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  1. For sure, glad I could help a little bit. I've harped on it in other threads, and it's a good thing you noticed being sedentary during Covid had an impact on how you feel now. Be careful the first few times out with your new routine as your body needs to adapt to it after such a long time off and you've added a few lbs. Worst thing you can do is go into this with a belly full of fire and come back out of the gym 5 mins later with an injury. Consistency is most important. Even on days you don't feel motivated, drive your butt to the gym anyway and do some weight assisted stretching, hip traction exercises with a resistance band or something that you can't do at home. One thing I heard in a podcast recently is that top athletes don't always enjoy the process, but they are addicted to the results. Good luck and feel free to reach out with any questions if you feel like I can assist more.
  2. So I guess we're adding "video game activist" to your list of life achievements?
  3. No, you can add a CAG to any existing profile
  4. Sorry, I'm not following. He doesn't bring up or recommend any kind of flat spot. His suggestion is to profile the skates down to 11 or 15' with a forward lean to keep the goalie on the balls of their feet.
  5. Drifting into derailing the thread here, but you guys may also want to look into breath work. During the course of the game, our breath can become quick, short, and labored as we exert effort. This triggers the fight or flight response in our brain and can lead to negative performance issues (cramps, muscles tightening up, effects on your mental state) - and it has potential to supersede whatever your positive internal monologue is. Make an effort every so often to slow down and take a couple deep breaths through your mouth and blow through your nose. It'll bring you back down and it works as a great mental reset tool.
  6. Profiling is probably deserving of its own thread, but since you asked it here... When talking profiles, it's a lot like sharpening in that you're looking to balance a performance tradeoff. With sharpening, you're balancing glide vs bite With profiling, you're balancing stability vs agility Take a stock goalie radius (27', 28', 30') - the larger the number, the flatter the feel. To give you some further context, players typically play within the 8', 9', 11' range. Flatter is better for stability and pushing. Rounder is better for agility and pivots. You're basically balancing lengthwise on a blade of the configured radius; picture the line L as the ice. A combination radius attempts to give you a little bit of both worlds. I believe the SAM and SPRY are similar profiles, 10' short radius in the front for agility, flat spot in the center for stability, and a 28' back blade to start your push. While the SAM carries a 50mm flat spot in the middle, the SPRY uses a CAG. The principle behind a CAG is about grinding out a flat spot in the steel for stability and bite. The flatter the blade is, the more surface area is engaged with the ice, so you can go with a shallower hollow, get better glide, and burn less energy to move forward and backward. C-cuts and lateral pushes on a CAG are unreal. The flip side to this is how your agility game translates. Picture a play going high to low along the boards. You pivot to transition into the post, but that pivot becomes more challenging the flatter your steel is. Quick byte on CAG designations. CAG is not a profile, its an engineered flat spot. So you can have a regular blade profile and throw a CAG on top to finish. Jonathan Quick supposedly uses a 60/120 CAG which means 60mm in front of blade center is flat; 120mm overall, which translates to about 4.7" of blade flat. You can move the CAG forward or backward based on your preferences, so you could go 65/120 which means 65mm in front of the center line is flat. To give you some personal experience, I've tried below on 4mm Step steel in the last 18 months SAM, 5/8" ROH: I'm a toe pusher and the 10' left a lot to be desired. I did like cruising around on the 50mm flat center, so I took it to the next level on the next setting. 27' + 60/120 CAG, 3/4" ROH: Almost tripled the amount of flat on the blade. Loved the lateral pushes. I was doing a lot of shooter tutoring for skater lessons during COVID when I had this on my steel. 90% of the time, I was C-cutting to grab angle and depth and lateral pushing into a rebound, and IMO it is a great setup for this. Once beer league started again, I realized how much it was affecting my transition game and went to something shorter. 24/28', 5/8" ROH: (I think some places call this a Goalie WIN): Currently on this one, I like the agility and bite I get off toe pushes in the front. I'm thinking of adding a shorter CAG in the center just to get a little more stability. So the TLDR on all this: profiles are just as personal as hollows; you need to pick one for your game and the way you skate. Think about how you load and push and where you want agility and where you want stability. When you transition, do you plant your outside leg, inside leg, or rotate on your center axis? Are you a full blade, back blade, mid blade, or toe pick when you push off your stance? What about when you're down? Do you feel flat on your feet or do you want to be more on the balls of your feet? You can have the skate tech lean the steel forward to put you more front loaded Here are some interesting articles if you want to read more. https://theathletic.com/1235541/2019/10/15/steel-psychos-and-box-guys-inside-the-rapidly-evolving-world-of-nhl-skate-blades/ https://www.newsobserver.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/luke-decock/article244671327.html
  7. IMO If you're looking to improve performance in net, think of what exercises you are doing and how they translate to what we need to do on ice Everything in your body is connected, and strength training isn't just building muscle, but also training your body to recruit supporting muscle groups in a specific movement. Foam rolling is a supplement to your routine, not a routine in itself. You can use it to release tightened up muscle or fascia or post-workout to help flush and cool down. Flexibility needs to be trained daily, or every other day if you just got off an intense session. You can pump out a quick 20 min circuit at home. For this, look up Functional Range Conditioning and some of the exercises associated with it. Warmup isn't really necessary as it's pretty challenging on its own. Key concepts are gonna be Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) and PAILs/RAILs (I'm not even gonna try to break down that acronym off memory, they're essentially modified isometric movements to build strength in a stretched position. They suck, but they work) IMO it's better than yoga for our purposes as it's focused more on building strength and body control in the outer limits of our movement patterns. If you hit a plateau, work a lax ball or foam roller to break up adhesions first, then go into your flex routine. Might add another 10-15 mins. I'll typically jam this out while watching something on Netflix after dinner or before bed. I think you should focus on strength first before plyo. High weight low rep. Once your strength floor improves, your plyo movements will become more explosive.
  8. I just see blank white boxes and part of a CCM logo
  9. how's the meme go? "You either die a hero or live long enough to become a roller hockey pad"
  10. That knee wing looks a different shade of red than the rest of the gear. Didn't the G5s have the AirSlide in that area? I wonder if they have a new sliding material there (hence the color mismatch)
  11. IIRC @Rayzilla had a very bouncy GSBB avatar
  12. As someone that has owned a Kenesky, I liked the level of customization you could put into it. I swapped out and customized a bunch of stuff on it, from the shoulder/harness system to the waist straps, all the way down to a nash padded lining on the inside of the wrist. For sizing, they independently size the upper and lower arms, as well as the body and ribs. Seems like Bauer is doing a similar thing, but with hot swappable parts (ie. Ultrasonic body with Hyperlite arms or vice versa). I wore a non-custom Brown for a few months right before my Kenesky came in. I didn't really feel like it ran hot, but the weight was definitely up there; a positive side effect was that my upper body got kinda shredded for those those few months lol
  13. https://cultmtl.com/2021/10/carey-price-is-not-suffering-from-addiction-to-drugs-or-alcohol/?fbclid=IwAR01ySV6zBjr6MxfwUHm9TtIVAlbPj0fMO2q7VqG2Wt4OsHROwCPByRUJs0
  14. I enjoyed Season 1, Season 2 was a bit of a letdown
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