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  1. Ya'll seen my boy Igor yesterday? Florida was hands down better, but Shesterkin gave them a chance. Now only to see if the Rangers can keep(step) it up. Also, I can't stop drooling at Bobroksky's perfect butterfly seal in his Hzrdus pads. Is that typical of Hzrdus, or does he have some crazy stiff specs?
  2. Thanks for the feedback and your experience. It makes sense to me that they wouldn't be any worse than average, and I tend to baby my pads anyway. That said I would like to try some G7's too and if they have any improved rebounds, they'll be a contender in my mind.
  3. I was hoping someone would talk me into Bauer. Those do look great so far. Maybe all the chewed up bauers on SLS are from much more active players? So if I got a set of Hyperlite3's in all black (by the time I get around to this), if I baby them they should be fine for beer league and occasional tournaments for 4-5 years?
  4. ALSO would it be safe to say that True rebounds are middle of the pack with Warrior?
  5. Hey question for any long term Bauer and Warrior pad owners. How much is Bauer's durability concerns really legit? I've seen posts here and there with various issues on Bauer pads, more from use. You see a lot of one or two season Bauer pads on SLS that look like they've been put into a garbage disposal. I don't see as much of that from warrior and my Rg2s have lasted beautifully. Although warrior seems to have more manufacturing issues. True is a contender in my mind simply being handmade in Canada still. The reason I ask is I am in a position where in the next year or two I might be ordering my first (and likely only) pro custom set, but it's probably going to need to last me for 5+ years, closer to 10 if my wife has anything to say about it. So longevity is maybe now a top factor in my choice. I'm just having doubts about Bauer longevity, and somewhat even warrior, so much so I'm leaning toward True Hzrdus even though it's not exactly my style of pad (don't prefer open leg channels). Brian's just doesn't make a pad that is me, and I just can't appreciate Vaughn or CCM yet and they seem to be having their own durability issues. Basically, Bauer Shadow (or stiffer HL2) is perfectly my style but I'm worried about durability, the G7 is a close 2nd but I'm worried about it not performing as well as the Shadow, and True Hzrdus seems like a really safe long term bet (I'd even do some leather straps) and I've had and liked Lefevre pads before (just prefer tighter fitting pads with calf pillows), so I'm just worried it might be too far off my style. Any thoughts?
  6. Nice sexy black glove, reminds me of mysel... I mean my glove.
  7. Never had a hip injury just yet but had my share of shoulder and ankle ones. Everyone here has had some great thoughts so I don't have much to add. All I will chime in is this: Ligament tissues due just take time, a long time to heal. I had a severe tear in my ankle ligament and thought for sure I'd need surgery. Instead, 3 months in walking boot and 3 months light duty (no hockey at all during this time) and it healed perfectly on its own. It won't stop hurting until it's fully healed, so don't take some pain as a sign nothing is getting better. But obviously trust your docs over us haha. Last thing. I had a bicep tendon tear that had to be surgically repaired when I was 23. I got lucky that the repair went well and is holding up mostly now 10 years later, but my current surgeon explained that any surgery, has a shelf life and will eventually lead to further complications. I'm going under this Friday and he's going to take a look at my original surgery and do any touch up that he can. I'll be babying that shoulder the rest of my life. I used to hate the typical "ah just do a bunch of PT and give it time" approach, but really if your doc says there's chance to heal naturally, it's worth completely exhausting that option before going ahead with a surgical intervention. Best of luck to you!
  8. Warrior gloves, the best of all worlds. Nuff said. Protective, closes better than the rest, durable, crazy light, better strapping that the rest. Brian's and maybe some Vaighn might come close. Tried True and had the same issues as you, nearly tried Bauer custom but went with a sweet deal on a warrior 6.1 pro and I can't imagine it being any better so I haven't looked back. I'm in a Bauer blocker though because they are the lightest with the most pop. I love the blocker but have definite concerns about build quality. I think this kind of goes without saying on a forum but... that's just my 2 cents.
  9. I've always been a Av's fan, but not had much of a goalie since Roy to root for. Georgiev, I love em, but he's about as inconsistent as I am, and probably going to lose my Av's any chance at the cup this year. So in prior years I've bandwagoned with teams that I like their goalies, ie, Rangers. Beyond that I'm always pulling for Canadian teams. There's been so many close games I've appreciated watching. Great round 1. To my Canadian friends who can't watch much, can you guys get ESPN+? It's a online streaming service for just $10 a month, like disney plus haha. You rarely get to watch a live game, but the replays are available as soon as the game is done. So I just stay off the internet and tune in about 3 hours after puck drop, pretend it's live and have a ball.
  10. I have the older swagger pants and I really have no complaints. They seem to present well and I've never been hurt. If anything I'm interested in a slightly smaller/more flexible pant but mine have been a workhorse for years now, probably a solid 6+ years of use and only now looking a little ragged.
  11. Good info. They do look great. I'm very curious about those purrty looking Brian's optik pants but doubt I'll ever be able to justify $500 for pants in this lifetime. Maybe I'll start a go fund me haha
  12. Some good points. I kinda like messing with all their options but at the same time a streamlined pad would be cool too. Just curious, what pants do you like that present bigger?
  13. Maybe I did a better job applying it than I realize, but for what it's worth I've had no trouble with this stuff sticking over time even with very quick and imperfect 5 minute applications. Although I do use a hair dryer for heat to mold it on better, help it stick. I also have warrior pads with a velcro knee stack that I tuck the edges of the film into, then velcro over so that really helps anchor it. But I currently only have half of my knee plate covered in the film (to prevent over sliding) and even with that edge getting water underneath it each game, it has never come off. Works like a charm. Powerful yet controlled slides.
  14. Wow what a great post Thecarguy, thanks for sharing your struggle. As others have said, that does take kahones (although it's sad that it's more rare to be real with others). I'm sorry for what you're going through. There's so much good that has been said by others here already, I can hardly hope to add anything. But as a goalie who occasionally midnights as a mental health therapist I will add this much: There really is a lot of truth to really knowing yourself, and knowing what YOU want, not what others want you to do. If you want to respect others' wishes somewhat while being true to yourself that's great, but if you're only doing something for others, it won't last and it won't be authentic or blessed by your true passion and commitment. I'd recommend setting aside a little time to really think this through. Spend a day or a weekend away from others and get to know yourself on a deeper level. See if you can even write out what's important to you, your values, your goals, your hopes, and even your limits (pretending you don't have any won't help, despite what Hollywood says). This could go either way. You may find yourself recommitting to hockey with a new vigour, doing it for your own reasons this time, or, you may find yourself letting go, and finding peace and hope in starting a new chapter in life. It's completely your choice. Make the choice that brings you life, hope, and peace. Good luck my friend, and thanks for all your posts on warrior gear that I'm always so interested in!
  15. https://fixmygear.com/products/braid-nylon-lace-and-needle This is what I used to do my perimeter lacing. The needle was very handy.
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