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  1. daffy

    Boddam gear

    Ill give that a try. 👍
  2. daffy

    Boddam gear

    @TheGoalNet finally put the chesty on the bathroom scale. I just put it on the scale, no basket. Dont think the scale is too accurate. Came in at 5.5lbs. Seems light compared to other models. Might check with Jason at Boddam to see what he says weight would be.
  3. So i took the new True skates for a spin last night. Had to be sure not to tighten laces at all otherwise i would get major lace bite. The fit is good. Heel is locked in and the skates are narrow so width is ok. They feel long though. Well not so much long but too much volume. I lift my toes up and can barely touch the top of the skate. I have a high instep so i can only assume they built the skate tall enough but then by my toes it feel like there is a ton of room. Not sure if this is normal? Is it just something to get used to? @Tim_TRUEHockey thoughts?
  4. @insertnamehereAgreed! Like our Blue way better. @coopaloop1234 i thought that too but i think he was waving at someone for the key to the room.
  5. Well my team was knocked out of playoffs early but managed a win the week after in a small tourney. Won the finals with a 2-0 shutout.
  6. daffy

    Stick Lies

    @johan29 no problem. Just confirming price right now and then will probably place order. If they keep the sample on file, then you guys just need to refer to it for your own order. Ill keep you posted.
  7. Vaugh cowling is more traditional looking cowling but i find the attack angle is enough for me. Just my personal preference.
  8. 2 piece for me @dstew29. I hate change so i didnt want to change much else. Went with Vaughn cowlings. I use them already and have stocked up on steel for them. Have 2 sets of step steel and another on set on the way. Like the length of blade and the height. Didnt want to mess around with different holders or cowlings. Just stick with what's comfortable.
  9. Hey @dstew29 they came in ladt thursday but havent been to pick them up. Waiting on my new cowlings to come in. Ill be a cowling guy till done playing. Went with standard liner. Guys at the store also said goalies are ordering the extra lacebite pad on tongue so added that to. Supposed to be helpful when in your stance. Should be able to get them early in the week. All said, just over 2 weeks to get them to the store. You should get them pretty quick.
  10. daffy

    Stick Lies

    @dualshowman @johan29 good news!!! Rob @ Northstar can do 13lie. Just needs a sample. I have one of my Passaus here that i will send him in summer. Team changing jerseys so not sure of colors yet. He will keep on file so if any of you want that stick he will have it. My Passau is made off the CCM belfour pattern. Minimum 6 sticks for an order. Once again the board helps me out!
  11. daffy

    Stick Lies

    @TheGoalNet when you say order custom, do you mean ordering a 3 pack in a 13 lie? If so, ive tried everyone i can think of and they wont do 13 lie anymore even as custom. Waiting on a response from Rob Laurie at Northstar to see if i can be done. I have a buddy who wants them too. Even if i had to order a dozen, i would just so i have them.
  12. From what i understand Canadian Tire bought the Sherwood name. Cdn Tire owns ProHockey Life. I can certainly see them doing option one @TheGoalNet mentioned. Could be their inhouse brand kinda like what koho is for Goalie Monkey.
  13. daffy

    Stick Lies

    @Chenner29 not sure but going to now!
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