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  1. daffy

    Finally....some ink

  2. Looking at the pads i wanna say Kay but thats a total guess.
  3. Been wanting to get this done for a few years now. Finally got going on it. 50% done. 5hrs down, another 5hrs to go! Shout out to Fernann Ink!!
  4. Got a chance to use my new piece of "equipment" tonight. Not sure i felt a difference.😝 I put one of these on a few seasons back and played well. Havent gone without one since. All in my head....but whatever works!
  5. Thanks guys, thats good to know. I think im done with painting for now. Im not skating for the next few weeks so the hope is i only need it for a few skates. If a puck hits it and tmthe paint explodes then ill decide on a repaint with better materials.
  6. I need to get my Protechsport back to Michel for repair so decided to paint my koho 570. Rattle can paint from Cdn Tire. I used 320 grit to rough up the old paint. I should have done the areas that were chipped better. I also got lazy and didnt wet sand between coats of paint. Lots of small imperfections i could have corrected. I cleared it with spray can clear as well. I have read that it isnt as strong as autoboddy shop clear so i hope it holds out for a few skates while my main mask is being fixed. Attached the before and after.
  7. Gotcha. Well i was always told the 4500 was closest to the 750 so i would think the 4500 would be closer in feel to the 7000 but i dont have experience with either the 4500 or 5500. I did use the bauer 7000 and Graf 750. To me the 750 was already a stiffer boot over the bauer of old. Perhaps there is someone on the board how has used the 5500 that can give us an opinion.
  8. Are you referring to the 7500 boot? I haven't used it but from my research it will be much stiffer than the Bauer 7000 supreme (assuming the old school bauer 7000 boot).
  9. 7500 was their stiffest model. Then one step down was the 5500. The 4500 was the closest to the 750 ans was more entry level. These days they are making the 1080 and 1050. You can still order a 7500 if you want though. I think Graf showed a custom boot that was combination of 1080 and 7500. As for me, i went with True custom and best choice i could have made. Miss the grafs but cant complain with True.
  10. Need a mask just as a replacement while my Protechsport is being repaired by Michel. Im a large in most masks. Inteterested in almost anything as long as not Bauer. Looking to spend no more than $300cdn.
  11. Foam has been good. No issues with it for me. Sending mask back for some chin repair. All covered by Michel. His customer service is great.
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