles... Straps... https://www.goaliemonkey.com/accessories/leg-pad-accessories/brand/ccm.html
  13. Wanted to share my experience so far with some V1 Pro + I picked up off of Pro Stock Hockey. First off... I'm coming from using Bauer composites. I had tried a traditional paddle shape on a composite with a Sherwood BPM150... and didn't like it at all. From that point on I swore I was an Ergo paddle guy. But as the Bauer stock dwindled (still have 1 Pro Stock NXG but have finally depleted all the 2S Pro)... I really was having a hard time justifying $300 per twig... so I started to look around. This topic in particular finally peaked my interest in Warrior sticks again... but still didn't want to spend $300 each. Searched the interweb for a deal... SideLineSwap... eBay... HockeyStickman... etc. Then I stumbled on some for a curiously low price on Pro Stock Hockey. About 1/2 the price of a retail stick and 3 rolls of tape... might as well give it a try. So I picked a couple up thinking I'd immediately order 2 more if I liked them. I went with an Anton Forsberg 27" Actual paddle height with a mid curve. Upon receipt they felt good in my hand... light... less grippy of a paddle than Bauer... lie angle is steeper than P31 Bauer... and the balance point felt lower than on a Bauer... but no real issues so off to the scale they went. First one was a little heavy for what I saw on this topic but nothing crazy at 679g. I mean it's Pro Stock so it's not the exact same as retail. But the Second one came in at 730g... V1 Pro/CR1 territory. Let me stress that this is by no means heavy... but when expecting somewhere around 650g - 660g... that's heavy. I immediately started looking at the composition of the stick thinking maybe it was just a V1 Pro/CR1 dressed as a V1 Pro+. The carbon weave is small... no Minimus Carbon G 1200 markings etc... just the paint job and a name. I shot a note to Pro Stock Hockey looking for some clarity... but it was late on a Friday afternoon and didn't expect a reply over the weekend. So I decided to tape one up and use it in a Sunday game. Worst case I'd send one back to PSH and sell the used one to someone locally. Turns out I actually didn't really notice much of a change at all from the Bauer to this... so construction aside I'd order a couple more so I can have a good consistent twig for a little while. Before doing so though I did call PSH and talked to them about the make-up. Essentially while the carbon weave differed significantly from a retail V1 Pro+... the paint is really all they had to go on (unlike Bauers etc where you can discern by coding.) I did ask however that they weigh everything they had in stock and just send me the 2 lightest on my next order. They arrived 2 days later... and weights are 666g and 677g. Can't complain one bit. I'll use the remaining NXG and the "heavy" V1 Pro+ in my pick up skates and keep the 680, 677, and 666 sticks for games. It's still a bit of a head scratcher on what these are exactly... they seem lighter the a retail V1 Pro/CR1... but slightly heavier than a retail V1 Pro+. Are they stripped down V1 Pro/CR1 or beefed up V1Pro+? Whatever the case... the bottom line... they're plenty light and a great price... even came with 3 rolls of tape each (although it's not as good as Howies... it works.) TBD on the durability front but I have no reason to think they'll snap quickly. If anything I wondering how long I'll be using these things. https://www.prostockhockey.com/hockey-sticks/goalie-sticks/left-anton-forsberg-white-v1-pro-stick/
  14. BadAngle41

    Warrior G5

    You mean like someone who maybe isn't working with CCM as much as they were when they had both the Premier and EFlex lines??? 🤔
  15. Interesting custom spec (or maybe mod) on Dubnyk... has a small piece of loop above the standard loop on the calf wrap. Perhaps he's trying out knee to calf on occasion and with how high he straps his Tune Fit needed just a little extra attachment space...or maybe just wanted the extra to bring the Tune Fit even higher.
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