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  1. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" - Lefevre. One thing that was cool if you ordered the Pro Zone equipment was that you got a certificate of authenticity (read: a postcard) with your specs on the back. I've kept mine after all these years and scanned them just now. Makes you feel like a pro. I think they mistakenly included this invoice in my order, too. I whited out my name, address and the price - I paid retail so it was way more than the CDN prices that were listed here.
  2. They had some really minor changes from Reebok Premier 3. I wasn't working in hockey back then, but I think they were sort of a "limited edition" P3, basically. I've uploaded some catalog pics below.
  3. If I recall correctly, they had a tighter fitting calf wrap. All prior Lefevre pads had really wide open leg channels. I don't think there were any big changes to the glove or blocker. I believe this was the last time Reebok/CCM offered Canadian-made gear at retail if the customer opted for the Pro Zone custom pad. Customers could go for the regular Pro pad, which was made overseas.
  4. Had some white and baby blue Pro Zone gloves back in the day. You can't see the glove's pocket's lace, but that was sport gold. Personally, I thought the graphic was best when restricted to two colors. I didn't really dig Leighton's or Bernier's design. Not much you could have done with these sets in terms of designs though - there were only the three colorways if I recall correctly.
  5. I peeked at my Facebook messenger logs, looks it was in August 2019.
  6. I even sent pictures of my gear ahead of time to make sure he could match the red.
  7. I had a poor experience with JF Aumais. He madea cool design, and the color looked exactly the way I wanted it looked great. But when it was printed and applied on the mask, it looked pinkish rather than red. He said his printer couldn't handle the red of his render. He said there was nothing he could do. I wish he could have given me the heads up before. I would not have gone with him if I had known his printer couldn't reproduce the color of his design.
  8. Well, that would be impossible. I mean, you literally just attached a photo of @Chenner29.
  9. Monkey does (or used to do) something similar. An item that ends in .99 is a regularly priced item. An item that ends in .98 is a clearance item and a coupon code can used to discount it. An item that ends in .97 is a current season Bauer item and cannot be discounted. I don't know if they still do this anymore as the Bauer items on Monkey's websites all end in .99.
  10. Prices have gone down - I noticed that this morning. I edited my original post. It appears the coupon code that worked previously doesn't work now. I'd still throw it in there when in the shopping cart just to make sure.
  11. Goalie Monkey's Brick Wall Specials are back (https://www.goaliemonkey.com/brick-wall-specials) The prices don't seem as good as they were previously. Curiously, the text says, "These items are not eligible for additional coupons or discounts." But I was able to use the promo code "SAVE20" with some of the items in the shopping cart. YMMV with whether they will honor it or not. EDIT: As of 5/15, it appears the prices have been adjusted down and discount codes no longer work. Prices seem fair, though.
  12. Agreed. The colors on the CCM customizer are goofy and you can't zoom in. But I don't think you can easily transfer colors between pads/gloves/blocker using the Monkey customizer.
  13. The Premier pro pants? I've been wearing a pro stock CCM pant for a long time. Had a Reebok 11k pro stock before that and a RBK Pro (retail) before that. There are all pretty much the same. They haven't changed much over time. I've never had issues with durability or protectiveness. Never worn a Vaughn pant so I can't say anything about those.
  14. Yep. Premier is old and on discount. I believe Axis pants are gonna retail for $329 USD.
  15. ZeroGravitas

    Warrior G5

    If I recall correctly, Bauer is manufactured in Thailand and Warrior is manufactured in Vietnam. It is probably a big difference for transit times as these countries are pretty close to each other. As to the method of transporting the gear, I have no idea.
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