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  1. Some time ago someone here or in the FB mentioned that Browns posts there about new gear are atleast partly from history. Someone got a new chesty and a gear bag to here in Finland and I asked something about them and congratulated them for their new gear. Reply was something like "yes we've had it for over a year now so not very new to us anymore. But it's a good gear anyways now that we've been using it for a while... 😁"
  2. Blocker time for the V6 2000. This story is pretty short as the blocker was in decent used condition and only needed little repair job on palm and good wash. And maybe something improvised to the cuff. So a few side-by-side with the 2200 blocker to see the differences. There are actually quite a lot starting from the binding on the front face and around almost everything on the 2200. Is it that the 2000 is bindingless version and as the 2200 is with binding it is then all around the thing? Palm view shows more differencies between. One detail picture from the 2000. It opens up the whole side length which makes it easy to do repairs. But some parts are sewn together which prohibits the operation effectively 😅 And what's more is that in the 2200 those same places are mostly laced in. Interesting design selections indeed. Double layer thumb protection (red plates) and the palm attachment is laced in which could give some possibilities. Then the palm or actually finger repairs. A few small holes are worn and while here and I have a suregrip available I'll fix them away. Didn't have any decent picture from the beginning but the final result is like this. Here the cuff is visible also, I have to make an extension piece to make some more room to the cuff. Previous owner has had it wide open and even the wrist strap was routed weirdly to make it fit. I'll take a few more describing pictures next time. And in the same process I moved the pinky side protection some 15mm towards the side as there was really tight for the fingers. Don't really understand the reason for such tight fitting or was it just that the maker didn't really know how to put them together. But much better now. And final touch for this one was the tested modification of moving the elastics to different locations and split them in two to prevent the fingers from rotating sideways. With the cuff still waiting the glove is ready to be put together. I'm looking forward to get these gloves with me on sunday for a test drive.
  3. Alrighty then, as I have had ahabit to come back to these gloves after some on ice experience it's time for this one. It's a bit stiff of my selection of gloves. Not stiff like new from shop though. Easy enough to close without any problem but opening out wide isn't possible without little help from blocker side or hip etc. Comparing to the Vaughn VE8 here which closes and opens out markably easier. But despite that the glove performs excellent, puck that enters the pocket stays there and angle(s) of the glove work to me nicely. Inside materials are really pleasant and missing the pinky loop isn't a problem at all. My hand does wonder around in the glove just that much that I notice it occasionally but when in the middle of the action it doesn't bother at all. One close range snapshot to the boot of the T / palm area and felt it hitting but nothing else. Gotta like the XRD foam there. Concluding in not as good as the VE8 I have but only falls behind that much that I can say so. With some more use I think I'll love this one too.
  4. Chance given have use it and whip you with another feather 😅 Only gently though. And yes I do have a Pfaff with walker which helps in sewing bindings. No guide or binding folder yet. The hardest thing is to find that binding material. I haven't yet succeeded in finding a source but I know that when I need to get some of it I'll contact Varusteverstas (Kova Goalie) here in Finland.
  5. As well as Goaliecrease which showed this angle a bit better. The Trav4oilers video is a ADHD style where you can't really get anything out about the break of those gloves.
  6. If anyone has both 580 and 590 and even 600 of the about same series could you take a picture of them side by side where one could evaluate the break angle to wrist position and closure? Most of the comparison pictures are of glove only and it's really hard to determine the angle of the forearm in the glove.
  7. If I had the possibility (and need of) I'd go for the heaviest possible armour with most protection. Makes good amount of confidence when you don't have to worry about it. And training&pickup plays are a good place to exercise with heaviest gear available. Then for official games if any I'd get another set of gear as similar as possible but a lot lighter and maybe some sacrifice with protection like catcher with game ready palm. Only one unit is a bit difficult. If you feel you need the best possible(?) go for it. If you feel that you cannot carry the whole weight with you or it'll affect your moving and speed then the lighter one.
  8. It is possible that the wear is from previous users way of stick handling or maybe he had his stick cut to pistol handle or whatever. So this might not be a problem for every user or also it might be uneven production problem which will appear only on some of the many 2X blockers. Can't tell at the moment but maybe some years later we have enough of them used to examine more. 🙂 Until then, happy using of the blocker. It feels really good and I'll take mine to testrun as soon as I get it back together.
  9. Just got to open a used 2X blocker so I'll give some insight to this one. I'll make an mod/repair topic later on with some more pictures and story. This blocker has been used for a season in active or competitional (not highest though) level junior hockey about below 20 years. Bought it really cheap as he said it strikes through really bad and the plate is broken at the top where it was bending visually. One wear point which is a bit of a design problem too as the inside fabric is way too tight and the jenpro edge couldn't protect there enough (thumb plastic is worn through): What's inside then? Polystyren that is expanded (ball like cells) and then compressed. Very easily cracks between the connections of the balls as has happened here too. Only reason to use this material here is the weight, it's really light compared to volume. These same effect are seen in CCM catchers and pads too. Curv Composite sheet is over the edges to reinforce things. And the plate is cracked at both edges of the Curv. (don't show up really well on the picture) No wonder it gives stingers as there are only a remains of the rigidity left in the plate now. From first look through I thought the Curv was only used to reinforce the top and bottom of the plate but the sheet goes all over the front of the blocker. And from new unit experiences it makes a good job there too. Now it seems to flex way too much which also takes away from the protection, and also some of the hot rebounds. And the problem is the glue used or the amount of it, as they have used as little of the glue as possible. Now with the foam layer broken the plate is bending so much that the Curv has ripped off. Some polymere glue in between there and hopefully it'll stick good enough. Also the polystyrene sheet was glued with the Urethane glue.
  10. That's definitely me trying to make a save. 😂
  11. I have them on mine and can't tell any real difference for a bear league level. I don't remember ever gotten any shots because of them. And structure-vise they are so soft that I don't really think that a puck hitting them will really change it's path at all. But after all that is said the raised edges look nice and maybe with them the C/A gives me that subconcious edge over being without. 🙂
  12. V6 2200 is my glove for sure. Just felt like it was only extending my hand over and not being an extra glove pulled over my hand. Took a few harder shots and all was nice and cool. Even one pop-out from a close range hitting the middle of the palm and no problems at all. Next time I'll get back to the VE8 to see how that glove feels now as I've regained my touch after the 8 month Corona break and can concentrate on making saves and not just survive in the crease. Feeling sorry for all of you who still have to wait to get back on the ice again. 😶
  13. Second run was done with this too, now I had my inner belt tightened and the elastic straps a bit tighter too. It did help a lot as there was only one occasion where I ended up lying on the ice and the belly flap turned in as I was reaching out. But the edges next to the flap now interfered with everything. Not in a way it would be painful or hindering noticeably my movement but the feeling was there all the time. So the end line is I'm gonna sell this one out. There's no use to start modifying it from the scratch to make it work for me. I already have the Brown which does fine job and can also be modified more. And in this state I'll be able to sell this one to someone in need for a good C/A. Maybe I'll go after a GT2 Warrior next as the GT Pro was so good with only minor weaknesses. 🤔
  14. I have a few different models of Vaughans since my construction days. Excellent tools as are Vaughn equipment in hockey.
  15. I'm not Warrior rep. but you could wasily find the problem from your equipment by wearing it; C/A and gloves, maybe pants too and suspenders if you use them. Then make the moves you get stuck with and try to notice what is the exact spot. One I would guess is the elbow area, maybe bicep and or forehand padding. If they interfere a bit and are dislocated then the elbow flex is lost from C/A. Ie. you try to flex the padding around the elbow area which is stiff for sure. The Pro version is making a lot of difference there as mention yourself it being more beefed up. Then do some adjusting, the Warrior C/A is a hell on this as there is so much to adjust. That's also why they are so sweet when adjustments are spot on.
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