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  1. I was about to say that, too. Looking at their sizing chart, it doesn't seem they are making one yet. - https://www.stepskates.com/public/images/wbr/uploads/hockeycat/STEP_Hockey_Goalie_SizingChart_ENG_verso2019-LR.pdf
  2. ZeroGravitas

    CCM EF4

    One thing I like about the EF4 cradle over the previous cradles is that the rubberized landing zone doesn't absorb water like the older incarnations did. It's softer and grippier, too. Probably the most stable knee landing I've ever used in any pad.
  3. ZeroGravitas

    CCM EF4

    My sticks came in like a month ago, but I've been dealing with a sprained hand and a wonky knee so I only got to use these once. On the shaft, 142-3T refers to the curve, STE refers to the steep shoulders and 25" is the height (duh!).
  4. LKSJUL10 for 10% off. I have some of these. They are a little thin for my tastes, but they get the job done. I prefer the older Reebok Speedwick stuff because it is a bit thicker and feels more similar to cotton, rather than the slippery, synthetic, polyester(?) feel that these have.
  5. yes yes yes Marty Turco made a similar scheme look good! (Yeah, it's black instead of kelly green, but we can use our imagination!)
  6. ZeroGravitas


    This was part of our college club hockey initiation on the first night of our two day tryouts 🤣 IIRC one guy did it in less than 2 minutes. He's a dentist now.
  7. Complete the Brian's customizer and save the code it generates at the end. You can print out the spec list too and bring it to the shop if you want to. This depends on the shop. My shop requires payment in full to place the order. Probably, but they likely won't budge. With Brian's, some custom options may result in an up-charge.
  8. https://www.ws-composite.ch/english/cowlings/
  9. Custom CCM E-Flex 4 sticks. Ordered 5/20/2019. Arrived 7/8/2019. 49 days, or 7 weeks.
  10. The knee and calf wedge (basically the butterfly landing surfaces) of the 2X are covered with CorTechST, just like 2X Pro. However, the rest of the 2X (face, sidewall, etc) is not CorTech, but some other synthetic leather. 2X Pro is 100% CorTechST throughout. I believe the X900 and 1X Pro were the same way in that the knee/calf of the X900 was CorTech while the rest of the pad was synthietic leather, while the 1X Pro was 100% CorTech. Bauer upgraded the CorTech material itself (CorTech vs CorTechST) with the update from the 1S to the 2S line. Vapor also benefits from the material upgrade.
  11. This weekend only - Passau is offering 10% off on full sets of senior pro custom gear.
  12. Not bad a bad price for Canadian-made Reebok pants. They don't seem too used, either. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Reebok-HPG11K-Goalie-Pants-Large-Black-Pro-Stock-9483/163584488665?hash=item26166534d9:g:ePgAAOSwwFlcgYni
  13. I have no idea - I've never communicated with him - I've only ordered stuff off of the website and that's it. Maybe try the ProLaces Facebook page? I don't know if he is responsive over Facebook Messenger. Or make a new account using a burner e-mail address?
  14. ZeroGravitas

    CCM EF4

    When you finish customizing gear on CCM's customizer, CCM saves your design and shows you the pictures of what the gear will look like. If you right-click the image of the gear, you can see a link to that image file - in this case: https://microsites.ccmhockey.com/microsites/eflex-4/core/order_imgs/EF4-190626-18_1561581422_glove.png If you truncate that link to remove the link to the image file, you'll get this - https://microsites.ccmhockey.com/microsites/eflex-4/core/order_imgs/ From there, it seems you can view all the EF4 designs that have been saved by anyone who has ever used the EF4 customizer. You can tweak the link to find out the same thing for P2 - https://microsites.ccmhockey.com/microsites/premier-2/core/order_imgs/ No specs or customer names are available. Just images of designs. Wonder if this is a security issue. Fun if you want to see other people's designs, though, I guess.
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