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  1. 35+2 Vaughn V6 pads nicely broken in. I'm second owner and bought them during covid so barely used them. Carbon enhanced, double internal, single external breaks. Have minor wear on inner toe binding. 325cdn obo Ships from Winnipeg, MB
  2. daffy

    Vaughn pad sizing

    No just eyeing up some used sets.
  3. daffy

    Vaughn pad sizing

    Question on Vaughn pads. What's the difference between 34" velo and 35" velo pads? Besides the obvious 1". In other words where do the take the 1" off? I thought I read somewhere that the Shin of the pad, ankle to first knee break under knee rolls was 1/2" difference. Then the other 1/2" was on the boot. Can someone confirm that is correct?
  4. As requested, more pics. Finished last stick today. I first measured my cuts. Then used my multi tool for the cut. Once the cuts are done, I used the multi tool sanding pad and rounded the shaft abit. Cleaned up the stick then applied marine epoxy. Stick is now drying.
  5. Will do. I removed the tape. Shaft feels like it needs to be trimmed abit. Going to sand it down alittle. Will post pics when I get to the next one. No rush we still locked down around here.
  6. Final product. I've got one more to do. I used marine epoxy that dries white. It's actually kinda soft to begin with so wasn't too worried about foam tape. Bought wrong stuff anyway and with my usual tape job I use it feels ok.
  7. How did I do? Did some practice on an old foam core first. This one is my new Warrior Ritual that I bought with the paddle too long. I think it worked out ok.
  8. Hope they work for ya. I have the option B at home and with my narrow foot, they just can't be tight enough. Even with my custom True boot. I like the idea of how easy they are and if one is alittle loose it doesn't affect the others. Look forward to a review after you've been on the ice.
  9. Have a set of CCM Eflex 2 pro gloves for sale. I bought the whole set but won't be using the gloves. Previous owner bought them custom and used them only twice. Besides a few pick marks, they are pretty much brand new. Glove is 600 break and blocker has smaller size palm in it. White with abit of black. $350.00cdn obo. Will ship at buyers expense. I'm located in Winnipeg, MB. I do have the pads as well used only twice. 33+1". Might be a touch short for me so will consider selling as a set of offer is right.
  10. So ordered some Warriors. Measured my old ones many times but I guess my tape wasn't in exact spot at the heal so I thought size was right turns out 1/2" longer paddle on the new ones. I'll take one for a spin but feel it will be too long. Just want to cut 1/2" off. Have 3 new sticks to do. Just not sure I should do it. From what I read 1/2" shouldn't be big issue? Warrior ritual composite.
  11. Ok so I'm 5'11 and found some sticks online that I wanted. I measured the back of the paddle on the stick I have which are 26" but with measurement come out to 27.5". My new Warrior sticks come in which are 27.5" when measured down the back of the paddle. They are almost 1/2" taller than my current ones. I guess I must have had the angle of my tape wrong or something when measuring mine. Anyway can't return and just wondering if you think I'll notice the extra height? It feels longer but is that just all in my head? Would alittle less than half inch be noticable on the ice?
  12. Sorry shoulder caps spoken for. Just belly extension available
  13. Have a pair of shoulder caps and a belly extension for chest protectors. There are holes punched in all 3 pieces so they can be laced in. Picked these up years ago for a project that never happened. If anyone wants to frankenstein their chesty, these could help. Just pay shipping and PayPal fee.
  14. Man that Wregget set brings back memories. When I was a kid Leafs were always on HNIC and it was Wregget or Bester in net. Watched them play alot. Awesome tribute sets.
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