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  1. And the glove. Also the blocker. The vapor poster child doesn’t wear anything vapor besides the chest.
  2. Falling in love with this line more and more every day but the stock graphic isn’t my favorite. As someone who loved the premier 3 graphic I think I’d go for an 8800 graphic
  3. Pretty sure he’s still rocking an ultrasonic set. Likely for the same reason he’s using Bauer pro skates and not the laceless ones. All eyes are on him for new Bauer stuff plus he’s the poster boy for vapor. I expect he’ll give the new supreme line a try sometime soon with a hyperlite graphic but considering he’s used tune fit for so long I’d be surprised if he moves to what appears to be a new system.
  4. What can I say I like cycling back and forth between a JRZ set and a CCM set. I feel it helps me focus on improving my own abilities rather than relying more on my gear to stop the puck. That said the game setup will most likely be a G5 glove with an EFlex 5 blocker and Fusion leg pads.
  5. Those of us playing lower league juniors such as NA3HL tend to replace our glove, pads, and blocker every year or so. But we’re also on the ice for an 1.5 to 2 hours every day with frequent 3 game weekends. Chest protectors get replaced about every 3-4 years from what I’ve heard. And the pants, well let’s just say there’s a guy wearing 8800s on my team. Plus quite a few teams in the NA3HL provide team pants rather than shells. Keep in mind leagues like NA3HL and USPHL Premier/Elite are still pay to play which is why we don’t change gear as often as preferred, we have to pay for a season too.
  6. As someone who’s very curious about SLR3 and has used warrior gloves for the most part, what’s the closest Vaughn glove to the feel of a warrior?
  7. You’re not gonna include pictures of the jerseys?
  8. Switching to plastic rather than air slide in this actually makes a ton of sense to me because as helpful as air slide was to me I did run into issues a few times where hinging on the post was difficult because the slots are the complete wrong direction for that kind of movement. Removing air slide from the knee should solve that.
  9. That’s kind of the whole idea. It allows you to mix and match different models without it being super easy to tell. That said, the graphics still are on the lesser side of the spectrum even though G6 is solid.
  10. A bonus is everyone will be making a very very similar pad and blocker this year so for the most part it comes down to The price and what glove you like in my opinion.
  11. I wish. If I could’ve ordered custom sizing I very likely would be in Bauer right now. Not having custom sizing is a huge turn-off for those of us who like the pad to sit high or have short shins.
  12. First public picture to have something other than an all white G6 set
  13. Sometimes guys are going through it and never talk with someone else about it, just letting it build up and eventually cracking. I have no idea what’s going on for sure but that’s my best guess. Speaking from experience.
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