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  1. ZeroGravitas

    2X Pro

    Pro Bump knee is an extended knee block with a notch at the end that is level with the knee landing. See a Warrior G4/CCM knee blocks for an example. It extends outward and the whole knee landing is a meant to be one flat piece.
  2. Black - https://www.goaliemonkey.com/catalog/product/view/id/351258 Regular - https://www.goaliemonkey.com/catalog/product/view/id/351264 If you read the name of the item, you could have figured it out quickly.
  3. It will not fit your one-piece True skate.
  4. I work part-time for a retailer. I do not want to be identified as an employee of the Company on this website because I don't want anyone to think that I am representing the Company. If I say something controversial, stupid, or downright factually incorrect, it can result in me getting terminated, or even worse, causing damage to the reputation of the Company. I like my job and I enjoy talking about gear. I'm here on the forum to talk about gear too, and for some unpaid continuing education - but whenever I am here, I am on my own time, expressing my own thoughts. Switching my avatar for the Company logo would scream, "This guy is authorized representative of the Company!", which I am most definitely not. I'm just a lowly drone, with no real skin in the game. I don't make commission. I'm not privy to sales numbers or any business metrics. All I want is to just put guys in some sweet gear that will benefit their game and provide a great experience/service for the customer.
  5. If you google that URL, there's some people discussing it on various other discussion boards. The common thread seems to be that it affects people who are using iOS and Safari. I use Firefox on both my mobile device and desktop and have never seen those pop-ups/redirects.
  6. I've been having this problem too. Not sure if its a Firefox addon I have installed or something else that's breaking something. Switching to Chrome, which has no add-ons installed, seems to work.
  7. Updated posts 2 and 3 with first impressions and some pics.
  8. Took a shot to the arm that left a very tender bruise and swelling. Sold the chesty. See ya!
  9. Show me how you measured the boot length so I can do the same measurements of my GT1 and GT2. Thanks!
  10. Yeah, the sizing is a little odd. Both Warrior and CCM use FTK. Warrior is on the left below, and CCM is on the right. Warrior's measurement for a 35 inch pad could put you in a 33 or 34 CCM. Personally, I'm a 33 CCM. That's what I wore for my Koho 590 and RBK P2. I had a 34 E-Flex 1, and that was a little big in the knee. I had the opportunity to demo a GT1 in 34 and 35 before I bought them, and the 34 was definitely a little small, and that led to some rotation issues. The 35, meanwhile, felt perfect.
  11. I think it's more apparent if you had the pad in your hand. You can feel the break at the thigh wobble in your hand when you grip it. I didn't expect it to become that flexible. And you're right, maybe a no break pad is better for me - which is what I got on the GT2 and the upcoming EF4 - externally at least. Can't specify the internal break on the GT2 and can't get no internal breaks on the EF4.
  12. Reserved for blocker impressions. Blocker: My blocker history: Some Mission blocker RBK Premier 2 Pro Reebok Premier 3 Pro Reebok Revoke PZ CCM Extreme Flex 1 Kenesky Custom And now - the Warrior Ritual GT2. Notice a theme in my blocker history? If you guessed Lefevre, you'd be right. With most things, I'm a "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" guy. And that summarizes my philosophy towards blockers. A Lefevre blocker had everything I could want. It was durable, well-made, with lots of protection for the fingers and a nice, beefy sidewall. They were a little heavy, but hey, can you get all of the previously listed qualities and still be light weight? Hnnn... Blocker specs: Large palm (Large is stock, I believe. Medium, Xtra Large and Intermediates are options at custom too. Maybe an option with retail palms?) That's it. No real customization options for the blocker. What's different from GT1? Hypercomp reinforcement in the blocker board and sidewall and adjustable index finger protection. Like the original GT1, the blocker palm CAN be removed and you can move the palm higher or lower depending on your preferred position. I left it at the stock, middle position. It feels a little tighter and snugger to the back of my hand than the G4 did off the rack, and I like it. It's super lightweight - digital luggage reported 1.9 lbs, same as the GT2 catcher, oddly enough. I don't have much to say here. It's a great blocker. It seems to tick all the boxes I felt the Lefevre blockers ticked - and it's lighter weight. I had no problems playing a game with this on. No trouble whatsoever with finger protection interfering with my stick. Subbed in a game last night and shut out the other team.
  13. Reserved for glove impressions. Good god. I've typed my impressions in here twice, uploaded pics, and ended up closing the tab and lost everything. Oh well, this third time is the charm. Catcher My glove history: Some Mission catcher RBK Premier 2 Pro Reebok Revoke Pro Zone CCM Extreme Flex 1 Pro Kenesky Custom And now - the Warrior Ritual GT2. For a while, I was not a fan of Warrior gloves. Fiddling with them in the store, I could never get them to close comfortably on my hand. Changing the liners could alter the feel slightly - I liked the 60 degree liner the most, which would factor into my decision on which break to get here. There were, however, aspects of the design that I did like. The bindingless construction, with no eyelets and lace on the perimeter of the glove, was very cool to see. From a durability standpoint, the lace and binding are often one of the first things to go because of all of the contact with the glove on the ice. I also liked the clamshell design of the backhand. It feels much more protective than the traditional backhands you see on nearly every other glove manufacturer. My specs: Senior size (intermediate is an option at custom) Regular core (a stiffer, more protective practice core is an option at custom) Double tee (which is stock. A single tee is available at custom) 60 degree break (75 is retail stock. 60 degree and 90 degree breaks are only available at SR custom. No intermediate option!) CLosure.mp4 Also attached is a video of the closure out of the box. Pretty good! What's changed over the previous GT1? The thumb angle, break angle, a double tee instead of a single tee, and Hypercomp reinforcement in the palm. Like the GT1, the palm/liner is NOT removable in this. You'll be stuck with whatever you buy. I was very surprised when I pulled this out of the box. The closure felt great. Really, really great! It was definitely different from the G4 and the GT1. The new thumb angle made the closure feel much, much more natural to me. With the G4 and GT, it felt like my thumb was being forced back when I tried to close the glove. But with the new thumb angle, it feel like I can leverage the strength of my thumb in closing the glove. If you like the 590 break, the Warrior 60 degree break feels very close. I had never used a double tee until now. I agonized a little bit over it when thinking on my specs for the order. I eventually thought, "Screw it", and went with the double tee. I've skated twice with the catcher and the jury is still out. I miss the responsive THWAP and feeling/hearing the puck smash into a big, single tee, but a highly visible pocket has come in handy a couple times, too. Oh. And this catcher is crazy lightweight, too. I weighed it with my digital luggage scale (who knows how accurate that thing is), and it returned a weight of 1.9 lbs or 0.85 kg. The glove required no break-in before I skated with it. I opened and closed it maybe 50 times in the two to three days before my first skate at pick-up hockey and it was ready to go. No adjustments whatsoever. It felt great, and I hope it maintains this consistency over time.
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