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Player Garter Belt Modified to hold up Knee Gaurds?

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I decided to start using knee guards again but I don't wear socks, plus my compression shorts are too tight to go over top so I need a garter belt to prevent them from falling down. I couldn't find any goalie belts locally, and sadly I cannot wait to get one shipped so I'm going to pick up a player one tomorrow for $10.00 then modify it by sewing on straps, or maybe just use skate lace in the loop and tie it through the loop on the knee guards to hold them up. I know one other goalie actually did this but used zip ties so hopefully this works out! 😅

Anyone else modify or use a player garter belt for this?

I also thought about sewing in a velcro strap inside my pants, but I really didn't want to modify it in the event I sell it off later on.

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9 hours ago, jacksork said:

I poked holes and looped skate lace on the top part of the knee pads in front. I then tie that to the clamp of the belt.

For the back I just use the elastic strap of the kneepad and thread the elastic through the clamp.

It works well.

I gave it a try on my BAUER PRO SENIOR GOALIE KNEE PADS and it works pretty good for the most part. The Bauer Senior Garter belt isn't the best but it should work come game time. Pretty much unless I forcefully push down on the knee pads it stays in place, otherwise the belt would start slipping down. Leg kicks and going down and back up seem to work fine.

Having hairy legs doesn't help either as knee pads just slide more freely. 😅

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