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  1. We just got the first larger production batch of these gloves in and will start shipping them right after xmas. The design is based on the pro goalies needs. I met with Juuse Saros last year when they were playing at Vegas and we started to talk about the gear and looked at his padded inner glove, which was baseball catchers model. Juuse told me that it protects well and he uses it at practices when needed, but had some issues with too much padding, padding not in right spots, tightening his catch glove with it, not getting the hand deep enough / to the right position etc. Since the
  2. Here you can see how these blades look like. These are mirror finish ones. 3 to 4 mm model blades are also available as DLC / Black Steel versions
  3. Next week we will launch something totally new in goalie accessory line. Something we have been desigbing & testing with NHL guys and other pro's.
  4. Have you guys noticed the new Tydan steels that work with normal 3 mm Vertexx holders, but ar actually 4 mm wide. Almost all of my pro customers are using 4 mm blades as they give you a lot better bite / grip on the ice.
  5. There is a big quality difference between made in Canada and made in China. I would assume people would be delighted to see another great brand made in Canada instead of oursourced fareast production like all "big names" are doing to get better margins.
  6. We are finally launching our first full composite GP-o goalie stick. Shipping start in 2-3 weeks.
  7. This season we have introduced dealer program also for Brian's and especially Optik line has been popular amongst the dealers. No conflict with our own line, just more option we can offer for the dealers.
  8. For this season we have made a lot of improvements to our gear and also introduced a totally new catch glove GP 40. Pads are much lighter and thinner now (new foams), sidewall has been reduced to 1/3 from original thickness. Strapping system is now more functional, toestraps been replaced by new bungee cord straps, knee stacks are more adjustable, outer knee flap is removable etc... Catch glove GP 40 is more for goalies that play hands out in front to control the puck. With this model we were really focused on max mobility and angling the glove optimally for puck control. Here's
  9. This has really worked well in our testing. I do like to combine best of both worlds and create the shape of the grip with normal tape and then heat the Sniper Skin sleeve on top of that. I use both goalie grip and buttend sleeves on my sticks. We did also test the prototype blade covers and they worked OK, but did not cover the heel of the stick and therefore I do still use normal tape on my blade. Grip with Sniper Skin gives me a lot better feel than just the stick or griptape.
  10. They have several versions and different materials. Me and the goalies I coach use W10 (carbon-kevlar) and W12 models (aramid-kevlar). JUkka
  11. Finally finished the setup at the garage for my own gear. Used 2 rough sample stalls from IcePro that I finished. Nice to have gear organized finally.
  12. Next month we will be at ISPO Munich show Jan 27-31. We will show there our new catch glove design and new improved pro pads. On our booth we will also have products we distribute for European markets (Sham Sweatbands, Swivel Vision goggles, Quik Anchor Pegs, Oneiric base layers). Come and meet with us there. Our booth will be at Canadian Pavillion at hall # B5. https://www.ispo.com/en/munich
  13. I bought some rough unfinished prototypes from : http://www.icepro.fi/Icepro_Epaper/Icepro_en/mobile/index.html#p=29 and now working on finishing those myself.
  14. Working on proper gear storage. Half ready with it. Ready pics coming soon
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