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Bauer Supreme Neck Guard


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Hello everybody! my first acquaintance with collars for neck protection happened about 15 years ago after my return to the ice. and it was DR neck protection. the main impression after which was one thing - very hot. very very. very. and I will continue to play without her. but one accidental shot to the neck from the throw-in point got me thinking. since the first exposure to the collar was negative, Danglers was acquired for protection. and I've been playing with him for over 10 years, periodically changing to a new one. during this time my brain got so used to the constant bang-bang about the mask that it simply ignores this sound and does not notice it.

The main disadvantage of Danglers for me is not his clattering on the mask, but the complete overlap of visibility under my feet

quite by accident and completely free of charge, I got the Bauer Supreme neck protector. the state is very sad, but it performs its main function of protection regularly. why not give her a second chance by trying to fix the main flaw?


before starting work, I washed it thoroughly and began to disassemble

the elastic band completely lost its elasticity and became just a band


separated the parts and removed the binding

inside the collar there was semi-decomposed foam rubber and crumpled LD foam



then took apart the chest




on internal material Thermomax


the foam also decomposed


the tread itself was very interesting in design


it was segmented and each site consisted of different materials

the outermost parts of the top were covered with honeycomb Bauer foam which hinted at the possibility of ventilation ...

like the grid above it




but as with other uses of this foam, the hint of ventilation was only a hint - the foam is glued to the PE foam, which does not allow air to pass through


the whole protection structure was a sandwich of layers of soft PE foam with hard plastic between it

plastic was inside each segment



even under the center section, reinforced with an outer layer of HD foam


also laid plastic


a very serious design, offering good security

small foam tears will not affect performance after assembly, so I will not glue them together

in general, the general condition is quite lively except for the indicated points. the work plan has been determined and I will start to implement it soon

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