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  1. Looks like the T collapsing into a Y?
  2. In case anyone missed it, this concept was done in 2009. The designer references such vintage brands as RBK and Nike-Bauer (lol)...it looks like it done for a design portfolio than actually marketed to gear manufacturers If we want to engage in mask design discourse, we may be better served looking at what's actually being made and sold now and trying to improve on something that was admittedly dead in the water the day he published
  3. Chenner29


    Do a few things. Get your floor to knee measurement, match it up with what True gives you Take your current Bauers, find the center of the knee block, move over horizontally to that same spot on the backside of the pad. Plant a tape measure there and go straight up to the top binding. 20.1 and Axis should be roughly equivalent Where the numbers skew is if you're going from 20.1 to Eflex, or Axis to 12.2 20.1 boot adds about half an inch I went from a 33+2 (35 overall) Eflex 4 to a 32 + 2.5 (34.5 overall) 20.1
  4. Not really much to write home about so far, IMO. Ignore the mouse cursors, my son was playing on my desk and bumping into my elbow while I was screen grabbing these The customer direct market seems pretty saturated at the moment (Battram, Kenesky, Simmons, Passau), not sure what another player thinks they can bring that those guys don't. The eyelets on the side of the pad look like a nasty cut waiting to happen
  5. 100% best I've ever used, and I've used a lot. Heaton Helite 5 (6750, not the one with the crazy wings), Vaughn 3700 custom BHG "Helite 5" Vaughn 5500 Vaughn V2/6000 Brown (503?) Reebok P1 Reebok 11k Reebok P1 Bernier pro return Brown 2200 CCM AB Pro Kenesky PP1 The BHG Helite 5 remake was probably my second favorite, but I was getting nasty bruises in it 6 months after getting it
  6. The elastic is counter-intuitive to pushing off with the inside of the toe box in the RVH
  7. The premise behind the Maltese foam was to create something that would not stiffen up/harden over time like traditional Rubatex. If the padding in your mask is still soft you can continue to use it. I've heard of people taking it as far as saturating the padding with water every so often, then going in with their hands and fingers and "wringing out" the padding to flush out any excess sweat/etc (wear gloves, you'll see some icky brown water come out) Also note that for the price of a new Bauer, you can pick up a mostly-similar Otny CC with ECO padding from GoalieParts.com
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but your first statement sounds like you had it installed as a layer of padding on the chin...that's not a chin sling, that's just chin padding, and was a very common mistake. The injuries you experienced were likely pressure cuts. Here is an actual chin sling setup so we can confirm we are talking about the same thing. Note it the sling is suspended off the chin. To combat the issue of the padding pulling out from the hardware, you can back the sling with some jenpro or Padskinz. If you want to take it a step further, you can sandwich a rubber washer
  9. Don't worry, the Eco wore through from the inside because it slightly denser foam, which would create a hot wear point on the outside when machine washed...and I believe the skin is slightly different Passau was making everything for Maltese the last year and a half or so; the skin is identical. The Roughneck and Maltese used the softer version of the gel foam that wouldn't create hot spots from the inside.
  10. The stick and the form are probably related. Maybe you are sitting back on your heels in the butterfly because your stick is too long. Or maybe that's what you felt was comfortable so you got the taller paddle, but didn't realize it's making you sit up taller/backwards
  11. Thanks for posting in-depth, it's always fun to check out other people's specs and see their thought process., and it looks like you were able to put together some pretty sweet modernized gear with their custom options. I don't follow Vaughn lines enough to know if this is an evolutionary leap from the V8, but the V9 logo looks worlds better! Is there any reason why you didn't elect to eliminate the air mesh in the shin? For me, I've always found that material to be lacking from a durability standpoint. Big props on the reinforced T, I think you'll find some significant gains w
  12. I asked Vaughn for a 5500 chest back when the 8800 first came out and I was shut down. I wanted the smaller shoulder floaters. Maybe they were pushing hard to get 8800s out in the general public back then, or they've loosened the reins on some of their custom policies. They used to be a hard no on doing vintage graphics, and now we're seeing the old V2 and Legacy graphic on their pros...
  13. Size 8 skate here, found even the Trav spec too tight at the toes. I tweaked my ankle quite a bit on these. I just ordered another pair with Trav spec +2 inches
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