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Inline Skate Reccommendations


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Well, they hung the carrot of possibly opening up hockey here about 2 weeks ago – but instead, yesterday, basically shut down all indoor restaurant facilities, implying that I will probably have to wait ‘til the day after never before I get on the ice again.

The one bright spot is, moving into spring, the weather is getting better, so I am turning energies toward some inline skating to get into a bit better shape and ensure I actually remember to skate (in case I ever get to step on the ice again)...

As a history, I had a pair of Bauer inline skates about 20 years ago: really liked them and they worked well – perhaps too well. I skated rain or shine and even managed to go for short hops on packed gravel sections while shepherding my young kids along on their first bikes. Needless to say the bearing and wheels eventually disintegrated. The skates were originally ~$120 but replacing wheels and bearings was going to run about ~$150 so I ditched them and never got any replacements (another curse of getting old).

I am hoping to get recommendations on what you think is a decent pair. I am not looking for the most or least expensive, not going to play hockey with them, just want something reliable and comfortable. I know this probably opens up a lot of opinions, but hey – Covid is still here and apparently I aint going anywhere fast (well, except for hopefully on my new pair of inlines).

BTW what to avoids is as valuable as what you like


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I got super lucky - first store I checked had one pair of goallerblades left, they were on sale, they fit like a dream.  Dropped a buck fifty and have been using them for 8 seasons.  They're getting pretty haggard now, will be looking to replace them next time I'm back on the mainland.  My goallerblade buying guidelines:

-Never buy a rollerblade you haven't tried on. 

-While trying the blade on, skate with it using the same movements you would in a game.  I will try some leg pads on at the same time and wear them just to make sure my skating mechanics are as realistic as possible.

-Make sure there is a nice thick chunk of plastic protecting your toes.

-Don't buy something that hurts your feet.  I think hockey players think skates are supposed to hurt.  *gruntandshrug*  I've never needed to hurt my feet to make saves.

-Be willing to go to as many stores as it takes.  Be willing to spend on quality, be unwilling to spend "just because."

I'm expecting to spend $200-400 and am going to buy a backup set of wheels at the same time.  

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