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  1. And he appears to have ditched the graf cowling for a two piece skate
  2. I ordered may 12th through the employee program and got notified this morning the same thing when they were supposed to be here today
  3. Check out this *NEW* Montreal 9500 Senior Regular Goalie Stick 28" Toskla. on SidelineSwap!
  4. Not sure if they are still making them but Vaughn was offering one like this for awhile as well. Composite shaft and foam core paddle/blade.
  5. @TheGoalNet did you order the same size as you eflex4 goal pads?
  6. If i'm not mistaken @TheGoalNet has a comparison video on his youtube channel of this C/A compared to the retail C/A's. He goes over the materials used and measurements of floaters etc...
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