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  1. Once again so into the doing of it that I forgot to take any pictures. It is going back together, I got the plastic done and it formed out very nicely except for the cup shape at the wrist. It didn't like any of my attempts with heat gun so I just used a torch to melt the plastic a bit and then used flat pliers to mold the the soft plastic. Looks awful but should be fine at that spot. Here's few pictures, one about the palm strap that didn't have enough space to tighten around my skinny hand and the velcro on the other end had torn some binding. Now it's 10mm farther and the other en
  2. Then a small finger stall operation to give more room for my long fingers. Remove a stiching and replace it further. My fingers just reach the edge of the jenpro and now there is enough room there. Brians seems to make short'ish finger areas as I have a Zero G blocker which is with short finger space too. Othervise there is ample room for the hand. Same from inside. Notice the green geltec slice there protecting index finger. One picture of the new thumb plasting being made. It isn't 100% straight copy from original once again but extended a bit there and cut shorter th
  3. Continuing with the thumb area, again an interesting design flaw. The thumb loop from the palm view point, and next one from outside. So the thumb loop should come through that neoprene fabric to make a straight way out. Not that much to say or show, make one hole and cut that thumb loop a bit so it can be tightened enough when going through that neoprene which will limit the loop motion from now on.
  4. Some minor things that needed attention: Wrist strap was broken some day, or the buckle to be exact. Fixed with nice and quick "tie a new buckle with strap" to the end of the original strap. Now it's taken apart for washing so it's easy to also attach the buckle to the strap as it is meant to be. Thumbnail has driven it's way through fabric, foam and to the plastic which has stood up 😁 The round Brians logo on the outside is also gone and needs something to cover the hole. Fabric isn't easily replaced as it's sewn around and covered with binding also. So take it
  5. Had some projects in between but nothing so fancy I'd write up something of them. Now I thought it would be nice-to-know basis of a Brians Subzero glove. There are some differences to Gnetik 5.0 glove but except for the skin it's very much the same structurally. Subzero is a different angle and the pocket style is a bit different to Gnetik but that mostly comes from the break angle too. Overall feeling of the glove is very Brians-ish which I like a lot. There are those finger loops for pinky and thumb that I need to have (Gnetik5.0 doesn't). Those loops kind of mold the glo
  6. Is "trimmed down" meaning thinner also or just a slight less in dimensions? I were in between for the shoulder floaters being streamlined in G5 but then again I had no big issues with GT floaters interfering with my mask so I believe that GT2 floaters are better compared to GT which leads to zero issues with them. And getting more thickness and coverage too while I don't think it'll give me a single more save with that extra area on floaters. So to get that 1% more coverage GT2 is the way to go? 😁 Seems like nothing is reasoning for the G5 instead.
  7. I'm in a pursuit for a secondary/backup c/a to take place of my Brown when it needs some update or service. I'm tempted to Warrior as I have good experience from GT pro and the topics items are further improved from that unit. I'm towards GT2 of the two but what are the real differences there? Shoulder floaters are different and sternum plate. Color is different, black is cool. Price is the same for G5 SR+ and GT2 sr today so do I have any reason to choose G5 over GT2?
  8. Olkaa hyvä. (=You're welcome) ☺️ Thought I'd add a few pictures of a floating T here too. Someone was wondering how they should do the boot with floating T. Well it's just how nice you want it to look. Make a web as simple as possible, it's actually only the one seam between the sides that needs something else than following those rules you had. Or, you might go with "single lace" around the whole pocket. Begin as usual from either side, extend the lace in the boot area with a simple knot or what is preferred: (I wouldn't suggest to use one lace for the whole job, that woul
  9. Would True just add some overseas productlines to Lefevre selection and fill in the lower price point. Lefevre might need True to get that overseas production running as it was under CCM earlier.
  10. Warrior definitely needs something to hold'em up. I use Warrior pants with integrated tabs and that setup is excellent. Before those I had CCM Premiers where I added tabs myself and that worked as well. The Warrior knee pads are very good and protective for slapshotting beer league. Not perfect against harder shots but still very good.
  11. I can only say from my Finnish viewpoint about markets and as a customer. But when I look into some big Finnish retailer like Hockey Base, there's the whole line of CCM, Bauer and Warrior these days. JR, Int, SR and Pro. Then I look for the "other" brands. I find Vaughn in SR and Pro, the pricing is high from starting from SR not to mention the Pro. Some Brians gloves are there but I think those are just something that was available and are leftovers from that era. And also the pricing is high, no SR level gear at all. While some appreciate quality and are ready to pay for it too, mo
  12. Then we get to the second cord. It goes through with the same ruleset as the first one but with the addiotion of crossing over the first cord, a new rule to remember. Continuing from the previous here is the second cord done. The crossing over is very simple once around and for simple setup I went with forward and around here too. It doesn't do much for the aesthetic in this simple webbing just there has to be some lockdown when the cords go across eas other. Looks simple and nice, and definitely can see if the puck is in. Another one from the inside of the pocket. J
  13. Ok, now I took the time to take some pictures and take apart my Simmons glove mid lane. From the beginning, atleast two different ways to start. There is also gloves that have sort of two starting holes. With those I suggest to take good pictures before taking it apart and copy the beginning atleast. Or punch a new mid hole and go on. Yes, mid lane is usually if not always started from the lip and towrds boot. Still there are possibilities, this Simmons was done with "single cord" meaning there was a knot in the beginning and only one cord run through the mid lane. That is a bit m
  14. If True pays for the NHL, what effect does that make to CCM? Lefevre wasn't a real competitor in the customer markets without brand visibility in the NHL and missing the SR/int/jr lines. Interesting times coming right up. And will True now come out with a full gear for goalies? C/As, pants, etc... Edit: fixed some missing text, dang mobilephone.
  15. Thanks. I don't have anything to publish yet for the middle part, and ATM I have no double T catchers to work on either. Funny as it is I have three catchers waiting but all are single T models. But I'll return here right when I get something ready.
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