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FS: Brown 2400 C/A, Passau v2 L/XL Knee Pads, Bauer Vertexx Edge Steel (size 8)


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Got some gear I need to get rid of.  Taking up too much space in the garage.  All prices are in USD and are negotiable.  Thanks for looking!

Brown 2400 C/A.  Purchased used off GGSU.  It smelled awful and had a ton of rips and tears.  I've since cleaned it out (still some light smell) and repaired most of the tears.
Fits between an L and XL with slightly shortened arms off an L.  The previous owner was 6'0 and I'm 5'11.  I can get measurements for you if you like.  Still plenty of life left in this thing, took it to several skates with some Junior A/former pro guys and didn't feel a thing.  Buckles are all intact, velcro is still grippy.  Elastic has lost a little of its springiness but doesn't affect performance.
Note the pics below show the unit with a transplanted Koho 589 low neck collar.  I have reattached the high neck Brown collar that it originally came with.  If you don't like the collar and have one you'd want to use and are willing to send, I'd be happy to attach it for you free of charge.

Asking $220 + ship (around $30-40 for lower 48) SOLD


Passau Knee Pads v2 L/XL.  Picked these up to try out, didn't like them.  Solid knee pad, great protection, but not for me.  Velcro is still solid, no tears or visible wear of any kind.

Asking (with Maltese spacer) $75 + ship (probably $20 for lower 48)
Asking (without Maltese spacer) $50 + ship (probably $20 for lower 48)


Bauer Vertexx Edge Steel size 8.  Bought these with my holders, ended up changing and liking the Tydan steel much more.  Profiled to 20' front, 32' back with a medium forward lean.  Sharpened to 3/8".  Each pair has touched a sharpening machine twice after initial profile setting.

Asking (one pair) $50 + ship (probably $15 for lower 48)
Asking (two pairs) $80 + ship (probably $15 for lower 48)


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