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  1. Picked a hell of a picture with the puck location there.
  2. Yeah I know, but it doesn't help me feel any less dumb lol.
  3. He played pretty great in the 2017-2018 season though. Did great in the playoffs against VGK.
  4. Lightly frustrated that I have a second Optik blocker coming before seeing what's different with the Optik2, but I know I'll still like my regular Optik, even if I'd prefer a stiffer sidewall.
  5. More so the ankles since I was young. I blame goaltending with tight bootstraps on my slight duckfootedness.
  6. I went to a very Quebecois oriented goalie school when I was an early tween; I was wearing Vaughn Visions and had to do butterfly slides for over a week in those things.
  7. I can echo this sentiment. The Warrior gear is absolutely fantastic feeling, even when it wasn't what I was looking for. I would also echo cwarner's thoughts of going used for price point. Maybe look into V6s for something more like what you're used to, they're really great pads. I love pretty much everything Vaughn produces except gloves, but that's because they're too big for my little baby hands. I have yet to find a better blocker than the Velocity line stuff, except maybe the Optik or 2X.
  8. Understood, but I could totally seeing them going that direction while also maintaining a stock pad. I'm really thinking of it something like the Optik FLX and FLY thing, albeit done in their own way.
  9. What makes you think they wouldn't offer these features on custom? It'd totally be par for the course.
  10. keeperton

    Toe Tie Slack

    Slack should have nothing to do with sliding or pushes. The main thing it should have an effect on is how "at one" your boot feels with the pad. I used a few inches for years, then switched to elastic ties and wouldn't go back to regular laces unless I had to. The biggest thing I used to experience with slack is that I would occasionally not get my whole pad over in small moves/made more saves with my actual skate instead of boot than I probably should have.
  11. I bet that Merzlikins mask will look pretty good with the uniforms from a distance, really. That Woll mask is very nice.
  12. How teeny weeny we talking here? I've got a 20" paddle one from when I was in atoms. Also a whole cache of junior and intermediate Vic sticks and an absolute pile of senior Sherwoods.
  13. Stick clearance at Goalie Monkey (through July 1st). I picked up the last 25" white and red CR1. https://www.goaliemonkey.com/clearance/sticks.html/
  14. Got around to taking pictures of my first leg pads. These were hand-me-downs from my brother, I think we collectively used them for about 6 years or so.
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