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  1. Just bringing this topic back up. Agatone glove was one of my all time favorites. Any other gloves out there that might have same feel?
  2. New to me Vaughn pads. Been in Boddam pads so long it feeling like I'm cheating on them. Have a design in mind for Boddam gloves though (used CCM template). Love their blocker.
  3. daffy

    Wear on pads

    Hey guys, I have seen the posts about how to protect the knee wing or the boot binding but what about the wear on the knee in the pic below? I'll use some pad skinz and autogoop on the binding and knee wing but not sure how to slow the wear here.
  4. Awesome looking set. Good luck with the sale!
  5. daffy

    Boddam gear

    Yeah, the Passaus clone is alittle more simple. Not sure if Boddam will be making my unit full time. Thought they were going to though.
  6. daffy

    Boddam gear

    How's the new chesty working out?
  7. daffy

    Buy custom or buy used

    Hey @Chenner29 I was in a pair of 33+2 ccms Eflexes. Slightly to tall on the thighrise.
  8. daffy

    Buy custom or buy used

    Glad they working for you. Yeah I think they would be abit short. Thanks though!
  9. daffy

    Buy custom or buy used

    You still in the Passaus? How you liking them?
  10. daffy

    Buy custom or buy used

    Yeah the plan would be to stick to smaller manufacturers. Vaughn would end up out of my budget. The CCM Eflexes I had were used and original eflex 1s so I'm not sure how much more they could be worked in. Thanks for the thoughts thus far.
  11. Just seeking some thoughts from people. I'm in Boddam Hybrids right now and recently tried some CCM Eflexes. Found that I liked how much better they slide but still found them too stiff. So naturally i'm thinking Vaughn Velo is the way to go. I've looked around and haven't found quite what I want. I think I'd be best suited to a V4 like a Cory Schneider pad. So nothing has really popped up. Gets me thinking about going custom. Would like to keep pricing as low as possible ofcourse so I was considering Kenesky or Passau as they offer to do whatever one asks for. My question is do you feel that they will nail the requests to have a V4 or V5 type feel? I worry that since they don't do it all the time, there's a chance it doesn't work out. Am I better off just continuing the search for a good set of used Vaughns? It's one thing for a company to change color or strapping but the core of the pad isn't as easy to get right. I'm leaning towards Boddam Patriot, Kenesky or finding a good set of used Vaughns. Perhaps I'm over thinking this.
  12. I find that too with wax. With a narrow foot, I think I'm pulling on the laces more than most. Regular lace seems to slip alittle when I go to the next eyelet. Gonna try some Howie's.
  13. Glad I found this thread. I'm using Elite wax laces on my True skates. Last few skates the laces keep coming undone. I have a narrow foot so I'm wrenching on the laces as tight as I can. The skates are custom but still feel like I'm tightening more and more as the skate has broken in. I'm thinking the wax is worn off and just need a new pair. If I'm looking for the best hold, should I try Howie's?
  14. Have some goalie gear to sell. 1. Easton Mako boots with Bauer size 8 cowlings on them. 7.5 size. Used but still have life. Step steel used less than 10 times. $80. OR mako boots $40, Step steel $40 and cowlings $20 if wanted separately. 2. Vaughn vison 5500 chest protector. Size medium. Well used. $40 3. Bauer cowlings size 8. $20each. 1 pair available. 4. Tps inner catcher glove. Medium. $20 5. Certified cage for Koho 570. $20 All prices in Cdn. Will ship within Canada and to US at buyer expense. Shipping from Winnipeg, MB. R2Y 1A4. More pics available upon request.
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