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Intro, background and Bulk Hardware question

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Nooby, Posting from my computer.  

Not sure if this is the right location, or allowed. Mods, let me know, tks. 



I am a dinosaur (horse hair pads trained), haven't really played much since around 2010, son is now playing.

So, Mr. OCD get's involved, after ex buys a NME4 (he is ok in that for a year or two), and goes from 1 helmet to about 8. But have cycled through a bunch. 


Prior to 2010

Itech widow-maker

Calcoat (this is a 90's baby!)

After 2010

950/960 profile, never fit my gigantic head properly. 




NME4, now sold. 

NME8, now sold.

NME IX.current. U15, trying out for AAA/AA, so not going to cut it.


NEXT: (to chose 1 after rebuild/Paint):

Profile 960 - cause, it's one of the best, and I "had one kicking around"

CCM Axis - down to Carbon (why? was thinking of the "naked" look - fail. Kid wants flat black.)

NME Vtx - to try to see if it fits better. Needs paint. Not here yet. Bought last night.


ME: Current "inventory" in various states of disrepair:

VINTAGE: Calcoat (90's original), Simmons, Itech 960 (wide and fat - so not a normal one), Jofa. Various states.

MAN CAVE SHELLS: NME 4 Jr and Itech widow-maker shells. Were used for parts. 

TO REBUILD: one 960.



NME4 Jr (donor foams/hardware for carbon/chrome rebuild), NME 4 (repainted sold), NME 8 (nicer than one in use, repainted, sold).

2010's profile - Black, but carbon and Chrome (auto wrap) - rebuilt with NME foam padding put in the profile. OMG, don't do this, the foam or the wrap! Colossal waste of time. 


950 profile - flat black repaint. Was going to use foam for 960, but it was too nice. 



Hi, I have a OCD problem, and I am not sure how to solve it. 

For those counting, I went from 4 (1 son, 3 me) to around 9, plus 2 shells for man-cave. Hmm. 


Anyway, I am getting tired of paying full retail for nuts and bolts, or not fixing them up and leaving the old hardware in there. Or, someone with a kit, doesn't have everything. Like $1 each item? If I rebuild my inventory, it is over $300 in nuts and bolts, no thanks. 

I have searched amazon, the web (my skills may suck admittedly), even 5+++ hours of looking for hardware, screws, goalie mask hardware, etc.


Now, have found

Screws (I think the diameter of these are too big)

  1. Screws - pretty standard everywhere, local has them. 8/32 thread - 1/4" long. For mask. mostly slot and or phillips. Mostly all zinc, I think. https://www.grainger.ca/en/product/MACH-SCR-304-TRUSS-PH-8-32X1-4%2C100-PK/p/EBP2CE11
  2. Slot AND Robertson stud screws - (square head) screws for the cages - I HATE philips heads, but slots even more. 




  1. Machined T slot nuts (square, not round or oval - like a Bauer). Won't fit. But almost. Imagine a Bauer, but a rectangle. 
  2. Line 24 snaps (for boats). hope they fit the mask clips, for making a screw stud yourself sort of. Flat pancake vs a stud. 


  1. Dot screw studs. I like these better. Hope they fit the mask clips. Could be a winner. Not local. But $36/100. 



Shipping and importing to Canada may suck also. 



What I can't find (and was hoping I could find some help) are: 

  1. A single company that sells most everything. Or one company that sells more than one thing. At a decent price.
  2. T nuts, both bauer (T Slot) and or Round. None, anywhere.  
  3. Cage holders - I haven't looked that hard yet. 
  4. mask clips and fabric - I haven't looked that hard yet. I have seen some fabric links, assume not that hard to find. 
  5. Opinions on material of screws. Stainless vs zinc. Why do the old ones rust so bad? Which is better?





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