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  1. Haven't had any issues really with my drying set-up for them, but what is your mod anyway?
  2. You know... I wrote my post, submitted it, edited a bit, then went to bed. It kind of hit me a little after that I really should have noted I did get my IVs right around when they were released. It could very easily have changed and I'm definitely not a rep for them, as much as I'd like to be, lol. What you said about the jenpro on the backhand, I've never noticed that be squeaky on any glove I've seen it on, but that'd be pretty funny. They hold pretty well, at least in the case of my brother's Velocity 1 glove that he used for 7 years until it became an entire pancake.
  3. For the bolded section, I was specifically told this would either not be possible or would be a hell of a swap as I did request an Optik backhand on my IV. Thus, I shied away from it and don't have any complaints to really mention other than it dries a tiny bit slower since it opens less.
  4. Thanks. I can't do quite as much of a thing about the series of gloves, but still have plenty of thoughts on the 4. My other glove is an Optik, so it'd be much more comparing than contrasting. I also think I kind of just realized how to put it on my hand, but haven't gotten to since everything is closed here.
  5. Good luck (this is not sarcastic). It took me a long time to get toe ties right for me. I used to do a really bizarre "tight but loose," where I'd put knots on them (when using lace) then crank down my boot strap. Ever since I got lundylooped skates and elastic toe ties that I dialed in on the instep it's been great. Hope something like that works for you.
  6. Could you be more specific (too high/low, rotation, etc)? This sounds like a potential strapping thing and possibly related to the boot.
  7. See, people thought it was weird when I was a kid that I'm right handed and shoot/bat/golf/whatever-stick left. I derive all dexterity of my stick movements with my top hand when I skate out, so I just had my left hand do gross motor of pushing the stick. When I started playing goalie I was already so used to catching with my left hand, throwing with my right, and shooting left that it just made sense. My brother, also a goalie and better at playing the puck, shoots right as a player but left as a goalie. I always assumed it was "Full Right" because you catch right handed and shoot right.
  8. Does it need flex or does it need to be pre-curved [more]? Very few pads have mechanism that makes the knees or thighs flex. Hell, most pads have thigh landings that prevent the knee from bending further than a couple of inches.
  9. Do you not like stiffer pads because you are "old" or because you grew up using something different?
  10. keeperton

    Lefevre 20.1

    I really dig the aesthetic of this pad overall, except for where they put their own logo. Would love if they'd allow it to be placed on the outer roll.
  11. Were you around when it was still Hockey Giant? What customizations are generally least worth it, monetarily and/or functionally, in your opinion? What things have surprised you the most and what things have surprised you the least? How are you doing?
  12. Thanks! Responding to put something in your inbox and also to say this gave me a good chuckle.
  13. I really liked that Vapor blocker, it was super cool. Also the Eagle Fusion blocker.
  14. Legwork complete. Old set.
  15. Rerailing... Have you got any opinions on rebounds? How hard they pop, etc. I'd like to know more about the blocker, like how the finger protection feels, the sidewall stiffness, etc.
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