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  1. daffy

    Biggest Gear Regret

    Bought Eagle Fusions. They were great flat faced pads just werent for me. I've always been better in softer pads. Selling most of my old stuff is big regret. I used to have a pair of areoflex pads back in the day. Sold them and my koho 550 pads. Should have hung onto more gear.
  2. Good point! I also take my footbeds out after every use. Only put back in just before i wear them.
  3. Ive had my custom True 2 piece since march. No issues. Guy at the store said make sure they are aired out and you wont have issues. I use a fan and dehumidifier after games. Keeps all my gear dry. So far so good!
  4. Hey guys, i have the kenesky toe ties. Asked for longer length since i like running them through back hole of cowling. They sent standard length. Going to find more cord but what diameter do they use? Thanks
  5. daffy

    Boddam gear

    You won't be disappointed. Been really happy with mine. Let me know how you like it once you get it on the ice. Realized I still need to weigh mine. Hopefully get to that this week.
  6. Picked up these pads from a great seller willing to ship to me. Yes I know they are original Eflex but for me its major upgrade after refusing to move on from my Boddam hybrids. Had two pairs of them over the last 6 years. Figured i was due to get with the times. Sticks from AGS. They look decent, will see how they hold up. Cleaned up the pads and removed pad skins. Still on fence about em but ill force myself to use 10 times before bailing and going back to old ones.
  7. daffy

    Louis Domingue

    Yeah read TBay was actively shopping him but no takers so far.
  8. Hey guys, Im interested in giving these a try. The P31 curve is a mid curve right? Didnt they used to offer a heel/twist curve as well. Ive been in a Belfour mid curve for years and want to stick to something similar. Just want to confirm the curve. I know there are pics but doesnt cant always tell. Thanks
  9. Just got my Protechsport back from Michel. Took a shot to the chin and he covered it under warranty. Got him to add a new harness and a new cage as well. Put my old cheater cage on my Koho 570 that i recently painted. Michel's service is great.
  10. A long time ago i bought a lair of Koho 550 pads in white and grey. My favorite pads ever i think. I bought them too small but played so well in them. My game has been modelled around playing in smaller pads. Even now when i order pads they are usually 1" shorter than they should be. A change in pads to taller height would mess me up. I have also found that my game and movements change when i use a stiffer pads. I find myself doing different movement on ice. Not sure why. To me pads definitely can change the way i play.
  11. daffy

    Finally....some ink

    Thanks! Really happy how it turned out. I'm located in Winnipeg and @fernann.ink is the artist. He moved from Argentina 6 weeks ago and this is one of his first pieces of work. For a soccer guy, he did great work!
  12. daffy

    Finally....some ink

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