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  1. Nope - most of mine are embedded in x-bars or posts...
  2. May make sense, but doesn't make it right - doesn't that guy have a beanstalk to climb or something??
  3. Actually this is something I suggested but I can't recall if it was on a previous forum. Anyway it would be great to have a database of what cages fit what masks. If people have experience swapping cages and masks, please let us know. If you have different masks and the time, try swapping and let us know. BTW: knowing what doesn't work is as valuable as knowing what does. It would be nice to know if you see a cage on sale and could say "yeah that's a great deal and it fits my mask". I have a personal agenda as I have a Hackva, so would like to know what options I have are. I know Otn
  4. Yeah, I thought they might be outmoded by now - they were fairly popular (and probably pretty useless and possibly even damaging to skating skills) when I was a kid, but then so were radios that had tubes in them.
  5. Oh man - first look at the last pic and I thought "why would you make bob-skates for goalies?" Penny has now dropped - nothing to see here, move along...
  6. There have been previous threads about why it is difficult to play lower level hockey and I think your dilemma is the core of the problem. A good hard shot is easier to direct into the corner with blocker, stick or pads. Similarly that type of shot on the glove side or breadbasket buries itself and is easier to gobble up. The biggest nightmare is that half speed shot mainly to a hard surface – pads, stick or blocker. If not handled properly it creates the proverbial juicy rebound. A blocker or pad on it is a bit easier to control as you can put a bit more “oomph” into your reaction and dr
  7. Colander


    LOL - sooo many mixed messages in that pic. First I thought your daughter was giving a thumbs down to the bowl of veggies, and then I thought, who the hell drinks chipotle beer?
  8. Colander


    In his defense, while family is foremost, once you've had kids you realize the importance of beer
  9. For me it’s not the gear so much as the tinkering. I came about this honestly as in my younger days I could never afford new gear and had to make what I had last. It has carried on as a habit (which I enjoy) in my later life. I am not surprised a number of the pros aren’t gear nuts – they get it all for free, so there’s no real need to have a PhD in gear design. They get lots of new stuff thrown at them, try it, and if it works great, if not there’s no economic consequence - someone just gets a deal on pro-return stuff. If Vaughn or CCM or whomever discontinued the glove with the specia
  10. Perhaps an update to the tagging. I look at @TheGoalNet and all I see is a red oval with fuzz in the middle. Black text would probably go a long way to solving this (I think that's the way it was before?) And no, I don't have any known colour-blindness issues: blue means go, purple means stop...
  11. Colander

    GSBB - Dead?

    OMG GSBB retired?
  12. Well it's one thing to be a crappy team, but if you add a stupid name to it, you'd be better off just heading to the local Harley bar and explaining to them how 'V'-twins suck...
  13. Further to @coopaloop1234’s comments: what we know as the “cougar” in the Pacific Northwest is known a mountain lion, puma or even panther in other parts of North America. Similarly, “Bigfoot” is also known as the “Sasquatch” to first nations people and “Yeti” in parts of Asia. The Humboldt (or giant) squid, which can be up to 50 feet long and weigh up to 1 ton lives in the waters of the Pacific Northwest with sightings going back to the 1800s. The Norse Kraken could easily be the Humboldt in these areas. Based on that, the name is very relevant. (Whether or not your buddy is stupid is proba
  14. If I remember correctly, I think it was @Hockey School Dropout who played ball hockey in gear when he was on the old GCN forum. It seems @havok does as well. Pivotal question: are you using regulation hockey nets or street hockey nets: · If the former, I would probably use full padding and get some roller-fly. I know you said you wouldn’t use a sliding aid, but the benefit the position is too great to not consider it in a full-size net, IMO · If it is the latter, I would go gloves, some cool retro mask (modified Cooper HM7 or even funkier) and some hard surface we
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