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  1. 2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Totally agree!
  2. Brian's Gear

    I really like the Vaughn blockers, Vaughn gloves are okay. Love the Subzero glove. Gear is getting so expensive, I figured I would just go with what I know I'll like. I have CCM pads...I'm one of those goalies where there's no brand matching, just wear what I find most comfortable.
  3. The blocker is stock. The glove doesn't really have custom mods...just options, has intermediate internals and pro palm (the hockey shop brings in game ready as stock).
  4. New gloves. I currently use a 7800 Blocker and Subzero II glove, so these are just updated versions of the same. It's navy not black.
  5. Brian's Gear

    I only ordered a glove (not a whole set), but it was two weeks early and exactly what I ordered....as to quality compared to my old glove (Subzero II), won't know for awhile. Looks good from just a visual inspection
  6. Monster Pro Toe Bridge kit

    Lead time was okay. I did send a few emails when I didn't see a tracking number after 10 days. After getting in contact with them the items shipped right away. I don't think this is considered custom, just stock items. I have heard some complaints about custom orders taking a long time.
  7. Monster Pro Toe Bridge kit

    There's a lot of option that still involve running a elastic, bungee, or lace through the cowling. The difference with this system is you don't once it's set up. I personally wanted to get away from threading the laces through my cowlings each time, so this works perfectly. My favorite toe system I've used. I have not had any issues with the Velcro coming undone at all. And no breakage on any bits or pieces, I was just pondering whether there would be any issues with the new designed one, but haven't actually tried it since my first set hasn't broken yet Again in just wanted to give a little review of the monster system in case anyone was curious.
  8. Monster Pro Toe Bridge kit

    I thought I'd do a quick review of Monster's Pro Toe Bridge system since I hadn't seen anything on goalie forums yet. I know a lot of people seem to have tried the Hal Toe system or something similar from other vendors. The pro bridge system uses bungee cord as well but in this case the bungee stays on the skate and a plastic tab with Velcro secures the bungee to the pad. When you buy the kit you'll need to tell them hole spacing for your pad. As you can see you will need to add a new toe bridge, Jenpro with Velcro on both sides to secure the plastic tab on the skate. I'll add pictures that should clearly show how it works. I've been using them all season and they stood up well. Never had any issues with them. They've never come undone and never slipped under my skate. Extremely quick to attach and remove. The final picture shows wear on the plastic tab from where it rubs on my skate. I've put the newly designed rounded tab that now comes with the system beside the original. The rounded design may result in less rubbing/wear of the plastic but I'm a little worried about not having much plastic between the holes and edge...resulting in it breaking. I'll have to wait and see.
  9. CCM Gear

    The Goalie Crease has a bunch of new pro return CCM pants. Seems only to be posted on their Facebook site. Looks like a good ideal ($229 CDN) but unfortunately only L and bigger, if they had Mediums, I'd probably buy a pair. Thought I'd post it in case anyone is in the market. https://www.facebook.com/thegoaliecrease/?ref=ts&fref=ts
  10. Hope it's ok if I start this off. Here's my latest acquisition. New paint from Excalibur Airbrushing.