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The Dissection and Repurposing of an Altralite


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A couple days ago I picked up these bad boys at the local Replay Sports for $65


Just some 31” Brian’s Altralite pads in great shape and exactly what I was looking for. Since I haven’t managed to get my job back and I don’t have school, I had an uncomfortable amount of free time throughout the week that needed to be filled. This project started because I wanted to get my dad and I a Second String Leather company wallet which was just far from too expensive so I decided I could make one myself. In addition that I could make an L fold wallet which SSLC has never made.



So far just in the disassembly process but I plan on making a two wallets, a keychain or two, and one other accessory I haven’t seen made out of goalie gear by anyone. That last part will make use of the wonderful thigh and knee section from the right pad.


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About a third the way through the first wallet. The backing and right side are complete



I really wish that the sewing machine wasn’t broken again but at least using just an awl seems to be working well although much more time consuming. 

Also updated original post with pics of the model wallet

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