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Fix your blocker finger?


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Here's a short 2 pic story of how to fix simple hole on blockers finger. This mod is easily done with needle and strong sewing thread, speedystitcher etc.

So there are holes on thumb where the stronger leather patches end long before finger tip which causes this issue. You want to use your finger tip to get a grip of your stick.

Another hole is on the index finger just where the reinforcement layer end. Not surprising either and very common to happen. This hole was the issue that lead my friend to ask me to fix this glove as the leather is so worn that the hole is taking over the material quickly.


I had some excess pieces of suregrip or whatever it is called but anything from jenpro to real leather goes. Jenpro might not be the best choice though.

Open up the sewing on index finger edges and cut out the worn piece of material. Use that cutout to shape a new piece. Sew it in. If you are using sewing machine or just want more room anyway check if you can disconnect the finger protector and that you can attach it again when ready.

Thumb was easier techvise; remove the elastic connecting the finger tip to protector, cut a new material to cover the hole and enough extra to reach over the old reinforcement material. Sew in and reattach the elastic and it's done.

If using a sewing machine then you have to open the thumb farther than you need to add new material to get the machine in.


It takes an hour or two but the feel of the glove is a lot better without those annoying holes. You can't really feel the edges on materials of the index finger even that you can clearly see them.

I should've washed this glove but my friend was in a hurry to get this back to use... 🤢

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