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  1. Waiting for some nylon strap and few buckles to continue with the catcher I took the time fullfil the topic of glove set. Here's the idea of this project in simplicity. Remove the worn out palm, fix and wash the rest of the blocker and add some velcro to attach a Warrior G5 palm. I don't know what kind of expression would describe the smell of the glove. 🤢 It's unbelieveable. With pure determination I took it apart and closed the palm in a plastic bag. And the rest of blocker went straight into vinegar bath. There should be no big issues with the rest of the project, Warrior palm dimensions are nicely very close to the CCM. The CCM blocker itself is very good product so there's no need to modify anything but just repairs for few worn out spots. I'll get to those later with pictures as I had a rush for the vinegar bath... The plates are intact, but the plastic has deformed a lot from the puck storm. I'll give it a try with heat blower and pressure between boards to make it level again. There are marks of the seams of the Speedskin top pressed to the plastic. That is heavy! Last picture is a comparison between G4(?) and G5 palms. Sadly it looks like Warrior has gone down in "quality" of the palm, there's less layers and leather area is smaller in thumb especially. Maybe these palms have been too good and lasted too long so marketing department has taken actions? The feeling of the palm is still very nice and equal to the earlier model only the durability remains to be seen. That Bauer One.9 got the Warrior palm earlier this year so this is CCM version is not a first timer.
  2. Todays project was very simple and quick. Atleast that can be said now when done 😄 So as the topic says, my friend asked me to implement a pocket into his blocker where he could safely put his sport watch that reads the heartbeat sensor belt around his chest and stores the data. The watch appeared to be actually quite big or atleast thick by 13mm which compared to something like modern mobile phones is a lot. Other dimensions are 24 x 45mm. First I thought it'll be nice and simple to attach to the cuff but the thickness was too much. It would interfere with C/A sleeve and arm itself. Luckily Birans has this structure on the side plate which leaves a nice little space in between where the watch was just perfect. Main plate will hold the side plate far enough even with harder hits or shots so the Watch should be safe there. Next pleasure of this position was that there was a pillow like padding that is velcroed in, so I didn't have to dismantle anything for the operation. Leftover jenpro piece, 30x20mm slice of velcro both sides and some (binding) strip. And cutting and sewing. I didn't do much of a planning, just that much that I'd get all the parts together in the right order. Resulting product on closeup. The wood piece was a model for me as I didn't get the watch for this. Thumb is holding the closing velcro, the strip coming from under the "watch" is to pull the watch out of the pocket as that spot is tight and you cannot get finger in between very easily. The other end of the strip is sewn in the same spot as the closing velcro. The pulling strip goes in with the watch so that there's 10mm of it sticking out when velcro opened. Atleast with the wood it works. Should be even better with the actual watch as it's plastic case will slide easier on that poly strip.
  3. Now they've completed the first test. Very bulky vs X pro. So much that for the first times I tried I couldn't get my 5hole closed because of the inner thighs. And the bulk is all over the front, there is serious extra in X2 pro over the X pro. As I had never any issues with X pro in protectivity the X2 pro have excel them. But after few warmup shots, moving around and getting myself used to them. They are good, in a way like the Brown chesty. You know they are over you but actually you really don't even notice them, not in stance, BF, moving, never. Size is now perfect, I think for my 180cm/70kg body the XL was too big. Now the L is very nice in every dimension. If I had some 100kg of mass then the XL would be better atleast before the materials break in. I really do like my setup now, the Warrior X2 pro pants get a huge thumb up from me.
  4. Thanks. I'll need to document that T stuff better in the next project where there is such operations with it. Whats involved with T is something you probably never think unless you need to do something about it. It just is there and everything is cool.
  5. Any news for availability? My Reebok TC Pro is falling apart, the fabrics are EOL so no use to repair but add new fabric which I don't think gonna happen. I need a new one and Aegis would be a solid choice. Tried a Bauer Supreme at the shop yesterday and there was like no protection against puck only the Kevlar neck and some clavicle padding which was ok ish feeling. Hate to spend 60 euros to something that needs to be modified from the beginning. @TheGoalNet
  6. Package should arrive tomorrow if the tracking is accurate. Damn long it takes to travel 500km. Well finnish Post is...
  7. Yes, with my current CCM Eflex3 project that has the split T the mounting holes look like exact same as what would be with single T. And floating T solves all of the mounting problems. But it's not much of a job to get single T mounted on where there was double T and the other way around. Actually in many of the "real" double T the boot is sewn together by the binding. Sort of a lazy but fast job, run the binding around the perimeterof the T and do the mid section in another run. Actually mid section is binded first as it's under the perimeter binding. I usually have to repair something in the T and in the same process I cut those spines apart from each other and thus I get some extra options when putting the glove together.
  8. ArdeFIN

    Lefevre going solo

    Oh yes. Maybe they would have to update the customizer. That option is quite necessary and white isn't the best color in many cases. But that it's available with other models in customizer, weirdo... And surely you could get the color changed by contacting them via Email or so. Well did they answer to questions?
  9. IMO there is nothing different in glove considering the T type, it's all the same for single, double, "true double", ...
  10. ArdeFIN

    Lefevre going solo

    In general, the lace is always the same regardless of color. So I'd say its more of Lefevre wanting to offer different lace colors. And the lacing is hand made always, I can't imagine a machine to do it. And not even that much when we are talking about Lefevre.
  11. ArdeFIN

    G5 Toe Elastic Tab

    Is this flap actually needed if you don't like that idea? Just use a short skatelace instead and add your choice of Pro Laces or whatever elastics to them. As a simplest solution of all. Next gen would be adding a normal toe bridge with lace and then it's all like before. But nevertheless needs extra building on what should be ready to go. I'm not at all fan of this type of telling customer what to do with their new purchases.
  12. In smaller leagues like here in Finland teams make contracts with certain brand and that ties the goalies selection too. Few years ago we had a local team changing from Warrior to Bauer. Goalie didn't like the Bauer offerings so he took his Warrior pads to VVerstas and got his pads dressed with Bauer overalls 😁 Got what he wanted and played very well.
  13. Now having the new X2 pro waiting for tomorrow and next ice I think I'm very happy with them Warriors. But as a seeker for the better and willing to always experiment I would enjoy something else too. Next pants if I ever buy them will be something else. But that might be few years ahead and the selection will be different by then. Looking at these pictures of the HPG14 they do look very much rounded vs those Warriors, but still they look like serious pants. Would be nice to see a pair some day and maybe I will.
  14. Some experience over X pro vs X2 pro written to the topic in Warrior area. For a thin person like me it's all the same in sizing, but X2 in feeling a little more snug, more than I'd say from changing X-large to large. So if you know your size in Ritual X pants, getting them in X2 will result in happiness. 😄
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