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  1. I've only seen this actually happen when catching puck which goes just that much wrong that the puck forces the lip in. But never in a way that you open the glove too much to turn the lip inwards. Picture of the actual glove would give some idea about whats wrong.
  2. Now I have some pictures of my danglers. First one is the one I used a few times before shutdown. The front or chin loop goes through the holes on the mask and through the danglers front hole and knot there. I routed the ends back inside for cleaner look. This way the dangler never rises too much to my line of sight. And it also reduced some of the noice from dangler banging around. This only is possible with masks having those chin holes. Bauer NME atleast. White stuff on the chin and at the end of the dangler is 2mm thick felt with adhesive used under furniture feet. This solution is al
  3. Brown JB2000 with own mods. Protective and broken in. Hot and heavy but that's acceptible for training style of gaming. Warrior Pro without robotic arms. Fit me really well, feels solid, mobile and protective. Robot armsmassive elbow floaters always contacted gloves on both hands. Vaughn VE8 feels like Warrior. Added padding to arms and shoulders. Fit me just as Warriors. Waiting for rinks to open again. Woud like to try on Passau and maybe Kenesky etc "special" brands. But afterall maybe I would order a brand new Brown with all the specs possible. Just to have some extra traini
  4. Plain impressive to read these when people are doing things and thinking what they do and why they do it. 👍 I have to take a picture of mine and give my input for the topic too.
  5. Yes, Joni is an excellent craftsman. Best known for his mask painting skills. Finnish like me and working for HIFK organization playing in highest level of Finnish hockey. Recently he built Koho Evolution glove clone out of scratch for vintage gear enthusiast just for an example. And from pictures the quality absolutely is top notch.
  6. Skillvise propably but maybe not the best part of me. I'm more familiar with plastic sheets and padding things and Jenpro repairs. And material is also an issue with pants, I don't have any real supply for larger amounts of nylon fabric. But thanks for kudos! Thanks for the kudos too! Yeah, the shipping costs would make this project worthless right away. Atleast at the point where I would be shipping them back. The shipping costs to international destination from Finland seem to be pretty ridiculous.
  7. Yes I'm aiming to keep the pad as much together as possible due to them being in good condition and obviously very little use. I've been looking for those polystyren sheets and parts but haven't seen them yet. Have to recheck next time because I'm sure they are there as it's been a normal material there for a long time in RBK/CCM/Lefebvre design. I opened the package today to see how things are now. I didn't give a lot of force to the pad yet as the plastics are airtight and the glue might take some time to cure completely. But for what I tried the pad is really, I mean really stiff
  8. Not too much for today but a little, scratched all the old glue out I could. For the harder sheet I first used sand paper to break the surface. Then using a drill bit on a drill swinged all over the sheet to open up the surface even more. Then did the same to the main sheet inside the pad for as long in as I could. The top end of the pad is so tight inside that it'll propably hold the sheets together pretty well as they were still attached by the original glue. Then some glue that defines "will attach almost all materials" but they don't usually attach to plastics. We'll see ho
  9. Inspiration to make some progress with these pads now. It was at 2630g about for a pad at the moment, and as said earlier the knee cradle padding is gonna go and I'll have the cradle as open as possible. And as smooth and slick as possible too. Slicky is the easiest part as the base material used is nylon fabric which does the job for me. The added padding was laced in with the body lace which I don't want to cut, so I just cut the padding open by the lace. It cameout decent, no damage to pad which was the main thing and the padding is still useable for some future project. Also the thigh
  10. Is this original from factory or modified some way? This is something I'm gonna give a try at some point.
  11. Few pictures to close this case. Went with the wider pocket, works nicely as the whole glove does. The wide pocket gives this odd feeling when puck enters and I close the glove, the puck can still move around freely as the pocket isn't stopping the movement. Closure is about perfect so there is no risk for pop-out but the feeling is odd. Had this same issue with my Simmons which also has a wide pocket from the factory. The natural white lip jumps out to you, Vaughn white isn't available. Some completely different color like black or red would've done it sharper.
  12. That it is, and that is what I was most disappointed of them. Only used them for maybe five times so far thanks to covid so no info on durability from me.
  13. Perimeter laced and finishing touches are near. I was a bit afraid of the glove become stiff after lacing but hell no! It is really convenient to use. Whadda you say for the pocket, should I make it the orginal way and stuff the T spines close together: Or go the other way and separate them over the break line? I do like the latter more because: 1. it makes the pocket look HUGE! 2. adds a lot of lace to the pocket and especially the mid lane which then sucks the pucks in (haven't really tested this yet) 3. Swapping the finger side spine over the break li
  14. I bought Paddle Wedge for just a tad cheaper than Blok and made in Europe. (Where is Blok made? 😁) And I like the streamlined shape of the PW more but I don't see any real reason to choose one over other on performance. Both do the job and that's what matters for your fingers.
  15. Here we go. Dang it felt good to wear those pants and Brown after long time. The Brown felt heavier than I remembered but then again I had a college as underwear. 😅 And the pants fit like a charm. I just like these X2 pro from Warrior. So the first picture for the topic, the front flap completely unlaced. There is a slice of elastic material at the bottom holding it on place and the inner belt ofcourse. Then me inside the pants, inner belt tight, and the shock cord pulled outwards. There is a nylon strap loop on them to give better durability. Outer belt and lacing loose as
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