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  1. daffy

    Soft pads user

    Breen in my Boddam Hybrids for 4 seasons (same as Simmons 586) and if soft is what you want, this would be the softest there is. Abit heavier since they still stuff the pad to get that soft feel. I agree with @WillyGrips13 very soft pad that will settle.
  2. Boddam Hybrids. Made as soft as they come. ( Same as Simmons 586). Heavy compared to pads today but they will bend and twist anyway you want. But yeah options are limited.
  3. I'm 42 been fighting arthritis in the hips since 26. Really limited flexibility on left side. Been able to manage up till now with lots of stretching, exercises, physio, massage and acupuncture. Now just not enough. Can't get into stance or move side to side without pain since getting back on ice last month. Have physician apt later this month. Going to push to get on resurface wait list. In meantime have Prolotherapy apt at end of month. Figure it can't hurt. If I respond to it, at least it will ease the pain while I wait for resurface. Can't play at all right now which sucks.
  4. I tried to make a switch as well but went with True boots in Vaughn cowlings. Have 5 pairs of steel so I don't run out for awhile. Same issue. Too much height tough in my arthritic hips.
  5. I'll give that a try as well. Thanks
  6. Going to try to double knot tonight.
  7. So I switched to Howie's and now back to elites. My right skate keeps coming undone. No matter which laces I use. Thoughts? Different way I should be lacing? I'm thinking I'll have to knot the right side and fight to remove it after. Don't know what else to do. This only started since using True skates.
  8. Filled in for a tender here in Winnipeg last week. First skate for me. 15mins before game. Got out there with 1 min left in 3 min warm up. Played 3 15 min periods with flood after 2nd. Full benches. Was fun to be back out there washrooms were locked so sweaty short drive home. All in all not bad. Need to up my speed getting dressed though. I even went in my base layer.
  9. Yep at least you are out there. Have a buddy starting to play next week. Getting more impatient to play as I hear about all you guys getting the skates on again. If I can't shower then so be it, I just want to get back out there!
  10. At least you can use the dressing room and shower even if they only give you 15mins. Reading about guys having to show up part dressed and going home all sweaty, not sure how I'd handle that. Hopefully our rinks in Winnipeg will allow for dressing rooms and showers as well.
  11. Still clearing out the basement: 1. Brand new Bauer cowlings size 8. $20 2. Used Bauer cowlings, size 8. Offers 3. Boots: Bauer reactor 5000 used 10 times or so. Bauer supreme 3000 & 1000 brand new. All size 8D. Ccm vector boots 7.5e. No cost just pay shipping and maybe and extra couple bucks. 4. TPS internal glove to wear under catcher. Size med. $10 5. VanVelden cert cage. Well used. Pay shipping, itsyours. 6. Vaughn knee pads. Half season use. $40 7. Easton Mako boots converted to goal, no tendon guard. $30. Also have Bauer Vertexx cowli
  12. daffy

    Vaughn V6 rotation

    Thanks, I'll have a look at that.
  13. daffy

    Vaughn V6 rotation

    Picked up some new to me Vaughn V6s just before the rinks closed so I didn't get to try them out. I was bored tonight so put my gear on. I've always used thigh wraps but bought some Bauer X60 knee pads. With the knee pads on, I can barely get the knee strap around the back of my knee. Tried a few carpet flies and no rotation at all. Take off the knee strap and no issue. Just wonder what you V6 owners do for rotation. Thinking about getting velcro stitched into the calf wrap so I can attach the strap lower. Just wonder how to get rotation out of these. Pic of the pads just because.
  14. Did not see the interior of that mask. Not good. Thanks for checking on the eBay auctions. Gives an idea.
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