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  1. I don't think they make them anymore, but I have some Kevlar-lined hockey socks from Firstar. It looks like a regular polyester hockey sock, but one side of the sock's interior is lined with Kevlar. Comfy and they don't run hot.
  2. ZeroGravitas

    Warrior G5

    Yeah, I wasn't a fan at all of the graphic cutting the pad in half. Graphic looks like the GT2 but now with a bigger slice of the pad being divided by that vertical line. While it's kinda cool that you can pick up GT2 or G4 or G5 and the graphics are pretty close enough to each other that they can look like a whole set, I'd like to see something different and more exciting graphics-wise. Warrior's got some other interesting stuff in the pipeline this year that, to me, is more interesting than G5.
  3. Holy shit. https://www.goaliemonkey.com/pre-black-friday-sale Valid now through Monday, November 11, 2019. Some crazy deals on Bauer 1X gear. Bauer 1X Senior Pro chesty at $249.98. Or the Bauer 1X Senior Pro pants at $139.98. Some other stuff, like CCM Premier 1, we've seen at those prices before. Hopefully we'll start seeing other vendors blowing gear out as Black Friday approaches.
  4. Hmm. Count me as one of the few who prefers nylon. Doesn't stretch as much, thinner so it's easy to see through, feels more responsive when the puck hits the pocket. Prefer the simple look of nylon cords versus the skate lace, too.
  5. https://sgbonline.com/bauer-hockey-reaches-settlement-in-skate-steel-lawsuit/ While it doesn't specifically mention the Vertexx Edge holders, I wouldn't be surprised if goalie steel is included because the attachment mechanism is the same. Link to the Canadian patent on the trigger assembly. Some information on the case in the Federal Court of Canada is here: Federal Court of Canada - Summary Federal Court of Canada - Docket Also a snippet of things to come mentioned in news story - bold emphasis in mine.
  6. Reminds me of a cross between Mission Slyde and the CCM YouthFlex2. I wonder if CCM will be upset about this leak. 😂
  7. Thought these pics would be fun to share.
  8. Maybe it is the use of shrink wrap on the ankle instead of lacing up the skate conventionally. The old method was to bake and put them on your feet and lace them up just like a regular skate - here's a video showing the old method: But that's been superseded by the new method, where you do not lace up the top three eyelets. Instead, you wrap shrink wrap around the heel and the ankle. Here's a video showing the new method:
  9. Will this thread ever be finished? Or will George R. R. Martin release "The Winds of Winter" first?
  10. Version 1.0.0


    140 page PDF for CCM's 2019 offerings. EF4 goalie gear, new for 2019, begins on page 66. FT2 goal skates, new for 2019, begins on page 82. EF4 goal sticks, new for 2019, begins on page 86.
  11. It'll be called AS3. Don't ask me why!
  12. Reebok P1 Pro Chest Protector, Size Large - $350.00+ Beautiful unit, looks like it is unused.
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