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  1. Yeah, the glove area and not the wrist area.
  2. Would this be compatible with other brands? I.e. suggesting I could pick one of these up and use?
  3. I recently purchased a V7 XR blocker used to match my V6 glove. It works well, but it's so loose around my hand I feel. I've tried pulling the tension chord and it doesn't seem to be too helpful. Any thoughts as to how to make it feel a little more snug? I'm now thinking about wearing a thin glove underneath my blocker, but ideally I'd like not to.
  4. Solid review and if I must say, a pretty dang good translation too from French to English. ;) I'm happy to see JRZ back in the game. It'll be really interesting to see how well some of this stuff catches on, given previous small companies like Kenesky making waves (ex. McElhinney in TO testing a full set) without even having much (modern) experience in the game. It wouldn't surprise me, given their close relation to Bauer, that more folks using 1X (ie. Budaj) will give these a shot. I'm a little surprised to see the knee rolls go, but it seems almost that knee rolls are becoming a thin
  5. Sometimes I come out of hiatus. I wanted to post this for a while and with @TheGoalNet's recent post re: Jake Allen's tight Velcro strap, I figured I'd post my V2 roller pads which I converted from all leather straps to a more hybrid, lightweight, Jake Allen inspired pad. I use an old version of the Monster Hockey K Straps in substitution of the knee buckle strap and knee Velcro. I cut off the other buckle that leads to the top of the pad. I took my substitute short 1S straps, used gorilla glue (never got around to stitching the female velcro into the calf wing) and voila. Mon
  6. This is a particularly interesting thread, specifically with how much Price has been all over the place this year. I'd be curious to see if something like this can be compiled on a larger scale to document some more popular goalies changing all year.
  7. djtendy

    Vaughn Gear

    I haven't been active on the forums because I am in law school, but I saw this topic on @TheGoalNet's Instagram and had to chime in. While I'm only in my second semester of law school, litigation is tremendously expensive and probably not worth CCM's time. This is also a super-cool opportunity for me to apply my Intellectual property notes to hockey content. I am literally copying my notes from my classes, this is Canadian law. I am in no way giving legal advice, but rather just applying the legal steps regarding copyrights and trademarks (that are readily accessible to the public) to the
  8. DISCLAIMER: I do not work for, or will promote one company's product over another. This is solely my review based on my experiences. Anyone and everyone is allowed to both agree and/or disagree with what I have to say. This review is quite overdue. Better late than never, though, right? "But, what are you reviewing?" Let's set up some context: Recently, CCM released their new line for 2017, their third installment of their Extreme Flex series. CCM's basic mantra in their 2nd, and now 3rd gen of Extreme Flex lines has been fairly simple: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Th
  9. V6 core at least, as his pads were marked "V6". Vaughn will skin their gear, but you'll always see the original markings. I.e. Quick's glove, you can see the V4 graphic on the backhand; Quick's blocker has also been a V4 as the V4 graphic is on the inside sideboard; Scrivens' blockers are all v5 7800 indicated by the sideboard, and not to mention the countless number of goalies using Epic/Vision gloves where the words "epic" or "vision" are on the T. Even on his most recent set before he got hurt (silver inside), they're marked V6. So he wears the V6 pad, just with his mods (v2 leg channel, et
  10. Keep in mind recently he switched to the V6 core which allowed for a much softer, flexible top roll with a single break. Rask made the change from the double to single for the same reason. Quick very well could have been wearing a double internal, single external break Vaughn w/ is V4, V5 skinned V4s, etc, and wants to see how flexible the CCMs really are.
  11. This OG Epic graphic glove works surprisingly well with the Pro Vs. Solid choice on his part.
  12. I'd ask Keith: - Why a double boot strap in 2017, when many pros are gone away from wearing boot straps entirely? - Are all Devils goalies mandated to wear Vaughn? (Mackenzie Blackwood switched from CCM/Reebok to Vaughn as soon as he got into their system - How "reasonable" the pro reps are re: custom graphics and specs? Due to some companies being more hesitant to offer them at the retail level, I'd like to know if they are also hesitant at the pro level.
  13. Thanks for the tag @TheGoalNet The above suggestions are all worthy of attempting. Skates are argubably the worst thing to break in gear-wise, and it really doesn't get much easier. Sure, the liners are improved, but if you're used to such a soft skate like the 7000s, there is almost nothing like it nowadays. @coopaloop1234's suggestion of the CCM Ribcor would honestly be the closest thing to a soft "modern" skate. From my experience, @TheGoalNet has hit the nail on the head. You're used to a super soft skate and as a result, any increase in stiffness is going to make skating feel c
  14. I've always wanted to try the FM gear. Something about the looks and functionality has had me gawking for some time now. Great review!
  15. I think that new premier graphic looks like hot garbage to me.. Idk. I think there's WAY too much going on. I'm sure if it's properly done, it can look really good. Otherwise, count me out.
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