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  1. Is Lefevre going to be building the youth/junior/intermediate gear in Canada? If not, does True have the overseas factories set up and the staff trained to build goalie gear? Will it be good if it is built overseas by a new crew that may have little experience in building goalie gear? This is for pro-level senior-sized gear and for custom. Not kid gear like OP was asking about. I'm 99% sure there is no TF7 goalie skate. The upcoming TF9 goalie skate, though, is very competitively priced especially compared to the top end skates from other manufacturers.
  2. Visit https://ccmhockey.com/en/product/goalie/customizers/extremeflex-4 Change the last digit to 5 or just click: https://ccmhockey.com/en/product/goalie/customizers/extremeflex-5 Customizer PDF is up too: http://microsites.ccmhockey.com/microsites/eflex-5/core/imgs/2021CCM_GoalieCustomizer_RETAIL.pdf Have fun!
  3. Broke my stick at pick up a week ago. So I had someone chop it up for me. Above is a picture of the shaft internals. The far end is the butt end. Picture of the paddle internals. Note that the shaft runs through the paddle. I thought this was cool to see. That's it. Bye!
  4. I just filled up yesterday in SoCal. Gas hit $4.259 for premium. 🤢
  5. I can't find anything on cowling sizing for Graf boots, but the cowling is marked 7/7.5, right? The Step steel guide ((http://stepskates.com/public/images/wbr/uploads/hockeycat/STEP_Hockey_Goalie_SizingChart_ENG_verso2019-LR.pdf) ) indicates that a size 7/7.5 cowling like yours would fit size 7 runners, so the size 7 steel linked from Monkey should work... The Graf catalogs I have don't indicate cowling/runner size for boots either. I think you're fairly safe going off the size marked on the holder rather than the boot. Good luck! graf2012.pdf
  6. Version 1.0.0


    No new product for 2021. Check out the little known option of custom SR-level, non-pro price point gear on page 17.
  7. I think you're right about True/Lefevre, but there's a lot to say about True/VH and how they changed the skate business. Prior to True/VH, custom skates were not something most people thought about purchasing. Only the biggest gear nerds or people with truly troublesome feet were looking at custom as an option. And back in the day, custom skate order forms were essentially an Excel file with a couple drop down boxes and maybe a tracing of your feet. It was sort of an arcane process at the retail level. In comes True with the iPad scanner. Scans can be done quickly and accurately. Customer
  8. When my shop did this, they put a pending charge on the customer's card - the amount of which depending on the pieces being demoed - and released it when the gear was returned. Customers weren't out of pocket anything. People seemed to really like the program. I feel like it led directly to sales of sets, both off the shelf and custom orders. Sucks that my store got rid of the program.
  9. That would be a brutal business to run. Having to buy sets of gear across various sizes and brands, dealing with shipping and lost or late packages, theft, having to rotate half of your fleet every year as new pads come out... Unless you have an in with a manufacturer and can get them at less than wholesale, there's no way it can be profitable.
  10. Why is there no poll option for "Maybe"?
  11. Selling my CCM EFlex 4 set as I recently got my Ultrasonics. Pads are 33+1.5. Specs are shown below, side by side with stock specs to give you an idea of how they would compare with something off the shelf of your LHS. Very minor tear on the finger protection of the blocker. Picture attached. One set of the black spears on pad/catcher/blocker is actually black jenpro instead of black speedskin. Picture attached. My surname is embroidered on the equipment. The set was used approximately 50 times. Pics were taken just the other day - everything is in great condition.
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