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  1. Westcoast Tender

    Speedskin wear

    No worries. The eFlex are probably one of the last hold backs still using traditional strapping. I wear my new eFlex 3 straps exactly the same as the original four year old ones with no wear. When I first noticed the wear, the store I bought them in put some glue substance on to hopefully stop the wear. It’s worn off now. Anyone know of something else that might work?
  2. Westcoast Tender

    Speedskin wear

    I’m not sure how you determined I have a “weird” strapping setup, especially from one close up of the knee wing. I use the stock strapping setup, so if rubbing is happening from the stock strapping, CCM needs to change something on their end.
  3. Westcoast Tender

    Speedskin wear

    These are pros. Custom ordered but Chinese made. Both knee wings show wear but the right has more wear. I’ve tried to figure out whether it’s from rubbing on the calf wing but that doesn’t seem to be the case.
  4. Westcoast Tender

    Speedskin wear

    So when I ordered my eFlex III, I decided to go with speedskin, I’m now wishing I ordered regular jenpro. I’ve used them less than 20 times and the knee wings already have wear. You can see from the front picture they’ve barely been worn. Anyone else having wear issues with speedskin? I have already contacted the store I ordered from and CCM “extended” the warranty period but that doesn’t exactly translate to rebuilding them in jenpro. The last pictures show the knee wings on my eFlex I pads. Four years old with more than 400 ice times on them and no wear. Any suggestions as to what I could do or put on the pads to lessen the wear would be appreciated.
  5. Got this for $100. Never had a Reebok/CCM Blocker before (always Vaughn). Seems really solid. Wishing I ordered two now that GM has them back up to $199. Although I suppose $199 is still good for pro-level Blocker. BTW if anyone needs new pads and doesn’t mind old stock GM has XLT pros for $499...I just got new Eflexs, otherwise, I’d probably be buying some.
  6. Westcoast Tender

    Mask Weight

    I have two Hackvas. Both with full paint jobs and both mediums. One weighs in at 3.40lbs and one at 3.48lbs (Maltese in this one). My Masked Marvel Assassin comes in at 3.92lbs. Weigh difference between it and the Hackva is noticeable.
  7. Westcoast Tender

    Chest Protector Weight Database

    Brown 2400 (size ~small) 7.63lbs Brown 2400 Russian spec (~small) 8.05lbs
  8. Westcoast Tender

    Brown Chest Protector Thread

    I’ve worn the new one three times and compared to the Russian spec, there’s essentially no break in time. Ten minutes into the first session, I forgot I was wearing anything new. I do admit the Russian spec took time to break in, probably a good 6 months for me to feel good and comfortable in it but I did come from a very used Passau unit.
  9. Westcoast Tender

    Brown Chest Protector Thread

    Thought I’d post some pictures of my new 2400 chest unit (Blue unit) This is a regular 2400. I already own a 2400 Russian spec (Black) but wanted a regular one for less intense games. Just to be clear the Russian spec is awesome. I’ve never had a stinger or any issues with it, just decided to get a second one and thought I’d get a regular one to give it a go. In case anyone is curious to the differences... The obvious stuff first. Bicep protection. Regular one has smaller rectangular piece. It does have plastic piece in it. Russian one has bigger oval piece. Shoulder floaters. Regular one non-segmented. Russian one is segmented. The shoulder floaters on the Russian also are thicker. Definitely thicker foam. I think the plastic is the same thickness. Not so obvious. Shoulder cap under shoulder floaters. Russian one has plastic and high density foam. Regular is soft foam, no plastic. Backside where arms attach. Russian has small soft foam piece where arms are sewn in. Regular reinforced with leather, no foam piece. Weight difference. Russian = 8.05lbs. Regular = 7.63lbs. I’m small, so I would consider these senior x-small/small size. Haven't worn the new one yet but eager to try it.
  10. New Chestie. Brown 2400. I put more pictures in the Brown thread.
  11. Pro return Subzero 3 (Halak). Last picture beside my custom ordered Subzero 3.
  12. Westcoast Tender

    Multiple Gear Sets

    Through the years, I’ve often owned two sets at once. I found it difficult to go from one manufacturer one game to a different next. So at one time I had a Vaughn set (pads, Blocker, catcher) and a mismatched set (CCM pads, Bauer Blocker, Subzero catcher). Found I would often resort to what I found most comfortable and when I did use the other set, wasn’t comfortable while playing. But I did want two sets to be able to switch between. I ended up now with two sets of very similar gear. Set one: eFlex I, Vaughn 7800 Blocker, Subzero II catcher set two: eFlex III, Vaughn 2000 Blocker, Subzero III catcher They are similar enough, I can switch between the two sets and not be focused on how the equipment feels versus just playing the game.
  13. Westcoast Tender

    What Chest Protector Do You Wear?

    Last three chest units I owed...Simmons 997. It had good mobility and decent protection. I did add some extra under the shoulder floaters. Next I owed a Passau Gen 1. Really liked it. Comfortable, easy to move in, and better protection than the 997. After about 3 years (300+ sessions), started to feel shots fairly regularly in the arms and shoulders. Bought a Brown 2400 Russian spec. First off, it ain’t cheap but fit was bang on (of course with having to provide about a dozen body measurements...you’d kind of expect that). I have used it 2 years, have yet to get a stinger. I don’t really notice the heat but it’s the only chest unit I have so without a comparison from game to game it’s hard to really comment. I did notice the break in period. The Simmons and Passau took hardly anytime to feel comfortable in them. The Brown, I’d say a good 6 months before I felt really good in it, however I suspect this will last me a long time.
  14. Westcoast Tender

    2017-2018 NHL Gear Sitings

    Totally agree!