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  1. I think it is important to note that every goalie getting paid to play (as well as the masses that "almost made it") have put in a ton of time and effort to get to that point. They're all flexible. This echoes a sentiment that was expressed several years ago when Easton was still making player sticks. "Eastons break all the time" - just watch Sportscenter and you'll see an Easton athlete snapping their one piece. If you dived into the numbers, you'd see an overwhelming number of players were using Easton sticks. In the end, it had nothing to do with the quality or performance
  2. IF you should is not the same as WHY you should. Why do YOU want to switch?
  3. First pass, I read the last sentence as concussions, got worried for a second that you've been thinking too hard
  4. So I spotted these on Facebook today... Quote from the GGN article Seller says they are G3s, hopefully someone with more attachment to the brand can check the graphic and verify. So if G5 was released 2020, G4 would have been 2018, then these would have been 2016 - placing them around his time with Chicago.
  5. Agreed on all points... Just want to illustrate with a story. My friend had a Sportmask T3 out for paint several years ago. The painter lost the cage, so she decided to drill new holes and mount a cage that was not designed for the shell. The cage ended up being too wide - this not only changed the fit of the mask, but also caused a clear vertical stress line down the center of the mask. Not sure if he still has this $1k+ paperweight sitting around...
  6. Stay out of this Derek, or I'm gonna punch you out of my treehouse
  7. Did we just become best friends?
  8. Just my two cents after working a stint in retail during college. It is worth it to try to skates on before purchase. Every manufacturer differs a little bit in how they build the boot in a number of critical areas (instep, heel, toe box, width, tongue - to name a few) - often times, you will things change across lines and model years as well. Ex. I had a pair of Graf 750s that I loved, went through two pairs in high school and college. Upgraded to G50s and hated them (heel). Toughed it out and upgraded to 7500s. Hated the toe box and around the ball of the foot. G50s and 7
  9. It’s supposed to be a partial of the Preds logo?
  10. I did something similar with them. There was a lot of custom on that set.
  11. Here's my current. Very pleased with it. Much better than the Passau backpack bag IMO https://www.pacificrink.com/products/goalie-bag?variant=22691903111253
  12. Maybe they need to start putting some Warrior R/GT logos on guys in the NHL... 😁
  13. Chenner29

    Wrong post

    FYI in the future you can always finish the post and PM one of us to move it
  14. There will not be a R/GT3 this year. Not sure if it's being pushed back due to COVID or if they've axed the line all together. Not sure what's going on at Warrior in general. Their website still has not been updated with G5 lines and M1 sticks (it's almost been a year??) The cool thing with Kenesky is that Mike can do whatever you want, and is pretty savvy even if you only have a general idea (ie - you can tell him you want a knee block from X pad/line and he probably knows what you are talking about) If you have just a general idea of what you are looking for, he can m
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