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Vaughn V9 Calf Wrap Wear and Tear


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Hey All,

Looking to get some advice on some damage on the calf wrap on one leg of my Vaughn V9s.

Ordered them custom - arrived in April 2022 and I've been using them about 2 times a week since then.

I wear my calf strap and RRC pretty tight and a few games ago I suddenly felt my right pad very loose on the leg. I retightened all the straps but it seemed very off.

After the game I noticed that the stitches had popped at the top of the outer calf wrap and it no longer felt as tight to the core of the pad as the other pad does. I've redone my strapping to be tighter to compensate but in the last game I felt like it separated a little further.

Has anyone dealt with this/have any idea if this is a major repair? I've seen a few posts from folks like hockeyshopofhorrors on IG who seem to do this kind of work.




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I have those same pads, also custom. Sorry this happened to you.

Are you able to part with them for a couple of weeks?  If so, I'd think you can send those back to Vaughn to be repaired.  That seems like an unususal, structural repair issue that they could fix.

Dennis Doll would be the guy to contact at Vaughn for getting those fixed...assuming you are in the USA and he still works there. 

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