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Customizing glove and blocker | Need some help | CCM eflex-4


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So I already customized my leg pads and they work great, so I decided since I need new mitts, might as well complete the set, however needed some help with specs. I'm a fairly small goalie will small hands. I've been rocking the intermediate e flex 3.9 glove and blocker, their getting too small/too old. They worked good, just need an upgrade after 2 1/2 years!

So I was wondering about my specs. I thinking a 580 break, but wanted to hear what people think. I've been told a 590 is good for smaller hands goalies too. Next would be, if I go senior, which I probably will, should I get the intermediate palm sizes. I feel like this would be the best option, just wondering the difference and how it feels? Lastly, if I should get the laces for my pocket instead of the nylon, I was 50/50 on it, heard its worth it.

Just let me know!

(All this for E-Flex 4's) 

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If you're on the border in terms of hand size, I would recommend getting intermediate palms on the glove. The finger stalls on the intermediate internals are shorter and a bit narrower than the senior versions. In my opinion, being able to snugly fit your hand into them helps with generating the force required to close the glove; there isn't as much "lost energy" with your fingers wiggling about while also trying to close it. Blocker to me is a personal preference (I like mine loose/roomier).

The 580 break closes like you're making a "thumb's up" 👍 sign. What break is your current glove, and do you like the way it closes? If you're happy with how it is, I wouldn't change it just for the sake of changing it (my opinion).

I like skate lace in the pocket; I feel it has a little more give than the nylon cord and that helps with preventing pop-outs. However, skate lace is not available in as many colours as nylon (white/black are standard, probably blue/red also by now, but ymmv on the rest) - if you have your heart set on a neon green pocket, you'd either have to get it with nylon or re-lace it yourself at home with coloured skate lace.

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