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    Brian's Gnetik IV - Custom
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    This set is amazing!
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    Brian's Gnetik IV
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    Pucks don't stand a chance!
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    Brian's Gnetik IV
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    It's a blocker
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    Brian's Subzero 3
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    best C/A I have had yet but could use better rib protection
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    Vaughn something or other
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    Bauer NME 8 (Hackva as back up)
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    NME 8 has been great...just a couple of ear ringers
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    Warrior Swagger LT
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    Love Foam Core
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    Bauer Elite ~ about 3-4 yrs old with Step Steel
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    Will wear these until they fall apart...great broken in feel!
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    Step Steel
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    big improvement over the stock steel
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    Best purchase ever, after my Hackva
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    Maltese GPS
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    Bauer Pro something
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    It does its job!

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    None - love my new Gnetik IVs

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  1. Been looking to replace my 5+ year old Maltese GPS collar with one of the newer ones from either Roughneck or EcoPROFoam, but wanting to get the one that provides the most collar bone / chest coverage. My Maltese is great and still kicking, but I just wish I had splurged for the extra long front bib (vs. standard sizing). Does anyone know the size of the front bib piece on both units? Thx!
  2. YEAH I KNOW -- just was talking about how their product has been the best mask solution for me and hoping someone would be able to make their own. Definitely DO NOT WORK with Monster.
  3. I know Monster Hockey is no more and they were quite the mess....but their Medusa Strap was awesome! I have it on both of my masks and they are amazing. Just shock cord with some simple aluminum anchors so I'm sure you could make some yourselves. https://monsterhockeyinc.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fmedusa-mask-straps I've been looking for the hardware online but so far no luck. Love them because they never lose their stretch like traditional straps.
  4. Since I couldn't find any reviews of these skates before I purchased them, I thought I would post this in case anyone else has been looking at them. The last pair of CCM skates I wore were the Tacks 852s many moons ago. Since then I had worn only Bauer and loved them. When it was time to retire my most recent Bauer Elites I was going to just buy the Bauer Supreme S29s and be done with it. BUT...a good buddy of mine in the industry convinced me to give the FT480s a look. So...I did a side by side comparison and in all transparency, the Bauers fit soooo nice and the kinda pinched my feet a bit, but my buddy told me after baking and a few skates the CCMs would be amazing...plus there is a 90-day no questions asked return policy (even after being sharpened)...so what the heck...I gave them a shot. First skate (without being baked) was painful in the first period but felt a lot better during the 2nd and 3rd. I took them in the next day for a baking and played the next night and WOW...they felt soooo much better. I now have 4-5 skates on them and they fit like a glove, are super light (compared to my old cowling Bauers), great attack angle and I just feel much faster moving around the crease! If anyone is looking at new skates I would definitely recommend the JetSpeed FT480s or the pro level if you have the cash!
  5. Heard the same here in Dallas...Warrior Foam Cores are gone and they are moving to composite for all sticks going fwd. Kinda bummed because I absolutely LOVE my LTE foam core. Just bought two of the CR2 Composite sticks though to see how they play and get used to composite I guess.
  6. Just picked up two Warrior CR2 sticks on clearance and the only thing I don't like is the red color way for the Warrior lettering on the paddle. So, I saw the posting of Reimer's gear skinned to look like Hartford, including his sticks (changed from red to black). I'd love to change my RED to BLACK (knowing it would take beating from pucks and such) and guessing I would need to either trace the WARRIOR logo and cut black vinyl or scan it somehow and have a plotter cut it. So, anyone been successful in re-skinning their goalie sticks?
  7. I like that idea...nice find! I think I'll do the same. Did you get the .75" or the 1" size?
  8. Ditto! I have her PAW Knee Pads (best I have ever worn) and she has re-gloved a blocker of mine too...awesome work all around and soooo easy to work with
  9. Not 100% what you're asking, but I had SZ2 glove and just moved to Gnetik IV and they are night and day! This is hands down the best glove I have ever used...pucks are gobbled up and never come out. Perfectly broken in right outta the box and even when I crank the BOA down, it's still performs the same way.
  10. Do the Passau, Brown or other custom units come with better rib protection as standard? Been looking at the Passau as my next 'big' purchase but only if it's truly better protection than my SZ3
  11. Not a bad idea...I might steal your idea for tonight's game...
  12. Yep this is exactly that happens to my SZ3...mainly on the left side. I just cranked down the elastic straps a bit more to see it works in tomorrow's outing.
  13. I'll apologize up front if this has been covered by anyone else, but I have been scrubbing this site and the web and I haven't found any posts. Anyway, I am wearing a pre-owned Subzero 3 C/A that has been really great (compared to my old Simmons 997 that I put through the ringer) BUT it has one downfall, bad rib protection. It has rib padding that are pulled snug to my torso (via the straps attached to the back plate) and protect my ribs in most cases, but in scrambles, those "flaps" tend to fold under and get stuck behind my belly protection. In a scramble I'm contorting my torso to get the flap to go back into it's proper place, but I'm exposed. I have resorted to wearing a snug fitting padded rib shirt until I can figure this out. Any suggestions or mods that would keep those rib flaps in the right place? I thought about adding velcro to the strap and flap to connect them together but not sure if that would help. Open to ideas. Not looking to buy a new unit since I love the protection I am getting elsewhere and the mobility so hoping some Goalie Wizards here can help. Thx!!
  14. Having the same issue with the chest buckle. It connects but then pops open immediately. I just quit using it. Used the bag for a road trip hockey tourney this past week and it was AWESOME...so easy to carry to/from the locker room.
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