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  1. I honestly thought it was a pretty good game. Desbiens made a lot of good saves and there were some great scoring opportunities. I'd love to see women's hockey grow so that the top can be viewed better instead of on par with boys AAA U18 teams.
  2. Yeah, this definitely looks more like it's to keep their socks down and laces tucked out of the way, not ankle reinforcement a la Biron.
  3. My brother almost got one, but thought better of it. His glove before it was also Vaughn's weird 5500 Y-shaped T, like seen here.
  4. The glove won't be smaller with a single t, I'm not sure where you're getting that thought. Do you mean the pocket volume being smaller? The anchor t will make it a little harder to close (per my personal experience and a couple of discussions with some Brian's reps). I love how anchor t pockets close and function, but I'm starting to like the double t a little more as I get more and more used to mine. I think it deadens the puck better, but that could just be confirmation bias. At the end of playing each game though, I don't think the t is really going to have that big of an effect on your success with the glove, the break preference should take precedence. When it comes to the difference between the two gloves: The Optik glove is going to be more of a finger to hand/thumb flesh closure while the fingers are slightly curled. The GnetikIV is index and middle to tip of thumb (baseball glove closure) and is pancakey (flat fingers). Remember this T? Wacky idea.
  5. I don't have MAX core Optik2s to speak from, but I have standard flex profile GnetikIVs from standard flex G3ntiks to compare: You're going to take a little getting used to on the thigh, I really think that's the main thing. The pad will be less torsional, since that's less the Optik line's thing. It sounds to me like you're used to the Brian's strapping methodology and also like it (I love it, personally), thus you'll be able to get them to move with your leg I would reckon. If you have the opportunity though, please try them on first at minimum. The biggest things that have affected how I feel a pad moves with my leg is how the knee is strapped and how the boot is strapped up.
  6. I have had multiple anchor T gloves, I elected to do the double T with skate lace in my gnetik IV glove. The anchors provide a lot of lace to deaden the puck, but so does the double T. You will definitely feel the puck a little more with the anchor, but I've found the double to be easier to close with, corroborated by when I talked to a couple of the Brian's guys saying, 'well yeah, the anchor puts more material in the way of closing the glove, as does any single T that isn't offset.' I don't think either will really change your experience all that much. I'm glad I went with the double T if only for the pocket width and slight ease of closure due to my wrist problems.
  7. I agree completely, but it sounds fun on a different size sheet of ice. The problem my 4v4 league had was huge skill discrepancy between players and too much ice for slower people.
  8. That actually sounds like a ton of fun. They've tried doing 4v4 draft leagues on full sheets here and it's just...not fun as a goalie. Your 3v3 format sounds like a fun take on pick-up style hockey.
  9. keeperton

    Lefevre going solo

    There's a lot of customization available here. The only problem I have with any of it is that they don't explain/show what some of the options mean. I know I can look up a lot of it, but it'd be great if they had a reference guide/glossary.
  10. keeperton

    Lefevre going solo

    Wouldn't Holtby also be a pretty safe bet?
  11. keeperton

    Lefevre going solo

    I'm most interested to see what happens to all the NHL goalies using EF4s, given how many are in them. Do they move to the Axis or change brands (or does CCM still keep making them)?
  12. I've definitely had a lot of fun watching him. No other goal tandem in the league is as stylized as they are, I'd argue.
  13. @TheGoalNet Thanks for the info. I can't wait to see the pads and demo a full set later this year.
  14. @Wonder35 @bunnyman666 I assure you that those of us that are on the younger side still (I'm 27) love seeing this kind of stuff. I've always been a gear nut regardless of the era it's been part of. I played an all skill draft tournament last year and the guy we had in net hadn't played in years, but as soon as he bust out those TPS Xhales and did a padstack, my heart lit up.
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