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  1. Really surprised this hasn't moved yet. Pro model on GoalieMonkey is $599.99. You have this priced at $100 over their senior model price. If I didn't have a custom Kenesky and a CCM pro return, I'd be all over this
  2. Have a broker receive it for you in Canada, they can then ship it to the US I think you pay double the shipping, but if the savings warrant, it should be worth it. You're getting a double discount in the US (Conversion rate and sale price)
  3. I wouldn't feel bad if I were you. You entered into a contract to buy an item with all the components, and you did not receive that. You're just protecting yourself, regardless of how helpful he's been post sale...You don't need to treat him like a criminal, but you do need to make sure you get what you were expecting. Unfortunately, I'm not sure where to close the dispute. I've had friends do it before so I know it's there, but don't have any personal experience with it. I would imagine it's in the same section you would normally accept the shipment.
  4. What I would do is: Dispute the transaction Notate that some pieces were missing from the gear Notate that you are working with the seller to rectify. If it's a deal on SidelineSwap, it shouldn't affect his feedback score.
  5. https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/goalie/accessories-other/2019361-bauer-1x-knee-pads https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/goalie/accessories-other/1918150-bauer-1x-knee-guards-sr https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/goalie/accessories-other/1540084-bauer-1x-knee-guards
  6. I guess you can call me..........................the color commentator
  7. Spying through my webcam I see
  8. How I'm picturing you right now.
  9. Can you make me a real one? I want to skate it around the ice on Saturday
  10. I’ll be sure to tell my wife I won one internet point for the week Who do i talk to about having a trophy made up?
  11. I'm doing some work with Sportmask. PM me if you need some help. IMO the Innegra is an upgrade over a carbon interior.
  12. I knew you'd find your way here It's almost like your ears perk up every time someone mentions Brown Edit Somewhat relevant joke about brown pants I just remembered
  13. No idea. I did some modding of my own on the arm so they will probably charge me because I did a pretty shit job at it. I was told the protection package is identical to what they're giving pros. Given my personal experience with it, I find that a little hard to believe. In context, the unit was already in process of being built when they told me that, so I don't think it was some tire-pumping sales tactic. They also told me that guys who are wearing the new CCM unit have switched the CCM arms out to Kenesky ones. Despite the bruising, I really do like the mobility I get in this thing. I had a brief stint with an CCM ABPro while I was waiting for the unit, and the Kenesky actually felt more like my old Reebok P1 than the ABPro did. I'm playing (or was, until COVID) in Silver leagues out here (leagues rank from Gold to Tin Can), so decent hockey. You'll see a few college guys and one or two junior/travel players sprinkled throughout. The Gold leagues have a heavier concentration of former NCAA and pro guys. Schedule permitting, I get called from time to time to come out as a target in private lessons with skaters ranging from AA travel to pro. Not bragging or anything, just want to give you an idea to the kinds of shots I'm taking in the list of units below. As for recommendations, my shortlist would be, based on usage and personal experience: Kenesky (we'll see how the arm beef up is) - I told them I wanted an extra layer of plastic on the outer surface to be like the new CCM Pro Issues. CCM Pro Issue (arms feel like player shin pads) No personal experience with these, but I like what I see/hear: Simmons 1000 (I've known JT for a while. Him and John know their shit and I trust them when they say their unit is good) Vaughn Velocity with arm beef up. I'd ask for SLR2 or V5 shoulder floaters, not sure if they'd be willing to do either. No personal experience here. Every time I put one of these on, I'm impressed at the crazy light weight. I'd be concerned for protection, hence the beefier shoulder floater request. And every Vaughn unit I have ever worn has had issues with arm protection. A few people will pop in and say Passau or Brown, I would disagree. For the Passau, every picture I've seen has shown the shoulder floaters sticking up at a weird angle - it looks like it would cause interference with the mask chin. Wore a Brown 2100 for a few months. It was really warm and super heavy. Believe it or not, I still caught a few bruises through it. Taking everything into account, I did not see very much in terms of protection gains, and when factoring in the downsides (heat and weight), it's just not worth it IMO...although I always felt super buff taking it off after an hour and a half skate. The price of a new one for what you get technology-wise is also a turn off - Brown has basically been using the same makeup for the past 30 years in a new form factor. I guess if one had the cash, they could get one of these for practice only and treat it as a weighted tracksuit, then switch to something like a Velocity for games and zip around. Hope this helps, let me know if you want me to dive deeper into anything.
  14. I dropped off the arms at the post office today to go back to the Kenesky boys to beef up. I should have done it when COVID first hit, but now that I have the CCM Pro Spec, I have a backup unit to use while I wait.
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