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  1. We're all Squidward here.
  2. I do agree with the QC bit, but Bauer is seriously impressing me more and more lately.
  3. Goalie Store Bulletin Board. Back in the early to mid 00's there was GSBB and the Don Simmons forums as the main websites for goalie related sort of things. There was a third one I'm struggling to remember the name of, but one of the admins gave me a Gmail invite when that was the only way to get them.
  4. The boots of their pads are hilarious wide. That's got to be pushing 15" there.
  5. keeperton

    Older Catalogs

    GGN has a few from the decades from 90s on as well. https://www.goaliegearnerd.com/1990s
  6. This is what spurred the conversation, my dude.
  7. Vaughn has their roots are firmly planted in the LA goalie system somehow. Also Blackwood, that guy is ridiculous.
  8. Right, but it's what they had posted on their social media outlets and such.
  9. Isn't part of the point of pulling the goalie to tell the rest of the team, "here's your chance to retry in a different space"? That's how I've always interpreted it. I don't ever remember being pulled though.
  10. If I had no choice, then sure. I do have a choice though, so I try to support not outsourcing as much as I can. With that said, I am a little sad about it because I do think Bauer is making the absolute best product when it all comes together, but at the price point and the context I feel incredibly uncomfortable putting my money towards that sort of business practice. I still have 2X skates and a 960 though (thinking of getting a Coveted for my next mask). I am not bashing their gear. It's amazing, I can't wait to see a Hyperlite set in person.
  11. Tinkered with the customizer a bit and I wish there was more that could be done with the center knee roll. I like all the options for the actual functionality of the pad that can be changed here though.
  12. One of my Pakistani coworkers when some other older man was going off on garbage about how everything is too "politically correct" once said, "who is suddenly now being respected that did not deserve it in the first place?" It's a much better perspective instead of thinking everyone but you is too sensitive; being nice is less effort than being a shitheel.
  13. Take your force bands to some whenever stores get them in if a shop would let you. That'd be a good test. I'll probably try to get my hands on a demo set.
  14. Was that your instagram post with Matt Murray basically bending his SLR2s over at the thigh? It hurt so much to look at.
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