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  1. A few folks wanted to take a look at some of my off ice routines... I'll put some stuff together here. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, physical therapist, or in any related industry. I've put together this stuff through some research, trial and error, and talking to various health professionals. Some of my ideas may not be correct, and I am not claiming to be an authority on the subject. Recommended tools: Lacrosse ball Balance Pad Foam roller Resistance Bands Yoga/Stretch Strap Intro: For most of us on this board, hockey has more or less fa
  2. Welcome. Ya'll are the best. Tell Rance I screwed up my 20.1 order again
  3. All speculation on my part here, but: I'd say the self-branding initiative was part of Lefevre's negotiation. I might go so far as suggest that someone at Lefevre intentionally leaked the possibility of a merger to give them some immediate clout while they were operating under their own name. But I'm a bit of a cynic and conspiracy theorist at heart.
  4. Chenner29

    Soft pads user

    Just curious, have you looked at any possible physiological solutions for your hip issues? Don't get me wrong. I love talking about new gear, but I don't think any equipment out there is going to help with hip issues. I've been battling stiff hips since a couple knee injuries in my mid 20s. 36 years old now, but wearing stiff pads (x-stiff core Lefevre 20.1). For me, the physical issue was trying to maintain a sedentary lifestyle with the rigorous demands of playing the position (I got very lazy after competitive hockey). Sitting at work didn't help much. The issues compounded
  5. Thanks for allowing me to inject some Batman in here
  6. I highly doubt that Lefevre went out and had a product specially made for use on their gear. The vast majority of components you see in hockey gear today are already being made for applications in other industries. Thanks for correcting me on Primo. Haven't followed Brian's much either.
  7. Thanks! Yeah maybe we can call VE8 with Quickslide VE8.5. I will say, IMO the Velocity was the bar none the best pad on the market back then. Either my gear taste changed after V4, or everyone else started catching up. You'd be surprised how expensive rolls of Jenpro are - IIRC, tens of thousands of dollars. For a small shop like Lefevre, this is a huge initial investment. I'm sure Fastglide is even more expensive - it feels thicker and there's a pattern embossed on it, so extra material and labor is involved. White is the most popular color on professional gear by
  8. Off the top of my head, I can think of Quick, Campbell, Schneider, Rask are all playing in legacy gear lines (see what I did there). It's tough to say with the other manufacturers. I think Price was one of the first to ditch the boot strap. I wanna say I remember seeing pics of him during the Eflex 2 years where he basically just took the boot strap out. We could see the hole in the boot on TV. 580 was the only glove break offered until Koho 590 came out. Giguere was "the man" at the time after his insane playoff run in 2003, so maybe this is the hivemind effect again. The 55
  9. Just had this thought It's the Brodeur curse. 4 out of the 6 brands he's worn are gone D&R Heaton (Pre-Lefevre CCM) Reebok Sher-wood (Vaughn)
  10. I agree with a lot of your points, but wanted to respond to some sections. It's my personal belief that Vaughn designs for retail feel and shelf appeal first. Meaning, gloves are meant to close easily off the shelf, and pads/pants/chest&arm units flex like they've been in your bag for years. I always laugh when people comment that SLRs or Velocities feel "stiff" - the store must not have had any high end Bauer product to try on. If they utilize pro input for designs, they don't advertise it - and I think we can all agree their marketing efforts have been pretty spotty, at be
  11. Here's a "chicken or the egg" scenario for us to think about regarding gear innovation... If Vaughn's pro customer base refuses to adopt new designs, is it Vaughn's fault for not bringing enough R&D to the table? is it a pro sales reps' fault for not correctly communicating features to benefits? is it the pro's fault for not challenging R&D enough to do something new? How do answers to the questions above impact their ability to attract new customers at the retail level?
  12. These two statements, 21 months apart, are not the same.
  13. I don't know your price range, but I would be surprised if a retail mask goes over $1k USD
  14. Masks were already in the works since they left CCM. I don't know if they found someone to contract it with, though. Give it some time and we'll see an announcement
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