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  1. I think it's in the genes: I'm one of those guys who can't get their pads on the proper legs if I am chewing gum while changing. One goalie I used to play against, would come into the change room 15 minutes before ice time (i.e 15 minutes after I started getting changed), BS with whomever he was sitting beside as he got dressed and still be suited up before me. What a prick 😃
  2. Yeah, I hear Coronavirus can't survive in sub-zero temperatures👍
  3. Yes, thanks I reached out to the group as I felt the price they quoted was high, but wanted to see what other people were paying,. I will certainly explore other options. if I have an revelations as to how to do this, I will let others know. Oh, and yes, I will be doing the sewing...
  4. Steve - thanks for this - great video which I hope it strikes a chord with a number of people!
  5. OK – I know there’s a lot of young guys here ( for me young = <35) so there’s probably not a lot of consideration for this, but one of the bigger issues as we get older is exactly that – cardiac. As per @Lucky Pucker's comment, especially with a return after a layoff like this, there is always a concern with respect to over-stressing the system. And yes, even the young guys probably play with some older goats (present company included). The bigger issue here is, at least in Canada, while I believe most arenas/rec centres are mandated to have an AED, the "missing link" is, do you know where it is in your facility? Remember most facilities are multi-purpose, so the AED won’t necessarily be near the rink. When you sit in the change room, poll the people in there: if there isn’t at least 2 people that know where one is, I’d suggest you rectify that situation . BTW I f you are interested, check out “PulsePoint” (https://www.pulsepoint.org/). I haven’t tried it, but apparently the app allows you to locate the nearest AED – who knows… Oh, yeah - stay safe from me too
  6. Yeah, that's when you get to see all the pretty lights!
  7. Interesting - if I recall in that rink, you can see the dressing room doors from the ice surface, correct? It would be a bit difficult in some rinks where the dressing rooms are down a walkway not visible from the ice.
  8. New Rule: You guys and gals lucky enough to get on the ice have to describe the experience to the rest of us - vicarious living is all the rest of us have to go on! Kudos to @Ken35
  9. Considering their roots, they should have not only given you a free coffee but thrown in a donut as well... P.S. How was the session?
  10. Great suggestion - there is enough rep teams as well as a WHL team here, so hopefully someone can help with access to materials Thx
  11. Hi all: As this thread is about jerseys, I thought I would dump this here as it is to do with part of a jersey (less threads are probably good, but if moderators fell different, feel free to relocate this) Has anyone purchased numbers for their jerseys, and if so where and at what cost? I have been on the hunt for some sew-on numbers for one of my practice jerseys. It has been pretty difficult to find anything in Canada as most places that do that kind of stuff only want to do team/corporate sales. I did get a response from my “semi-local” PHL who will sell me a set (both arms plus back) for ~ $60 CAN. (+ shipping). It seems high but if that what people have seen as the going rate, I will accept it. Any comments on experience with this, possible distributors etc would be appreciated… Thx MOD EDIT - I felt this was worthy of its own topic. Good stuff!
  12. Two of the rinks I frequent had a "no goalies" rule at stick and puck. I approached them and said I just wanted to go out to work on technique, moves etc. As I assumed, the rule was actually written to mean they didn't want people shooting on goalies (yeah, I know, stick and puck here is different from most other places). It actually took about a week to get cleared in one rink because they had to talk to the director of programs or something like that, but after considering what I wanted, they didn't have any issues with it and were happy to let me on the ice. Of course I barely made it into my second stick and puck session when the rink attendant comes up to me and says "hey, do you want to get in net and we can do some shootout practice?" I suggested to him the rink didn't really want that happening to which he just shrugged and said something to the effect of "meh, its not a problem with me". Two points from this story: First, a lot of times people (when I say people I mean those behind the counter) read the rules and parrot it it without considering what is really desired or practical. Second, as I said in an earlier post, it really doesn't take long before apathy sets in...
  13. Agreed. I keep thinking if all else fails, they could still use the "lobby option". Most Rinks I play at have relatively large lobby. You could put up separator curtains like they use in ERs (plastic sheet, so easily washed down) and light to move out of the way. If they made even just a few of these "cubicles" in the lobby then at least goalies could get changed. This seems to be yet another example of where rule-makers didn't think it out - one size does not fit all and in the case of goalies, some extra thought needs to be put in, Unfortunately I bet none of the rule-makers are goalies... Would be nice to get one of them, throw a bag of goalie gear in a Corolla and say, "there ya go - hop in and suit up".
  14. The reality is, the more rules there are, the more there is to police. At some point people (both participants and enforcers) fall into a comfort (or more likely, apathy) zone that typically falls short of the rules. I am all for following the rules and trying to flatten the curve, but we are presently in a time where people are sanitizing the pin pad after I tap my credit card – not too sure what that is doing. BTW – I keep seeing where they say no spitting on the ice – that’s such a natural occurrence inn hockey that I suspect if they were to enforce it everyone would be off the ice less than 5 minutes into a game.
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