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    CCM Pro-stock
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    Protechsport Full Kevlar
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    True Two-Piece (CCM XSG)
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    Step Steel
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    PAW Custom
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  1. Bummed that launch day has come and gone and my LHS hasn't gotten any of these in. Tongue is velcro-d in like the customs. You can adjust it and pull it higher up so it is more similar to other retail skates. Is anyone have issues with the toebox protection? Plenty of pros are using custom Trues and they're seeing more shots / harder shots than you or I - and I haven't been hearing of pros getting foot injuries. The big things with these skates is the price - several hundred dollars cheaper than the equivalent flagships from Bauer and CCM - and the fact that they are insanely thermoformable to really dial in the fit. Only thing that bugs me is the steel release requires a tool. If these qualify for the same 30-day satisfaction guarantee that the True player skates have, I think True is going be really successful here.
  2. Someone shared this pic with me - pics of CCM pads with the ControlRebound foam (left side/right leg) and MaxRebound foam (right side/left leg). These were built with clear PU to show off the different foam options for the pad face.
  3. I think Michel at Protechsport discontinued his full custom masks within the last couple years. Now he only does his pad-to-fit semi-custom masks. Dom @ Pro's Choice might be the last name standing in terms of truly custom masks.
  4. Only one place to get them new - https://progoaliemask.com/
  5. Not sure how much it is for Canadians, but in the US it is $50 upcharge for the leg pads, $25 for the blocker and $25 for the catcher.
  6. So.... I failed to mention the sale that Monkey Sports was having over the weekend (15% off goalie, 20% off combos, 20% off custom !!!!!!!) But their Brick Wall Specials are back - https://www.goaliemonkey.com/brick-wall-specials They are selling Warrior V1 sticks for about 40% off original retail and Bauer Vapor 1X goalie skates at between 50-60% original retail. EDIT: Prices are good until June 15.
  7. Very small sample size, but my custom EF5 600-break was easier and more pleasant to close than the ones on the rack at my shop. No idea why. But it does feel different from my EF4. I preferred the EF4 feel to the EF5 feel. And my Ultrasonic above them all 🤣 EDIT: Plus the EF5 had a Pro palm versus the game-ready of the retail versions.
  8. When I saw this thread, this is the first thing that came to mind. 3X is, IMO, much superior to 3S because Bauer brought the the Stabiliflex knee block from Hyperlite down to 3X, whereas 3S had a traditional knee block system instead of Stabilislide. Were I shopping for a SR-level pad, I think these offer the most bang-for-buck. $50-ish upcharge over retail pricing is a pretty good deal for custom SR-level gear IMO, even if you can only get custom colors and embroidery.
  9. Looks like some retailers are starting up orders for custom chesties: PureHockey with the Bauer Pro Series customizer. PureHockey with the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite customizer.
  10. So you're having issues with the velcro coming undone at the connection points as circled below? I've used the pads with the professor strap a handful of times, but never had issues with it coming undone at the connection points. I've had issues with the strap loosening up over time or being too tight as to hinder rotation. The mount is the same for Hyperlite but I believe they tweaked the strap itself... don't quote me on that.
  11. Bauer University is up for all the upcoming goalie stuff if you haven't checked that out yet!
  12. Vaughn can do a SR-level (not Pro) price point custom pad. Not sure whether its internal or external breaks you can specify though. I don't think a lot of shops do this or aware about this. There might be a slight upcharge from standard retail. Check out the Vaughn 2021 catalog on their website and give your LHS a call.
  13. The catalog picture you attached shows it. It is the foam in the knee that the front of your knee cap would contact. Below is soft foam - see the gray material next to the knee stack, on the reverse side of the pad face? Below is recessed. Notice there is no longer any material there - just the nylon backside of the pad. There is a True custom options catalog out, though I'm not sure if it is meant for public release so I won't post the whole thing. Here's a relevant snippet:
  14. And today they just officially announced the release date - May 21.
  15. If I'm not mistaken, HPG14 is the new NHL spec. Can you post pics of them side by side? I was certain that the new CCM pant is not NHL-spec.
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