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  1. LOL - I think I met the same fellow... About a year ago I subbed for a group I had only played for once before. Despite this being shinny, they have a ref, team jerseys, dedicated changerooms (as I found out, if you are on the red side you DO NOT go into blue's changeroom) and keep stats. And believe me some of the guys are very concerned in the changeroom after the game that their stats get recorded correctly. I guess they think the shredder cares about their individual numbers. Anyway, I played poorly that game and wasn’t really happy with myself - it didn’t help the other goalie had his game on. He did a fantastic job of stopping a number of cross ice conversions to one-timers. Despite my mood I went over to congratulate him (and hopefully get some tips on how he handled the 1Ts so well). After chasing him almost to the exit doors I caught him and said “hey great game man – you really shut down their one-timers!” He looked at me like I was speaking Latin and then with the most serious face I have ever seen he said “yes” and then headed off into the sunset. I have found most goalies to be pretty easy going, but every so often you meet one named Dick...
  2. The group I play with on Sunday nights has an average age of 45. We do have some younger guys in there, early to mid-twenties but luckily my presence offsets them (two at a time in some cases) in order to maintain the average. Heading to the changeroom before one game I could hear the music blaring - something you don't hear from this group, so I assumed is one of the young ‘uns blasting the music before the game. Wrong: it was actually the other goalie - looking like he was about mid-forties - with his boom box on the table in the changeroom getting his gear set out while “rockin’ out” to ACDC and Guns N’ Roses. Once his gear was set up, out came the yoga mat on which he proceeded to lie and stretch and twist to all sorts of strange contortions which looked like something that would cause a pretzel to go into spasms. These are not big change rooms and as the guys came in they had to gingerly step around his writhing carcass. Once finished he got dressed such that he was only missing his chest protector, and gloves and mask at which point he grabbed two tennis balls and headed out to the hall, giving me a quick wink as he went by and saying “gotta get my hand eye coordination on!” I guess the plan was to go full “two-balls-to-the-wall” Tretiak mode. From where I was sitting I could see in the hall and watched him go off to the right. After a couple seconds I heard “thud-thud-shit!” & saw the two balls roll by the door and off to the left with him in hot pursuit. Then a couple of seconds and “thud-thud-shit!” with the two balls rolling off to the right with him again taking chase. This went on about a half dozen times before he came back in, finished gearing up and headed to the ice. From my viewpoint it looked like something out of a Benny Hill skit. In the end I think he really impressed his biggest fan.
  3. Are you sure it isn't just Guillaume Duclair shooting a new video?
  4. Couldn't agree more with the comment above. Those who are the best at anything will always know, whatever they are doing it is always a work in progress and will always strive to be better. Also agree with SBR about getting hold of management - even if their goalie coach doesn't have time he may know someone who does. If you are so inclined, this forum has a video review section - if you can/want to post, you can get some good respectful feedback form these guys. Good luck
  5. Ha ha - I've always said if you could swap my GPA and GAA I would have a box full of Stanley cup rings and a closet full of Nobel prizes
  6. I believe you mean goals against average....
  7. ...when you are so pissed off swear words alone just can't do it 😂
  8. If you can clear your mind and zero out your emotions that would probably end up working very well for you.
  9. Agree with Coop’s comments. Planned obsolescence was a term certainly borne from the auto industry, but I don’t necessarily think they planned for vehicles to fail at a specific time, I think the term is really a slang reference to the fact you can take something like a bearing and statistically determine for a given load how many cycles (revolutions) it could take before failure. There was no need for them to put a 50 year bearing (at the associated cost) in a car they assumed would only last 20 years under normal wear and tear. The planned obsolescence in the auto actually occurs when they stop producing parts for a specific vehicle after a specific amount of time (just like where Windows no longer supports my Win NT OS – bastards!) It would be pretty difficult to design a pad to fail after a certain amount of shots as shot intensity alone is difficult to predict (don’t forget there is a certain percentage of people out there using pro-level material where junior equipment would be plenty tough for the shots faced). Where issues come up though is if the manufacturer cheaps out on certain materials such as straps or thread type – inexpensive components that are so integrally important to the gear, which when they fail make you question how the manufacturer could be so stupid (and start to accuse them of doing this for a higher purpose).
  10. You're taking the sip after goals against, goals for, good saves, grandma's birthday, basically everything - that takes your thoughts and emotions away from one specific form and just flatlines them. Note that this will not be a short term solution - your first 5 sips may all be after bad goals against, but after 100 or so sips (which sounds like a lot but think of how often you take sips in a regular game it's not really) it will start kicking in. I did the sip thing for a couple of games before I found it made a difference. Note as the saying goes, YMMY with this method. @BadAngle41 has mentioned a number of options. The trick is probably more in finding what works for you than getting it to work. It's really training your brain whatever way you can. As an example, I've realized that you play well when you are enjoying yourself and the inverse is also true but how do you enjoy yourself when it all goes pear-shaped? One game I tried an experiment after becoming frustrated on how it was going: I decided to force my self to laugh about it and joke a bit with my team about the bad stuff - the result - my game really came up. I actually made my play better by making myself enjoy the experience, It makes absolutely no sense, but it worked. As other said, I think we all tend to overthink things at some time...
  11. No, they are not competing with each other. By taking a drink from the water bottle during both highs (good saves) and lows (bad or any goal against) or any other time what you are doing is training your brain to reset as @Chenner29 said. It's Pavlovian (look up "Pavlov's Dogs") - it eventually teaches your brain to come to a neutral point after a swig. I do this whenever I make a good save (so two swigs in the last 6 years) whenever I let in any goal and whenever my team scores. It really helps bring me to a neutral state, which for me is what I need. As you said, the joking around gets you loose which helps you not overthink, which augments what the water bottle is doing.
  12. Don't know if you would have found them at Home Depot: seems to me a lot of auto bolts (especially Japanese) are a non-standard thread - most probably so they can keep a monopoly on them as well. Auto part shops are usually a pretty good source...
  13. For those of you removed from the pacific northwest, a long time ago (early '80s?) Seattle dubbed itself "The Emerald City". So "Wizards" or "Flying Monkeys" - take your pick....
  14. Well if you're looking to start dating again, you're out of luck as she died 15 years ago...
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