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  1. @stackem30 While I agree that this isn't really the place for him to ask medical questions, as has been advised by others in this thread, for all the things I've seen on this forum, that is for lack of a better term "flippant", I think we can extend the OP a bit of slack. I appreciate your concern about the pandemic and wish all seeing this the best of health in these unusual times.
  2. While it may afford better protection to the head globally, I don't see where this is necessarily an improvement in concussion protection. It' really just a full-face motorcycle helmet. Not sure how it protects the head from rapid accelerations associated with concussions.
  3. Hey Joe: Glad to see you back on the ice. Interesting: I’ve known people who took literally years to learn to stop on skates. Apparently all they needed to do was come to this game and play D for you inside your blue line.
  4. Oh, for sure - but for fun, check out what happened to all four top seeds in last year's Stanley Cup and get back to us...
  5. Alt least 😃 (Fan since '72)
  6. Actually. NBA used the term "postponed". It could conceivably set a multi-week waiting period and then restart if the peak passes (who knows though). Fine with me if they cancel the rest of the NHL season - then my Habs will then be as close to winning the cup this year as any other team 🤣
  7. Yeah, noticed the double clip, but didn't see any goals against you - pics or it didn't happen - man if it were only that easy...
  8. I'm guessing either there is an existing internal belly loop on the CA or he sewed one in (that's what I did with my Bauer, right before I decided to go back to tucking)
  9. "Shutout blowing blunder"? - didn't see any goals against you ????
  10. For a contextual comparison, here’s a pic of my Brian’s int in front of my V2 seniors. They are both the same height, but I leaned the Brian’s back a bit so you could see the Vaughns a bit more clearly. I played in the V2s for about 6 years before switching to the Brian's just under 2 years ago. TheV2s are a 12” wide pad and from there I went to a 10.5” Brian’s: with them lined up on the right side of the pic, you can see there is a puck diameter difference at the left side. The first time I wore these I went to a stick and puck to get used to them. I then played my first game of a summer set with a bunch of pretty good calibre players about 5 days later. The result: I had one of the best game’s I have played in a long time. I never really liked the V2s because they were wide and for me clumsy. As a smaller goalie, I rely on my mobility as much as anything else and the ability to get around in these (because they were markedly narrower) really helped. TL:DR? Edit: Don’t fear Int for lack of width or presumed lack of protection.
  11. My V2s also had a lace in Knee block with 3 or 4 height positions. This is something I really have harped on in the past – having pads that have adjustability. Had I gone through with my purchase of leg pads from Passau, the blocks, flaps and or wraps for the leg would not have been permanently attached. Instead I was going to have two material strips lined with Velcro sewn the length of the leg channel, one on either side and all parts exclusive of the actual padded body proper would be attached via the Velcro. Then not only would they be adjustable, but I could remove as desired, or even add a different part. Say you get access to an old set of pads with a nicer knee block, cradle or calf wing. Part those out, add a matching Velcro strip on and Frankenpad is born. When something wears out, instead of tossing the pads*, you toss that piece and replace with either something off another set or have something made. And in case you think it wouldn’t work, there was a guy on the old GCN that did something similar when he ordered a set of Passaus, but instead of Velcro, he just had plain tabs about an inch wide installed with holes to allow lacing the parts in. I talked to him originally and he seemed happy with the way it worked out, but never got a chance to update before the forum went dead. *I'm sure there are those who feel worn out or damaged pads are a great reason to get some new stuff, but at some point money does become an issue, for me anyway
  12. There seems to be a line, or more specifically size that “Senior” sizing won’t drop below with a lot of manufacturers – and that size is 32. CCM is a good example – you can’t get a senior in 32 – trying to remember which others as I just went through this about 18 months ago. I suspect Brian’s may be the same as I bought some Sub-Zero 6’s that were 32+1 and they were intermediate. I have played with (by today’s standards) low level Cooper kapok and deer fur pads, moved to V2s in my second kick at the can and now in the fore-mentioned Brian’s. Honestly I believe leg pads today with their rigid foam etc are over designed as I have never felt a shot in them ( not even in the Coopers for that matter). For the record I play with a group in the summers where a couple of guys can make your wrist sting through the blocker – still never had a concern about the leg pads.Of all the modern equipment you wear, the one area I would say I would never be concerned about is leg pads (assuming fit is correct). Things like CA, mask (catching) glove and let’s call it “central body protection”, yeah – that needs to be high lever these days what with the flexi sticks etc.Note that I am speaking specifically to protection, not durability…. PS - keep the videos coming Gary
  13. You are essentially repeating everything I said.I was objecting to your first comment - that it is a myth. Specifically per the OP's question, if you cut something off a stick the balance point changes, Whether that balance point is close to some different stick after cutting, or whether you can restore the exact same balance point with tape or fish weights or whatever, is not what the OP was specifically asking.
  14. Not how I see it. Shinny is tough enough. When its 4:4 the advantage goes to the forwards who want to skate, because the D never does, as shown in your latest video – 2:0s were the flavour of the day in that skate 😒 Lots of good saves and the glove was on as usual.
  15. Sorry - but not a myth. If you cut your stick you DO change the balance, specifically by changing the centre of gravity or centre of mass - this is a fact of physics. The theory of adding tape to make up the difference is misleading in that if you are going to do a fair comparison, you need to check the balance point before and after with the butt end in the same condition, either taped or untaped and, if taped , the exact same amount of tape before and after in the exact same location on the butt end. The fact you say adding tape makes up the difference proves the centre of mass does shift and so you re-balance by adding tape. If you want to prove any of this, take a stick, remove the tape on the butt end, check it's balance point by balancing on a pencil or small diameter dowel, mark the balance point, cut say 3 inches of and recheck the balance point - you will see it will have moved (down) a very small amount. The truth of the matter is cutting off say 3 inches will only make a very small change in the balance point, probably so small you wouldn't notice the difference depending on the stick and things like how much tape you use on your blade
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