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  1. Hey @RichMan - no disrespect to you - didn't mean it to come out that way if it did. I just personally have an issue with people floating conceptual designs with no real meat. If there was some testing done to back this idea up, then fine. I've seen many conceptual designs that end up nothing like the original because the real work is getting it to do what it needs to. Until you have a functioning concept, it is , in this case, just someone drawing goalie masks. Someone once said to me, before you buy into anything you should first always para-phrase the line from "Jerry McGuire": "Show
  2. Can you get a video of you throwing a puck into it - I still can't envision what you say is happening... I only see it fold in when you force it to...
  3. Yeah - I noticed the "I've been drawing goalie masks since I was 8 years old.." line and had to take a hard pass at that point...
  4. But that's probably all they need. Imagine if I sent out ads with a few (correctly) doctored images and stated I was reviving the Koho line...
  5. 2 things that make me questions this: · The open area behind the ear- I know the idea is that you should be facing the puck, but there are too many goal-mouth scrambles and strange deflections to allow this · In the image shown it appears that the “designer” is caught up copying “high-point” features which don’t necessarily add to the function but rather is an attempt to gain crown approval – the Brian’s reference, cage extension as a “nod to past mask designs”, round vent holes, outer shell supposedly inspired by older masks This appears more like a post secondary
  6. Thank God: my Mylecs were pretty well dust - once that delivery truck get by it's game on!
  7. Never played it but would love to try - although I am betting once would be enough for me... So, based on the quoted part of your response, what happens when you return to real hockey? Do you click back into the benchmarks on the ice? Any good or bad habits you bring into the 200 feet rink?
  8. I'm confused with this comment. Are you saying someone who gets their general coaching certificate ore whatever it's called now automatically knows enough to coach goalies? I've seen a lot of coaches today who must have whatever certification is required to be on the ice and in a change room with the team who never run one targeted or otherwise useful drill for a goalie in a 60-minute session...
  9. I think @coopaloop1234's initial question is the most important – what do you want from hockey? And… is that still a possibility? Covid has certainly thrown a wrench into any kind of continuity, so don’t take that too hard. You are doing the right thing taking a break - I wouldn’t limit it to 2 weeks. See how you feel then and if not 100%, hold off. Get your head straight and stay out ‘til you can answer the questions about what you want out of this. I am also very sorry to hear about yelling coaches. When I was young (and the steam engine was high-tech) this happened a lot (prese
  10. It’s a Canadian problem, that’s the thing. This isn’t new: look at the Avro Arrow. Before anyone starts in on me, no I don’t believe the hype that even though it was designed and built > 60 years ago it would be competitive today. But it was innovative and showed leading edge work by some great minds and showed Canadian leadership in the aerospace field. Proof lies in the fact that after the program was scrapped (in lieu of the US Bomarc missiles and DEW line) most of the Canadian engineers that worked on it went to work for NASA on Gemini and Apollo. The program NRC just started
  11. ...as @DL42 quietly steers the bus back onto the road as if nothing ever happened...
  12. I have this problem as well: a lot of times I will write something up in "Word" where it is easier to edit and save if I am writing over a period of time. When I paste it into the thread it auto double spaces, so I then edit out the extra spaces. But.... for some reason when I finally post the comment it goes back and re-double spaces it. So assuming I am awake enough and not in too much of a hurry, I have to edit the post and re-space. That usually does it. That is why a lot of my posts show as edited, simply trying to clean up the spacing....
  13. LOL – getting the spouse on board is the key element - kids won’t change the situation… When I was ~ 34/35, had just given up on my first iteration of being a goalie – my kids would have been ~ 2 & 4. A bunch of guys at the company I worked had the ice rented on Friday nights (technically Saturday morning) from ~ 12:30am to whenever the Zamboni guy finished his 2-4 was ready to go home. Great bunch of guys, sloppy hockey (I was playing out) and enough fun that even after I left the place to work elsewhere, I still played with them for a few years after. (As I have said before on play
  14. Some things never change. When I was in my teens my best friend was a D who was really a “closeted goalie”. It was as obvious as the sunrise this guy wanted to be a goalie, and to that end I don’t know why he never tired the position, he had the bucks and the size. I guess for him it went in the “things I regret not trying” column. Anyway yeah, he was always in the crease trying block shots or “make saves”. I don’t know how many times he slid in, knocked me out of the way, the puck would hit him and then at the whistle he’d look a me and say “I saved you on that one…” I was hoping i
  15. Well, they hung the carrot of possibly opening up hockey here about 2 weeks ago – but instead, yesterday, basically shut down all indoor restaurant facilities, implying that I will probably have to wait ‘til the day after never before I get on the ice again. The one bright spot is, moving into spring, the weather is getting better, so I am turning energies toward some inline skating to get into a bit better shape and ensure I actually remember to skate (in case I ever get to step on the ice again)... As a history, I had a pair of Bauer inline skates about 20 years ago: really liked t
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