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  1. Holtby chuckin some sauce from his knees with a 580 break at the beginning of the video.
  2. I haven't seen this specific unit, but if it is anything like a typical Vaughn, it uses either air knit or nylon mesh sewn-in arm sleeves. You can shorten the arms by pinching the loose material in the upper arm above the bicep pad and running a stitch line through it. A Speed Stitcher works very well for this, and you can release the seam when you grow into it a bit more. If you have the air knit, I recommend adding a layer of nylon or jenpro and stitching through that. Air knit does not hold a stitch very well and it could tear out.
  3. As a guy who grew up in SoCal with a bunch of skater friends, this is very cool to see!
  4. I've had a couple pairs of pads recently with Professor Straps. It serves as a connection point to keep your knee from falling off the back of the block, as well as help make the pad more responsive when you recover to your feet. IMO it should be snug (not tight) with minimal give. I found the inch wide elastic straps didn't really do much unless they were doubled up. On my latest set, I went with the leather strap. I'm in the Eflex4 now with a 2"(?) elastic strap that works pretty well. I did not have durability issues with the plastic buckle, but there is always the slim possibility of the buckle getting blown up by a weird angle shot.
  5. I've been using my Pro's Choice since 2007. I think you see effective dates on plastic helmets (and car seats and...) because those have a tendency to warp or change shape in warm environments.
  6. Sara Marschand (Protective Athletic Wear/PAW) is building these for Gould.
  7. This is sound advice for everyone in this thread. Go with the best mask you can afford.
  8. PadWrap or PadSkinz is great for this, with the added bonus of being able to color coordinate with your gear. The ECO padding has a bit of a stretch to it. You'll definitely want some kind of backing or it'll pull off the mask hardware.
  9. I really want a Reese's peanut butter cup now for some reason
  10. Chenner29

    CCM EF4

    That boot strap in the link is not stock either.
  11. Oh man. Late night last night
  12. Is it just me, or has DaveArt simplifying his art style this year? Some of the layouts on these masks look much cleaner than in past iterations.
  13. You’re way overthinking it bud. @Colandernailed it. It’s a mental reset button to get you to zero. The point of practice is to prepare for games. Practice is the time to be more cerebral and tactical about what you are doing so it’s automatic when you play against another team. To take another gem from McKichan - “overanalysis causes paralysis”. Find your flow and go. Your self talk should be relentlessly positive all the time (but not to the point of delusion), and it is a tremendous life lesson that you will apply if hockey doesn’t work out for you and you enter the workforce. There is a massive difference between “we are getting dominated this shift” vs “I gotta carry these guys for a bit” Shit happens. Bad goals go in, guys get left open in the slot for easy tip ins or 3rd rebound opportunities, and refs may miss the wraparound game winning goals for your team in the 2001 Junior AAA NARCh championship game in Estero, Florida (I’ll never live this down, we lost in OT and had our goal on video). You can’t control these things, but what you can control is how you respond to them. The guys in front of you know they shouldn’t have left that dude open, and they feel bad for you when you let that shot in from the blue line - but you gotta move on mentally from these things or all that negativity’s gonna weigh you down as you continue playing. Learn to let go and move on
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