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  1. Still clearing out the basement: 1. Brand new Bauer cowlings size 8. $20 2. Used Bauer cowlings, size 8. Offers 3. Boots: Bauer reactor 5000 used 10 times or so. Bauer supreme 3000 & 1000 brand new. All size 8D. Ccm vector boots 7.5e. No cost just pay shipping and maybe and extra couple bucks. 4. TPS internal glove to wear under catcher. Size med. $10 5. VanVelden cert cage. Well used. Pay shipping, itsyours. 6. Vaughn knee pads. Half season use. $40 7. Easton Mako boots converted to goal, no tendon guard. $30. Also have Bauer Vertexx cowling with step steel. Cowlings well used but steel only a few times. $30 8. Sore after the game? Thumper chiropractic massager. Bought from chiropractic office. Selling for over $300cdn on eBay. $150cdn All prices in Cdn. Shipping from Winnipeg. Buyer pays all shipping costs.
  2. daffy

    Vaughn V6 rotation

    Thanks, I'll have a look at that.
  3. daffy

    Vaughn V6 rotation

    Picked up some new to me Vaughn V6s just before the rinks closed so I didn't get to try them out. I was bored tonight so put my gear on. I've always used thigh wraps but bought some Bauer X60 knee pads. With the knee pads on, I can barely get the knee strap around the back of my knee. Tried a few carpet flies and no rotation at all. Take off the knee strap and no issue. Just wonder what you V6 owners do for rotation. Thinking about getting velcro stitched into the calf wrap so I can attach the strap lower. Just wonder how to get rotation out of these. Pic of the pads just because.
  4. Did not see the interior of that mask. Not good. Thanks for checking on the eBay auctions. Gives an idea.
  5. Hello everyone, I have a Koho 570 that I repainted myself in all white. It has a newer chin cup and cheater cage from Protechsport. Along with certified cage. Just wondering what I could ask for it. Saw one recently on mask restoration on FB for $375us but had custom paint. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  6. daffy

    Verbero Hockey Thread

    Looking closer at the glove, it would appear to be a Dave Wilcox design. Love my WGD. Comparison below.
  7. Designed by Dave Wilcox for TPS. Inner goalie glove. It's for sale BTW. Used twice.
  8. Looking for a Vaughn diamond stitch blocker in black and white. V5/V6 or newer. Want to match these pads.
  9. Just bringing this topic back up. Agatone glove was one of my all time favorites. Any other gloves out there that might have same feel?
  10. New to me Vaughn pads. Been in Boddam pads so long it feeling like I'm cheating on them. Have a design in mind for Boddam gloves though (used CCM template). Love their blocker.
  11. daffy

    Wear on pads

    Hey guys, I have seen the posts about how to protect the knee wing or the boot binding but what about the wear on the knee in the pic below? I'll use some pad skinz and autogoop on the binding and knee wing but not sure how to slow the wear here.
  12. Awesome looking set. Good luck with the sale!
  13. daffy

    Boddam gear

    Yeah, the Passaus clone is alittle more simple. Not sure if Boddam will be making my unit full time. Thought they were going to though.
  14. daffy

    Boddam gear

    How's the new chesty working out?
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