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  1. Come to the white colorway side.
  2. keeperton

    gnetik flex

    Hey so to answer pretty succinctly in this thread: I think anything more than a 2 on the thigh will get somewhat floppy on you. I have a G3netik set that's Ankle-Knee-Thigh 5-3-2. The 2 is nice for flex, though I like the stiffer thigh on my GNetikIV more, which is A-K-T 4-3-1. The flex profile does not change the precurve at all, nor will having it be softer on the thigh help your butterfly seal much. I'd argue it will hurt it since the torsional flex will let the thigh pull up more than it already does (mine pull up, I blame the fact I got my toe cut at 80 degrees). Please note the
  3. Definitely looks a ton better with that logo placement.
  4. Me, sitting here and waiting. Lookin' like a prime dumbass for believing the internet. https://www.instagram.com/p/CG-oZkJgeA-/
  5. 12.2 reveal likely on Monday via the Lefevre, mgraphx, and True insta.
  6. Unless you're extrapolating, I mean entirely the angle at which the toe is cut (on the inside) for the sake of stance aggression; a 90 degree boot is hard to get used to when coming from something like a Velocity 1, but I'll likely be trying it on whatever my next pad ends up being (looking at potential Optik3 or 12.2). I think most of the pads you suggested and had recommended to you are about the same boot angle for what that is worth, or at least nothing as drastic as the Premier boot angle. The SLR2 is known to be a soft "stiff" pad. I think they, and I think this is true with most Va
  7. Something you aren't outward considering in your post is how the toe is cut (the angle at which it is) versus how high it sits on the skate. If I have one actual regret on my Gnetik IVs it's that I got the toe cut at 80 degrees instead of stock (84 degrees) because it allows for so much torsional flex that my five hole sometimes opens more than I'd like when leaning here and there. A huge benefit to the more shallow boot/higher sitting pads is that your foot can rotate better and allow you to have a better butterfly seal, so do consider that. If you go the Gnetik IV route, I recommend a 4
  8. Real quick since you expressed some uncertainty: The launch of the VE8 didn't have quickslide, but it was put later and treated as a launch for the SLR2. I know this from demoing some VE8s early and they had a weave sliding surface. Velocity 1 was definitely between 2001-2002, my brother got some on launch but I don't remember during what time of the cycle in the year, then I got some before my 2002-2003 season.
  9. I didn't think you were bashing Vaughn, for what it's worth. I want to come across more as someone that thinks what they do is necessary/grounds others around them than as a steadfast defender/loyalist.
  10. Good stuff, I likewise want to respond to a few points. I agree with this. I will admit I'm very attracted to this in a glove for a lot of personal reasons that basically boil down to having bad wrists. I remember first encountering the SLR2 and thinking "this is what people call stiff?" Completely agree. I'm genuinely interested in how stubborn about "my spec" certain guys are. Like some won't even try something else. All very interesting. I'm in a different perspective where I work in data analytics/quality engineering for a medical manufacturer, so I'm a very numbers
  11. I'll bite and try to circle this back to the thread at hand. is it Vaughn's fault for not bringing enough R&D to the table? I think this is a yes and a no. The reason I say this is because I think Vaughn tries to do things, but perhaps don't have it completely backed by R&D metrics the way other companies do. As examples: CCM's research regarding reaction speeds, Bauer's material sciences, Brian's foam manufacturing partner, or Lefevre's huge professional clientele list to aid in development. Vaughn has tried some smaller things, some have worked and some haven't. Maybe
  12. Isn't that more of the fact that a fair few guys in Vaughn specifically request the older stuff instead of using Vaughn because "the new feels like the old" sort of deal? I feel like you're slightly misrepresenting that here.
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