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Desperately Seeking: Warrior Ritual G6 E+ in Retro Tan


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Had my eye on the Warrior Ritual G6 E+ 32 +1 pads in Retro Tan and someone bought the last set online this weekend. I'm BS at myself for waiting. I need retro tan to match my gloves which I've had for five years. No chance I'll switch gloves. Does anyone have an IN or know where there's inventory on a pair of these? Six pack of your choice if I can make a purchase off your tip. Thanks!

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17 hours ago, ZeroGravitas said:

Are you in the US? Try giving GoalieMonkey a call and see if/when they are getting the G6 pads in retro. I noticed they had the G6 glove and blocker in retro tan when I was there yesterday.

Thanks. GoalieMonkey is where I was looking when I waited too long. I talked with customer support and they are sold out.

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