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  1. Haven't measured that in a while. I know offhand my ATK is 17". I've always been in a 33" Koho-Reebok pad. I tried a 34" CCM that was a bit too long in the shin. Someone also pointed out to me the way I did the graphic is very reminiscent of the old Vaughn 3500. A quick snip for you young kids:
  2. Shared these in the EF4 thread but thought I'd cross-post here. Specs - Pads 33+2, pre-curved, single break Tight fit, no calf straps Recessed knee, no wrap Nylon leg channel Removable, under heel strap Ultra soft boot break Below knee single knee strap Glove 580 break, double tee leather wrist strap Blocker Straight finger protector Centered palm One piece cuff
  3. I did this for a few customers when I was a Maltese rep. You'll need a seam ripper, a Speedy Stitcher, black waxed thread (note that the Speedy Stitcher brand comes with thread, but it's a pretty ugly yellow color), and replacement velcro. Use the seam ripper to pick the thread of. Once you get this started, you can grab some pliers to just yank on the loose thread. It's a bit faster. Use the Speedy Stitcher to punch in a new thread.
  4. RE: Talbot's skates When I worked at GM, Giguere came in once during the season to buy some knee pads (the old gray RBK ones). I remember someone charged him for it and the department manager flipped his shit, saying that we could have directly billed Reebok for it so Giggy would not have any out of pocket expense. Of course, this was over 10 years ago and things may have changed.
  5. Chenner29

    CCM EF4

    These came through on Monday.
  6. Chenner29

    My bag

    Same style and material as the Warrior. I wouldn't be surprised if they were contracted out to the same company
  7. Hey there, I'm a Roughneck rep, I'm pretty sure we can do something for you. Drop me a line if you're interested.
  8. I would find a new sharpener. It’s pretty clear the folks you’re using now aren’t very good at it. @BadAngle41 posted about this if you scroll up a bit (his post is dated June 17).
  9. Moved this to a more relevant sub forum.
  10. I wanna say the modern c/a unit you are seeing a lot of (from Koho 570, 590, Premier 1 and onward) largely borrows from his designs with the Pro 90Z/Helite 4 platform.
  11. Chenner29

    Hot Takes

    I feel like the guy who posted that response really just needs a nice, big hug.
  12. @thebigm answered your question as well. He works for a shop and has probably done hundreds of fits for these.
  13. No, I won’t waste my time with that. I have had these skates for a year and a half and don’t have an issue getting my foot in the boot He quit posting here last year, I don’t think he will respond.
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