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  1. Sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission
  2. Just wanted to update this and put it to rest. UPS found my sticks and sent me a new tracking number. All is well.
  3. Mine was sent via ups oddly. All the shipping labels on the box either say 1 of 1 nexus sticks or 2 of 2 packages which either means A. There’s a missing package or B. My hyperlite chest was the first package and I don’t know where the goalie sticks are. Apologies if I sound a bit upset, I was hoping to have these sticks before I left since my warranty EF4 is cracking which leaves me with just my axis stick.
  4. This is a bit of a shot in the dark but has anyone ordered custom player sticks and goalie sticks in the same order? I received an email today stating my custom goalie sticks and player stick had been delivered but when I got home only the player stick was waiting for me. I’ve already emailed bauer customer service I just wanted to see if anyone on here has experience with this issue.
  5. Stilllll going sadly. Gotta finish 3 more classes then I can graduate.
  6. Last game of my high school hockey career. Good times have been had but now on to better things. Oh and the new set got its first shutout.
  7. First on ice impressions, they’re too curved for how stiff they are but that’s an easy fix. Other than that I love the set. Not to mention it looks killer with the white pants.
  8. Black weave, graphite grey, and white. Glove closes like a dream. Hoping to get it on the ice tonight if I can find anywhere. Not to mention this is my first ever custom set 😁
  9. I’m not sure if an email was sent out to those with custom ccm sets on order or not but there’s currently an additional two week delay due to covid. EF5 pro sticks have been delayed indefinitely as well. That said, my set just arrived and I’ll pick it up later today 😁
  10. Wasn’t sure where to put this but I didn’t realize Warrior could put toe bridges on custom pads now Thanks to that find I’m plotting for next season
  11. 5 years is incredible for one piece skates! Or any skates for that matter. Changing steel is doable but risky. If you over tighten the blade you could crack the composite more. If you leave it too loose you could risk unnecessary flex making the space for the blade even bigger. Sounds like you don’t have much to lose considering how long those skates have lasted you though.
  12. Had the same thing happen to my one piece skates after they were just over a year old but thankfully true replaced them with two pieces free of charge.
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