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Bauer cowlings, boots, cage, knee pads


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Still clearing out the basement:

1. Brand new Bauer cowlings size 8.  $20

2. Used Bauer cowlings, size 8. Offers

3. Boots: Bauer reactor 5000 used 10 times or so.  Bauer supreme 3000 & 1000 brand new. All size 8D.  Ccm vector boots 7.5e.  No cost just pay shipping and maybe and extra couple bucks.

4. TPS internal glove to wear under catcher.  Size med.  $10 

5.  VanVelden cert cage.  Well used.  Pay shipping, itsyours.

6.  Vaughn knee pads.  Half season use.  $40

7.  Easton Mako boots converted to goal, no tendon guard.  $30. Also have Bauer Vertexx cowling with step steel.  Cowlings well used but steel only a few times.  $30

8. Sore after the game?  Thumper chiropractic massager.  Bought from chiropractic office.  Selling for over $300cdn on eBay.  $150cdn

All prices in Cdn.  Shipping from Winnipeg. Buyer pays all shipping costs.









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