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  1. Does that include stretching for another beer (pre or post game)?
  2. OK - I am defining resilient as something that flexes under load, not necessarily that it springs back. I always think of something springing back as an an elastic deformation, but, yes you are correct in your definition of resilient.
  3. Actually seat belts do more that that, employing pyrotechnics in the pretensioners per the linked article to increase as they put it the "ride-down" deceleration as explained in the linked article http://www.carsp.ca/research/resources/high-tech-vehicle-safety-systems/seat-belt-pretensioners/
  4. Colander

    Kids Hockey

    So going along with your glass half-full outlook: I am assuming he will be at the top of his team skill-wise- this will hopefully allow for more ice time, allowing further improvement - I know a lot of people who said the drop for them was the best thing that happened to them. This may also be an opportunity for him to practice some leadership among the less experienced/ lesser skilled players - that is always a good thing for both performance and life skills...
  5. The two mounting points would be resilient to allow dissipation go the energy via deceleration. If you look at seat belt, that's essentially what it does. Even an air bag has a level of resilience. Impacting a super high pressure (i.e. hard) air bag would be no different that slamming into the dash or steering wheel..
  6. IMO - close, but two items (which, yes I have stated before): 1. Thicker or possibly dual density foam, in the sweat band 2. Chin cup with more resilient straps Your mask is then mated to your head via two resilient mounting points. I never understood the ides of having the inside of the mask covered with semi-stiff foam - all that does is transfer all the shock directly to your head, whereas a resilient support allows for deceleration. I already did the thicker sweatband bit (about 2x as thick as the original) -really made a difference IMO
  7. When I first got my V2s, the knee "blocks" (because the way they were attached were very sloppy, not like current blocks at all) would wave in the breeze. Especially when I first started it was a real struggle not to have them catch on each other without having a real bow-legged stance especially when skating backwards, so yeah I could see it being a possibility. Having said that, today's blocks are every rigidly attached t the side of the pad, so I don't know if that could be an issue
  8. Just to add: I have some Brian's where I run the knee lock down to the calf wrap for this reason. I have been mulling over putting in thicker knee blocks to help with my (pretty non-existent at my age). b-fly flair. The inner flap the knee-lock elastic originally attached to hasn't been in the way for my knee pads (Bauer Supremes) as far as motion or rotation is concerned as it just flips out of the way. I suppose it could be cut off if it became a problem. As the knee block gets thicker, the knee would tend to sit asymmetrically (laterally) in the pad (pads pushed to the inside) - don't know if there is a limit where this would result in any sort of issues...
  9. Nice mask! What about the two that don't line up -are they close or a mile off? If the former, perhaps a custom clip? Can you post a pic with the cage in place (assuming you have it?)
  10. Hey @RichMan - no disrespect to you - didn't mean it to come out that way if it did. I just personally have an issue with people floating conceptual designs with no real meat. If there was some testing done to back this idea up, then fine. I've seen many conceptual designs that end up nothing like the original because the real work is getting it to do what it needs to. Until you have a functioning concept, it is , in this case, just someone drawing goalie masks. Someone once said to me, before you buy into anything you should first always para-phrase the line from "Jerry McGuire": "Show me the numbers/stats"
  11. Can you get a video of you throwing a puck into it - I still can't envision what you say is happening... I only see it fold in when you force it to...
  12. Yeah - I noticed the "I've been drawing goalie masks since I was 8 years old.." line and had to take a hard pass at that point...
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