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  1. @Wonder35 @bunnyman666 I assure you that those of us that are on the younger side still (I'm 27) love seeing this kind of stuff. I've always been a gear nut regardless of the era it's been part of. I played an all skill draft tournament last year and the guy we had in net hadn't played in years, but as soon as he bust out those TPS Xhales and did a padstack, my heart lit up.
  2. Fair enough. I don't know that I've ever seen one like that in person though. I'd definitely love a couple of handedness tweaks to my c/a though. True sticks seem to be pretty hit or miss. I've never played with one, but holding them I don't think they'd be my thing based on their balance.
  3. A full right c/a? How long ago was that?
  4. Ah. That's a pretty dark blue. In that case, yeah I totally agree.
  5. There's a few guys in the league with colorful masks with white based backplates, you can see there is some black on the backplate in Dominigue's. I think it's a really neat look, even if not for everyone.
  6. Mildly disappointed with how much I didn't have to think about any of these.
  7. I would expect as much, still interested to see what they do with it for simple curiosity's sake. If I'm a company and people start leaking crappy photos that corroborate each other of my product, I'll likely be okay with others releasing pictures that don't suck to at least do the product some justice. Yeah?
  8. I said because ethics and not "I don't want that country making hockey gear because they don't know how to make things!" I don't think that difference is too difficult.
  9. Loving this thread. Fuhr's old school masks are beauties. I wish I had some pictures to share of when he was in juniors, but my dad only has stories I can't put into pictures. I'll have to ask some time and transcribe. The only anecdote I can recall is that he would specifically never take off his mask, allegedly for race reasons so people would be less likely to know he wasn't white.
  10. Bauer's stuff has gotten to be amazingly good. The only issue I take with really any of their products are the ethics of Chinese manufacturing and labor exploitation, but all of it is quality stuff in both function and durability.
  11. I would take what he said to be a less nice way of saying what you did; it's just another way of saying that companies will give people that green light. I'm interested to see what happens with the next iteration of the EF series. While very little traction has been put behind it according to you, it'd be cool to see True get some weight pushing in the goalie gear game, just like I'd love to see Warrior gear back in the NHL at some point.
  12. I think he means The Facebook.
  13. Blocker looks great. Pads look up-to-date. The most interesting thing to me is the deeper boot channel.
  14. keeperton

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    But yours is very nice.
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