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  1. ZeroGravitas

    CCM EF4

    Been wearing these for the last two weeks. Love 'em.
  2. I assume you're talking about this strap? I'm not quite clear on what you're saying. There's no other place to velcro this strap besides where it is in the picture.
  3. I love Brad Marchand for the simple fact that he looks like a human bull terrier. So cute! 🥰
  4. Second post. The first post is the initial impressions. Second post has the review.
  5. Review is up. I focus mostly on the glove because that was the most interesting piece to me. I hope someone gets something out of it and that I don't come across as a total tool. .
  6. No issue there beyond the little stray thread as previously pictured. It hasn't gotten worse. But the top of the other leg pad has started to wear. I'm re-writing it now.
  7. Interestingly enough, it saved the attachments but not the text. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Does a SAVE DRAFT option exist on the website/board/software? I wrote up a decent sized review of the my Warrior RGT2s complete with pictures and somehow lost it all and have also seemingly lost the will to live. 👻
  9. Oh god. I spent the last hour writing my review just now and somehow clicked Back or another tab or something and lost it all. I hope no one cares about what I think because Review Attempt #2.0 will probably be less coherent.
  10. Received EF4 set on 5/29. Or, 11 weeks and 5 days.
  11. Ooooh. Like @mr_shifty1982 says, that model is even older than the yellow pant in your first post. Hope they gave you a deep discount on the old product.
  12. There's a brochure/booklet thing for all of this including custom options for pads, gloves, skates, sticks with pictures to show what each option is, etc... Your local stores might have them by now; I know my store does. I wonder if Bauer will release it for download, like how CCM releases their customizer booklet every year.
  13. If its black/grayish, it's the new version for this year. Yellow is the older version.
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