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Paddle Length w/ Trigger Grip


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I have some concerns regarding the overall paddle length of a goalie stick with a trigger grip. Does a trigger grip take away 1" from the overall paddle length? For instance, if I buy a pro stock goalie stick that has a 26" paddle length with a trigger grip, does that mean the overall paddle length is really 25"? I'm used to using a stock 25" stick. Sorry if this may seem confusing. Thank you! 

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if it's the same length on the paddle, then you add a trigger it, then adjust your grip to hold it with your middle finger in the trigger, it will bring it down a bit. Likewise, consider how you grip your stick overall, you can always choke down on the paddle or something of that ilk, so it's always worth it to think about. I personally don't think you should size up, but that's because I'm a huge proponent of, "most people are using way too large of goalie sticks."

I recently started choking up on my paddle to kind of bear-claw it more in some instances, effectively making a 24" paddle more like a 23.5" paddle in some cases.

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It seems like stance and paddle length go hand in hand. I think there use to be some top taller goalies that used short paddles.  Ken Dryden was in the 23 24 range and he was 6'3" at least. When Johan Hedberg (not as tall) played down here his seemed short. Sorry I'm not really adding any useful information 😄

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