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  1. First off, I would say if the cage is that far off, you may not have the proper cage. Having said that, I would suggest you modify the cage mount tabs, NOT the mask. Increasing hole size by drilling or filing the mask may weaken the composite at those points. Especially since the cage transfers all the shock to the mask through these points, I wouldn’t touch them. In addition, in the future if you purchase a different cage, you could end up with the same problem, but in a different direction (offset) requiring you to open up the hole more – not good. To be clear, I am talking about the ta
  2. More than one man's opinion - I want to watch hockey, not bike racing
  3. Agree with @Charlie T. It sounds like you are with a new team (?) If that is the case these things always take time to get used to - teammates and opponents. One thing I always try to remind myself of when I have a lousy outing (=always) is that I always play the same game – I don’t go into a game saying “ahh, I’ll only try on every 2nd breakaway” or “ yeah that shot looks pretty hard – not gonna get in the way of that”. I think it’s a mindset of most goalies that we are going to do everything we can to stop the shot be it shinny or NHL - if not, why bother going out? Comparing games wh
  4. Yeah, when I was16 my friend's "mother" put their Nova into a row of mailboxes and took out the front end...except that 4 years later it came out that it was really him that was piloting the "postal plough"
  5. Pffft - sucks to be you - I'm 5' 7" - all I need is shown below
  6. Just call me stegaso....stigus...stegis.... Screw it - just call me T-rex
  7. That's why God invented Brylcreem. Anyone under 50 may have to look that one up - unless it has remade a resurgence and is now called a "product"
  8. This is why I am so glad I started in net after masks were mandatory. I can only imagine what kind of strange faces I make as the play goes on or during a save...
  9. What did the leper say to the hooker? ...ahhh I better not....
  10. @MTH: I hear he passed on the train rail...
  11. Back to this comment though: The graphics at the start of this thread (i.e. top of page 1) are great – team and/or country logos and tasteful. The fear (and I think I should replace “fear” with “inevitability”) is that with no limits on graphic creation and all that surface area, the pads will become billboards for all sorts of tacky ads. It’s going to be a definitive lowering of the bar when I see pads that essentially say “Eat at Joe’s”.
  12. When you say the "nut end" I assume you mean the side opposite what we see in your pic (?) If it is round two things you can try: 1. File some small flats on the "nut" heads so you can grab it better (hopefully you can do that without abrading the material -perhaps slip a very thin piece of sheet metal between the edge of the file and the pad material) 2. Use a pair of vice grips to hold the nut. If you can do that, don't be kind about it - set them so it's essentially at your limit of hand grip to get them to lock on Of course option 3 is the combination of 1 & 2
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