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  1. I'll see to the photo album if I have something useful to report. Most of whats done with this Simmons applies to the Brians also. Edit: sorry nothing really useable was in the photos, just some dismantling remarks to remember what was where originally.
  2. That sure is one-to-one copy. But which is the original? Vaughn is designing their own as far as I know. Simmons isn't that familiar to me but wouldn't it be self destruction to copy a design like this? Would it be some sort of co-design, but why? And as this Simmons is UL7 -series, the base model has been there for a while. For what I got from query to Simmons, the UL series has gone through with minor modifications between model generations. Interesting it is.
  3. Took a photo of them before beginning, thought I would ask which of them I should do first. But the Vaughn is next. There is similar deforming on them.😐 But in techincal and structural terms they are very different.
  4. Washing procedure complete! Now is the waiting time to get the parts dry. Few repair spots came up while washing. Basic repair job for the edge caused by the curved plastic. Finger protection has taken it quite hard. It's not easy to rip Jenpro like that, and three spots. Ofcourse it might've been three different hits.
  5. Got a reply from Simmons about the model that would most probably be UL7. The cuff plate is ready to rock. Only small dots of urethane came out so maybe a bit more clue would've been good. But it's very firm so that's about it. Cleaned those small pops off with a knife as they are hard and pointy which could damage the Jenpro from inside over some time.
  6. Just before the Zero G I made a SLR Carbon. It had the same as not even worse curling and it was the hoity toity carbon induced plastic. Actually two layers of it, about 2mm of each layer at the edge. There has to be a huge force to that plastic as it needs quite a lot of heat to make it flat again. Of course it's long time to curl it badly and then in minutes to get it back. Nothing special to include so a pic of the nearly completed Zero G.
  7. I've a 7500 waiting for its turn, but atleast that one has very little in common to this Simmons unit. Inside the glove there are similarities. Little bit forward with Simmons, plastic repairs, a few starting cracks melted together with electronics welder and reshaping with a heat gun/blower. Whats the correct name for it? The finger plate has been curved in for so long that it's getting curved again after heating, bending and cold water cooling. Have to heat it up once more. Washing is in slow progress. Four times clean water rinse and then into warm water bathe with a little detergent. Hand washing, rubbing and toothbrush in good use. One hour of bath and the water is getting foggy, so still something is washed out.
  8. In the picture above theres a thing I've never seen before. A non cracked plastic from the T lip connecting to the glove. That plastic is always split in two just where it bends. And that plastic is one reason for new glove to be so tight. I've been thinking of buying a new glove, open it up and cut those plastics right away. I don't se any reason for them to go inside the glove, and while I refurbish gloves and make a new plastics there I never extend them to the edges. And the T has every time worked like a charm.
  9. 12h later the soup is doing fine. Some stirring and rubbing around and the result is promising. 🤮 Next was the T part, as everything else is in the wash. The plastic support seemed deformed alot and lip of T needed some redo too so disassembly and here we are. This is a work that requires machine to sew back together, and in many cases T part does not require any repairs at all.
  10. The glove is filhty, smells like something that would easiest be described as used sports gear. People, if you don't yet, please start now! To wash your hands before you to the ice. It'll keep your precious gloves tidy for longer time. One image of the inside, coloring, salty deposits, and the smell. My hands still have little odor after few washups with load of soap and its already some hours since. So lets get rid of the smell. Large enough bucket, cold tap water and vinegar. All the smelly and washable parts go in, add water so that it's got all covered and add a large spoon or two of winegar. Put a lid over so the winegar don't escape (the smell 😁) I'll let it cook up for 12 to 24 hours and some stirring for few times. After this treatment it's time to rinse throughly with clean water and then use some detergent and good old hand wash procedure. Those stainless parts are to keep things underwaters. Vinegar is acidic so no materials that react with it.
  11. Cuff plate is almost in two pieces. It was clued to the Jenpro pocket and made some extra work to get it out. I don't think clueing the plate in would do any good to durability. Instead it may stress parts as they cannot adapt to pressure etc. Urethane glue, water, wooden stick and clamp. Some drops of glue in to the split, the a little water and mess it around inside the split with stick. Put the plate on a flat (or fitting shape when needed) surface and use the clamp to secure. Water will react with the PUR glue and form nice tacky foam that will fill the split throughly and then harden over night.
  12. And here we go What is it that makes the finger plate curve like this? How you do it? It's very common thing on these but why is it? Plastic it is, some heat treatment and return to almost flat. Almost, because I've seen it to be better with a little curvature.
  13. As the ongoing project to refurbish Brians Zero G is about to be ready, heres a topic for the next one. Catchers are what I mostly do, they are available and with reasonable amount of work can be restored to atleast useable form. So as the topic says Simmons is the next on the line. New to me, no Simmons ever before. This one is in quite good condition, not treated very nicely but nothing broken. Is there any way to identify the model? Only things I found are Simmons and made in Canada tags. Whats going to happen here: Dismantle the thing to pieces Wash with winegar and some detergent See through what needs repairing and modification Rebuild Feel free to comment, ask and suggest. I'm still on a learning curve and don't know everything about anything yet. Every project gives some knowledge for the next one.
  14. I forgot to say, I'm having that back side loop only inside my pants. That way it allows the pants to be freely and backplate of C/A doesn't get bind up with the stiff kidneyguard of them X pros. And I don't trust those buttons to stay there at all. The suspenders are very sturdy on attachment (atleast the custom ones like Kova) but when we get something as rigid to the pants? Warrior going to be the first to do it? 😉
  15. My Total One is looking exactly the same about T closed. It is fingers to palm break, you cannot fix that without rebuilding the whole thing. What I'm wondering here is how important of a thing you think it is to be able to pick up the puck? If the glove is working and you catch the puck and it feels good then I wouldn't do anything.
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