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  1. keeperton

    Torsional Flex

    Don't get me wrong, I really liked them back in the day. I just remember thinking, "these are some hefty dudes!" when I finally got to touch them. His glove also robs people, but that's because it's huge. Closes great, opens wide.
  2. The 2S is basically a plank of wood, and not in a bad way.
  3. keeperton

    Torsional Flex

    With the stability bit, it's more along the lines of how one approaches certain movements and scrambling. My Gn3tiks are more stable than any pad I've owned, but definitely less stable than some pads I've tried just in terms of they seal when I go down. While it's totally on me that I lean back a little too much in my butterfly, if they pads had less torsional flex they would be less likely to over or under rotate as I sometimes have happen. Not a huge deal, but it's definitely had me let a few squeakers in and my next set of pads will have a stiffer thigh and more solid in-set. Stay tuned in August for more... Oh man, the original Epics? Those things were absolute tanks. Super stiff, heavy, and so much strapping around that gigantic calf lift. I play with a guy that still uses an Epic glove and that thing is a pancake and a half.
  4. Does old junior and intermediate equipment count? I still have a lot of my stuff from the 90s that I could show.
  5. I've demo'd both the GnetikiV and G4 gloves, but not the GT2 on ice once each. The G4 does perform well on ice. For me the strapping felt weird when putting it on, like it wouldn't hold my hand in, but I had no problems with it staying put on the ice or even feeling like slipping. I would attribute this to the straps being more on the hand than wrist, which really ends up locking the hand to the glove instead of anchoring it somewhere else. From what I recall, the glove felt very baseball like and I had no problems catching anything I needed to. I have a Brian's bias on gloves, been using them since I was little. I got to demo the GnetikiV and ended up liking it more than my Optik. It stayed on my hand better (even with the regular palm size, I always order intermediate palms) than the Optik and ended up confirming to me that I prefer the fingers to thumb break over all else (the Warrior G4 also helped confirm this). Thus, both gloves feel similar, but have a different backhand feel. I'll say the GnetikiV felt a little snappier, but Warrior has a lot of advantages with how modular the equipment is. I have no idea as far as weight. I would guess the Warrior is a little lighter since that's kind of their thing. I don't have any worries of stingers from really either glove from what I felt while demoing them, but that'll be something I can report on in a few months.
  6. You see how the leather on my buckle side is flared? After experimenting, I think that flared leather is supposed to go through the plastic part of what you're holding in your picture. I've not actually done this, but it seems to make the most sense spatially...
  7. Hey, I'm surprised you never got a response to this. You should be able to change those out pretty easily from what I know. Keep in mind that I have GN3TiKs, but here's a couple of pictures that assume they use the same bootstrap set-up. As someone that came from full leather strapping to the smart strap, I will say there is definitely a much looser feel that you will need to get used to for a few skates. What I found after awhile is that I really appreciated the nylon not stretching much and keeping in its place better skate-after-skate. I can't accurately speak to the "oneness" of it accurately since I used to crank my leather straps town to be incredibly tight, including the boot. Are you using traditional toe laces or the smart strap toe laces? Once I switched my toe laces to the ecopro versions of prolaces I found I could make the boot strap tighter again, more to how I was accustomed when I was younger. While maybe not the clearest pictures... on the "clip" side, that piece should slide into the bit of the primo with some suasive movement so that it anchors, and you can tuck in the smart strap clip. On the strap side, you can take out the nylon part by pulling it through the backside of the primo part and sliding the leather strap into its place. Hope this helps, sorry if the gnetik2 isn't the same https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yUH_347bnT4OWCJ4nlvP9UC91cWsQ31z https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-0JLq84j_Qj5Jkvrtda6tA8iwIPCVTOk
  8. keeperton

    JRZ gear

    That blocker looks bindingless in the image posted, at least to me. Four straps on the pad that I can notice, at least one of which seems totally pointless. I'm sure they'll allow customization, right?
  9. Same thought every game. It makes me so nervous.
  10. I play with people that still use Synergy and Z-Bubble sticks.
  11. @dstew29 or anyone else, how do you manage to get elastic toe laces through anything other than the toe hole? Looks too far away to be reached elsewhere. Those skates look like beauts.
  12. Spliced a picture of me from last weekend and when I was 9. Those pads are the whole reason I went back to solid whites (at least on the front).
  13. So he lets in goals the same way I do with the same height. Comforting.
  14. I'm not going to make the most solid argument here, but banning it would be stupid. Imagine if they went ahead and banned something bigger, like composite player sticks, and the backlash would be absolutely immense.
  15. Would still like to know where to get these. Emailed Brian's about a week ago with no response. I'm aware other brands have them, but meh. Not really easily found in my area.
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