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  1. He charges in Canadian and converts to local currency at time of purchase.
  2. Have been a 33" Koho guy forever, am now wearing 33" EF4s. I went with a 34" CCM EF1 one year, and felt they were a smidge too tall in the shin. Did an imprecise eyeball measurement and compared them with a 33" EF1. They looked to be about a half inch different on the face of the pads, from the boot seam to the bottom knee roll seam. I can't imagine much has changed in sizing over the years.
  3. Off-ice, you can get the muscle memory down by leading with your head. Start down, visualize a puck coming in and off your left pad. Head motion follows path of the imaginary puck off your left pad. Pivot and pick up your right leg. Reverse for the opposite leg.
  4. Mine is most similar to a Vaughn 5500. Some others who have handled it have said it's similar to a Theodore spec 5500. He also has a 590, 600, and a few of Wilcox's TPS models available.
  5. Can you provide a shot of the issue? I'm having trouble picturing it. It sounds to me like there is a little too much play with the shock cord. Not using this gear anymore, but when I was, I would pull the shock cord firmly out to stretch it a bit, and snug my skate up close to where the hole is punched for the cord to run through. I'd thread it through the first hole on my holders, loop it around the front and circle back under the skate. Through the ring, then clip to attach.
  6. Some pro stock uniform socks come with a cut resistant back. Have you looked at those?
  7. I have a 60G and it's loose and long (giggity). I would prefer a 58G If you've ever held an Edge 3.0 practice jersey, they feel very similar.
  8. Tyler Seguin wearing a big "D" on his chest is sure to inspire a lot of erotic fiction It's a thing, google. it.
  9. Not recommended. That boot is very soft, I'm not sure you'll get enough support.
  10. Not sure if OP would want me to disclose as that's his kid in there. Anaheim Hockey Club closed in the mid to late 00s, I think that's what you were thinking of. 2 big rinks side by side, divided by locker rooms on the ground floor, then stairs up to a long walkway/viewing area?
  11. Pretty crafty. I grew up playing at that roller rink. Some people would put Armor All on their pads so they could slide around.
  12. From what I have seen, as long as Lefevre has the original dyes for cutting the plastic/foam, they can go anywhere and still produce the designs they have always done. Back in the GSBB days, I ordered a Helite 5 chest pad direct from Brian Heaton when he left to start BHG. From what I remember, he said he took his molding and dyes with him and could produce the Helite 10 gloves and pads as well. A more recent example would be the JRZ stuff - some of their models look very close to the old Reactor style pads they were making for Bauer. This would be very interesting if "True" (see what I did there) - I have heard from a few sources they have been looking to get into goalie gear for a while.
  13. Stick discipline is important as it eliminates easy on-ice goals, and that is the farthest point your knees will have to travel to seal. Once your stick is in the proper place, the shooter will be forced to slightly elevate the shot above the stick blade, which the pads should be working to cover. Your thighs should be tight together and there should be no space between your knees. Giguere had almost zero pad flare when in the butterfly and he was able to make it work - although his stick placement could have been better here. A way of thinking that helped me with driving the pads down to the ice is to think of your knees hitting the ice before your ankles. It's not physically/mechanically possible, but it helps program the mind to execute the save. A concept I'd like to add to the discussion: Consider widening your stance and getting lower as the puck gets closer to the net. The puck has less vertical space to find net as it gets closer to you. Coincidentally, a butterfly blocking save is ideal in tight. It's a win-win for us. If you're looking for help with flaring your skates out, look up Maria Mountain's butterfly challenge. It's a free program (PDF and smartphone app) that you can follow for a few weeks.
  14. Holtby chuckin some sauce from his knees with a 580 break at the beginning of the video.
  15. I haven't seen this specific unit, but if it is anything like a typical Vaughn, it uses either air knit or nylon mesh sewn-in arm sleeves. You can shorten the arms by pinching the loose material in the upper arm above the bicep pad and running a stitch line through it. A Speed Stitcher works very well for this, and you can release the seam when you grow into it a bit more. If you have the air knit, I recommend adding a layer of nylon or jenpro and stitching through that. Air knit does not hold a stitch very well and it could tear out.
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