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  1. Any idea where someone could find one of those cages? OTNY doesn't seem to offer them on their site anymore, which is a huge bummer.
  2. I've gotten most of my stuff from THS and I'm down here in Portland. It usually takes too long to arrive here (weekends, customs, etc), so I really hope you get it reaches you on by then. Is that a standard VE8?
  3. Yep, Ursa Major and Corvus. I had them on my previous gloves too, but as stamps instead of embroidered. This was basically one of the responses I got from the Brian's IG post. There was also, "Pascal Leclaire?" haha For what it's worth, I wasn't thinking that when I designed them that way, but I do like that it makes me feel like one of the Queen of Heart's guards. @goalie381 Agree. I've wanted some sort of controlled asymmetry for awhile. I really liked the vertical stitching on my white ones, but also felt it was time to move on from being in the all-white-pads crew. One of my earlier designs was vertical stitch stripes done asymmetrically, but, "it looks like someone used duct tape to put this together," was my dad's response. That thing's a beauty.
  4. @southpawtendy48 Big fan of all the teal. I've never had a reason to have my own teal stuff, but my first mites team was teal back in the day! Here's a photodump of my new gear that I posted the .png file of when I submitted it to The Hockey Shop back in May. Thanks to Cam, and the rest of his staff, up there for all their help. I'll put notes next to pictures that are meant to highlight customization or other small things. Front and landing pictures to highlight the asymmetry. IV Strap Numbers and front butterfly I asked for the bottom side of the boot to be done like the G3netiks, which means that instead of the primo being only where the boot sets, it's also on the inside of the toe. Also shows my flex setting, which is the same as stock. I would have done the boot as a 5, but even Brian's said it's basically the same and I figured using a 4 would add some longevity maybe. How I strap up the back. I tried joining the knee strap to the upper area of the calf wrap and found it lets my knee too much to my own liking. I also attach the knee pads to the tab on the pad and do my boot through a lundy-loop. I got both additional straps, but removed the top one and kept the bottom one. I will likely tighten the bottom nylon one a little and in the future I'll make sure to get pads with a professor strap. Comparison to the G3netik. Same size, 32"+2" for both. The 3s are much straighter in profile, IVs came a little more precurved. I'm definitely still getting used to the thigh being stiffer, I'd likely shorten the thigh by 0.5" in the future. Optik blocker and GIV glove. Coming from Optik blocker and glove, I greatly prefer this glove even though I'm still getting used to it. It feels like it opens up a lot less, but that's really because it's so much less effort to open and close it for me, thing's a beauty and feels great on the hand. Primo on the blocker part that goes on the ice for wear reasons. I stayed with the Optik blocker since I liked my first so much, though on the newer ones they're using a digitech palm without me asking. No differing opinion yet since the rest of the blocker is still so stiff that it feels different enough.
  5. keeperton

    Optik 2

    I frankly wish I had gotten this on my GIVs as a preference thing, so I'm glad they've implemented it. This isn't to complain, GIVs are still great.
  6. keeperton

    Optik 2

    Yeah, that's a pretty normal price for custom graphics from Brian's, though obviously there's variance depending on the level of complexity.
  7. I bet those Vaughn's look pretty good in a butterfly. I totally agree they're ugly Christmas sweater in that picture though.
  8. That Gibson mask is not good looking. I do like the DaveArt thing he's doing lately of putting the team logos in the backset of things though, like the little Ducks Ds in the yellow.
  9. I think it really needs to be taken more into account how much gear construction and manufacturing has changed in a lot of our time. It's no longer a stuffed pad, we're now landing and sliding on a specific set area of the pads, they're less likely to sag, the regulations are more strict, etc. They're not really "pillows" anymore. I play with some people still using the likes of: Velocity 1-6, Vaughn Epic, Eagle Fusion, Brian's DX2, Brian's GNETIK2, Brian's SubZero 3, RBK Premier 1-3, Itech X-Factor and X-Wing, Bauer Vapor xXx... Hell I played with a guy still using his TPS Xhales. A lot of it shows a lot of wear, but if you want to make it work you still can and it's totally obviously going to depend on how much you play. I have yet to see anyone have stuff completely shred itself on anyone, but there's not a lot of CCM or Bauer around me.
  10. Miller's sets last year were great too. Loved that Star Wars mask he had.
  11. Stalock is a Vaughn guy too, unless that changed.
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