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  1. Hyperlite on the way...eventually! I'm sitting at about 7 weeks right now. I suspect I will like US2 more simply because of the 600 break glove. I went stock with the Hyperlite, so it'll be a 590. The other day, I warned my wife that I am intending to get US2 and Axis 2 in 2022. She DGAF, thankfully. Lack of trust in my defensemen? Was looking for a pad with a stiff face because I would get victimized off rebounds. I do feel like I'm playing better than ever, but I did get True custom skates at around the same time I got these pads so it's hard to say. I'm interested in how Hyperlite's Rebound Boost Core will perform. I ordered stock stiffness on Hyperlite so it should be a bit softer than US.
  2. Bauer Ultrasonic. Better late than never. I received my setup on November 24, 2020. Since then, I’ve skated approximately between 1 to 3 times a week, Armageddon be damned. At this point, I feel that I’ve skated in these long enough to give a good long-term review. My opinion of this set has changed radically from my very first skate with these pads. Mentally, I was having a little bit of buyer’s remorse. I was coming from a CCM Extreme Flex 4, and my pad history prior to that was on the softer side. These pads seemed insanely stiff to me. Movements that I could normally execute well felt clumsy. Each push while down resulted in me oversliding my target and required me to stop myself with my opposite leg. That got old real quick. But I stuck with it. Eventually, I adapted to the pads. Movements and pushes returned to being second nature, though if I’m not mindful a strong push on fresh ice will result in me being far out of position. It’s funny – I’ve never worn Bauer leg pads, gloves or blockers in approximately 20 years of goalie. I’ve gone through a lot of different gear – four different sets (including these Ultrasonics) in the last three years. Now, I cannot imagine switching away from Bauer. CCM’s upcoming Axis gear and DRS system is pretty exciting, though. Each piece of this set feels great and the performance is, in my opinion, out of this world. Apologies in advance if I sound like a Bauer Hype Man, but I really love this product. Full disclosure: I am employed at a hockey store and paid less than retail for this equipment. All thoughts are my own and not my employer’s. Bauer Ultrasonic Leg Pads Description of specs are below. I listed the stock retail options that you would find in an Ultrasonic pad at your local store, along with changes that I made. These leg pads were Pro Custom, so they had some additional options that are not available with the standard Custom option. Also, please note that the Pro Custom options have changed in a number of ways since the Ultrasonic pad originally launched: 1. You can no longer get a Vapor 2X graphic on the pad, but now you have the option of the Hyperlite graphic. 2 You now have knee block options. With the Ultrasonic launch, you were limited to the Stabilislide knee only. Now you can select between Stabilislide, Stabiliflex, Square w/ Pro Bump and Angled w/ Pro Bump. 3 Bauer has changed the names of the flex options. Previously they were descriptors with numbers with 1 as Extra Soft, 2 as Soft, 3 as Mid, 4 as Stiff and 5 as Extra Stiff. These have been adjusted to 1 as Hyperlite, 2 as Soft, 3 as Ultrasonic, 4 as Stiff and 5 as Extra Stiff. Category Retail/Stock Option My Specs Notes Skin Option Ultrasonic Vapor 2X Pro custom only. Knee Wing Adjustable None Pro custom only. Boot Flex Supreme/Soft/125 Degree Vapor/Soft/100 Degree Pro custom only. Toe Attachment Bungee Bungee Boot Strapping None None Size XS/S/M/L/XL S Thigh Flex Mid/Ultrasonic Mid/Ultrasonic Toe Alignment Offset Offset Pro custom only. Other Strapping None None Pro custom only. Tune Fit Connect Unassembled, in box Assembled I made some changes to the pad over the stock option – I opted for the flatter Vapor boot as I was coming from a CCM EF4 and had grown to like the feel of a flat boot. I like having the pad sit on top of my skate boot with a connected feeling. Secondly, I chose not to have a knee wing as I always strap the Velcro down to the calf. Finally, I chose to have the pads skinned as a Vapor 2X since I didn’t like the Ultrasonic graphic. There was a little bit more freedom with the Vapor graphic. Having worn CCMs in a 33+1.5 previously, these are size Small, which is Bauer's equivalent to a 33. The fit is pretty much exactly the same, albeit maybe slightly shorter in the thighrise. The pads are easy to strap up – Bauer has lifted the strapping system from the Vapor line. I’m very happy they got rid of the CRS system they used with the previous Supremes. One knee strap, one calf strap and another outer calf strap, plus the bungee Velcro toe system and you’re all set. The molded calf material looks and feels very nice. With the segmentation, you can contort it in various ways and the pad will still move and protect you. Rebounds off these pads are hot. If you’re playing low level beer league, you might not see much of an improvement, but if you’re playing higher level hockey against people with serious shots, these rebounds will zoom away from you. One of the first shots I took in the first skate had the rebound go off the pad, along the wall to the other side of the rink. The biggest feature with the Ultrasonic release is the Stabilislide knee block. And yes, it is as big a deal as it is made out to be. Stabilislide is essentially a very rigid L-shaped component that is built into the pad core and the knee block, resulting into a very stable, excellently sealing butterfly. The pads seem to rotate and land perfectly every time, it feels like I’m cheating. That’s not to say these pads are perfect. The knee landing does feel very dense and heavy, which makes the pad feel a little top heavy. It seems Bauer is/was aware of this as they were able to reduce weight on the Stabiliflex design. There is little cushion on the knee landing itself, so if you like the squishy materials used on recent CCM pads, you may want to wait for Axis 2. These pads are rigid. If you’re coming from a soft pad as I was, these will feel like boards on your legs. It will take time to get used to. Some people won’t be able to get past the rigidity as there is next to no torsional flex on these pads either. The TuneFit Connect strap, aka the professor strap, is not very well implemented. Installation and removal is very easy, but I would leave the Velcro loose and rely on the nylon buckle to dial in the fit. But the nylon often loosened up and my inability to find that consistent fit in the strapping was a deal breaker to me. The bungee system isn’t the most robust, in my opinion. Coming from Pro Laces / CCM’s implementation, those felt much more durable and better made than Bauer’s (Monster Hockey’s?) version. The gauge of the bungee is quite a bit thinner than Pro Lace’s and the Velcro tabs themselves are a bit more flimsy. They work just fine, but seem like a corner that was cut on the S-class Mercedes Benz that this pad is. Some people have had some horror stories with CorTech, but I haven’t had any issues. Actually, almost all the wear I’m seeing on these pads are limited to the jenpro and nylon areas, particularly the toe and thighrise binding. No rips or cuts in the CorTech yet, knock on wood. The thigh wear started showing relatively early on – maybe within 20 skates. It was disappointing to see, but I went into these pads with an expectation of seeing wear. Toe binding wear came later, but that has definitely progressed more than then thigh wear. Pics below. Bauer Ultrasonic Catch Glove After the leg pads, the glove is the next most customizable piece. I believe most of these options have stayed the same even with the Hyperlite launch. Perhaps the only difference is the inability to get a Vapor 2X graphic. I went with a pro palm and additional Poron in the base of the palm for additional protection. I was feeling some shots in the CCM EF4s with the game ready palm and didn’t want to go through that again. I also reinforced the tee because I want a stiff tee that won’t lose its shape or collapse. You can sort of see where they reinforced the tee in the picture below. Physically, you can feel the stiff plastic reinforcement there too. I also added additional Poron in the base of the palm because I don’t always catch pucks cleanly. This is one place I could really feel the pucks with my EF4. Category Retail/Stock Option My Specs Notes Palm Stiffness Game Ready Pro Palm Tee Pocket Double Tee Double Tee – Reinforced Pro custom only Palm Material Quattro Nash Quattro Nash Pocket Lacing Skate Lace Nylon Tee Lacing Skate Lace Nylon Break Ultrasonic (600) Ultrasonic (600) Pro custom only Size Senior Senior Poron Padding Palm only Add 3mm Poron to Palm Base Pro custom only Hand Regular/Full Right Regular Closure out of the box was surprisingly good, despite going with the pro palm and reinforced tee. After almost a full year’s use, it still feels very solid and very protective. Closure has gotten even better. My old favorite was the CCM EFlex 1 catcher and this may very well beat it. It closes cleanly and has a large pocket. Not much wear on these except for the laces around the perimeter, which is pretty normal. Cuff still feels solid and in one piece. Bauer Ultrasonic Blocker Last up, the blocker. Not much customization to be had here. I added a thumb pillow because I take a fair amount of shots off the sidewall. These Bauer blockers of the last few generations have been something that I really wanted to try. They all felt pretty good and appear to have a lot more wrist mobility versus the CCMs I was wearing before. The new Quattro Nash palm they use on the Ultrasonic is insanely supple and comfortable. Like the pads, the rebounds off the blocker are pretty hot. I have had zero issues with wear or with protection on it. Conclusion The pads are game changers. I think Bauer made a bit of mis-step not to bring Stabilislide – or a cheaper version of it – down to the 3S SR/INT pad. But they remedied that with Hyperlite and 3X SR/INT. These one-piece knees are the future. Look to upcoming releases from CCM and Vaughn for their interpretations. TL;DR – Great set of equipment. Ultrasonic 2 will be an insta-buy for me.
  3. That's weird - Sideline should give you the option to cash you out via ACH to your bank account (but only after the buyer reports the item was delivered).
  4. I use/like the CCM one, mostly because it's not nylon. I don't have to worry about getting it wet. There's a surprising amount of space inside of it, too. When the wife and I go on vacation, I can fit our electric toothbrushes, tooth paste, spare contact lenses, lens solution, soap etc. with no problem. Plus it is cheap.
  5. My wife and I have been playing a lot of Death Stranding on PC. Picked it up a couple weeks ago and it's been an experience. Also have been re-playing some Battlefield 4 in anticipation of the upcoming Battlefield 2042!
  6. Looks like they added some material to the knee cradle - maybe to keep one's knee from sliding off the backside? The gray portion on the G5 pad below seems to be raised/taller on the G6. Looks like there's some sort of professor strap going on as well. Does the goalie have some sort of Lundy loop through the back of his socks, too?
  7. Surprised no one posted anything about Axis 2 yet. Trav4Oilers posted a video showing the graphics and custom options. Another user on GGSU had access to the customizer and took some screenshots. I used AI to embiggen them. Glove has a new backhand. There is a new 591 break coming as well? Blocker seems mostly the same. Blocker palm is changed and slight tweak to the padding on the sidewall/thumb. Pad looks like it has a one-piece knee. Looks like they changed the QMS system in the calf. Calf riser seems a little smaller than Axis 1. New knee landing material too. Pad profile seems thinner than Axis 1 at the knee and above.
  8. I think quantum leaps is a bit much, but other than that, I think that is a fair assessment. I think the issue is that everything Warrior released after 2017 (GT release) hasn't been revolutionary, while the competition brought out the big guns. Warrior released the G4s in 2018, same as year Premier 2 and Bauer 2S. G4s had Airslide and Hypercomp and some tweaks to the leg channel. P2s had some huge improvements - a much lighter core and updated strapping, plus some smaller tweaks - updated knee landing material, softer boot, Speedskin. Bauer came out with the 2S - updated CorTech skin, updated knee and calf and some other tweaks. Since G4, Warrior has put out GT2 (Hypercomp and what else?) and G5 (CoverEdge+, core tweak and strapping tweak). Meanwhile CCM has put out EF4 - another pad with a lot of improvements over its previous incarnation. Bauer has recently released the Ultrasonic and Hyperlites, which have been game changers with their knee systems. TL;DR - IMO, Warrior needs to shake things up by making some large, tangible improvements to their gear. Other manufacturers have been overtaking them for a while now. If we're talking about performance, I don't think Warriors are the best performing pad/catch/block out there - sticks are a different beast. I've had GT1, GT2, EF4, Ultrasonic, EF5 and have an order in for Hyperlites. In terms of performance, my Ultrasonic set has blown everything I have ever had out of the water. To me, it is no comparison. My goalie co-workers all seem to agree that other brands perform better than Warriors. One co-worker didn't like his GT2s and another with his G4s. Our store seems to have a similar viewpoint regarding Warrior, except I think we've only sold a handful of F1s.
  9. I agree. I feel like there's been less hype over Warrior gear over the past couple of years - at least at my store. The peak seemed to be during the G3/G4 days. Customers are asking about CCM and Bauer and don't seem to be too interested in the G5s. Other manufacturers have lightened up their pads - a big reason why G3 was so popular - and added a number of features while Warrior hasn't changed too much.
  10. GoalieMonkey.com is doing a "Black Friday in July" sale. https://www.goaliemonkey.com/black-friday-in-july If you've been following this thread, items and prices are similar to those posted in the past.
  11. Blocker seems thinner with more of a curve to it... Can't see much else.
  12. Ordered the other day - hearing about 8 weeks.
  13. If you view the FedEx tracking number on the FedEx website, is there a link for a separate tracking number? I've ordered stuff from Bauer.com before and the tracking number they gave me indicated there were separate packages.
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