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Skate fit issue (bottom of foot)

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Hi guys, I have odd shaped feet where the bone under my big toe (where it goes from toe to the mid part of the foot), sticks out under my foot quite a bit, which makes my entire weight land right on that bone. Needless to say, 5 minutes into my skate, my feet are basically numb, and my legs are shot as my whole bottom half is tense the entire time. I’ve tried Bauer Supreme skates, and most recently CCMs, to no avail. I’ve also tried the yellow and blue Superfeet, and 3 other styles of insoles. I even got custom insoles made, but it still didn’t alleviate the pain. I almost need to create a ring around the bone to raise it up. It’s so painful it’s not worth playing. Do you think a podiatrist would be able to do something like that? Know of any skate-specific insole that could help? What about custom Trues? Again, it’s a very odd and specific issue, and not really needing a custom boot, but footbed instead. I hope that isn’t too complicating to understand. Thanks gang. 

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