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  1. SnackDubs

    Vaughn Gear

    What is considered evil here? Having white pads?
  2. I just bought 2s knee guards and have used them 5 times and here are my impressions. 1. You must have a garter belt or they slip down and it feels like your landing on tacks. 2. Relatively comfortable when you land in the knee lock 3. If you add some mods there crazy comfortable. 4. Very good protection from what I’ve felt 5. Good quality however some discoloration after the sessions. Not the best ever but pretty good so far. Much better than my warriors, if you didn’t love the 1s, there nothing to write home about.
  3. Graphics are getting repetitive. Even e flex 4s look like genetic 3. Bauer has the right idea with digital graphics.
  4. You also can deny the resemblance between the Premier 1 graphic and SLR graphic. Flip the slr graphic upside down and it’s almost spot on.
  5. I think I side with this issue when it comes to pads however helmets are a different issue. I feel that making a pad graphic is extremely difficult and Laborous and I don’t agree on making clones of pads like Simmons. I also don’t like copy’s of paint unless it’s an idea (ie sketch pen on masks). However actual construction of helmets I concur. Unfortunately not every person can afford a 900 dollar xpm bucket from Bauer, however when a company like OTNY is offering a comparable helmet at 300 dollars cheaper with the same shell shape I feel that it’s justified. Concussions are a serious issue and if you can put a pro level bucket on a goalie who isn’t crazy well off for a relatively affordable price, I can look the other way and I’ll gladly do it. I honestly don’t think you can argue morals with a company like Bauer who advertises plastic to be put on a child’s head by putting darth Vader on it. I also don’t know why the nme 5 and profile 940x are in a senior size when they aren’t the quality needed for higher level hockey. You mean to tell me that it’s moral to engineer a product that you know isn’t the protection needed for a 13 or 14 year playing hockey and sell it just to make money. Or to directly market to 7 and 8 year olds with Star Wars with an inferior masks. I just think at that point your not caring about the customers safety and morality is thrown out the window. So if someone copied a bauer shell design I think that I’m fine with it as long as they aren’t blatantly using certain technologies. I feel that the absolute necessity of head protection is also a key contributor in whether its moral to steal a shell design, it’s not the same as stealing a skate or pad design because of the nature of the product. Also certain companies like otny offer custom fits unlike bauer.
  6. SnackDubs

    Vaughn Gear

    I ordered my v7 xr carbons beginning of June and have been using them for 3 weeks and absolutely love them. Is it too late to review them? Would anyone be interested?
  7. SnackDubs

    Vaughn Gear

    Considering as they say Pro core internal with full length carbon fiber reinforcement Extra carbon fiber layer above knee for added pad stiffnes I assume they mean carbon fiber
  8. SnackDubs

    Vaughn Gear

    Ya, how they are saying that the carbon is fake.
  9. SnackDubs

    Vaughn Gear

    One interesting thing I learned from this forum is the “carbon fiber conspiracy “. From meeting reps from Vaughn I gathered this information about their carbon back in the day of about the era of the lt-90s Vaughn was looking for an extra thing to make their chest protectors the best on the market and it was obvious that thing was carbon fiber so they went and made a prototype for pre v6 and added all the carbon they wanted to make the ideal chest protector. But when they were done, in order to make a profit they would be charging in the 3000 dollar neighborhood. So that idea went to the trash but a carbon plant went out of business so they bought the plant and enherited a s#$&ton of carbon fiber. So they then started to add it to all their gear. However it really doesn’t make sense how they can put carbon in a senior level glove, the new SLR pro, and still be fine with their supply. IMO it’s a true carbon fiber.
  10. SnackDubs

    Vaughn Gear

    From what info I understand lt90 -> lt98 Carbon Palm (I don’t believe the carbon fiber conspiracy) smaller cuff bigger pocket closest to the t5500 by a long shot lt98-> SLR again a smaller cuff box , bigger catching area with some added stinger protection.
  11. SnackDubs

    Vaughn Gear

    I just recieved a pair of lt 98 gloves, should I post a review as they are nearly the same set as the SLR? Only kicker is that I have to wait till Christmas to open these babies up.
  12. SnackDubs

    Vaughn Gear

    Somewhat disagree. I remember hearing that the EF2 were nearly 6.2 pounds which is redicoulis And the 1s we’re near 4.9 and now the Ve8s are rumored by Vaughn to be 4.5 pounds. I notice a huge difference just in skating ability alone with lighter pads. I don’t think lightness is the question but overall feel. Main reason why ccm and Vaughn are still so popular amount nhlers.
  13. SnackDubs

    CCM Gear

    Also am using Pro return Avs pants and it’s completely frayed for the most part but with my team pant covers I made them become a part of the pants. Really effective.
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