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  1. A few things to consider: Are you looking at composites or foam cores? I am 99% sure most of the foam cores on the market across brands are made by the same one or two factories, so they will mostly feel the same. Stock blade patterns for retail sticks are pretty much drawn from the same pool. Composites will have the most variance between brands. Grip, flex, and rebounds will be things to take into consideration. Bring your current stick with you. Paddle sizes may change not only from brand to brand, but also through model year.
  2. You can do that, or you can dip just the hand/palm portion and squeeze out all the bad shit. If your board is removable, you can take it out before cleaning.
  3. This. I'd also add some Oxi Clean in there (2 scoops). I don't think any kind of superficial surface spray will have an effect. You need something to penetrate into the nash/suregrip/whatever type of palm is being used in these gloves.
  4. Chenner29

    Travel Tips

    The Warrior ones are built like tanks. I had one for two years and it never got a scratch. Ended up giving it away to a guy who got his gear stolen. Depending on his age/size, he could probably fit everything in one of them. https://www.goaliemonkey.com/equipment/bags/carry-goalie-bags/warrior-goalie-equipment-pro-bag.html I highly suspect JRZ is manufacturing these bags for Warrior and True - they are virtually identical
  5. Chenner29

    Travel Tips

    Stick it all in one bag. You'll probably be charged oversized fee, but that'll be cheaper than checking three pieces. Pretty sure sticks will count as another piece, I recommend taping or binding them together inside a stick bag. Otherwise, don't talk to strangers in dark alleys and avoid the gypsies
  6. This was a fun 180 to read.
  7. Pretty sure this new way is correct. Martin Jones does this really well. He will track the play in a more narrow stance as it is easier to move around and conserves a bit more energy, and it's easier to track the play over people's shoulders than leaning and peeking to the side. When a shot is imminent you can snap your feet out to get into a "shot ready" position.
  8. Just to clarify, I'm not a rep for them and have no business affiliation with this company. I'm also skeptical how serious the original poster is about getting new gear
  9. I think Scrivens cranked down on his because he wanted the pad to sit a couple inches above the top of his boot. I wear mine snug. I can pull on the strap when it’s on and there will be about an inch of play between my leg and the back of the strap.
  10. I gave him the original P1 to base off of in February 2018 and am still waiting on mine. Pro orders I understand, but regular customer orders are getting done before mine.
  11. Just curious, do you wear a long sleeve or short sleeve shirt underneath your c/a? And if a long sleeve, are the wrists snug? I have noticed I lose grip a lot faster when I wear a loose long sleeve. I don’t wear wrist bands, though. Sounds like there may be a market for a Sham wrist band to go along with the sweatband
  12. I’ll drop you a PM so we can go over specs.
  13. Hi Al, Note that forum rules require an asking price in the original post. Please update accordingly.
  14. How tall are you and how long are your shins? Measure your ankle to knee. Start at the ankle bone outside your leg and measure straight up to middle of the kneecap. If it's around 17" you should be around a 33-34 in Vaughn. The Vaughn rep didn't go over sizing with you? That's the most important...
  15. Do I seem like somebody who likes to joke around?
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