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I'm currently in 10th grade and starting for my school's varsity team. I live in a smaller town and don't nearly have nearly enough forthe latest and greatest gear. My current pads are falling apart and I'm in dire need of new ones for next season. I really need to get a durable set of pads that can last for the next 3+ years.

I have concerns buying from sideline swap, considering most of their stuff is used. I'm afraid of buying used equipment after getting a pro stock Reebok glove and blocker from there. Just a couple months later and they were both beaten and battered beyond repair.

I have also seen some "interesting" photos of Bauer gear deteriorating after a while. Some of the photos look very fake, but others show a lot of durability issues. Some photos showing the landing surface getting bent the wrong way and the overall quality of the pads getting way worse over time. Is there any truth to this?

Overall, I'm looking for a relatively cheap (if you can call it that) pads, blocker, and glove for around $800 USD.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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