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  1. What brand mask is Lankinen wearing (has triangular ear holes)? I love the way his whole set-up looks and he's playing great. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKla4sYAnWr/
  2. That is when I got to talk to her lol. She's a super pleasant person. Varly is still using his unmarked stuff from last season too.
  3. Actually got to talk to her about that. It was much more of a, 'I like your gear, want to use my face and give me free gear' sort of deal by how she described it.
  4. I am really liking their unis this year for sure.
  5. It's not like I want it, I'm really more unperturbed. At the end of the day I only really want hockey to be happening. Ideally there would be more strict of laws regarding advertising, I abhor billboards and the like. Keep it off the leg pads though, please and thanks.
  6. I genuinely don't care if there are ads on their stuff if hockey is still happening. The boards are covered, it's on the ice, like if you're upset about this be upset about the rampant advertising all over the rest of the game (every powerplay being sponsored, the final five being sponsored, etc.). It's a stupid hill to die on.
  7. I think the most interesting small gear things will be to see who moves to CCM from other companies for the Axis or EF5 (like Demko) and who sticks with Lefevre after training camps. As far as pros go, I am also interested to see how Brian's does this year, they seemed to be having a great run for awhile that has slipped slightly from my observations (I've crunched no numbers, thinking mostly of Craig Anderson and Thatcher Demko hopping off). I think if Warrior really wanted in they could be in. They have a pretty large following with their sticks already, which is some definite brand fam
  8. I don't use a wheel bag because they're bulkier and I can't fit them in my car, also they usually end up falling apart on me faster. Anyhow, I use the normal Bauer carry bag. It's been alright to me, though is starting to wear a bit after two years, some seems are coming undone. I've been cut by the little metal eyelets in its vent holes a couple times since they're warped now, kind of my own fault. Can't complain much though. I don't put my pads in my bag, those go over my shoulder.
  9. Is that Blackwood in 12.2? Interesting. Edit: Never mind, that's Wedgewood. Great looking set.
  10. After that all bets are off. Some say the glocker will make a resurgence.
  11. I am pretty sure I have already seen that request. Don't worry, I weathered the front of the storm for you.
  12. I think it likely would help overall. I would do exactly that if I were to do it again on my GIVs. I think Vaughn makes a great product, but they definitely will price gouge a bit for small things. I adore how thin the profile of the GIVs is. I have no hands-on with the V9s, but doubt anything is wrong with them overall.
  13. I honestly think it's because I got the boot cut to 80 instead of the normal 84 here. It's so minute, but it's enough for me to want to get a something like a MAX core Optik/SLR, or something comparable "next" time. I still love the pads though, the stability when down is great.
  14. What's the force applied by the band you're using?
  15. The strapping does come on kind of loose on the GIV, but you can crank it down quite a bit if you really want to. You can also get an additional strap right below the calf if you really want, as well as one above that I don't really recommend because it seems kind of pointless. I have used the below-calf strap for awhile, I like it but am considering removing it as a test for my foot dropping a little better. Legitimately my only complaint on the GIV is the seal on the butterfly. I cannot get the tops of the pad to stop coming up slightly when I drop.
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