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  1. keeperton

    JRZ gear

    Beauts, always love some classy chevrons.
  2. keeperton

    JRZ gear

    Looks like the Georgeiv pads, superb.
  3. I'm really particular about gloves and their ease of closure since I have wrist problems and small hands. I have break preferences, but never really used any particular break in particular since I never had a say (went from a Legacy->DX2->Optik->GnetikIV). Only gripe I have with my current glove is that my hand doesn't stay in it as deeply as I'd like during play. My general litmus test is if I can close it new, which is "no" for most gloves. Specifically: Bauer, CCM, and Velocity model Vaughn gloves.
  4. Lot of people bashing in this thread. Can someone enlighten me why so many people still buy CCM gloves when they have a reputation for not closing? I've legitimately never been able to close one I grabbed off a shelf in at a store in my life. Surely their break isn't that unique that other companies haven't done it.
  5. Just go back to copying the Velocity 1 or 2 graphic for everything, in my opinion.
  6. Maybe you should have said the most changed CCM pad in a few years instead. There's no way the AXIS is the most different of any company's biannual iteration, let alone to claim that as a fact.
  7. Must be nice being in a place with more than two ice sheets.
  8. I realize you're not asking me in specific, but I wear cowlingless skates (Vapor 2X) and the toe cap is completely adequate such that I haven't missed having a cowling yet. I've taken shots that hurt my feet, but not anywhere that a cowling would have helped (eg. got under and hit the tongue on the skate, or just a really hard shot off the toe while my feet were cold).
  9. Look at the ankle "break" on those Jofas.
  10. If I recall the R/M1 Pro+ is an okay amount lighter than the V1 Pro+. Though for a couple of these I'd be interested to see if the Ultrasonic or Axis are on par with lightness.
  11. @Naz In defense of how much that thing moved, I was 6-9 years old when I worse that thing. I was definitely a fidgety child.
  12. @Lucky Pucker To add to what @Wonder35 I used on in the early 90s, more-or-less against my will, "if you're playing this position you're wearing this." I remember the thing clacking so much that once I got a mask I outright refused to wear any dangler. So that must have been... from age 10 until about two years ago that I wouldn't wear a dangler. I've since equipped one now as I took a shot that hit my neck that temporarily knocked me unconscious (through my neckguard). I should note that I do have a longer neck. The only thing interesting about mine is that it was clear instead of white or black like all the ones you've posted, still blocked my vision horribly when it would get stuck in the upright position (over my mouth guard attachment). Three fun things about the attached picture: my number, the amount of defunct and different gear brands I'm wearing, and that I didn't know you were supposed to trigger finger on the paddle of the stick until I went to my second goalie school as it was never an observed problem (I held the stick pretty tight with a hand-knob grip).
  13. See Lucky Pucker's post, their gear stuff has been diverted. They're still making things that couldn't be converted as far as I have interpreted (like sticks, which are made in Mexico). I'm totally open to being wrong and this is in no way meant to make it sound like they're not helping the efforts.
  14. I have the most plain ones possible because I wanted to get them quickly as the ones I had been using were held together with tape and lace. I would recommend getting the straps for the floaters, my interpretation is that they are made to go over your C/A, so it will help out and if I had them I'd have no wear on my set. The elastics are strong, though I have no idea what a double elastic would be like and might try it in the future if I ever need to get a second set.
  15. I've got the same kind and have been using them for roughly a season (Nov. 2019 I think?). They're holding up great. I've noticed a little wear on the edge of one of them, but that's due to friction and how I put them over my c/a.
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